The Enforcer Ch. 08


The two were surprised. Candy said in a confused tone: "Who is coming to visit exactly?"

I replied casually: "My dad's old unit; four of the best soldiers alive today. Why?"

Maya was in shock as she said: "And they will be here soon?"

"They will be dropping in later tonight; they're Para-dropping."

Candy looked at me incredulously as she said: "They're parachuting in?"

"Yes. They are also going to arrange a supply drop later this afternoon, so we can set up a proper camp."

Maya looked at me and said: "And how long have you known they would be dropping in today?"

"Let me see," I looked at my watch, "about forty minutes now. They said that they should be here within 12 hours, if we listen for the planes we might even get to see them land." The girls dressed, and then we all headed downstairs. We decided to go and help with the packing up of the town. We helped for nearly four hours before we heard the supply plane heading our way, it was flying at low altitude; it was barely forty feet off the ground when it dropped the four skids. I had my hand held radio with me and thanked the pilots for the perfect drop. They informed that a plane would be headed our way in about four hours with the requested personnel drop, and then headed back the same way they had come. The town was not completely packed up, but was almost done, just little details left.

I had Ed and Frank go find us a couple of flatbeds so we could bring the skids to the town. Allen and Paul decided to go with them so they could also get a couple cube vans. Max sent two of his boys with them, one to act as a chauffeur and the other would get us a hefty discount on the supplies. As they were heading out a couple a couple of bikers drove up to us, one said: "We need supplies and food, do you mind if a few of us accompany your boys into town?"

I replied: "They're going to get a few vehicles, including a pair of cube vans, if you guys want to get some supplies they will be able to haul them back." The bikers nodded. I added: "Ed and Frank will kick in some funds for me and the girls, if you would be kind enough to get us some supplies also."

He replied: "I would be honoured boss." I shook his hand then they headed out; It was an interesting sight as four vans and fifty bikes all headed out, what I had planned to be a small gang turned into a convoy. Oh well, there would no doubt be a little commotion in town when the convoy arrived. I was feeling the day and walked over to the girls. We went into the house to cool off, and decided to take a shower together. We were all covered in sweat and peeled our clothes off with great effort.

We hopped into the shower and rinsed off quickly. The cool water brought a whole new meaning to refreshing as we permitted the efforts and toils of a long day to wash away. We jockeyed for position under the shower head for several minutes, teasing each other. A playful tweak of a nipple; a hand wrapped around my cock; a finger or two teasing an exposed clit, and all forms of kissing and licking, we had a great time. Not much washing occurred but we didn't care.

Needless to say we were all on an erotic buzz by the time we ended our shower. Candy and Maya dried each other off, making certain to fondle each others breasts. When we were more or less dry I suggested we move our games to the bedroom where there was more room. The girls reluctantly agreed, running quickly to the bed where they quickly moved into a passionate embrace, hands exploring each others pussy.

I did not want to be left out and quickly moved closer and lapped at Maya's exposed pussy as she ground it into Candy's. Both girls moaned as I inserted a finger in their vaginas. Feeling how aroused they were I pulled out my fingers and returned with two in each pussy and one in each asshole. They both moaned even louder as my fingers continued to piston in and out of their aroused bodies. Their breaths becoming more ragged, I felt their bodies tense and they came violently, covering my hands with the secretions. I held on as their orgasms ripped through their bodies.

After they collapsed I removed my fingers from their bodies, licking up their juices from my hands. Forgetting that I had placed a finger in each of their asses I licked even those fingers; finding the flavour pungent but not completely unpleasant I finished the task of cleaning myself up, then proceeded to lick first Maya's, and then Candy's pussy and ass clean.

They had recovered by the time I completed my enjoyable task. Candy said: "I can't believe you licked my anus."

Maya chimed in: "Thank you for doing mine too. Did you enjoy it?" I had to nod, Maya smiled as she said: "I think we may have to make you do that more often."

I replied casually: "I wouldn't mind that at all. It's a very interesting feeling and I enjoyed feeling you squirm as I teased you." They both blushed, as I continued: "And from your groans I'd say you like it too." The both shyly nodded. I added in a loving tone: "We will have to explore this further at a later time, but right now I want to make love to each of you and cum in you while you are in a 69."

They both smiled at the idea. Maya laid herself across the bed and said: "Do Candy first, I want to suck your cum from her body as you do me after." Candy positioned herself over Maya, lowering her head as Maya brought Candy's pussy to her own face. They were busy lapping at each other oblivious to my presence until I sunk myself deeply into Candy in a single fluid motion. Candy's back arched at the feeling while Maya yelped as my balls came to rest upon her forehead.

Maya played with my balls with her small hand as she kept her tongue busy on Candy's pussy. I pistoned slowly at first, permitting Maya to continue her attentions on my balls. Gradually as I increased my tempo, her grip upon my balls faded and soon they were swinging freely again. Holding onto Candy's hips I fucked her with abandon and quickly felt an orgasm rising within my body. I continued to slam myself into her willing body, and feeling the imminence of my climax I sunk myself to the hilt, erupting deep within her body. As my first spurt hit her she climaxed, trapping me in her. I rode her powerful orgasm, enjoying every moment. Unknown to me at the time Maya was also in the throes of her own orgasm.

I was drained, but had enough strength to keep from falling onto them; however both Maya and Candy were completely drained and lay powerless on each other. I rested for a few minutes, catching my breath. As Candy recovered, she motioned for me to help her off Maya; I helped her up, holding her in my arms, while Maya looked at us smiling as she said: "Thank you. That was fun. Give me a few minutes to recover then you can make love to me."

We all lay recovering, happy to be together. Maya eventually got up and cuddled beside Candy and I wrapped my arms around both, revelling in our love. When they were up to it Candy laid herself on the bed and Maya climbed over her. Maya lowered her aching pussy to Candy's mouth as she lowered her head and began lapping at Candy's seeping hole. She looked so blissful as she sucked my cum from Candy's body, Candy's moans gave me a clue that she was not the only one having fun. I let the two play for a few minutes before sliding my cock deep into Maya, she was much more relaxed and I slipped in much easier. A deep sigh escaped from her lips as I bottomed out in her body, enjoying the massage her pussy was giving me.

I let her body get used to my girth. Then as I felt her body loosen its grip upon me, I started to piston myself in and out. Building my tempo gradually, I felt my own excitement rising. Sweat covered all three of us again, as we all climaxed in sync. I filled Maya's body with my seed. Too tired to stand I removed myself from her body and lay down beside them. My last conscious act was moving Maya into my arms, thus freeing Candy, and then I passed out from fatigue, holding Maya. I woke up later, Maya lying to my right and Candy to my left, not certain how long I'd been out.

That's where this part ends, hope you enjoyed it. Next time will pick up right where I left off.



If you want to read more of this story line or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to MindFiend for all his help.

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Thank you. OmegaZone

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