tagRomanceAn Ordinary Man's Life

An Ordinary Man's Life


An Ordinary Man's Life

Chapter One


I want to apologize for this long introduction. In case you will read it you may find out it was necessary. This is the first part, a very small part, of a very long story I'm on the way to write. It covers a man's life over three decades. I know a lot of you readers hate long stories but it can't be explained in any other way. You may ask why I do submit such a small part? Because I'm curious as hell what you may think. Any comment will be highly appreciated. I promise to answer every email. Nasty comments? I couldn't care less. Furthermore I'm a slow writer. I write every day but not too much because I'm my biggest critic. Reading this first part you may think it's a simple story and I agree with you. Later on the story will be much more complicated with a nasty betrayal, heartache, depression, planned suicide and happiness again. The gist of this story is romance. So I'll place all further chapters into the romance category. Overall I can assure you it's a happy story, no bad end. I would hate that. This story is written without an editor so far. If there is one of the famous editors out there who want to correct my faults or bad writing don't hesitate to contact me. Apropos faults. English is not my native language. I never learned it, haha. I learned almost everything from Literotica. From my bio you can see my age and that I'm German. I've got two goals I want to achieve in writing and posting it at Literotica. To put a little meaning in it and to write lascivious, exciting erotica. I hope I also added a little fun. However I'm a novice in writing. By the way, all persons involved in this story are STD-free. So there is no need to mention condoms. And last but not least please be patient for further chapters.


Let us begin this story when Todd was sixteen years old. His full name was Todd Walgren, by the way. It would be suitable to tell you something about him.

He wasn't very tall but he was happy with his five feet eleven inches. He didn't have to keep his head down when he passed a door sill. He was fully grown so there wasn't any chance to get taller.

He wasn't bad looking but he wasn't the guy either to draw attention of every girl around.

He wasn't an athlete but he had a well toned body which unfortunately couldn't be seen under his hiding clothes. He wouldn't want or wasn't destined to wear muscle shirts.

He wasn't excessively strong but he visited their home gym at least an hour a day and his dad taught him boxing and how to use the punching bag to his advantage.

So he was just an ordinary guy.

What made him really special was his brain and consequently his confidence about himself.

He inherited it from his mother, a well-known psychiatrist, who was dealing with young girls and boys who suffered a tragedy in their lives.

And from his father, a self-made and successful business man. He was the sole owner of his company.

His parent were his best friends and advisors. He couldn't have found a better ancestry.

And this ordinary guy was a complete computer geek.

No, not what you may think. He played occasionally but his real goal was to be a programming hero. That way he made his first money at the age of sixteen.

Todd bought an inexpensive program at their shopping mall to make nice picture shows on DVD with music etc. and he detected a bug which he was able to eliminate.

He wrote to the company and told them that under certain circumstances the program could crash while writing the DVD and gave his solution at hand.

Surprisingly some weeks later he received a letter and a check for five hundred bucks. The letter stated whether he was looking for a job they would be pleased to make an appointment with him.

He told his dad and he was very proud of him.

His father wrote a nice letter to the company and told them his son was just sixteen years old and he appreciated their courtesy. He would cash the check for him for something he would like to buy in the near future.

Todd didn't expect that but two weeks later a package arrived with ten more software programs from that company as a gift. Three of them came in handy for him. And no, he detected no other bug.

Despite the fact he was a computer geek he wasn't untouched by the young females around. For three beautiful girls in his classes he developed a fancy but unfortunately all three of them were jock types. He didn't know whether they even knew his name.

He talked a lot with his parents and they told him seriously what kind of crazy circles high schools produce. His dad told him to be himself and be patient. He took his advice to heart and socialized carefully. At his eighteenth birthday Todd had some very good reliable friends. They always sat and talked together during lunch time. Four of them were classmates. Even three nice girls were in his circle. He dated one of them three times but there was just no chemistry between them. He didn't let his cock overrule his head. Maybe she would have let him fuck her.

So, as you will already have assumed it, he was a master masturbator.

What really turned his life upside down for the first time happened six weeks before the senior prom.

Out of the blue one of the outstanding girls at his school approached him after school and explained there was something she wanted to ask him in private.

Todd really couldn't find a reason why she wanted to talk with him, but the gentleman he always was, he invited her to Denny's Café five minutes away from their school. They found a table out of hearing from two other small school groups. They seemed to be surprised to see them together.

After they placed their order she came straight to the point of her concerns.

ʺTodd, I want you to accompany me to the senior prom.ʺ She went boldly ahead, before he could say anything, and promised him an unforgettable night in case he would rent a hotel room for that occasion.

That he was surprised was a mellow understatement though he tried to keep it at a low level. He casually asked her, ʺWhy me?ʺ

ʺTodd, my boyfriend (one of the football jocks, by the way), who was my designated prom partner, cancelled our relationship two weeks ago. You are a nice guy, not bad looking, and, whether you know it or not, almost everyone around school likes you. I don't want to give my ex-BF the satisfaction to attend the prom without a companion. And I'm not prepared hunting for a new BF, at least not for the near future.ʺ

He liked her speech and he liked her in person yet there was something to clarify at first.

ʺSamantha, what does that mean 'promising me an unforgettable night'?ʺ Of course, he knew about the tradition throwing virginities away during prom night. But he couldn't find one reason to believe Samantha was a virgin.

She swallowed two times and went ahead. He believed to detect a very small blush.

ʺTodd, please don't be offended but I'm quite sure you are a virgin. I like sex and having a cute virgin boy in a hotel room with me appeals very much.ʺ

'My God, that's quite an interesting project,' he thought.

ʺSamantha (he knew she always demanded to be addressed with her full prename), I'm not offended, not at all. Quite the opposite. I'm flattered you count me as a sex partner despite my virginity and inexperience. Yes, I would very much like to squire you to the senior prom. To spend time with you, a very beautiful girl indeed, would be an honor for me. I just hope I'm not too clumsy in bed afterwards.ʺ He couldn't help to grin at her. It was a funny situation.

She seemed very much surprised about his reaction and told him so.

ʺTodd, I always believed you were a confident guy but it looks like you are absolutely sure about yourself. I'm curious why?ʺ

ʺLook Samantha, that's easy to say. First, I'm going to be rich in the near future. I'm not ashamed to be called a computer geek. I already sold two computer programs I wrote for some serious money and two more are in the pipeline. My dad is the sole owner of a successful company. After my eighteenth birthday he took me on his payroll as an IT consultant. I already solved two network problems.

ʺSecond, I believe I'm in almost every aspect better than a lot of other guys, including Jack, your stupid ex-BF. It's not common knowledge but I can run very fast. I don't believe there is one running back in the football team who could beat me on the track course. My father taught me boxing since I was fifteen. He was an avid amateur boxer in his twenties. I'm really afraid I would be forced to use my boxing skills sometimes. I don't want to hurt anybody. I'm not overly muscled but I think you won't be disappointed with my well toned body. Yes, finally, the size of my penis. You may wonder for the next six weeks.ʺ

To say his speech caught her of guard would be a strong understatement. She was stunned and her mouth hung open. It seemed she saw him for the very first time.

ʺI didn't know.....ʺ she stammered.

He quickly interrupted her. ʺDon't mention it, honey. Please keep it a secret between us. How should I approach you at school?ʺ

He almost thought she would say 'as her boyfriend' but then she said, ʺas a very good friend.ʺ

All was said and he paid the bill. Out of Denny's she looked at him with an odd expression and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. They said their goodbys before she turned and walked away like she was afraid of herself.

'My God, she is a real bombshell who could make a guy crazy with her little finger,' Todd thought.

The sight of her body from behind was as perfect as from the front. Cute face, long blond hair, perfect, perky breasts, a tight round ass and long, slender legs.

This evening, after their dinner was almost finished, he brought the new progress of his life to the attention of his parents.

ʺMom, dad, today something happened I want to talk about.ʺ

Dad smiled and told him to go ahead. He knew it couldn't be something bad. He knew his son.

Step by step he told them about Samantha and what would happen after senior prom. They proudly smiled at him the whole time.

ʺMom, dad, I know you're happy with me but something is bothering me.ʺ

ʺWhat's it, Todd?ʺ his mom asked.

ʺSex and dancing,ʺ he frankly admitted.

His dad looked at his son and asked him to leave for ten minutes. He had something to discuss with his mother. This interruption came quite useful because he had to go to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later he came back to the living room. His parents seemed to be in a good mood.

He sat in his comfortable chair opposite from their loveseat and his dad said, ʺTodd, your mother agreed so I can help you with both your worries. From tomorrow 5 pm a woman will visit you every other day and teach you sex and dancing. She is a beautiful sophisticated woman, a high-paid escort from a secret organization. Why do I know that? Because my company sometimes have the need to keep foreign visitors in a good mood to make good business. You know what I mean. Do you agree?ʺ

Todd thought for a moment, then nodded and added, ʺDad, if I catch that right, that means I wouldn't be a virgin at prom night anymore.ʺ

ʺOf course not, silly,ʺ his mother laughed. ʺSamantha wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's impossible with the male specimen.ʺ

They talked for some more minutes about their scheming plot then they parted to do their usual evening chores.

When he went to bed at 11 pm he heard his parents having one of her usual lovemaking sessions. They were married for almost 25 years but surprisingly they hadn't lost attraction for each other. They were reasonable fit and in good shape and...yes, almost every day they made love together.

When their son was old enough to understand they talked with him and explained how much they loved him. He remained their only child because his mother couldn't have more children. They also told him they loved each other dearly and in case he would hear some strange sound from their bedroom that meant they loved each other even more. He wasn't dumb. He already knew.

He even discovered his parents were a sinful, uninhibited couple. When he got older they weren't really careful anymore. More then once he heard his mother yell, ʺFuck my ass, fuck my ass with your big dick.ʺ Todd had no doubt his mother liked it in her backdoor and from the variety of sounds his father emitted he liked it too. He wondered how many women in his future life would be like his mother.

Next day, Thursday at school, he got another surprise. While opening his locker Samantha came straight to him and gave him a big hug and solid kisses on his cheeks. Lip kisses weren't allowed at their school.

Her behavior encouraged him to take the bulls by the horn. ʺNice to see you Samantha,ʺ he said cheerfully after he returned the hug and the cheek kisses. ʺWould you like to go with me on Friday (a day without a visit from his upcoming escort) to the cinema. I already bought two tickets for this new movie.ʺ

She hesitated a moment but then gladly accepted. They said their goodbys and went to their different classes. He couldn't believe how many people, teachers and students, monitored their interaction.

At lunchtime it wasn't longer a surprise for him that Samantha came straight with her tray to their table and sat down. There was room enough.

Todd spoke first though there wasn't really a necessity to introduce this vision of beauty. ʺSamantha and I became very good friends recently and I invited her to our table.ʺ Period.

Roger, one of his friends, wanted to know more precisely. ʺAre you two an item?ʺ

Samantha smiled at Todd and said laughingly, ʺNo, we became real good friends after my boyfriend dumped me. Todd helped me to understand.ʺ

Neither Samantha nor Todd told them they only met once at Denny's Café. Todd was happy how quickly she was accepted. They chatted like she had always been there with them. Both learned later their friendship caused an uproar at their school.

What surprised him most was the fact that from that day on other popular girls came out of the woodwork and made advances at him. He thought, 'Obviously Samantha set a good example.'

However this was not his métier to have a girl on every finger. Politely but strongly he rejected all their efforts.

And then arrived this afternoon were he would meet his escort for the first time. He was extremely nervous after school and his mother tried to calm him down. She had cancelled all her appointments for this day to support her son.

ʺTodd, don't worry, Tom (his dad) told me she is a very nice lady and is used to deal with inexperienced virgin boys.ʺ

To distract him from his uneasiness she even helped him to straighten up his large room. His refuge was more like a small apartment than a simple room because the sleeping area, his study and the closet area were fairly separated. His accommodation had also an adjoining bathroom. His bed was a king-size monster.

They often laughed together during tidying up and he felt better.

After a shower and all the necessary preparations to make a young man look attractive he waited in the living room.

Exactly 5 pm the doorbell rung. Fortunately his nervousness had slackened a bit and he was able to open the front door without shaky hands. Todd stepped back to let her in.

What he saw before his astonished eyes almost knocked him down like a punch in his solar plexus. This wasn't a simple woman, instead there stood a revolving 'playmate of the year' winner, a real goddess, maybe Aphrodite herself. And how sexy she was dressed did one more thing.

Fortunately she was a human being and discovered immediately she had unintentionally turned this young man to stone like Medusa with her evil eyes, unable to move or say anything.

With an amused sparkle in her eyes, she shut the front door and approached her victim. She knew exactly what to do to reverse the spell. The goddess threw her arms around this handsome boy and despite the fact she was maybe three inches shorter than Todd, with the benefits of her high heels it was easy to probe his mouth with her warm, soft lips and her demanding tongue.

Despite his unchanged condition Todd detected a rebellion in his slacks. It felt like a steel bar wanted to get free. This feeling caused his mind getting into auto mode, returning her kiss with vigor.

Have you ever heard of a battleground for tongues? Here you are, these two were the living proof of it. His mother told him later she heard them kissing through two doors.

The longer they kissed the more he became his senses back. Almost at the same time they broke their kiss, just by a narrow margin before they suffocated.

Needless to say they breathed very hart to fill their lungs with oxygen. And then came another realization to Todd's mind, where were their hands? He discerned his right hand was on her firm left breast which was more than a good handful and not covered by an useless bra. His left hand had found her magnificent ass which wasn't covered by a thong. Instead it felt like one of those low cut panties which at least covered parts of a woman's ass. Maybe she wasn't a thong-type woman. He liked that.

And these lady's hands? He knew now what had caused the rebellion in his slacks. Her right hand played with his inflated cock and it didn't seem she wanted to remove it freely. Her left hand was behind his head trying to break his neck during their kiss orgy.

Amazingly he was the first to speak and began with three words, ʺWow, Wow, Wow, where did my dad find you? Did you come straight from the Mount Olympus to make a mortal being your slave? I believe you know my name but I can't remember I've heard yours.ʺ

ʺAndromeda, Todd, and that's not a joke, it's my real name. I'm very happy your dad found me because you are cute, an excellent kisser and this steel hard big thing in your slacks makes my mouth water. And your perfume smells really good. I like your dad and you have a remarkable resemblance with him.ʺ

Yeah, ok. Something must have happened when it came to the decision how big the cock of this newborn boy should be. Maybe one of the authorities had some trouble with the tape measure or was cross-eyed. The result was Todd was granted with a solid eight inch cock with a fair thickness around. During his whole life when his big cock was mentioned he always pleaded not guilty.

Another long kiss made sure the two were at ease with each other. They exchanged pleasantries and Todd told her he was a wreck until his mother calmed him down. Andromeda laughed and told him she had been nervous as hell too because his dad's company always paid the largest tips and he was the son of the owner. She was twenty-eight years old but looked, despite her job, a few years younger, surely no disadvantage for her kind of business.

His mother had obviously detected that the ice was broken since she came out of the woodwork. He thought she liked Andromeda at first sight.

Between only one glass of an excellent Chablis for each of them they discussed the way forward between Andromeda and Todd.

They all came to the conclusion that the sex education should be first and then the dancing lessons. As Todd already knew some dance steps and since his body control was pretty good, thanks to his boxing lessons, they decided to place more value on the sex education. Both could see how much time was left after they fucked their brains out.

All three conspirators found their talk was pretty much fun.

The designated lovers went to his room at a quarter to 6 pm. At first she inspected his toiletry and approved to all of them. She found out his perfume was 'Boss No. 1 Classic'.

Jennifer (his mom) bought for her son only first class items.

Then she asked some other questions.

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