tagBDSMThe End of Evil Ch. 03

The End of Evil Ch. 03


Junie had barely come to live with her new owners when ugly reality intruded on their idyllic world. Her search for a Master had caught the attention of a serial killer and she had barely escaped being his next victim. He was caught and facing trial; but now Junie had to testify. The whole idea of leaving her new home was more than she could bear to think about.

But she had to do it. Not only was there a subpoena, there was Monica. Her new friend, Monica, the only other woman to escape with her life, was a tiny fragile thing. Her body was barely healed from the horrific trauma of her assault and if Monica could be brave enough to face court and the man who had mutilated her, Junie knew she had to do it too, for Monica’s sake.

Junie knew she was not going to have to do it alone. Her owners, Bob and Donna, were going to be there with her every step of the way. She knew she couldn’t do it without them.

Chapter 3: Practice Testimony and a Night Out

“We don’t need to be at the courthouse until later this morning. Let’s grab a breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then walk around a little. We can swing by Powell’s Books. I always have to go there when I am in Portland.” Donna laid out pair of slacks and a light yellow blouse for Junie to put on with her favorite yellow panty and peek-a-boo bra set. “I know for a fact you did not put on your rubber bands yesterday. You could probably plead that you were too busy submitting to me, that you were not allowed to do anything without permission.” She handed Junie a couple of her rubber bands.

Junie looked at the light blouse and the bra and looked askance at Donna. “Ma’am, that will… um… sort of show through.”

Donna laughed and raised a brow, “Really, Junie, do you think so?”

Junie gave her Mistress a look of embarrassment and wound the rubber bands around her nipples. Looking down at her large nipples and knowing they would soon be even bigger, she swallowed hard. She pulled on her peek-a-boo bra and then her blouse and looked nervously in the mirror. Telling herself that it did not look that obvious, she noted the time on her watch and hurried to finish dressing.

Donna looked her over and nodded, “You look nice. I like the nipple thing. I can tell they are there, but it will only be people who stare at your boobs that will notice. Here is what I want you to do. If you notice anyone staring I want you to give your tits a little shake. Go ahead do it now. Give me a little shimmy.”

Junie clenched her eyes shut and shook her shoulders back and forth, making her large breasts sway and bounce. Donna laughed delightedly. “Oh, that was good. Tell you what, if I notice anyone looking I will tell you to shimmy. We don’t want to have you miss any opportunities.”

Donna picked up her briefcase. “Grab your handbag, Junie, and anything you will need for the morning. I don’t want to worry about heading back up to our room after breakfast.”
Junie looked in alarm at her watch and begged, “But, Ma’am, I have fifteen more minutes before I can take off the rubber bands.”

“Come on, girl. You will be able to take them off in the bathroom or wherever.”

In the hotel café Donna ordered them a light breakfast of yogurt and granola with a tall carafe of fresh squeezed orange juice. Before the food arrived Junie leaned close to Donna and whispered, “Ma’am, may I please go to the ladies? I have to take off my rubber bands.”

“Do it here.”

Junie looked at Donna in shock and whispered in horror, “Here?”

“Sure, just slip your hand up inside your blouse and pull them off. You have done this often enough you could do it in the dark. Don’t look around, just do it.”

Junie could not help looking around. The café was busy, but it did not seem like anyone was looking at them. Cautiously she slipped her hand up under her top and jerked one rubber band off and stiffened for a second as the pain shot through her. Looking around a second time she saw an older man who was sitting alone looking at her with a puzzled look on his face, like he was not exactly sure what he had seen. Her eyes flashed to Donna’s face and Donna raised a brow and gave her own shoulders a little shake.

Junie lowered her eyes and stared at the breakfast and gave a little jiggle, her face felt like it was on fire. Donna spoke in a conversational voice, “Come on, girl, you can to better than that. Give him a show. He will be happy all day thinking of what he saw this morning. Go ahead. Make his day a happy one.”

Junie pressed her lips together and then forced herself to smile broadly at Donna and shimmied her shoulders, the waves of movement picked up and echoed by her breasts. Donna returned her smile and then murmured, “Our Master will be displeased if you leave that second rubber band on too long and injure your nipple.”

Junie did not look toward the man she knew was staring openly at her now as she removed the second band. Her smile turned brittle as she tried to control her expression and then she picked up her latte and took a sip. She whispered to Donna, “This is horrible.”

“Yes it is, but look at yourself. You are doing it. Do you feel sick?”

Junie paused and looked at Donna, “Oh my god. I am doing it.” She took another sip of her coffee, “And you are right. I don’t feel that sick, butterflies yes, but not like I am going to throw up.” She looked at the untouched food in front of her. “I don’t really feel like eating though.”

Donna laughed, “Well that might be just as well. We do have a lot more things to do today and I expect that the butterflies will get worse before they get better.”

Junie was distracted by all the people and cars in the city. The buildings were tall and there seemed to be little pieces of whimsy and beauty carefully placed to take the grim edge off the hardness of the downtown environment. Junie paused to look up at a mural and Donna nodded, “Yes, I like that about Portland. There is a sense of humor and a love of beauty in this city that transcends the sense of desperation that pervades most cities.”

Donna took Junie by surprise when she turned abruptly and walked into a store. As Junie walked in she froze, the smell of leather filled the store. A bewildering variety of fancy clothes hung on racks but Donna walked quickly past them and through a beaded curtain that had a sign prominently displayed over it saying ‘Adults Only’. Junie stifled a giggle when she looked through the curtain and saw that all kinds of kinky bondage gear was displayed on the walls: leather masks, whips, straps and restraints hung from the ceiling. The shelves were lined with a bewildering variety of dildos, vibrators and other sex toys.

Junie looked around nervously and hurried to stand close to Donna. Donna shot her an amused look and spoke in a conversational tone, “Have you ever been in a store like this?”

Junie mutely shook her head.

Donna picked up an elaborate vibrator in a box. Junie noticed it was one of those rabbit style vibrators that had the clitoral stimulator attachments on one side. It had a rotating head and beads that were designed to massage and stimulate the inner passage of the vagina. “You ever try one of these?”

Again Junie mutely shook her head looking around nervously. A bored young woman stood by the cash register watching them. When their eyes met the girl sighed and came out from behind the counter. Her voice was falsely bright, “Can I help you find anything?”

Junie cringed and looked around, an older man turned around from a rack of books and smirked openly as he watched while Donna responded, “How long do the batteries last in this thing?” Junie’s mind was filled with buzzing confusion and she could feel her breathing getting uneven. She found herself outside the store standing on the sidewalk with Donna’s hand firm on her arm, her Mistress’s voice penetrating through her panic, “Breathe, Junie, take a deep slow breath and hold it. Look at me.”

Junie inhaled through her nose and held her breath, nodding, staring up into Donna’s warm hazel eyes. “Good girl. Hold it… hold it… Okay, exhale really slow… now breathe deep and slow. That was too hard?”

Focusing on her breathing, Junie nodded.

“I could tell. You went from red as a beet to white as a ghost in seconds.”

Junie’s voice was quavering, “I don’t remember. Did I run away?”

Donna stroked her hair. “No, you just turned white and started to hyperventilate. I brought you out here.”

“I am sorry.”

“Don’t sweat it, girl, I was trying to push you a little. You came out of it pretty fast. Ready to go back in?”

“Do we have to?”

“You can choose to come with me clear into the back or stay in the clothing part. If you come in I will let you pick out something sexy for me to wear out tonight.”

Junie nodded reluctantly and let Donna lead her back into the store. The clothes were all pretty flashy and seemed way too young for either of them, but Junie found a soft leather bustier that laced up the back and a soft multicolored skirt with a handkerchief hemline. It was the colors that caught Junie’s eye; they looked like an impressionist watercolor, rich greens and yellows mixed with blues. The fabric was almost like transparent tissue, but there were layers and layers that seemed to move and float weightlessly. Junie held the skirt up and shook it, smiling as the colors seemed to dance and swirl.

Donna’s voice was close to her ear. “I like that. I knew you would find something pretty for me. Come on, let’s pay for these things.” Junie looked at the price tags and started to say something and Donna interrupted, “No, don’t tell me. I will freak.” She handed Junie a credit card, “You just sign and I will try not to look until we get home. If you hear any screams of anguish then, you will understand.” Donna gave Junie a reassuring glance, “Don’t worry, little one, it is not a matter of not having enough money. It is my scrooge personality. You are not the only one confronting their issues in this store.” Donna held up a bag that obviously contained several items. “I thought we would get some new toys for Bob.”

Junie giggled, “For Bob?”

“Well, I hate to spend money on myself, but if I can convince myself it is for the people I love it is not so hard. Like the hotel, I told myself it was for you and the fact that the prosecutor’s office is picking up part of the cost helps. Come on, let’s go drop this stuff off at the hotel, we need to head on down to the courthouse.”

The first time that Donna said “Shimmy,” as they walked toward the courthouse Junie looked around nervously wondering who was looking at her breasts and Donna corrected her, “Girl, I did not say look around. I said ‘shimmy’.” Junie blushed, but gave herself a little wiggle and kept walking. It was hard for Junie to focus, but it seemed every time she relaxed and was distracted by the busy movement and sights of the city Donna would command her to jiggle her breasts again.

Finally she stopped and looked around in outrage. She whispered to Donna in frustration, “Who is it? Show me!”

Donna laughed and took her arm. “It’s me, Junie. I am the one looking at your delicious breasts.”

The courthouse was much less busy and Leena met them at the security screening station. She led them to the courtroom and then led them to a room to one side. It had a big table and some comfortable chairs. “This is the room you will wait in when you are not testifying.”

“You mean I won’t be able to watch the trial?”

“No, Junie, witnesses cannot watch the trial. That would influence your testimony. In fact, once the trial commences, Judge Waldenback will instruct you to not speak of the crime with anyone other than the prosecuting team. You will have to swear to not watch news or read the paper about the progress of the trial.”

Junie looked nervously at the empty room. “I have to wait in here all by myself?”

Donna laughed, “No, Junie, you will never be all by yourself. I will be with you.”

Leena nodded, “Yes, Junie. You can have Donna wait with you if that would help. And you only have to be at the courthouse when you are scheduled to testify.”

“Will Monica wait here with me, too?”

Leena shook her head, “No, Junie, like you, Monica will only be here when she needs to testify and if you both are here at the same time, we will have you wait in separate rooms. You will find that testifying in court will end up with you waiting a lot more than you think. You should plan on bringing some things to keep you busy.”

“Will I still be able to talk to Monica, send her emails?”

Leena looked uncomfortable. “That would be highly unusual, but perhaps the judge will allow that to continue.”

Junie looked at Leena, “Will there be reporters?”

The assistant prosecuting attorney made a face, “There are always reporters. And there will be more than usual. This is a very high-profile case. Have you read about it in the news at all?”

Junie shook her head. “No, Ma’am, I don’t watch television and we don’t get the newspaper. I never even thought to look on the internet. All I know is what the police and the FBI have told me. I just want the R. P. Sanders lady to stay away from me.”

Leena looked very surprised, “R. P. Sanders has been talking to you?”

Donna interrupted; her voice was angry, “More like harassing us. She has been talking to Monica and trying to talk to Junie. She actually came onto our property and was taking pictures when one of our dogs chased her up a tree. We told her to stay off our property and just yesterday she was outside the courthouse trying to get a rise out of Junie saying things that made it seem like she had been talking to the defendant about Junie.”

Leena looked very disturbed, “Well, it’s no surprise that she has been talking to Sam Card. She is paying for his defense and is listed as a consultant to his defense team. She should know better than to try to talk to a witness that has been subpoenaed by the prosecution. Judge Waldenback and Mark Freeden will be very interested to hear of this.”

Junie wrinkled her nose, “She says she is writing a book. She has paid Monica some money and has promised to give her more after the trial is over for interviews.”

Leena shook her head, “When it comes to a high-profile case like this, everyone is writing a book.”

Donna laughed bitterly, “Maybe I should write one, too. It couldn’t be so difficult.”

Junie nodded earnestly, “You would write a good one, Ma’am.”

Leena shook her head again, “Let’s go to the courtroom. A bailiff will come get you and escort you to the stand. You will go through these doors.” Junie followed her down a hall and looked at a door marked ‘courtroom’ and walked in. It was not like she expected. It looked nothing like Perry Mason or Law and Order. It seemed smaller and more modern. There were the tables, seats and the flags; there was an elevated place for the judge to sit and a double row of modern chairs, which was where the jury would sit, and the witness box. There was a small group of men and another woman standing in a group talking.

When Leena, Junie and Donna came through the door they stopped talking and a big florid man in slacks and a polo shirt approached with his hand out. “Ms. Thomas, thank you for coming here to do this. It will be a big help to you if you know a little about what to expect.”

Leena spoke up, “Junie, this is the prosecuting attorney, Mark Freeden. During the prosecuting phase of the trial, he will be asking you how you found the knife during the trial. He will be the one that will say ‘object’ if there is something wrong about the questions the defense may ask you during cross examination and will conduct your redirect testimony.”

Junie could feel her mouth getting a little dry and she looked nervously toward Donna. She whispered nervously, “I don’t know what all that means.”

Donna leaned over and whispered into Junie’s ear, “Shimmy.”

Junie froze and squeaked in alarm, “No.”

“Then maybe you should ask these people to explain.” Donna laughed and gave her a push out into the room. “Agent Durant, I did not expect to see you here.”

Junie turned back and was surprised to experience feeling a little rush of happy excitement to see the FBI agent that was in charge of the investigation of all the murders Sam Card was suspected of committing. Now she saw him through Monica’s eyes, seeing a strong man, devoted to all their safety. Raising her hand she gave a little wave. He looked at her and started to raise his hand to wave back and then stopped himself.

Mark Freeden laughed, “I am sorry, Ms. Thomas, what didn’t you understand?”

“I guess the only thing I really did not get is ‘redirect’.”

“It’s pretty simple. You are a witness of the prosecution. You will be called to testify during the prosecution half of the trial. I will ask you questions then about how you found the knife and how you gave it to the police. Then the defense attorney will be able to ask you questions. After he is done asking you questions, I will have a chance to ask you more questions. That is redirected testimony. We will continue to go back and forth until we decide that there is nothing more to ask. Then we will let you leave. There is a good chance that one or both of us will reserve the right to question you again at a later date. Does that answer your question?”

Junie nodded, “Yes, Sir.

The big prosecuting lawyer pointed at the chair with a microphone, “You will sit up there. Go ahead and try it out.”

Junie went up and sat and looked uncertainly out at the room. Looking at the microphone she asked, “Will I be recorded?”

Mark Freeden nodded, “Recorded and videotaped.” He pointed at some cameras mounted on the ceiling. “The judge is still trying to keep television cameras out of the courtroom.”

Junie’s voice was terror stricken, “Television?” Standing up, she looked around wildly and whimpered. Finally her eyes found Donna, her voice was pleading and childlike, “We really need to go home now. Please take me home.”

Leena shot Mark Freeden a pained look and spoke up. “Junie, we don’t know that for sure.” She looked at Donna not sure what to do.

Donna’s voice was sharp. “Could you all please step out of the room for a little while so Junie and I can talk?”

A tiny sane part of Junie’s mind was mildly amused to watch both Leena and Agent Durant hustle the prosecuting attorney out of the room. Once the room was empty Donna turned to Junie, her voice was icy, “Junie, sit!”

Junie felt like her legs buckled under her before even her brain registered the command. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Now stand up.”

Junie blinked and stood back up. “Now shimmy.”

Junie looked at her Mistress in consternation and looked up at the cameras and toward the door the people had all gone out of. “Now?”

“Your ass is in so much trouble, girl. I am telling you to shimmy. Start shaking those big ass tits and don’t stop until I say for you to stop. If I hear any more disobedience from you, you will be doing it naked.”

Junie whimpered and began to shake and jiggle. Donna looked at her critically, “More enthusiasm, Junie, smile and wave at the camera! Shake it like you mean it.”

Junie was completely mystified to feel a little giggle bubble up, and then another. Somehow the thought of standing up in a courtroom shaking her breasts at some cameras was so far over the top that she could not contain the giddy feeling of silliness. Donna began to laugh along with her and began to dance around too. “Keep dancing, girl. Get it all out.”

Junie was sweating and breathing hard when Donna finally told her to stop. “Okay, that’s enough. Now go over to that door and apologize to those people and ask them to come back. Let’s get this over with. And then I will take you home.”

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