tagMatureThe Double Ch. 3

The Double Ch. 3


Andrea and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months and I sincerely liked her company and companionship. Our sex life was terrific. If she had a desire, I was more than happy to accommodate her libido. For my part, I was ecstatic at her newfound depravity.

One night after a really steamy session in the rack, she had asked me, "Do you think that I'm being too much of a slut?" I calmly but firmly told her, "Anything that two people enjoy doing while in bed does not make either person a slut. As long as both of them enjoy something does not diminish either. If, on the other hand, one of them feels forced (by any means) into surrendering their values, then there is indeed a problem. Do you feel that you're participating in something that you don't want to do?" Without hesitation she said, "No, in fact I enjoy our intimacy. I feel that for the first time in a relationship, I'm being satisfied. My satisfaction comes from the fact that I'm giving and that I'm getting. I call myself the slut for doing the things that you've taught me but actually I not only enjoy sucking your cock but I sometimes want to do it!"

This was a revelation that I had not heard before but I also felt that there was something else that she wanted in our coupling. "Do you like to think of yourself as a slut when you go down on me?"

"Not always but I do sometimes think it when you cum on me and at other times when I swallow your cum. In fact, the very first time that I gave you head, I felt like a slut and I remember thinking it, while I swallowed part of your load. I got off on that thought as much as I did from doing it to you as well as from swallowing."

"Does it turn you on to think of yourself that way?"

"Yeah, sometimes it does," she smiled.

I hesitated for a beat and asked her, "Would you like me to remind you of that fact while we are engaged in the activity?"

"Yeah, I think that would be a turn-on. I mean, not all of the time but hearing you call me a slut would sometimes add to the eroticism of the moment, I think."

I distinctly thought that she had come a long way since we had met. I was thrilled that she was willing to go beyond what was, in the past, her norm. I only said, "Being intimate with you is superbly satisfying. I love the fact that we compliment each other in and out of bed." The other thing that I didn't tell her was that I loved it when she blew me. I loved the fact that she sometimes even initiated giving me a blowjob. In fact, one night she came over to my apartment, walked in and immediately got naked. She fell to her knees in front of me, dropped my jeans and aggressively gave me a monster blowjob. When I started to cum, she hosed down her face and tits. She wiped my cum off of her face but didn't wipe off her breasts. Then she stood up got dressed and left without another word. When I asked her about it the next day, she said that she had been thinking about it almost all day and was really horny. Kerrie (her daughter) was home so she had to at least clean off her face before she left but wanted to keep my cum on her tits while she slept.

We were certainly having a great time in the relationship. We saw each other often, so I was also getting to know Kerrie, too. We included her into our plans and activities. Very often, Kerrie would accompany Andrea when we had dinner at my place or when we went to a movie or a concert. Kerrie and I were getting comfortable with one another and she was becoming comfortable with her mother's relationship with me. Although I was very aware of her looks, I was also beginning to appreciate her intelligence and wit. She was just a tad shorter than Andrea and slightly more lithe. She had a great body, in my opinion. She had long thin legs, nicely shaped hips with a great ass and smallish breasts. I love that in a woman, the small tits, I mean. I was never into huge tits. Nicely shaped breasts are more important to me than size, I guess. Both women fit that bill nicely.

After we'd been together for about three months, Andrea, Kerrie and I were very relaxed around each other. I felt that we could talk about almost anything when we were together and often did. We discussed drugs, drinking, sex, politics, sports and almost everything that close people do together. Well, we discussed sex in the abstract, never about our sex lives.

Andrea mentioned that she had to go to New Orleans for a seminar for her job one night while we were clearing the table after dinner. As I was putting the dishes into my dishwasher, Kerrie asked her when that was. Andrea replied that would leave on Sunday morning of the 10th and return on the following Friday. Kerrie mentioned that during that time she would have to take the school bus in the morning. She didn't appear too happy about that. I knew that Andrea usually drove her daughter to school and because of that arrangement, Kerrie was able to get in about a half hour more sleep in the morning. I just listened to them chat. Andrea then looked at me; she smiled and told Kerrie that if she was extra nice to me that I might consider driving her to school, instead. Inside my head I nearly choked but smiled and said that I might be persuaded to drive her. I could tell that Kerrie was tickled pink. She mockingly put her arms around my neck and begged me to take her to school instead of abandoning her to the bus. I laughed and told her that I would think about it but my price would be high. We all laughed at that and Kerrie asked me what that price would be. I told her that I'd have to think about that as well.

After Kerrie left, Andrea and I had a glass of wine and she mentioned that I shouldn't demand too much from Kerrie if I did drive her to school while she was away.

"No I'm not, I was thinking that I'd have her make me dinner a few nights or clean the apartment or do my laundry, or something similar."

Andrea just laughed and said, "That's what I meant. She hates doing household chores. I can usually get her to help me keep the place clean, but I know that she hates doing it."

"Well, I guess it's settled then. I'll have her help me give the place a good cleaning."

This elicited a big laugh from Andrea. She said, "I'd like to be a fly on the wall when that negotiation starts."

"I'll call her in a couple of days and let her know what I've decided, but I don't want you to get involved. Nor do I want you involved in the cleaning process, ok?"

"That's fine with me. I don't want it mentioned that I gave you the information, either, ok?"

"Fine. You do understand that you'll stay away while we're busy, right?"


"When should I call her, then?"

"Give it two days and call her after you get home. That should be enough time to get her to think about it and get it set in her mind. She's old enough to realize that she has to make concessions when she asks someone to go out of their way to accommodate her."

That was the last of our discussion concerning Kerrie's duty. I waited three days before calling Kerrie and when I did, she balked at the prospect. She said that she wanted to come over and discuss the situation further. I told her that I'd be home all evening and to come over when she'd done her homework. We agreed that she would come to my place at about 8:00. I had a small dinner and sat down to watch the tube while I waited for her. After about an hour I went to change clothes.

I had removed my shirt and slacks when I thought I heard something in the living room so I called out, "I'll be right out after I put my jeans on."

The next thing that I was aware of, Kerrie was at my bedroom door as I was pulling up my pants. "I love watching a man dress", she stated. My eyes met hers and I calmly finished buttoning and zipping up. "HHMMM, and I love bikini underwear on a man, too."

Sarcastically I asked, "And how many men have you seen in their skivvies?"

"None, but just the thought is a turn on for me", she stated.

"Ok, let's go into the living room and talk, ok?"

After throwing a t-shirt over my head, I met her in the living room and found her sitting in my favorite chair. While that didn't particularly bother me, the way she was sitting did. She was scrunched low in the chair and had her legs thrown wide. Although dressed in pair of shorts and a tank top, her shorts were wide in the leg opening. I think that I've mentioned that she is a very attractive lady with fine, fine legs. She also has a very attractive body and the way she was sitting showed off her legs quite obviously. Sitting across from her I was able to steal some glances at her legs…all the way up to her shorts and a little beyond. Now, I'm a man and I couldn't help but get turned on by her show. My first thought was that she was sitting that way on purpose and was trying to influence our pending negotiation. It didn't take long to figure out that that was indeed her intention. It also didn't take long before I started to get a man's reaction to her display. Although I wasn't at a full-blown boner, I was slowly getting there. I saw her glancing at my cock every so often and knew she liked the effect that she was having upon me. I was enjoying the game that was afoot: both of us stealing glances at the other, knowing full well what was happening but acting like we weren't engaging in anything out of the ordinary.

Without going into all the boring details, the long and short of it was that she didn't want to help me clean up the place. She thought that making me dinner one night would be enough. I held firm, though and Kerrie finally did agree but balked again when I suggested that she could make dinner one night, too. I again played hardball and said that driving her to school for a week was surely deserving of one dinner and a couple of hours of her time to help me clean the place. She agreed after some bitching but I had the distinct feeling that she was playing the hard to get game. It felt like she didn't mind the tasks but for some reason had to try to get off easy. We agreed that she would help with the cleaning on this coming Saturday morning.

Saturday arrived and I slept in. I got up around about 10:00 and got up to take a shower. When I was finished and was toweling off, I heard a tapping on the bathroom door. Surprised, I asked who was there. When the door was opened suddenly, I covered myself with the towel and saw Kerrie standing there wearing a grin. Innocently she asked, "Am I early?"

"Yes, very early. I only just got up and I need to finish my shower, shave and breakfast before we begin."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought we had planned to start at 10:00. You don't have to shave on my account if you don't want to. Shall I start coffee and make some eggs?" she sweetly queried.

Now I knew that something was happening and I wasn't feeling very comfortable. I mean, here was a very young attractive woman, my girlfriend's daughter, throwing herself at me. I would have thrown her down and fucked her silly if she wasn't Andrea's daughter. She was, however, putting me in a bind. I decided that I'd have to end this sport soon, before things went too far. I knew that if the situation went down the path that it was headed, my relationship with Andrea could be jeopardized and I didn't want to fuck it up.

When I came out of the bathroom to dress, I could smell the coffee brewing and heard the preparations of Kerrie. By the time I reached the kitchen, the eggs were cooking and the toast was almost done. When she realized that I was in the kitchen she poured me a cup and told me to sit down because she was almost finished. I sat down and she shortly brought two plates to the table, retrieved her own coffee and sat down to eat with me. Towards the end of the meal I broached the subject, tenderly.

"Kerrie, I don't know what's going on but I need to discuss something with you."

Ingenuously, she asked me what I meant. "I think you know what I mean. You made me uncomfortable the other night and again this morning. You're a beautiful woman but I'm involved with your mother and I don't want to screw that up. So you have to stop tempting me with your womanly charms."

"Oh, so I was getting to you Wednesday night. I thought I saw some activity in your jeans. I thought you liked the show that I was giving you."

"Just because I responded to your body doesn't mean that I want to take it further, you know."

"You don't want it to go farther?" she asked.

"I'd love to, but I'm sure that your mother wouldn't approve… for a few reasons", I said.

"She wouldn't have to know" was Kerrie's response.

"No, you're right, she wouldn't. But how would you feel, if you found out that your boyfriend had screwed around outside of your relationship?"

"I don't know." She said. "I've never had a boyfriend."

That surprised me. She was pretty, intelligent and had a body that would stop a construction crew. Let me explain something here. In my opinion there are varying degrees of beauty. There's beautiful, exceptionally beautiful and fuckin' beautiful. Kerrie was fuckin' beautiful. In that moment I finally admitted it to myself. She had the face of an angel and I may (or may not) have said it before, but a woman's face is what flies my kite. If a woman does not have a pretty face, I usually don't look at the rest. Kerrie's beauty started at her face and just kept rising from there. Anyway, my surprise must have been evident because she laughed and said," Oh, I go out with guys but I've never had one guy that I wanted to get serious with."

I didn't know how to counter that except to say, "Well you should remember that it's your mother that would get the short end if anything went on between you and I."

She didn't say anything to that so I also let it drop. I pushed myself away from the table and announced that we should start cleaning the kitchen and just go from there into the rest of the apartment. Kerrie proved to be enthusiastic about her commitment. We spent the next four hours cleaning my place. We spent more effort and time than I had planned. The time just flew along without notice. I had turned on my stereo to a classic rock station and before we knew it the apartment was cleaner than it had been in some time. Again, I hadn't meant to be so thorough but having Kerrie help just made the task zip on by. I must admit that having a cheerful partner helped ease the burden, considerably.

When we were done, we sat down to enjoy a cool drink and she remarked that she needed a shower and so did I. She was right; we were sweaty and dusty. I thought that she would finish her soda and leave to clean herself up so I didn't say anything else about the matter. We passed the time listening to the radio and made small talk. During the conversation, somewhere, we had made it known that neither of us had plans for that evening. That fact didn't seem important at the time because Andrea and I had previously agreed that we weren't going to do anything together that night. After about ten or fifteen minutes, Kerrie asked, "Do I get first shower or do you want to go first?"

Again, it didn't seem important so I just told her that she could be first. I got up to get towels for her and led the way to my bathroom and showed her where to find soap, shampoo and whatever else she might need and left her to take care of her shower. After she had been in the shower for about five minutes, she called out to me. Cracking the door, I asked what she needed. She replied that she'd like to use some hair conditioner. I retrieved a bottle from the closet and placing it on the nearby sink I told her to get it when I left. She reacted by sliding the shower door open and stuck out her hand for me to give it to her. Oh man, there she was in all of her naked glory holding out her hand with a smile on her face. Christ on a crutch, I almost swallowed my tongue. I quickly recovered and slowly slid the door closed, and limped out of the room with my dick trying to trip me. With that short glimpse seared into my brain, I returned to the living room, retrieved my soda and poured it into the sink. As I popped the top of a beer, I couldn't erase the sight of that teenaged body from my head. Needles to say, I also couldn't get my dick to deflate. Returning to the living room, I slumped into my chair and hoped that listening to a song by the Stones on the radio would ease my dilemma. My cock wouldn't go down, though, and I realized that by willing it to do so wouldn't help in the least. I stayed hard while Kerrie finished up in the shower. She then called out to me again that she'd like to use my robe while her hair dried. I get the robe from my bedroom and handed it to her while I held the doorknob so that the door could not be opened further. I did feel her tug and try to open it, too.

When she finished and returned to the living room, dressed in my robe, her hair was still damp around her shoulders. I knew that I couldn't stand up in front of her. My jeans were still tented around my cock so I adjusted my seating position to hide it as best as I could. Kerrie didn't help matters, either. She stole a glance at my crotch and I watched her as the awareness played a smile across her face. She proceeded to fold her legs under her as she took a seat on my couch directly across from me. The robe clung to her curves and her tits were perfectly outlined. I couldn't get it out of my head that she was naked under that belted cotton cloth. Maybe it was all in my head but the robe only seemed to enhance her body, as if that was necessary! With her bare legs presented, the robe rode up to about three quarters above her knee. The brazen little vixen was doing whatever she could to enhance my excitement.

Well, I thought, two can play that game. I stood up and let her see my outlined hard-on as I went to take my own shower. On the way out of the room, I flatly stated, "I don't want any visitors while I'm either in the shower or while I'm dressing." I heard a giggle from her while I made my way to my room..

My shower was, thankfully, uneventful and I dearly wanted to bring myself off while I had the privacy. I didn't, though. Instead, I turned up the cold water until my dick deflated. Toweling off, I decided to tell Kerrie that her action in the bathroom was not appropriate and could well get us both in trouble. I knew that I had to be blunt not just talk around it. I dressed with a resolve.

What I found waiting for me caused me to forget what I had rehearsed. Kerrie was in a reclined position on the couch. But she was totally NAKED!! Oh man, I forgot to breathe for a moment. Here's the image that will forever be etched into my brain: Kerrie was reclining upon my couch. Her right foot was on the floor, her other sitting on the couch about a foot from her ass with her knee raised and leaning against the back of the couch which parted her legs slightly. Her hand lightly covered her muffin and I swear her fingers were unconscientiously playing with her pubes and her lips. Her back was slightly arched because she had placed a frilly gold pillow under her hidden ass cheeks. Her left arm was thrown above her head, which only caused her tits to be further presented. Those breasts had a perfect shape. They weren't extremely large but they were fuckin' beautifully rounded. She had tiny, brown areola, only about the size of a quarter with brown pinpoint nipples. Fuck me but I love nipples like hers. When I fantasize about the perfect tits, hers are in my dreams! She was slightly flushed and her breathing was somewhat labored. I mean, she wasn't close to getting herself off but she was enjoying stroking her pussy. She shamelessly looked deeply into my eyes and asked, "Are you enjoying this show?"

All that I could do was stare at her perfection. Kerrie broke me out of my stupor and pointed to her feet and told me to sit there. I don't remember floating to where she pointed but when she laid her left leg across my lap I came to my senses. I tried to stand up and protest but she brought her other leg off of the floor and applied enough pressure to let me know that she wanted me to stay right where I was. When I turned back to look her in the eyes she said, "Please, just stay there and let me finish what I started."

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