tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Enforcer Ch. 09

The Enforcer Ch. 09


I was still a little uncertain what time it was, and how long I been here, but at least I knew where I was. Candy was sleeping to my left, her back to me, and Maya was sleeping to my right on her back. My penis was flaccid. I looked through the window; the sun had set, so I had been here for a while. A soft silk sheet covered the three of us, so I was obviously not the last to pass out. The thought hit me, and I decided to get up to see exactly what time it was. I put on a pair of boxers and headed downstairs. Max was there sipping at a cup of tea. I asked with a mild urgency: "How long have I been out?"

Max put down his cup and in a calm tone replied: "Don't you mean, are your friends here?" I nodded, he continued in a calm demeanour: "No, but by my calculations they should be here within an hour. You may want to get Candy and Maya up."

I replied is a calmer tone: "Thanks Max, I will go and wake them. Later." I headed upstairs, making a quick stop in the bathroom. As I was pissing I heard a small noise, I was not able to place it and forgot about it. I had just finished when a pair of small hands touched the back of my shoulders, it took all my restraint not to spin around.

I could not tell whose hands were on my back, but I knew it had to be Candy or Maya. I heard Maya whisper softly: "Hi love."

I was a little surprised when Candy then spoke and said: "That was really nice Vinny."

I turned my head to see whose hands were actually on my back. Maya and Candy had their hands wrapped around each other and each had one hand on my back. I smiled as I said: "It's nice to see both of you." They smiled as I continued: "My friends should be here soon, you may want to get dressed if you want to see them dropping in."

The girls nodded and headed back to our room, I followed them, enjoying the swaying of their lovely asses as they caressed each other. When we reached our room the girls turned and Maya said: "How should we dress?"

I replied: "Casually, these boys are a little rough around the edges and will definitely gawk and stare." The girls giggled and set about getting dressed. I put on a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt, and then headed downstairs. I had only been waiting for a minute when my radio picked up a signal; I pulled it out of my bag and listened to it.

It was the plane's pilot on the horn: "Repeat this is Eagle Nine we are five minutes from the drop site, Alpha Company is ready to jump. LZ do you hear us, over?"

I replied: "This is the LZ, we hear you Eagle Nine. You have a green light on the drop, and we will be waiting for them, over."

The radio crackled: "Roger that. Proceeding with drop, over." The radio went dead as the girls came down the stairs, and we went outside as we heard the sound of a plane heading our way. We walked out and I saw a small plane flying at high altitude. They were at about five thousand feet.

As the plane passed over us four chutes opened. It only took a few seconds for the four men to become obvious as they drifted toward the ground. They headed out a few feet from us; they were in tight formation as they descended, just enough distance apart so their chutes did not touch. I knew it was my friends, they were still completely nuts. I had not seen them in awhile.

They landed softly, making it look easy. Dropping their chutes as they landed, they removed their helmets as they ran toward us. They stopped and saluted as they stood before me. Their leader bellowed out: "Alpha Company reporting General!" All my guys were completely surprised and Maya and Candy looked at me in stupor. Their leader they added: "Major Domenic 'Pain' Cartwright reporting for duty."

I hugged the girls closer as I said: "At ease men. You will refer to me as Vinny and do not salute me until further notice. Understood?"

All four men relaxed their stance and bellowed: "Yes, Sir!"

Domenic then moved closer to me and reached out to shake my hand: "Nice to see you Vinny. We will have to talk a little later. We have news on your father." I smiled and shook his hand.

The man to his left moved forward, and said: "Major Victor 'Damage' O'Riley reporting for duty!" He reached out and shook my hand, then moved back as the next man moved forward.

An older skinny looking man moved in front of me as the last moved back: "Major Theodore 'Problems' McNeil reporting for duty!" I shook his hand.

He then fell back as the last man moved forward. He spoke with a heavy French accent as he said: "Majeur George 'Carnage' Villeneuve reporting for duty!" I shook his hand, and then he moved back.

All four in a line again I said in a casual tone: "Nice to see you guys again. It's getting late, but we need to get a few things done. Your first task is to get a fort set up to house the three hundred or so people you see down there. The second task is to set up a mess hall, showers, latrines and a dump. Your final task for now, after all that is done, is to come and meet me and my associates for a strategy session."

Just as they were about to speak the roar of a large group of motorcycles heading down the road to the house caught our attention and we all looked out to see what was happening. I noticed that the boys were finally back and said: "That's our help; they are bringing supplies and transportation. Get to work! Anybody who you see may be called upon to help you."

George replied: "Does that include you and the two lovely creatures under your arms?"

I smiled and replied: "It includes me, but if you want my girls to help you will need to ask them politely, they will choose."

Theodore stepped forward and politely asked: "Will you girls help me get the rest of this rabble ready while Vinny goes and gets the pallets with the other three majors?"

Maya and Candy blushed and nodded. Theodore walked arm in arm with them as the rest of us headed to the construction site where two flatbeds and the guys waited for us. Ed, Frank, Paul, and Allen all said hi to the majors and then gave me a quick breakdown of their trip. They had acquired two flatbeds, and two cube vans. But one of the cube vans was now filled to capacity with food. This left us with a flatbed to move the pallets and one van and one flatbed for moving the belongings of all our residents. I left the boys under the command of Theodore, telling him to get everything mobile while we got the pallets.

George was elected to drive, while Domenic and Victor joined me in the back. Domenic was the biggest of the four and Victor a close second. However I was still a fair bit bigger than either of them. We headed out toward the pallets. When we reached the first one we got off, dragged it to the flatbed, eased the side on and then pushed it onto the truck. Each pallet was slightly more than a ton in weight. We picked up all four then headed back to base.

During our absence Theodore had the boys move the flood lights from the construction site into positions to provide us with the needed lighting in order to set up the village. There were forty mobile floodlight rigs, and with the proper layout Theodore had managed to brightly illuminate an area the size of a football field.

After taking in his handy work we started unpacking the tents and setting up the new village. It took a little over three hours for us to get the first two pallets unpacked and set up. We stopped at that point and left the third pallet wrapped up. We had more tents than needed, but we undid the fourth and started setting up the command buildings. Within an hour we had a mess hall, ten latrines and three showers set up. Candy, Maya and me called it a day and headed back to the house, but the boys said they'd finish helping the layout and started to assign tents to the various people. They said they'd be a couple hours.

The sun was starting rise, so I decided to join the girls and get a little sleep. I got about four hours of sleep before I woke up. I was a little tired but not enough to doze off easily. I was still trying to make up my mind as to what to do when I saw the door creeping open. I did not want to yell but also did not want anybody to see Maya naked, I whispered: "Who's there?"

Max's voice replied: "It's Max, can I come in?" The door had stopped opening as he waited for my answer.

"I would prefer if you didn't. But what can I do for you?"

"Your military buddies want to talk to you."

I replied rather hastily: "I will be down in five." I got up and, trying not to wake the girls, slid gently out of bed as I continued: "Have they been waiting long?"

"Nah, they just got in and are talking with Ed, Paul, Allen and Frank. They still want to see you. Domenic offered to come and get you, 'military style' he said."

"Thank you for stopping him. The girls would have killed him if he had."

"No problem, I will tell them you're on your way." Max closed the door and left. I quickly dressed and headed downstairs. I was greeted by the sight of Domenic and Victor arm wrestling on the kitchen table.

I said firmly: "What are you doing?" They ignored my words and kept up the challenge.

George replied: "Wait a second Vinny, they have been at it for ten minutes, and one of them should lose soon."

I laughed as I said: "I have seen them going at it for well over fifteen minutes before."

Theodore replied: "Yeah, like he said, it should be over soon."

Max had his hand on his face. I walked up to him and said in a consoling tone: "At least they haven't broken any furniture yet." Max pointed to the corner of the room where a pile of splintered wood lay. I replied: "What was that before they smashed it?"

Max replied in a downtrodden tone: "Thankfully it was only a wooden crate I used as an end table. But they have not been here very long, how much more will they break before they leave?"

I replied in a sincere tone: "I will make certain that they behave. And from now on we will have our meetings in the mess hall we put up, hopefully that will reduce the damages." Max smiled.

I walked up to the guys just in time to see Domenic win the match. They all started to cheer, except Victor that is. I said: "Hi guys, nice to see you again. Now will you please not break anything else, you are guests here, just like me."

Domenic replied in a teasing tone: "I'll have you know that I only broke that box because it couldn't support my weight."

Max replied: "That's because you were holding Victor over your head at the time."

I could not help laughing as I said: "Pain, exactly why were you trying to stand on a box with Damage slung over your head?"

Domenic replied casually: "I was trying to see if Victor's claim was right."

I looked at Victor and said: "What did you say to start this?"

Victor tried to look innocent as he said: "I only stated that I could fall correctly even when being body slammed."

I placed my hand, in desperation, over my face as I replied slowly: "Do I want to know how you guys got into a discussion where you'd make such a statement?"

Victor was about to answer, then waved it off and said: "No, you probably don't."

I looked at the four and said in a calm tone: "Didn't I ask you guys to come and help me restore order to this place?" They all nodded. I yelled back: "Then why are you causing more destruction than the bikers?"

Domenic in a submissive voice said: "Oops! Guess we should behave a little more responsibly." I nodded, Domenic added in a playful tone: "But where would the fun be in that?" Then all four started to laugh again. I was about to yell when they all stopped. Their attention had been caught by something behind me. I turned.

Maya and Candy, both only wearing night shirts and panties were standing by the door frame; both lazily rubbing their eyes. Candy spoke in a tender voice: "What's all the noise? We were trying to get a little sleep."

I glared at the boys, turned to the girls then I lovingly replied: "Sorry, it seems my friends," I turned back to the boys, "are still a little rowdy. I am certain they are sorry for waking you." They all nodded. I continued still facing the guys, "They will be more careful in the future." They all nodded again. I turned back to the girls. "I know you have all worked together, but just to be proper, let me introduce you."

I walked up to the girls and turned around, placing my hand on Candy's shoulder: "This lovely Devil is Candy." I placed my hand on Maya's shoulder, "The lovely angel accompanying her is Maya." The girls' arms wrapped around my back, not quite making it all the way around. I continued: "I love them both dearly. Treat them like the goddesses they are." Both girls blushed. I walked over to the guys. Pointing to Domenic I said: "This is Major Pain and trust me he is a one." Domenic kicked me hard, but I continued unfazed "He is the leader of Alpha Company, a special ops group. His specialties include interrogation, infiltration, intelligence and counter-intelligence." Domenic smiled and gave a half salute toward the girls.

I pointed at Victor: "This is Major Damage and I know no man capable of doing more than him; his only problem is that he does it to friend and foe alike." Victor was too close to kick me, so he delivered a good punch to my side. Alas my attention was unaffected, and I continued: "He is the youngest member of Alpha Company, being a mere 45 years old; he is their acting second in command. His specialities include armed combat, heavy weapons, artillery, guerrilla tactics and hand to hand combat." Victor smiled as he also gave the girls a half salute.

I moved over to where George and Theodore were, then pointing at Theodore I continued: "This is Major Problems; he solves and causes almost all of Alpha Company's..." Theodore kicked the back of my knees, and the last word was cut off as I avoided falling. I continued as soon as I was upright again: "He is the radio operator and pilot for Alpha Company. His specialties include cryptography, communications, telecommunications, vehicle operations, land/air/water, cartography, reconnaissance." Theodore just smiled.

I pointed to George and said: "Last and possibly least," George kicked me in the shin, "This is Major Carnage; He causes it, wherever he goes. "He is the acquisitions or supply officer, he also acts as the cook, medic, engineer, sniper, translator, liaison and many other jobs, he fills the needs that the other members can't or don't want to. His specialty is adapting, you need it and he does it, whatever it may be."

George added with his French accent: "I am also fluent in many languages."

Domenic added: "Yeah, he can talk with a bad French accent in over thirty languages." George turned to him and gave him the finger. We all started to laugh.

Maya and Candy were now fully awake; I moved back to them and they moved in, hugging me with love. Maya spoke softly: "What time is it?"

Max beat all of us and said: "It's nine, why?"

Candy answered for Maya: "Vinny asked us to accompany him to his old place to get some essentials."

Maya finished the thought: "And we were wondering if it was too early to go."

I replied lovingly: "It's never too early when you want something." All four majors cheered the statement.

The girls blushed as they clung to me with greater strength. Domenic said: "Don't worry ladies, we may be a little rough around the edges, but we won't bite."

Victor added: "Unless you ask, that is." They all started to howl at the comment.

Maya and Candy hung on me like scared children. I enjoyed it and bent down to pick them up; they both grabbed a hold of my neck as I wrapped my arms around their waists and picked them up. Once I was standing they wrapped their legs around my waist making it very hard for me to walk. I stood there for a few minutes as they snuggled their heads into my shoulders. The guys glared at me like I was the devil himself.

I replied in a mocking tone: "You guys are only angry because you don't have a pair of your own." Candy and Maya smiled in my direction, as the guys all gave me the finger. I softly whispered into the girls' ears: "I love you both, but can I put you down now?"

They both put their legs down and I lowered them to the floor. They stood beside me as I added: "If you two are ready we can head over to my old place. Those four ruffians and I will talk once we get back."

Maya said: "We will get dressed, give us five."

Domenic spoke up and said: "Take your time ladies, I want to arm wrestle Vinny boy." The girls scampered off as I walked up to the table and removed my jacket, exposing my arms.

I said: "Who's first?"

Domenic replied: "I am."

Victor added: "I go after."

Domenic and I locked arms, Max acting as the referee. He made certain we were ready then said: "GO!" as he pulled his hands away.

I let Domenic apply all his strength before saying in a surprised voice: "Did the match already start?" Domenic was sweating profusely. I applied a good helping of my strength, throwing Domenic out of his seat as his hand crashed loudly against the table.

Victor quickly took his place as Domenic hollered: "Vinny you bastard! You didn't need to throw me to the floor!"

I smiled saying: "Oops! Guess I don't know my own strength." Domenic was still fuming.

Max made certain we were ready and once again started the match by saying: "GO!" Again I toyed with my opponent; Victor was sweating as I smashed his hand against the table. He was lucky enough not to lose his balance, but did not take well to defeat.

It had been less than five minutes, but the girls came down, dressed in jeans and white tees. The guys all whistled at the pair. I smiled and said: "You two look lovely. You ready to go?" They both nodded. I continued: "I know it's not very romantic, but can these lugs join us?" I pointed to Domenic, George, Theodore and Victor. The girls shook their heads. I looked at the boys and said: "Sorry guys." They sighed.

The girls and I left, taking one of Max's Vans. We soon arrived at my old place. We got out of the van; Max had driven us to the house and decided to stay in the vehicle. He was wise enough to bring a book to read. We headed into the building, when we reached my loft I grabbed the heavy door and opened it. Maya was a little taken aback by the place.

She said: "Vinny, this is a very unique place." She looked around before she continued: "There's only one true door in this place, I have never seen such a distinct layout."

Candy chimed in: "Isn't it cool? Vinny and I lived here together for a few days. This is where we fell in love." Candy hugged me close and placed a tender kiss on my lips.

Maya looked at us and said: "You do make a nice couple." We both smiled broadly. We all then walked in and I gave Maya a quick tour. Then I started to pack the all my clothes into my duffle bag. Candy and Maya were kind enough to clean out my fridge, figuring anything left in there was rotten. Lucky for them, I had almost nothing in the fridge. When I had finished packing up my necessary clothing and a few other things, I headed downstairs. I opened the hidden panel by the front door and removed my equipment bag.

I had not touched it since the night before I was arrested. I felt a little nostalgic about it, and was thinking back to it when Maya hollered: "Vinny, wake up!" I looked in her direction. She continued: "Vinny, are you ready to get going?"

I smiled and said: "Sorry, I was just thinking back to the night I was arrested."

Maya said: "You shouldn't linger on bad things."

I laughed and replied: "What are talking about? That was a great night; I had so much fun." Maya looked at me incredulously, I added: "I could have done without the week in jail, but that night itself, I got into a great brawl, and made new allies. It was glorious."

Candy was rolling on the floor laughing as Maya just stood there frozen. I walked up to her and gave her a tender hug as I whispered into her ear: "You'll get used to our way of life." She looked at me incredulously as I continued: "We aren't that hard to stomach. And I promise to keep you safe from the really rough stuff." I turned and looked at Candy as I said in a louder tone: "Candy, I think Maya is having some difficulties adapting to the world of the biker and our simple joys."

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