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The Electrician


Carino went about her daily tasks around the apartment. She was just about done when she heard a knock at the door. She opened the door to a man she hadn't seen before.

He wore a uniform with the name of the electrical company she had seen working there a couple weeks prior. He introduced himself as an employee of that company and told her he was there to replace all the electrical outlets.

She shrugged telling him, "It would be nice if they told us things."

He chuckled saying it would make his job a lot easier. They both laughed she allowed him in past her and closed the door. He told her he would be shutting off the power here and there for a short period of time and suggested she shut down her computer.

She giggled and said, "No, that cuts me off from my friends." Carino shut down the computer and let him begin his work, noting aloud she hoped he liked moving furniture. He laughed as he flipped the switch and opened his tool box.

Carino knew "Daddy" was due later that evening for dinner. She had most of it already prepared. She checked over it one last time before asking the electrician to tend to the outlets in the bathroom so she could bathe. The electrician told her as soon as he was done with the one he was working on he would be happy to take care of the ones in the bathroom.

She gathered all the things she would need for her shower, and waited patiently as he completed the task. He tipped his cap to her as he left the bathroom. "See, I aim to please," he said.

She giggled and said she did too. Carino's breasts brushed against his chest as she passed him in the hall. He blushed and she lowered her eyes. She told him she was sorry. He laughed. "The hallway is just a bit narrow."

She quickly excused herself and closed the door behind her. Carino drew in a deep sigh, she really didn't need a worker in her house. It would interfere with her preparation for "Daddy's" arrival. She knew he would understand if things were a bit late, but she didn't like him having to wait for anything.

She began to draw her shower. Once the water was running, she lit an incense and two candles. She turned off the light and stared into the flickering candlelight for a bit. She shivered. It was almost as though "Daddy" had touched her. She slowly unbuttoned her dress, watching herself in the mirror. She remembered a day when she wouldn't have even had a mirror in bathroom. A smile came to her lips; he would like knowing what she was feeling.

As Carino let the dress drop to the floor, she heard the electrician gasp and say, "Oh my!"

She tried to hide that she had heard him. It was clear that he had moved into her room. She covered her mouth, somewhat muffling her laughter. She guessed all of the toys in her bedroom would shock most. She had laid out the toys "Daddy" had requested. Her laughter could no longer be contained.

She soon gathered her focus and began her shower. She closed her eyes as the hot water pelted her skin. She thought about what "Daddy" had told her would do next time they showered together.

She tried hard to focus on his face, more though his eyes. She turned to face the stream of water, letting it beat down hard against her chest. She bit her lower lip and she could feel her breath growing more rapid. She shuddered as the bathroom door opened. She smiled thinking "Daddy" had finally gotten off work early. She picked up the sponge, poured some soap on it and began working it into a nice lather.

She pretended not to notice when the shower curtain was pulled back. She began to run the sponge on her body. She felt the blindfold being tied into place. "Oh, 'Daddy' is in the mood to play," she said aloud.

His hands traveled over her slippery body. He took the sponge from her hands and began using it on her. There wasn't anything on her he didn't poke, prod or caress.

He positioned her hands on the wall of the shower. She wondered why he hadn't told her to position for him. He knew that only excited her more, even when she knew he was going to say it. His hands pulled her hips back slightly more than they had been.

She felt fingers being forced into her ass. She moaned softly, whispering, "Please 'Daddy' fuck my ass."

She felt his cock penetrate her ass in one thrust. Carino whimpered and began to meet his thrusts, pushing back on him firmly. His hands were still on her hips, pulling her back with more force.

Her body quivered and her fingers grasped helplessly on the tiles. She could feel her orgasm rising, and so could he. He stopped pumping into her, making her beg and plead for him to fuck her and allow her to cum. He said nothing just began plunging into her making her cry out in need: begging him to allow her to cum.

He said nothing. Carino struggled hard to hold back her orgasms, her cries for release went unanswered. Carino could no longer hold back and screamed out she couldn't hold onto it any longer. Her body trembled and she could feel her knees become weak.

She whimpered softly and went to her knees in the shower when his cock was pulled from her.

She leaned her head back slightly and let the water wash over her. Carino's thighs quivered, her breath labored, her knees refusing to allow her to stand. She knelt in the shower trying to regroup, finally reaching out for him needing to be calmed as only he could do.

Startled to find out he was not there, she pulled off the blindfold: her eyes trying to focus. She felt a shiver run through her body. She turned off the shower and stood up, carefully stepping out of the tub, looking around, feeling now almost that she was dreaming.

Carino wrapped a towel around her and opened the bathroom door as slowly as someone peering into the closet looking for the bogeyman. She almost screamed as she heard, "Daddy" call for her, as she walked into the hallway.

"What is it sweetheart? You look as though you did not expect me," he said.

She shivered again. "No 'Daddy', I knew you were coming. It is just ..." Her voice trailed off. She looked at him closely. His body wasn't damp, his clothes didn't cling to him. His hair was dry, even a bit wind blown. She glanced at the clock; she had been in the shower an hour. She looked at him.

"Daddy, shall I prepare your shower? I am running a bit late I need to get dinner going."

He only chuckled, "Dinner can wait a bit. I have something I want to show you."

He pulled the edge of the towel causing it to fall and pulled her to him, his hips grinding into hers. "Yes, little one, there is something I definitely want to show you."

She glanced around the apartment, noting that she needed to talk to the electrician.

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