tagLesbian SexThe Education of Lisa

The Education of Lisa


Now, this what college was supposed to be about.

Oh, sure, Lisa wanted an education so she could eventually become a forest ranger in the Rockies or an expert in white-water rafting so she could take a job navigating the rapids of North Carolina.

But she didn't want to just get out of southern Indiana just for an education in books.

She wanted experience.

And, as she sat at her desk, with her knees locked but feet spread, she tried to calm herself. She hadn't expected her roommate was going to be back this afternoon -- but if she walked in and discovered Lisa and her Associate Instructor, Ellen, locked in a long kiss, there could be administrative actions dealt out.

Ellen had stopped by Lisa's dorm room on the assignment of bringing her a compact disc with the itinerary of the next semester's environmental classes on it. But really, Ellen wanted to be among the first to kiss the 18-year-old girl from Evansville, Indiana.

And now she was.

Ellen knew she could get in some trouble, she could lose her gig at the Indiana University for this indiscretion, but she was OK with that. Even as she kissed the teenage freshman, she thought back to the last few weeks of flirtation between the two, and the way Lisa reacted when she opened the door.

Lisa had just been wearing a sports bra to constrain her 36B breasts and a pair of shorts. She'd been on a walk earlier through the woods by Griffey Reservoir about ten minutes away from her dorm and now she was cooling off. Her T-shirt was tossed in the laundry when Ellen knocked on her door.

Ellen smiled thinking back to the young girl's reaction.

"Oh, hi," she said. The poor girl was torn between trying to be seductive and wanting to be embarrassed. Ellen remembered being in the same kind of mental place the first time a female approached her for an embrace.

"Hi," Ellen had said. "I think this will help you if you want to pursue an environmental science degree," she'd said, handing the disc to the teenager. The teen was cute, with long, sandy blond hair and a cute smile. Her lips were full, with soft freckles on her cheeks and shoulders.

Lisa had accepted it and invited Ellen in. "Um, want, um...well, I have a half an iced coffee left?" she stumbled.

"No," Ellen smiled. "I wish you weren't a student, Lisa."


"Because I'd love to ask you out on a date."

"A date?" Lisa asked inquisitively. Inside, she was thrilled, but she faked confusion.

"Yes," Ellen said. She was confident in her age and her knowledge. Lisa was gay, or at least curious and sexy. At 28, Ellen was just a decade older, but she'd taken a job where she wasn't supposed to date undergrads. It was a good rule, but a brutal one.

"Well, what would two girls do on a date?" Lisa asked, smiling. She'd never done anything with a girl and not much more with a guy. She felt wet as she felt the weight of Ellen's mental and emotional domination.

"Oh, we'd go for drinks, maybe walk in a woods, probably come back to an apartment or dorm and definitely make love."

"That's what girls do on a date?" Lisa smirked.

"That's what we would do on a date."

Lisa walked in a circle in her small dorm room, leaning against her desk and locking her knees together.

"It's too bad you can't ask me out on a date," Lisa said.

Lisa stared at Ellen and her short black hair. She stood 5-foot-10 to Lisa's 5-foot-5 and had ice blue eyes that were as hypnotizing as sunlight into a shallow river.

"Too bad," Ellen said as she walked to the teenager. "Well, I guess we can still do one thing on the date list." She trapped Lisa at the desk and brought her face to Lisa's. She touched Lisa's cheek with her nose and breathed in the scent of her skin.

"Make...." Lisa stammered.

"Love," Ellen finished.

They rubbed their faces together, noses colliding, lips barely touching, before Ellen took Lisa's face with her left hand and her neck with her right.

"You're so desirable, Lisa. We're going to have to make love now."

Lisa didn't answer verbally. But physically, she was so wet, her nipples were hardening under her sports bra. And with that, Ellen kissed her deeply, Lisa didn't know what to do with her own hands. She put her hands initially on Ellen's stomach, and then her hips. Ellen took Lisa's hands and reorganized them. She put her left hand on the top button of her blouse and her right hand on the the hem of her skirt she'd worn to teach freshman classes today.

Ellen was more determined with her own hands and lips. She ran her fingers to the student's lower back and rubbed Lisa's stomach with her other hand, then with that hand trailed down to her taunt thigh and onto her knees, spreading her legs wider.

Lisa was aflame with her fantasy coming true, this gorgeous woman she'd dreamed about was kissing her, touching her, using her hands to turn her on. Lisa thought Ellen was beautiful and knew she was smart, always funny in class. And so damn smart with a degree from an Ivy League school and knew more about the mountains and rivers of the world than most people know about their street address.

Lisa grabbed Ellen's breast, fumbling a bit, and then slowed down, massaging her C cups through her blouse. Ellen stopped her, stood straight up and took off her shirt. Lisa was still a virgin to this, Ellen realized. She was going to have to coach her a bit.

Her shirt off, Ellen took her hand and guided Lisa's mouth to her bra. Lisa softly kissed the flesh, running her tongue along it and kissing again. It was happening, what she'd dreamed about so long. Ellen unsnapped the bra from in front and her breasts fell free. Ellen took her breast and presented her nipple to Lisa. Lisa let instinct take over and began to suck and lick.

"There you go, little one," Ellen said. "That's how you can turn me on even more. Keep licking my tits."

Lisa did as she was told while Ellen used her hands to paw at the 18-year-old.

Ellen pulled the sports bra off of Lisa to reveal her smaller breasts along her freckled chest. She massaged them and racked her fingers up and down the teen's body.

It was probably a conflict of interest for her to kiss Lisa's tummy or run her tongue along her lower back during the semester, but in this moment, it didn't matter. And Ellen decided to take advantage of the moment. She pulled off Lisa's shorts to reveal the girl was wearing striped boxers.

Ellen decided it was her turn to enjoy breasts and lowered her face to Lisa's nipples, kissing one and then the other expertly. She looked up at the teenager's face and smiled as she ran her fingers up the side of the boxers to feel the soft tuft of blond pubic hair. Lisa was so wet, it was apparent even before she saw her pussy. Ellen tugged down the boxers and kissed Lisa's knee, running her tongue up her thigh.

"Go to the bed and spread your legs for me," she ordered the 18-year-old.

Lisa did just that, wondering how much trouble she'd be in if her roommate walked in.

Ellen took off her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was shaved clean for this moment. She followed Lisa to the dorm room bed for one and sat next to her.

"I'm going to eat you out now and we're going to 69. Have you ever tasted a woman?" Ellen asked, already knowing the answer as Lisa slowly shook her head no. "But you've wanted to, yes?" Ellen asked.

Lisa nodded.

"Answer me with words, and then follow with actions, or I'm going to leave you sopping wet and unfulfilled, girl," Ellen said sternly.

"I want to ... taste. I want a taste of," she spoke like she was just learning how to speak English.

"Say 'I want to taste your pussy, Ms. Ellen,'" the older woman ordered.

"I want to taste your pussy, Ellen."

"Good enough," she said as Ellen placed her knees over the 18-year-old's pillow, positioning her vagina over the girl and Ellen began with one long lick into Lisa's pussy. Lisa arched her hips and back and began panting nearly uncontrollably. It was all happening. She began to slowly reciprocate, looking at her instructor's body, her pussy. It was like something she'd seen in a dirty movie, but so much better. Lisa gripped Ellen's ass and took a taste of her womanhood. She knew it by the time the wetness touched her tongue ... she always figured she was gay, but now she knew. The wetness of pussy and the touch of a woman's body was cocaine to her. A woman's laugh and her smile.

And she was already addicted.

Ellen was running her tongue into the opening, glancing against Lisa's clit, her hands exploring the young body ... running down your spine to her lower back.

She took over control of her wetness, breathing heavy against Lisa's pussy as your hands run through her hair.

Ellen got up from the 69 position. She loved it, but she wanted to see the teenager more as she sucked on her clit.

"You're good at licking me," she told her student, "but I want to make you cum."

She leaned up and kissed her lips again, tasting their mixed fluids on their lips, and Ellen lowered herself down, running her tongue along the young nipples and back along her sensitive body. She spread her student's legs wide and pressed fingers inside her as she licked her clit. Lisa inhaled and exhaled quickly.

"Enjoying, Lisa?" she asked, fucking Lisa with her fingers.

"Oh yes," the student responded, her hands bringing her close to climax. She kisses down Lisa's body again and sucks on the clit while her fingers pleasure Lisa.

"Enjoying, Lisa?"

"Yes!" she responded.

"I want to taste you as you cum. I want to feel your body on fire."

Lisa's body started to shutter and shake and the orgasm raced from her brain's best fantasies down her spine through her pussy and into the waiting mouth of Ellen.

"Cum for me, Lisa," she said.

And she did, a powerful climax that she screamed through, trying to muffle her sounds with her pillow as her instructor brought her to powerful pleasure.

"Thank you," Lisa breathed.

"You're more than welcome, my student," Ellen said, sitting on Lisa's legs as her fingers dangled along her belly. "And you have so much more to learn," she said.

"You can teach me anything," Lisa breathed.

"I will. And your next lesson is tomorrow at my apartment."

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