The Drive


It is such a beautiful day today, just like the days I remember from years ago when we used to take drives in the mountains near home. Days when the sun was shinning, the clouds looked soft and billowy, like balls of fluff in the azure blue sky.

The air has that fresh crisp smell mixed with the scent of the lodge pole pine trees all around us. If it were not for the sun it would be cold, but in the sun I am able to enjoy the warmth. Few things feel better than the warmth of the sun on a mountain ridge.

One of those few things appears when you sit down beside me and wrap your arms around me. before kissing me softly, lingering for a short time.

Responding to your kiss I slip my tongue against yours, feeling your warmth. Hugging, we kiss longer. The scent of the shampoo in your hair mixed with the fresh air only enhances my love for you.

Knowing that we needed to move on if we were to make the drive through before dark, leaving time to look at other places we headed back to the pickup. I lead the way and we walk down the short trail to the pickup.

Passing through a thickly wooded area the air cools off a little but the streaks of sun through the trees creates a beautiful pattern on the dirt road. Here and there a few bushes are showing green buds and others in the more open places are fully leaved out.

We pull in to an old road that leads to another overlook we had not been to for several years. The road has not been used since last fall and Manzanita brush rubs against the pickup.

Stopping at the edge of the cliff I shut off the engine and I unbuckle my seat belt and lean towards you, then jump as the panic button on the electronic key on my belt hits the seat belt buckle and starts the horn honking on the pickup! After I shut it off, we get out, walk over and look down at the boulder patch several hundred feet below without speaking for a long time.

Turning to look your direction I kiss your cheek and as I do that you turn your head in my direction. When our lips meet we kiss lightly. With practiced ease my hand finds its way under your shirt and I tease your nipple through your bra. Your nipple hardens through the layers making me want to feel your flesh directly. My hand slides under bra to gently squeeze your nipple.

We sit there looking at the scenery for a few minutes with me rubbing your breast before we decide it is time to move on. Since we have not seen any other rigs on the road and it would be easy to see them in plenty of time to cover up, you unfasten your bra and take it off, leaving your blouse on, but unbuttoned so I can enjoy your swinging, and bouncing, breasts as we drive down the road.

While I drive, your fingers find the bulge in my pants and I react to your touch. You rub through the fabric giving me a taste of what your hand could be doing. Reading my mind you pull your blouse open a bit more, exposing one creamy white breast with a dark tan nipple. My cock responds by pulsating and throbbing, growing even harder.

I try to arrange my cock a little to prevent binding in my clothing. Your breasts swing with the movement of the pickup and a moment of cool air instantly makes your nipples stand proud. I giggle and watch you slide your blouse back over them. Before I can protest we arrive at the next stopping point on our trip.

We make out for a few minutes but it's cramped inside the cab, my hip keeps hitting the steering wheel and the gear shift is in the way of my legs. We kiss for a few more moments, your hand on your cock, my lips moving to your breasts. My only regret is that you didn't wear a skirt so it would be easier to touch your pussy to see if it is as wet as I think it is.

Since there is no room in the cab I get out and come around to your side, opening the door for you and we walk out to look into the canyon. At the edge is a nice flat rock that we can sit on and enjoy the scenery.

Before sitting I arrange my pants to allow room for my cock. You sit next to me and open your blouse freeing your breasts for my view. While you enjoy the mountain scenery I enjoy the view of your breasts, playing with them until your nipples are nearly as hard as my cock.

Soon I'm in your arms again, kissing, teasing your nipples with one hand and unfastening your pants with the other. Reaching in your pants I side your panties aside and brush your moist lips. In return you reach down to play with my cock.

I feel your lips on my neck, sucking my earlobe, biting my neck, fingers teasing my swollen cock, while my fingers glide lower, almost entering you pussy. Pushing you back against the boulder I pull your pants down a bit. You get up and move off the rock to stand below it before dropping your pants to your ankles, leaning over the rock with your arms braced. Moving behind you, my cock is inside you with one strong thrust.

Oh my, so good.

Shivers run through my body, I'm a half a step higher on a flat rock, allowing me to be at the perfect height. Your top is pulled up over your back and your breasts are hanging free, swinging wonderfully. With my cock still swelling inside you I lean forward to hold onto your nipples, pulling and twisting lightly. You rotate your hips up with a moan of pleasure and I thrust deeper into your slick pussy.

We are fucking, out in the open, at the end of an old road, in the woods, with the spring sun high against our backs.

I feel my cock plunging in and out, rubbing against your swollen pussy, gliding smoothly in and out of your slippery cunt; I feel the roughness of our passion like I haven't for years. Putting my hand on your hips I notice the trees gently swaying as we pump hard against each other, like it is urging us on.

We are both moaning and crying out quietly with pleasure, seconds from orgasm. That's when I pull out, leaving you empty, to feel the cool air hitting your dripping wet pussy. Turning you around fast so you don't have any time to react, I press you flat against the rock, lift you up, take your pants off and spread your legs wide.

The rock is warm from the sun, but rough against your skin. You nipples harden in the breeze, contrasting to the soft skin of your breast. My hand is at your crotch, rubbing your clit harshly, hard, smearing moistness, fingering your pussy, circling your opening.

Just before you reach orgasm I replace my fingers with my hard cock. Slowing down, barely dipping my cock into your pussy, using only the tip, in and out, sweet torture. Tiny thrusts in and out. I'm trying to move slowly, pushing against you, dying to be completely inside, filling your emptiness, filling you with myself, my cum. I need you. I want you, Now. I must escape, leave you empty, my cock not even touching your skin, not the slightest touch or I'll explode. I have learned my lesson from past experience. My hand is there to take the place of my cock, playing with your lips, your clit, teasing the entrance of your pussy.

I see you close your eyes, concentrating on your pleasure.

Now I move my cock up and down your slit, from vagina to ass, up again, sweetest torture of enjoyment and not knowing what will happen next. I love to tease your pussy, now super wet with your own juices, pushing in, carefully, gently at first, feeling my cock entering you inch by inch. So tight, so fantastic.

With my fingers rubbing your clit we fuck hard, fast, deep. Teasing hard knot of muscle, swollen now and aching from desire, we fuck faster and stronger. My moans louder now, your hand on mine, our fingers twisted together, my cock in your pussy, my other hand fingers on your clit, taking you to the edge, so close...

"Come for me," I whisper to you and as if by the command I feel your orgasm spilling out onto my cock and balls.

You cry out, pussy tightening around my hard cock, you hump me even harder, franticly, while my fingers play with your twitching clit bringing you to orgasm after orgasm and I soon join you in ecstasy.

I'm left breathless. Mind in chaos, sweet satisfaction in every part of my body, I open my eyes and take in your beauty as you lay in the sun.

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