tagHumor & SatireThe Downsized Merchant

The Downsized Merchant

byOld Greebo©

All rights reserved. This story not to be copied to any other web site without the express permission or the author.

A handsome young merchant was riding home after a successful day at the market. The birds were trilling gaily in the trees, the sun was shining, and the handsome young merchant had a big bag of golden guineas hanging from his belt. He was singing a happy song!

A slight movement in the undergrowth at the side of the lane caught his attention. At first he thought it might be a rabbit caught in a snare, so he was off his horse in a flash. A full bag of guineas was excellent, but the guineas plus a nice, fresh rabbit for tonight's stew would be even better!

He approached slowly, parting the strands of grass gingerly. It had occurred to him that the struggling creature might be a fox or a ferret, and he didn't want his fingers bitten off. But no, it wasn't a fox.. Neither was it a rabbit. As he moved aside the last strands of undergrowth, he came face to face with a trapped fairy! Such a beautiful fairy it was, with slightly crumpled gossamer wings, and all of fourteen inches tall.

In her struggles to release herself she had torn her dress. Her exquisite breasts stood pert and free, and her minuscule, red nipples rose and fell as she panted from her exertions. She was indeed a lovely little fairy. Desirable, too, for despite himself the handsome young merchant found his manhood was struggling to rise in the tight confines of his hose.

"Well, well, what have we here?" he asked softly, a smile on his face. "How long have you been languishing in this gruesome trap?" The fairy said nothing. She continued to struggle, only succeeding in tightening the snare even more cruelly around her body.

All the merchant's thoughts of a rabbit stew were gone. Now, he felt only compassion - and yes, a surge of irrational lust - for the pretty captive.

"Hold still, little one," he said, "and let me free you. You're too beautiful to end your life in the jaws of a passing fox."

The fairy stopped her struggling, though her breasts continued to heave. She looked intently into the eyes of the handsome young merchant as he knelt close and gently teased the snare open.

Soon the fairy was free. She half-flew, half-leaped, to retrieve her magic wand, which she had dropped when she strayed into the trap. Unable to reach it, she had been deprived of the magic powers that would have helped her release herself from the snare. Now it was once again in her grip, she began at last to feel a little more confident of her situation.

The handsome young merchant just stood and watched. He was actually a little afraid, for legend had it that fairies could be vicious creatures when angered.

She made no effort to hide her breasts. Indeed, she stood with her hands on her hips and encouraged them to stand pert and aggressive. She was a proud little fairy. For several long seconds neither of them moved or spoke.

Looking closely, the young man observed that the fairy's legs were clad in black, fishnet stockings. He caught a glimpse of a minuscule, red suspender belt through a tear in her dress, but could see no panties. He had already seen that she wore no bra.

It was the fairy who broke the silence.

"Sire, she said reluctantly, "I am in your debt. Convention has it that I should grant you a wish, in payment for your generous help in freeing me. Think carefully, for you have only the one wish. And.." she added, lowering her pretty, tiny head, "please don't be too demanding! This is only a two-gigabyte magic wand - it can't carry all the sophisticated new spells and updates that Microelf keeps publishing!" She pressed a little button on the magic wand. It beeped, and a tiny green light began to glow near its tip.

The handsome young merchant hadn't the faintest idea what the fairy was talking about, except that she had mentioned a wish. Okay, a limited wish because the magic wand was crap. He thought, hard. He didn't need money - he was rich. He was handsome, he was young. He had a penis that measured nine inches when fully aroused, and there were no end of pretty women falling over themselves to become impaled on his member. What else could he want?

He knew exactly what he wanted.

He had never fucked a fairy!

"Beautiful little lady," he replied, "I lack nothing. I would be pleased just to see you fly away home, with a sweet wave of your pretty hand, and be left with the knowledge that I have done a good deed this fine and fortunate day."

The little fairy perked up. Perhaps she might get away without depleting the scant reserves of magic in her wand.

"Except..." The fairy wilted a little.

"Except what, Sire?" she responded.

"Except that I find you absolutely beautiful, extremely desirable! Can your magic wand make you grow to a size that would permit us to make love, here and now? And would you yourself be willing to accept my amorous advances?"

The fairy looked hard at the handsome young merchant. Yes, she thought, if we were of a similar size we could probably have the sort of fun that would make the love affair between Oberon and Titania pale into insignificance!

"Show me your manhood!" she ordered.

The handsome young merchant was astonished. No woman of his acquaintance had ever asked to see the goods before offering herself! But this was a rather unusual situation, so he unbelted and lowered his hose to reveal an extremely erect, moist-tipped cock.

The fairy looked at it critically, trying to imagine it in scale to her own orifices. It was a most attractive member, she thought. It took all her self-control to refrain from leaping on it and sucking it dry, despite its enormous size. She imagined it transformed so that its proportions were in harmony with her own. She seriously wanted that prick. Even more she wanted the semen that would burst forth from it! A fairy impregnated by a human would always give birth to something special when the time came.

Yes, her wand could do the necessary. Just about. But she had never upgraded her tatty old wand from the '95 version of Microelf Magic, and the resizing program was notoriously unreliable. She'd never dared apply it to herself. But there was another option.

"No, Sire," she lied. "I cannot make myself grow to your size. But I can shrink you to my size, and we can make love until the sun goes down. Then the spell will wear off, and you will revert to your proper dimensions. I confess that I am deeply attracted by your member, and I would be more than happy to grant your wish. If that really IS your wish..."

The handsome young merchant's tool twitched with pleasure at her words, and in anticipation of even greater pleasures yet to come. But it worried him that he would be shrunk to a mere fifteen inches tall, and he wanted some reassurance.

"If you shrank me to your size," he asked, "would there be any problems? Is the spell foolproof? And can you be sure that I would revert to my proper height afterwards?"

The fairy hesitated. One outright lie was all she was permitted, and she'd just used it. Now she had to tell the truth to this mortal. But, well, maybe not the whole truth...

"There's a little bug in the program," she admitted. "Sometimes the downsizing applies to everything except prick.vxd."


"Oh, sorry. That's Microelf jargon. There's hundreds of .vxd files to store the memory of your original size, and to control the downsizing and restoration processes. Prick.vxd is the file that looks after your manhood. It's just possible that the program could hang, leaving you downsized in every respect but that very important one! I'd have to reboot my wand, and there'd be no guarantee that the error would be corrected. But it's an intermittent fault. It probably won't happen. The main danger is to me, not to you."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, if I grant you your wish, I'm honour-bound to go through with it, program errors or not. You get to fuck me, even if your cock remains nine inches long and five around. I must take it even if it splits me open."

The handsome young merchant was appalled. "Has this happened often in the past? I wish you no harm!"

"The last time was twelve hundred years ago," she admitted. "The victim was a pretty young fairy princess, daughter of our Queen. She recovered, eventually, and she still warns us younger fairies never to put our full trust in the Microelf programmers. I think they solved the problem for their XP(Wizardry) edition, but I haven't upgraded yet."

Twelve hundred years ago, thought the merchant. It can't be that much of a problem. "Are you willing to take the risk?" he asked.

The fairy smiled. Actually, she'd have loved to try the cock full-size - she often used dildoes almost as big as that. But she knew it was a one-in-a-thousand chance. "Yes, I do believe I am!" she declared.

"Then that is my wish!" declared the handsome young merchant.

The fairy nodded contentedly, and waved her wand.

The handsome young merchant closed his eyes. Weird music - the Microelf Sound - encompassed him. He had a funny feeling in his gut - he felt dizzy as the world seemed to overwhelm his consciousness. A stone beneath his left foot began to feel larger, larger, until suddenly it was as if he was standing on a rock. His finely woven clothes became huge, stiff tarpaulins that fell about him, enveloping him in stifling, heavy fabrics. He fought to free himself from their confines. At last the music ended, and the young man emerged naked through the neckband of his massive silk doublet.

Looking down, he saw with relief that his manhood was in perfect proportion with the rest of his body. And lifting his gaze, he discovered that he was facing an incredibly beautiful fairy just a shade shorter than himself.

"My name is Gavin," he said to the beautiful fairy. "I cannot fuck you without telling you that. How are you known to those who are dear to you?"

"Call me Aquilegia," the fairy murmured softly. Actually her name was Gladys, but she hated it and never admitted to it.

Taking her in his arms, he led her to a patch of tall grasses where he undressed her, laid her down and - well ...

Dear reader, do I need to relate that Gavin, gentle lover that he was, treated the fairy Aquilegia to a most exquisite series of gentle foreplay exercises? That his soft hands explored and stroked the beautiful winged body of his complaisant little Venus until she was gasping and panting, ready for him? Shall I relate that her own hands were quickly around his prick and balls, bejewelled fingertips rimming his taut arse, caressing him to an erectness that he had never before experienced with any of his mortal partners?

And as the sun continued in its inexorable path towards the horizon he gave her the full benefit of his throbbing, two-inch tool, sinking it deeply between her fairy labia and thrusting, thrusting until she gasped that she was about to come. They both climaxed magnificently and his copious seed burst deep into her.

She shuddered with pleasure. The last time she had been so deeply and abundantly inseminated had been when a mountain hare had ... but no, that is another story.

The beautiful Aquilegia was not finished. Reaching surreptitiously for her magic wand she caused him to retain his erection - and his libido - even as he withdrew from her. Twisting her body discreetly, she presented her exquisite arse for his attentions. His fingers went to that delicate sphincter like iron filings to a magnet. Softly he pressed, caressed and stroked, magic juices appearing as if from nowhere to ease and enhance his attentions. Soon one mortal, male finger was inside the fairy fanny, exploring deeply, pressing against the soft wall of the recently vacated vagina. He searched for, and found, the special spots that would excite and delight the gossamer-winged beauty with whom he was making love. And a second finger soon joined the first, encouraging relaxation and eagerness where previously there had been only a taut invitation.

As his shaft sank in to replace the gently-removed fingers, Gavin sighed with happiness. He thought of the future - how he would boast to his friends that he had fucked and buggered a fairy! Eagerly he pumped into that delightful hole, revelling in the confident awareness of his own sexual prowess. On the morrow he was to meet the lovely Lady Marianne, young wife of an elderly trader he had met at market, and he was already planning the course of that conquest and copulation.

The beautiful Aquilegia twitched her anal muscles perfectly, prompting Gavin to a second shattering orgasm exactly when she was ready to receive it, and retaining his shrinking tool until she decided it was time to let him go.

The sun was just touching the horizon when she at last bore down and evicted the mortal's cock from her fairy arse. It was as if she were spitting out an orange pip. Gavin fell back onto the long strands of grass, exhausted.

Aquilegia stood up, gathered her clothing and began to put them on while Gavin tried to recover his post-coital wits.

"You'll start reverting to your normal height soon" she told him. "But I must be gone. I hope the spell's still working all right."

The naked, fifteen-inch-tall Gavin raised himself onto his elbows. He was already beginning to feel the same sort of peculiar feelings that had hit him when the shrinking process had started.

"What d'you mean, working all right?" he asked. "Everything went fine, did it not? Everything's in proportion! I mean, I always shrivel down like this after making love! That's nothing to do with your wand, is it?"

The fairy, now fully dressed and rejuvenated by the generous injections of mortal sperm, spread her gossamer wings and rose to hover just out of Gavin's reach.

"Yes, true," she replied. "You're perfectly proportioned, if a little depleted for now. But the bug in the downsizing program sometimes manifests at a later stage. You might find ..."

He looked at her, confused. The magic was taking hold now, and it was hard to think straight.

"Nah," she continued. "It'll probably be OK." She smiled a sweet smile, tweaked her wings and began to rise into the air.

"You were fun, Gavin my friend. I hope you'll be all right. But I'll leave this with you," she added, throwing the wand down at his feet. Gavin picked it up, not understanding.

"It's past its spell-by date. I'll get a new one from Wishmart. But you might find it useful if the spell crashes before you revert to full normality."

A twitch of her wings, like a dragonfly suddenly changing direction, and she was gone.

As the last vestiges of the sun disappeared below the horizon Gavin found that he had at last been restored to his full height. He was still clutching the wand - a slender, three-inch stick - between finger and thumb. And he was stark naked, his clothing and his leather pouch of golden guineas in an untidy pile beside him.

Glancing down the lane he saw a farm cart approaching, driven by a young farm girl. He tucked the wand into the pouch and quickly dragged his clothes on. By the time the girl had reached him he was respectably dressed, and getting ready to mount his horse. She smiled at him, a sweet, inviting smile, and he could feel his loins responding in the usual way. She was a very pretty young farm girl!

"Can you help me, young lady?" he asked. "I seem to have lost my pocket watch while I stopped here for a rest!"

"Whoa!" said the farm girl as she pulled on the reins. As she jumped from the cart her skirts billowed up, revealing a bare quim generously matted with soft black curls and very desirable. "Yes, I'll help you, my Lord" she declared, swaying her comely hips as she approached. "Where were you lying when you lost it?"

He took her hand and led her to the grass bank where, minutes ago, he had been fucking the fabulous Aquilegia. "It was down here," he said.

The girl got down on her hands and knees, seemingly to look for the watch, her buxom arse swaying enticingly before the eyes of the handsome young merchant. Naturally he was tempted to caress that beauteous, round shape, and naturally it was not long before the two of them were on the grass and locked in an embrace. Gavin's hands went to the girl's fulsome breasts; the girl herself reached to unbuckle her swain's hose and gain access to the object of her own desire.

For a while the scene was no different from many that Gavin had experienced during his life of splendid debauchery. The frantic scrabbling of hands that precedes the urgent, fortuitous fuck. But this time things did not progress to the wet and sticky stage. When the girl's fingers found the flesh she craved, she just burst into laughter and broke free from the embrace!

The handsome young merchant was astonished. This was not the sort of reaction he was used to. The girl went back to her farm cart, still laughing, and within seconds Gavin was alone again.

He knew he had an erection. The feeling in his loins was unmistakable. But he looked down between his legs, and at first he saw nothing. Then he looked closer.

In the place where he'd normally expect to see his nine-inch virgin-buster, there was just a stiff nipple! His proud, erect manhood was shorter than his thumb, and considerably thinner!

Of course he realised what had happened. The magic spell had downsized him all right, but the restoration process had gone wrong.

How fortunate, he thought, that the fairy had left him her magic wand. Frantically he scrabbled in his money pouch and found the wand. How do I work this thing, he wondered. He waved it a few times, but nothing happened.

Taking a closer look, he saw there was a strip of greenish glow along part of the wand. Holding it as close as he could to his eyes, he was just able to make out a short series of words:

"Magic has caused a fatal exception error in prick.vxd. You must reboot your wand."

Poor Gavin wasn't wand-literate. He'd heard about magic, but he'd never encountered it before. In the ensuing months he managed to work out how to close down the wand and reboot it. He even managed to get the words "Microelf Magic" on the tiny screen a few times, but he could never make the program run.

He spent much of his fortune consulting famous wizards, but when they saw the wand they would just mutter scathingly about antediluvian hardware or 'bloody Microelf'. Many times he returned to the scene of his downfall, hoping to encounter the fairy Aquilegia again, but it was not to be.

And so ended the handsome young merchant's life of philandering and debauchery. He wasn't left completely devoid of pleasure - he quickly learned the trick of masturbating his minuscule tool with thumb-tip and forefinger, and later a sympathetic friend introduced him to the strange world of transvestism. But he never again made love with a beautiful woman.


Moral: Whether it's technology or magic, always make sure you can restore to a previous situation before you try something new.

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