tagFetishThe Dresser Files Ch. 4

The Dresser Files Ch. 4


What a wonderful Sunday with Jan and her son, Curt. I don't believe I can even describe the orgasm I felt or the erotic feeling that filled the hotel room that day. But I do know I am truly glad I flew to Dallas. Anyway, they left that evening and invited me over for a true Texas barbeque the following afternoon. Jan was going to take off from work early and had invited her bi-girlfriend Shelly also. She never described Shelly so I just had to wait to see her. And her son was also going to be there. As I drove over I could not help but get a hard-on thinking of yesterday and what may happen today.

I love Texas and just watching the sights as I drove only reinforced the difference between Texas and the rest of the U.S. Beautiful girls, western wear from boots to hats, pickup trucks to Mercedes Benz and just a casual look and feel. I kept waiting for Dolly Parton and her tits to just walk across the street. Well, enough sightseeing and daydreaming. I pulled into Jan's driveway and got out. She must have been at the window waiting because she came out the front door as soon as I got out of the car. She was smiling as she walked up to me, gave me a big kiss and hug and said, "Come on in." We walked arms locked to the house and inside. She tugged me towards the kitchen where an attractive dishwater blonde was shucking some corn. "Shelly, this is Glenn." She said pushing me towards Shelly. "Well, so this is the Yankee." She said extending her hand. "Yes, a Yankee right now, but I was born in El Paso." I replied. "And this is the way southerners greet each other." I continued as I wrapped my arms around her for a hug. "Well, welcome home, I guess." She said with a laugh.

I stepped back and looked at Shelly. She was wearing tight jeans, a small yellow spaghetti strapped tee and sandals. And her erect nipples pressing against the cotton meant no bra. She was cute and sexy. "Can I help you with the corn." I asked. "Actually, this is the last ear. But you could help with the drinks." She replied. "What are we drinking?" I said looking at Jan. "Well, just about anything." She grinned. "I was thinking of some margaritas." "Ok, point the way to the bar." I said. She showed me the cabinet with the booze and handed me the margarita mix, salt and two limes. I grabbed some margarita glasses, coated edge with lime and salt, poured in too much tequila and triple sec and added the mix. I then handed each glass to the ladies and raising my glass. "To Texas women." I toasted. "To sexy Texas women." Shelly added. I drank a big gulp of southern nectar and let it slide down my throat. What a great taste. It is second only to Texas pussy.

"Where is Curt?" I asked. "He went to get his girlfriend. Her car won't start." Jan said. "But we can still get things cooking." Jan said carrying a tray of ribs outside. Shelly followed with the corn. I watched her cute ass wiggle to and fro as she walked. I wanted more than just ribs right now. I helped Jan put the ribs on the grill and Shelly wrapped the corn in tin foil and put them on the high rack on the grill. "Come over here and sit down." Shelly said patting the cushion next to her on the couch. I walked over and sat down. "So, you are really a Texan?" she said sipping on her drink. "Yes, I am." I said and proceeded to tell her how I left Texas to work in Washington DC. All the time eyeing her nipples and watching Jan cook. MMMMM, I smelled something good and it WAS NOT BBQ. We talked for quite a while until Jan said, "We can't wait any longer for Curt. Let's eat." I sat next to Shelly and Jan served ribs, corn, cold slaw and refilled our glasses with the tequila wonder. What a great meal. And two good-looking pieces of ass. We ate and talked about everything. Based on the off remarks Shelly said, Jan must have told her about Sunday. Shelly was always making innuendoes like, "Ya'll come, you hear" or "mmmm, I could really get stuffed with all this meat."

After an hour of chat and eating, all the plates and glasses were clean and empty. "How about some more drinks, bartender?" Shelly asked. "Let's clear the table and get the dishes done." I said in reply. I grabbed the plates, Jan got the glasses and silverware and Shelly picked up the odds and ends. Jan put the glasses in the sink and was rinsing them. I walked up behind her and pressed my crotch against her ass. "Need any help,” I said grinding my crotch against her lovely ass. She turned and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth and caressed my tongue and lips. She pressed her cunt against my hardening cock. I reached around, cupped her ass and pulled her against me. She moaned as I slowly dry fucked her. As I kissed her, I felt a body press against me from behind. "Is this a private party?" Shelly said. She then commenced to press her body against my back and tongue my ear. I was in heaven. Jan broke our kiss and Shelly pulled me to her lips. She almost gave me a tonsillectomy with her tongue. Her lips were very wet and soft as she ground her pussy against my crotch. I pulled her to me and pressed my hard cock into her soft crotch. Jan broke us up by grabbing my hand and pulling me through the house. Down the hall we went and into her bedroom. She pushed me back on the bed and just grinned at me.

Shelly walked into the room, smiled at Jan and slowly pulled her small tee camisole over her head. Her tits popped into view. What a beautiful pair with very hard nipples. Jan walked over, leaned over and sucked one of Shelly's nipples into her mouth. Shelly's eyes closed as Jan sucked on her nipple. Having gotten Shelly going, Jan released her nipple and unbuttoned Shelly's jeans. She pushed them down and off. Shelly stood in a pair of white cotton panties. Jan hurriedly removed her blouse and shorts and also stood there is a pair of panties. Though hers was a silk thong. "So who is over dressed right now?" Shelly said with a sexy drawl. Both of them jumped on the bed and preceded to pull my pants off and basically rip my shirt off. Shelly slid up beside me and pressed her lips to mine. She was a hot kisser. Her tongue invaded my mouth and softly bathed my mouth with sex. Jan had gone to the other direction. I felt her mouth on my thigh, licking and kissing her way up to my cock. Soon my underwear was pulled down and my cock slid into a warm mouth. Jan proceeded to suck my cock with earnest. She licked, sucked, kissed and just devoured my cock.

Shelly had other ideas. She slid up my body and straddled my head. Her neatly trimmed pussy waited for my tongue. But not for long. She eased her cunt to my lips and I slid my tongue between her wet lips. She tasted delicious. She ground her cunt against my mouth and I licked and sucked her swollen lips. Her juice ran down my cheeks and chin. God was she fucking wet. Between her moaning and Jan's sucking, I felt my cum rise up my shaft. Jan plunged my cock deep into her mouth and I filled it with hot sweet cum. She sucked and sucked as my cum continued to spurt into her warm mouth. Shelly started shaking and pressed her cunt hard against my face as she came. "Oh, yesssssss". She sighed as her climax hit her. I continued to suck on her clitoris until she said, "No more. It's too sensitive." She slid off my face and lay beside me. Jan eased her mouth off my cock and licked the remaining cum off my shaft. She moved up and kissed me. She pushed some of my cum into my mouth with her tongue. I sucked her tongue and tasted my cum. God was this fucking hot. We all snuggled together and slipped into a brief nap. I was in heaven.

I awoke first and eased myself out of the bed. As I put on my clothes I looked at the two naked women in the bed. What beautiful tits and sweet cunts. I put on my shoes and went into the kitchen. As I poured myself a drink, I heard the front door open. "Hello." Curt shouted into the house. "In here." I replied. Curt walked into the kitchen followed by a petite sweet looking young girl. "Hi." Curt said. "Hello." I replied. "This is Amber." Curt said turning to the girl. "Hi Amber. Can I fix you a drink.”? I asked. "I don't really drink that well." She said. "I'll make it weak." I said. Actually, I just made the same drink I did for everyone. We took our drinks and went in the den. "Where's Mom?" Curt asked. "Oh, she and Shelly are taking a nap." I said to Curt with a wink. "Oh..ahhh OK" He said. "So, do you go to college also?" I asked Amber. "Yes, I'm a freshman." She said with a soft sweet voice.

We continued to talk and I fixed another round of drinks. Amber was getting a little tight and slurred some of her words. She was really sweet looking. Small tits and a beautiful bubble shaped ass. I bet Curt is getting some good fucking there. I asked Curt if he wanted another drink. "Sure." He replied. I walked into the kitchen and Curt followed. "She very hot." I said to him. "I know." He said. "But she is a little prudish." "What do you mean.”? I asked. "Well, she will not put out." He said quickly. "Too bad." I said. Curt looked at me and I leaned over and kissed him. He opened his mouth and let my tongue slid in. He moaned as I pulled him closer and tongued his mouth. We broke our kiss. "I could use some more." I said. "Me too." He replied. "I have to go to the bathroom." He said walking away. I went back into the living room and sat next to Amber. "You doing ok?" I asked. "Oh, I'm ok." She said barely able to get all the words out. "You are very sweet looking." I said. She just smiled. I moved closer and leaned over and kissed her lightly. She looked startled but did not move or say anything. I leaned in and kissed her again. This time I ran my tongue over her lips.

She drunkenly rocked back against the back of the couch. But she continued to let me kiss her. Her tongue actually slid into my mouth. I heard Curt coming so I stopped and waited for him. Amber just lay there against the couch. "I think Amber needs your affection." I said to Curt with a wink. Curt sat down next to her and watched as I leaned over and kissed her again. She sighed as my tongue invaded her mouth. I pulled away and Curt leaned in and began kissing her. She was hungry for his kisses and was breathing hard. I leaned in and kissed her ear and neck. She smelled so sweet. Her skin was soft as a baby's. I moved my hand to her chest and lightly moved my fingers over her blouse and breast. She jerked and pulled away from Curt. "No." she said. "I was only trying to make you feel good." I said. I could see her nipple was hard against her bra and blouse. Curt pulled her head back to him and began kissing her again. I moved my hand to her breast again.

As Curt kissed her, she reached up and held my hand away from her breast. My fingers could still reach her extended nipple. So as she fought my hand, my fingers caressed her nipple. Little by little her pressure against my hand lessened until she finally dropped her hand all together. I squeezed her nipple between my two fingers. She moaned into Curt's mouth. My cock was hard as a rock. I reached for Curt's hand and pushed it to her breast. He cupped her breast and squeezed it. Amber groaned again. Curt continued his assault on her mouth with his tongue and played with her breast. I moved my hand down to her thigh and rubbed it. She wore a short skirt that had ridden up her thigh a little. I moved my hand down to her flesh. It was warm and damp. As I moved my hand up under her skirt, she pressed her legs together. I moved my hand higher and felt her panties. I felt her pubic hair matted against the silk. She continued to press her legs tightly together. I continued to just move my hand and fingers over her upper thigh. I wedged my hand between her thighs and just caressed her leg.

I was winning. Her thighs slowed parted a little and I moved my hand up. I reached her panties again, but this time at her pussy. Her panties were soaked with her juices. I could smell her sex. I rubbed her cunt and slowly her legs parted. Now I was able to slid my finger under her panty leg and feel her warm wet cunt. I moved my finger along her slit. Her pubic hair was so soft and wet. My finger slid between her wet lips. She groaned as I touched her clitoris. It was large and hard as a rock. I rubbed it with my finger coated with her juice. Her legs parted more. I slid my finger down her slit and into her cunt. I pushed my finger fully into her wet hole. God was she wet. When I pulled my finger out, she moaned again. I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked her juice off.

I looked at Curt. He had unbuttoned her blouse and had her bra pushed up over her little tits. God they were beautiful. Firm with hard light pink nipples. I moved Curt's hand and leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. Her nipple was so hard. I lightly nipped at it with my teeth. She moaned and pressed her chest out. I flicked my tongue back and forth over her nipple. I wanted more. I tapped Curt on the shoulder and motioned to the floor. I backed away and Curt slid off the couch pulling Amber to the floor with him. Once on her back, Curt began kissing her again. I moved to her other side and began sucking on her nipple again. I moved my hand back under her dress and into her panties. I started finger fucking her wet cunt. Her hips rose to press against my hand. It was now or never, I thought. I pulled my hand out and moved down beside her. I pushed her dress up and reached for the sides of her panties. I began to pull them down. At first she stayed flat on the carpet. Then she slightly raised her hips to let me pull her panties off. I pulled them down her legs and threw them on the couch.

What a perfect cunt. Light blonde hair barely covering her slit. I lay down beside her and kissed her leg. Up to her knee and then to her thigh. I pushed her legs apart and moved lay between them. I pressed my mouth against her pussy. "Ohhhhh." She moaned. Curt turned and looked down at me. I pushed my tongue between her wet lips and into her vagina. How sweet. Her juices coated my face. I moved my tongue up to her clitoris and sucked it between my lips. She groaned and pushed her hips up to meet my attacking tongue. I licked and sucked her clitoris. Her hips bucked. She was getting close to cumming. I pushed my finger into her cunt and fingered her as I sucked on her. Her hips jerked and shook. I put a second finger in her and she came. "AAHHHHHHH, yessssss." She said loudly. I continued to suck on her cunt until she stopped shaking. She looked down at me and then at Curt. She was embarrassed and ashamed. She pushed her skirt down over her bare cunt and thighs. "Why? Oh Why?" she cried. I moved up to her and lightly kissed her lips.

"You were wonderful." I said. "Don't be ashamed. You look beautiful and were so sexy." I continued. "Did it not feel good?" I asked. "Yes, but I ah." I stopped her with a kiss. This time a longer one and with my tongue. She responded again to my kiss. "Don't worry." I said. "You made me feel good too." I kissed her again. Curt sat back on his heels and moved his hand to her skirt. I slowly pushed it up over her cunt. "Do you want Curt to make you feel good again?” I asked her. "yes." She said softly. Curt slid down and buried his face between her open thighs. He began eating her sweet cunt. I glanced up over Curt and saw Jan and Shelly standing in the doorway. Jan smiled and gave me the OK sign. Shelly had her hand between her legs and playing with her pussy. I waved them over. I moved away and Jan took my place next to Amber. Amber had her eyes closed and her hands on Curt's head as he ate her.

Jan leaned in and put her lips to Amber's. Amber's eyes popped open quickly. Jan just looked into her eyes and leaned in and kissed her again. Her tongue slid into Amber's mouth. Amber closed her eyes again and kissed Jan. Shelly tapped Curt on the shoulder and Curt moved away from Amber. Shelly slid in and began tonguing that sweet innocent pussy. Amber was moaning and grasping Shelly's head. What a hot sight. My cock was straining in my pants. I moved up over to Curt and pulled him to me. We kissed and lay back on the floor. I reached down and undid his pants and pulled his zipper down. I wanted his cock bad. He rose up on his hips and I pulled his pants and underwear off. He was wearing his mother's panties again. I slid down and licked his balls and cock. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and ran my tongue around it. God I wanted his cum. I moved my mouth up and put the head of his cock between my lips. I licked and sucked on it. Slowly, I pulled more and more of his cock into my mouth until I felt it at the back of my throat. I pulled away and began mouth fucking his cock. His hips rose to meet my lips.

I sucked harder and faster. "I am going to cum." Curt said. As he said that, Amber pulled away from Jan's mouth and looked over at us. She was in a daze. Seeing her boyfriend getting a blowjob from a guy. I continued to pump his cock in and out of mouth and then felt him swell. Hot thick cum exploded into my mouth. I swallowed and waited for the next spurt. It came quickly and was even more than the first shot. I sucked and sucked as his cum filled my mouth. Amber groaned watching us and humped Shelly's face harder. As I finished sucking off Curt, Amber came again with a loud groan. Her legs locked around Shelly's head. Jan pinched and pulled on Amber's nipples, making her cum even harder. She was shaking and panting. "OOOOOOhhhhh yes, yes yes." She cried out. Jan pulled on Amber's nipples even harder. Twisting and pulling on the hard pink flesh. She let go of her nipples as Amber relaxed her thighs from around Shelly's head and collapsed her legs to the floor. Jan leaned down and lightly kissed Amber's nipples and then her lips. "My sweet, sweet Amber." Jan said. Shelly sat up. Her face was totally wet with Amber's cunt juices.

The girls took Amber in the bathroom for a shower. Curt pushed me back on the floor and said. "I want some cock now." He undid my pants and pulled them off. Followed by my panties. He pushed me back on the floor and grabbed my thighs. He pushed them back and slid his tongue along my ass crack. His tongue found my hole and slightly slid in. It felt so good having his tongue licking my asshole. He pried my ass cheeks further apart with his thumbs and stuck his tongue into my hole. He tongue fucked my ass. My cock was hard as a rock. He let my legs down and smiled up at me. Then I watched his lovely mouth cover my cock. He sucked me into his mouth and bathed my cock with his tongue. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and said. "I want you’re hot cum." He pushed my cock back into his mouth and began to suck on me while pumping my cock with his hand. Oh, it felt so good.

He wet a finger and shoved it up my ass. Then a second finger joined it. He sucked the head of my cock and finger fucked me. When the third finger entered my ass, I blew. My cum shot out of my cock and filled his mouth. He swallowed load after load of my sweet juice. He pushed his fingers fully into my ass and I continued to cum. His lips were coated with sperm and spit. He sucked and swallowed until I was dry. Then he pulled his fingers from my ass and licked my cock clean. He moved up to me and kissed me. I tasted my cum on his sticky tongue. We lay there kissing for about 5 minutes. Then we got up naked and went into his bathroom and showered. I sucked him off a second time in the shower. He wanted to fuck, but I wanted to taste him again. There was going to be plenty of time for fucking. Including that sweet virgin Amber pussy.

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