tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Driving Examiner Ch. 08

The Driving Examiner Ch. 08


Charelle, a 20 year old Liverpudlian woman has become the victim of a cruel ploy by her driving examiner Bill, who has set out to force himself on her. Unluckily for her the much older man is not going to be satisfied with a blow job...


Bill's face twisted into a semi-tortured grin, the sheer pleasure of his unwilling partner's mouth reluctantly feeding on his erection making his balls ache more and more. Part of him wanted to explode there and then, making Charelle swallow as much thick salty spunk as he could shoot down her throat. However this was a delight to savour, to draw out and make truly unforgettable for him and for her. So as Charelle sucked Bill worked to keep the rumbling urge of his ejaculate within, concentrating on whatever he could to delay his spurt.

"Ahhhhh...yes sweetie. Suck it like you're eating an ice lolly...not too fast, just a little slower," Bill coached as he shifted his vision to see the 20 year old girl bobbing her head up and down, up and down, up and down. Her long hair was draped like a curtain over her face, hiding his view, so Bill grabbed some her flowing locks and pulled them to the side. A murmured squeal of protest came from Charelle's cock-stuffed mouth but she didn't stop orally servicing him, and now he could see her lips wrapped around his shaft. The surging sensation of lust and power almost brought him to a climax again, but he was able to edge back from that precipice by looking outside at the darkening roadside view. The distraction stopped him from cumming. For now.

Charelle meanwhile was unaware of Bill's mental battle and his efforts to draw out her torture. She was getting a sore jaw from the cocksucking she had been blackmailed into, and her eyes were wet with tears. She even suffered the indignity of her nose running a little, and Bill's stabbing motions sometimes hit the back of her throat making her almost puke. She knew however that whatever she did to displease the dirty old man would make him do things much much worse, and perhaps her predicament would even encourage him. So she endured by simply sucking and swallowing the driving instructor's tool till it was diamond hard and covered in her saliva.

"This is fucking heaven!" Bill thought to himself, returning his gaze to Charelle. Her short skirt was still barely covering her bum, and as they were close together Bill was able to snake his left hand over the material to find again the beginnings of her pussy cleft. With no panties covering her womanhood it didn't take much effort from Bill to take the fingers he had previously used to violate Charelle and again position them against her labia. The rubbery lips parted as he stroked over her clitoral hood, then with no warning he pushed the middle and index finger inside her cunt.

"Uh! Oh...NO!" Charelle moaned as she drew her mouth off Bill's erection. "It hurts! It fucking HURTS you pervert!" she cried but before she could protest again the driving examiner took the flat of his right hand and pushed down on her head, making her mouth smash against his cock again. Twisting some of her blonde and black hair she involuntarily gulped and at that moment in slid his prick. The poor 20 year old was now impaled through her mouth by Bill's dick, and at the other end her cunt was feeling the invading push of his fingers. It was the most degrading, humiliating moment of her entire life, and all Charelle could do was endure and try not to think.

Assailed by the fingers ravaging her poor twat, the fat cock stuffing her mouth and even the pungent scent of sex in the car's confined space Charelle kept gagging and whimpering. Making sounds that would have been piteous to anyone with the smallest streak of mercy within, all she could get from Bill was the occasional guttural exclamation. "Love fucking your mouth sweetie," he said, followed by "damn, you're leaking so much pussy juice, like you've peed yourself!" The man who was using her had turned from being another faceless older guy she'd manipulate into getting what she wanted , into becoming her abuser, her violator. Charelle wept again, but the tears were unseen by Bill as he face-fucked her for what seemed an eternity.

Bill's hard cock was oozing globs of pre-cum now, and whilst he would have loved to have cum in her mouth there was an unspoken credo behind every sex act he participated in. He never ever wanted his spunk to be wasted being swallowed by a girl, it had to be applied where it would do 'the most good'. His vision of what made 'the most good' depended on the girl.

When dating the divorced DVLA clerk Melissa Tyson their sexcapades usually meant he busted his nut between her rather formidable boobs are some serious tit fucking, or in her arse or pussy (depending on how many vodka martinis he'd wasted on her). When married to Suzy it was always, boringly, on her clit because she never ever could cum from penetration and she refused to let him get her 'messy with his sperm in her'.

Bill was feeling like he needed to make this one off sexual encounter truly memorable, so in turn whilst young Charelle struggled to suck him off he decided that this time something different and incredibly hot would be the end result when he came. He looked down at Charelle and slowly pulled his fingers out of her aching pussy as he spoke.

"I think you can stop sucking me sweetheart. You did good. Very very good."

"Does this mean," Charelle whimpered as Bill's cock left her salivating mouth "we're done?" She gulped for air and shifted in her supine position. "I promise no one will know what we did and I won't tell and I just want my licence, and..."

"Oh stop whining girly!" Bill snapped. Just like so many young cock teasers he'd seen through his job, on the streets, on TV and even through meeting the occasional daughter of one of his few friends, Charelle embodied the 'me, me, me' generation. Bill was part-angry, part horny. He wanted Charelle to understand that even though she had did as he asked; she wasn't going to manipulate him into some easy escape from what she really needed. The older man who had just made his young female examinee suck his fat cock for 10 or so minutes decided that he was going to take her virginity...here and now.

"You said I could go...you promised!" cried Charelle, her lipstick smeared and her chin wet with a slimy mix of her own saliva and Bill's pre-ejaculate. Bill stared at the young woman beside him and didn't say a thing. He just looked into her eyes and tried to see her fear, her humiliation, and her vulnerability. "You're a dirty bastard Bill...and I'm gonna tell the cops what you did. I fuckin' swear!" Charelle shrilly cried out her threat but her molester chuckled and then finally spoke.

"Forget it lass. You and me, well we've got an accommodation the way I see it. You tried to flirt your way to a pass, tried to cocktease me into giving you a license. A girly that dresses like a tart and flaunts her arse and tits in front of all the men down the DVLA...you're reputation's shite my dear. Pure shite. And I'm just the man to show you what happens to tarty young women who think they can manipulate men with a butt wiggle or a flash o'cleavage." Bill's demeanour was even but cold and this locked up Charelle's protest within a microsecond. "Mummy and daddy would just love to hear all the gory details in court too huh Charelle? And friends at work or college or wherever the hell you spend your time."

"You're nothing but a fucking bastard" Charelle sobbed but the fight was out of her voice. She considered her options and they were almost all gone. All she had was compliance for now; maybe later something might change her predicament, but she could see from the driving instructor's look he wasn't going to brook any resistance or defiance. "I don't care what you do to me Bill, I don't. I'll always know that whatever you do to me wasn't my fault. It was because you're a dirty old prick."

Bill laughed and then opened the car door on his side, letting in the cool of the twilight air. With the keys in one hand he made certain that Charelle couldn't dive for the driver's seat and somehow speed away. Or for that matter lock the Vauxhall keeping him out. His cock sticking obscenely semi-erect from his trousers was in plain sight to the 20 year old woman as he came round her side. Pulling open her door firmly he looked hungrily at her dishevelled dress. Her legs were splayed apart showing plenty of thigh as well as suggesting a hint of her barely covered quim. Her tits were rising and falling with every panted breath, and Charelle looked down in shame as Bill stared at her.

"Get in the back seat...NOW!" Bill commanded loudly with a sergeant-major's voice. "Go on you prick teaser...get in there or I promise I'll make this night a living fucking nightmare." Grabbing her left shoulder by the left cuff of her pink blouse Bill tugged Charelle from her seat. Her calf boots scraped in the gravel and dirt on the ground as he tugged her towards the left rear door. "Get in there and we'll get this over and done with right sweetie!" His free hand grasped the car door handle and as it swung open he pushed his victim onto the faux-leather of the rear passenger seats. Charelle fell face first and as she did her pussy and ass were exposed by her rising miniskirt. Bill's cock was shocked into renewed hardness as he surveyed the mewling, crying young woman spread face down on the rear car seat.

"Now, let's get comfy shall we Charelle," Bill chortled as he climbed beside her on the Vauxhall's rear set, slamming the door awkwardly behind him. She shifted, twisting trying to cover herself plus shrink back from her molester but there wasn't that much room in the car for her, and certainly no escape. Clicking the remote key Bill locked all the doors and then returned his gaze to his young victim. All the blonde 20 year old could do was edge back and try and delay the inevitable.

"Did I tell you how much I like calf boots and long legs Charelle?" Bill sneered lasciviously, then grabbed with both hands for her knees. "Of course when they come attached to such a sexy little gal like you well...I want more don't I." He started to pull at her knees, and though Charelle was hunched against the car seat and wriggling to escape his grasp he didn't take too long in spreading her legs wider. Once more her pussy was exposed to the lustful older man and Charelle went red with shame. Half on her side, her legs open and her driving examiner turned attacker poised to take something she was going to give on her wedding night...well, it was almost the ultimate humiliation.

"Don't do it...please please please PLEASE!"

"Too late sweetie. Now, how about we see how truthful you've been about being a virgin huh?" Bill climbed over Charelle's legs, leaning down on her and almost crushing her with his weight. A reasonably muscular man he was able to pull Charelle around from her contorted position to one that was more supine, flat against the car seat. His breath was hot against her right cheek as he inched forward, his right hand on her shoulder pinning her down, his left on her left knee dragging it up and back. The driving instructor's own knees were shoving cruelly up between the young blonde's legs helping to make them more splayed open. The scent of sweat and pussy was starting to envelop attacker and victim, and the more Charelle struggled and begged to be let go the more erect Bill got.

"Ah don't know about you lass but I hate a semi-dry fuck...let's see if we can't get ya a wee bit more slicker huh." Bill crudely whispered these words in Charelle's closest ear and then shifting slightly was able to place his left hand on his trouser belt and zipper. A few tugs and the pants were undone, shifting so that the 45 year old Liverpudlian could access his boxers. These two were without much ado dragged down so that now Bill had his cock fully exposed. Hidden from Charelle's sight she knew it was there as the circumcised head was drawn across her own silken inner thigh. "Gonna give ya a little thrill before we fuck hmmmm." Bill grunted then before Charelle could stutter another "Please...don't" she felt the glans mash against her clitoris.

"Let's get that tight little cunt of yours wetter," Bill sighed "and I'm sure you'll enjoy this more honey." With experience and no shortage of pleasure he began to rub his cock over her clitoral hood. "Mmmmmm...love a good wank against a clitty Charelle. Whaddya reckon?"

It was all Charelle could do not to shout out a shocked but excited moan. She was in the most humiliating of positions, her white miniskirt was now scrunched up under her firm ass and her tits were squashed hard against Bill's chest. With her long pale legs spread she was offering almost no barrier to Bill's assault on her love button and after a few seconds of his stroking the cock against her clit wasn't as painful as she had expected. "No. No...please don't. I don't wanna....please Bill! Please....ahhhhh." She murmured and groaned her stuttering protests again and again but something was happening on a purely physiological level. As much as she was totally ashamed, dreadfully scared and blushing with the most awful humiliation Charelle's body couldn't help by secrete those fluids that would betray her own inner pleasure. As the phallus pressed against her labia and her clit was stroked up and down, up and down, Charelle's cries of resistance slowly almost imperceptibly changed to sighs of acceptance.

With her body betraying her Charelle couldn't summon the physical strength to hold back her attacker as he made his next move. Bill shifted again between her legs, moving her knees further apart by some strenuous wriggling and also with his free hand. Then taking his engorged cock and sliding it down one last time past her clitoral hood he nestled the head against her slightly moist opening. "Oh fuck Charelle," Bill groaned "I haven't been up inside such a hot young pussy for a long time. Let's see if that cunt of yours is as taut as a never-been-fucked princess's huh?" Charelle gritted her teeth and closed her eyes hard as the driving instructor's manhood began to batter into the pink flesh between her small labia lips.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" grunted Bill, lifting slightly from the torso up as he tried to dig his cock into the 20 year old virgin underneath him. Taken over by bestial lust he had forgotten every moral repercussion of what he was doing. The sensual pleasure of his position and its environment was turning him from just your average middle aged man into someone more animal and evil. His mind and his conscience were being overridden by the singular sensations generated from the tip of his thick hard dick as it began to dig deeper and deeper into Charelle's cunt.

"Almost there Charelle," he murmured to the pretty young woman lying on the back seat "and when it goes in it might hurt. So grit your teeth and be a big girl." Just as he issued this rather inconsiderate advice the lubrication of Charelle's vagina was just enough to let him work in a good inch or two. Then as more of his invading cock probed further it hit her hymen. The thin membrane was almost imperceptible for Bill, yet for Charelle it was a sublimely torturous feeling.

"Don't do it; I beg you Bill please don't fuck me. I've done what you want, I have." Charelle sobbed in a panicked and pained voice, her eyes wide open again as she looked up into the face of her rapist. The stimulus against her clitoris had eased the passage of Bill's dick into her pussy's initial entrance but now she was scared and sore. Her innocence was almost gone and she needed to protect the last skerrick for as long as possible. Problem was, she wasn't in control. Her spread legs, her dishevelled short skirt and blouse, her body flay on its back on a car's back seat gave all the power to the dirty old man ready to punch through her maidenhead. It was too late. Bill smiled at her, leaned down to kiss her tear-wet right cheek then stabbed hard with his erect cock.

The searing pain of Bill's violation tore through Charelle's young body like a seizure, making her wince with agony and wail a high pitched yell. Out on the deserted road as dusk settled no one could hear her yelps except Bill, and he took perverse delight in stuffing her violated once-virgin pussy more and more with his cock. Clamping his mouth over hers the driving instructor kissed her in a gruesome charade of passion and thrust deeper and deeper. Every punch forward widened Charelle's tight birth canal, making it slicker with pre-cum and hymeneal blood, and again and again Charelle felt the shame and soreness of her rape. Bill's cock head grazed her clit with the second thrust in after he withdrew to inspect the state of Charelle's pussy and this sent a small frisson of pleasure warping through her nerve endings. The clash of pain and sensuality confused Charelle somewhat but her thoughts were made clearer at the next crude comment from Bill.

"Ahhh, I do love fucking you Charelle. Sticking my thick old babymaker in your slutty cunt. Making you feel every pump," at which the lust-crazed pervert humped into her cunny again, and again "and who knows, maybe you might cum for me. Then I can cum in you." His throaty laugh was a torment to Charelle's ears but it was nowhere near as demoralising as the sensation of her poor pussy being filled with the brute sexual aggression of her rapist's cock.

"Ohhhhh...stop it! You gotta stop it you bastard!" Flailing on her attacker's back with her clenched fists Charelle tried to halt her molestation. "I hate you! You're a fucking deadshit bastard! You...uhhhhh...you can't make me enjoy this," Charelle cried twisting her face away from the loathsome leer of Bill's face, "and when I tell the coppers....uhhhhh...fuck!"

Bill's mouth had shifted, moving from her own lipstick smeared lips to her exposed right nipple. Greedily sucking on it like a man dying from thirst Bill flicked his tongue over the areolae whilst he hungrily nursed on her. As Charelle shrilly wailed her protests the combination of his ministrations to her tits and steady filling thrusts into her pussy turned her mind inside out. There was something not quite right with the way she felt. Consciously she should have been even more disgusted, more degraded, more determined to resist. Yet Charelle's reactions weren't just guided by her thoughts, they were being guided by the way her hormones kicked in whilst Bill continued to fuck and suck his 20 year old victim. The growing dizziness in the pit of her abdomen was running at odds with the futile fury she felt every time that prick stabbed up into her cunt. The groans of complain were dwindling into merely moans. The suckling on her full breasts were drawing the anger and protesting tones from her voice, and Charelle heard herself utter a sigh.

"Uhhhh...no! Don't! Stop it! Stop...ahhhhhh!" The cock that was impaling her, the tongue that was flicking her, the hands that were holding her all combined to work their seductive power on Charelle. Bill was a dirty old man but he also understood the ways to please his lovers when given the chance. Taking this opportunity with all the mad lust he could deliver the 45 year old was eager to turn his victim into a pliant servile slut.

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