tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Enforcer Ch. 13

The Enforcer Ch. 13


I was surrounded by a huge crowd of naked, horny women that were all fighting to see who would get to be my next conquest and, if that was not enough, the women I loved had asked me to do this, while they were also pleasuring the women of this beach. I stopped in the crowd and softly said: “I would like for a line to form on each side of me; couples to my left, your partner behind you, and everybody else to the right.” Quickly the crowd split into two. Most went to my left, not too surprising, but many still went to my right.

I walked up the beach, seeing who was patient and who was not. Many moved along with me, trying to get my attention. I noticed a pair of young read heads, who stayed in position as those on either side of them moved up the beach. I stopped and turned, slowly walking back towards them. I stopped in front of them and asked in a firm voice: “Why didn’t you follow the group up the beach?”

The youngest girl’s face filled with fear, but her partner behind her replied in a firm but non-confrontational tone: “She was scared to move, frozen in fear and I would not leave her side.” Her voice softened as she said: “My feelings for her are too strong for me to leave when she is in need, even if you are the prize that awaits me if I do.” Her eyes softened as she added in a delicate and tranquil tone: “You scare her Vinny; I can’t stand to see her in pain. Please permit me to take her with me and comfort her.”

I gently reached my hand to her face, lifting her chin so I could see into her eyes; a tear formed as she locked eyes with me. I reached with my other hand and tenderly wiped the tear from her cheek as it descended and in a comforting tone asked: “What is your name little one?” She could not answer, so I asked her friend in the same soft tone: “What is you small friend’s name? And if you would be nice enough, what is yours?”

Her friend replied: “I am Amber and this is Lynn.”

I tenderly asked: “Lynn my dear, do I scare you?” She nodded softly. I continued: “Do you want me to leave you alone?” She shook her head with greater intent. I added in a caring voice: “Would you feel better if I held you in my arms?” She nodded, so I hugged her to my body. Slowly her arms moved to me and she wrapped them around my massive frame. I could feel her shiver as she pressed her face into my chest. Amber looked at me still uncertain what would happen next. I slowly turned and, looking at all the women, said: “I have chosen my next pair. You may gather around me again after I take another swim. I will be here all afternoon and if you want you may try and solicit Maya and Candy’s attention, I am certain they will be more than happy to play.”

As soon as my words ended the crowd dispersed and many headed towards Maya and Candy, who were now having fun with Sarah and Kimberly. I could feel the fear leaving Lynn’s small body and looked down at her to see if she would talk. Her soft eyes locked with mine as I said: “May I cradle you in my arms?”

She replied in a low voice: “I would like that.” I picked her up and turned to Amber, then said: “Looks like Lynn’s actions and your devotion have earned you my attention. What would you like to do with me now?”

Amber replied: “I thought we were just your playthings until the next pair!”

I replied softly: “You would submit to such a thing?”

Amber replied: “For you? Yes! For anybody else, no.”

Lynn had her soft face against my chest. She turned her face to look into my eyes asked I her: “Would you Lynn?”

She held her hands close to her chest as she replied: “I would do almost anything to please Amber, I love her. I’d even let a man use me if she asked me to.”

I held her close and replied to Amber: “Your friend shares your devotion, and has placed her trust in you completely; are your feelings for her such that you would never violate that trust?”

Amber replied: “Yes, but I felt no such issues when I asked her to help me in acquiring you; I now feel quite ashamed that I asked her to. I cannot permit her to be hurt. Please forgive me Vinny; I can not subject Lynn to anything she does not want.”

Amber’s eyes filled with tears as she realised what she had almost done. Lynn was still happy to be in my arms, and was too entranced with my closeness to even reply to her friend’s words. I softly looked into Lynn’s eyes and asked her: “Lynn, now that you have felt my touch and have been in my arms for a little while, what are your feelings about me? And what do you want to do?”

Lynn smiled and replied: “I am happy being in your arms and only want to stay close to you. I trust your warmth and feel like you will not hurt me. Please hold me a little longer.”

“I would love to; just relax while I speak with Amber.” Lynn rested her head against me as I returned my attention to the now sobbing Amber. I casually said: “Amber, Lynn is happy to be in my arms and wants to remain there. I know I have made you question your actions, but I will not hurt Lynn, so no harm has occurred.”

Amber turned her face to me and replied between sobs: “I have abused the trust of my best friend, my lover, my Lynn, and all for a chance to be with you. I feel so small.”

I replied in a consoling tone: “Take joy in the fact that you realise the error of your ways and grow from the experience. That and Lynn would be hurt if you didn’t want to play with the big teddy she is cuddling.” Amber couldn’t help but giggle at my words; she looked at me and smiled softly.

She moved closer and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. She placed another kiss on Lynn’s cheek then said: “I thank you for your tenderness Vinny. But since I have you, or should I say we have you to ourselves for a little while, let’s see if you can help me shake this blue mood I am experiencing.”

Lynn added in an excited voice: “I want a piece of him too!” I laughed as I stood her up and placed her on her feet. Lynn then said to Amber: “Stop crying, I haven’t been hurt by you yet, and I know you will never do it on purpose. Now come here and kiss me you fool.” Lynn grabbed Amber and placed a deep kiss onto her friend’s lips.

I was overjoyed to see them happy and just waited for them to tell me what they wanted from me. Amber looked into my eyes and said in a firm tone: “So you will only do what we ask?”

I replied in a submissive voice, just to tease her: “Yes mistress.” I then added in a mischievous tone: “But you don’t always ask with your mouth, and I am very good at picking up other methods of communication.”

Lynn smiled as she said: “We will have to see just how gifted you are.” She was a little surprised as I lowered my face, intentionally opening my mouth little as I approached, but she tilted her head back, awaiting a kiss. I moved my head bringing my mouth to her ear. She let out a sigh as I softly blew behind her ear, continuing further I places a soft kiss on the nape of her neck, eliciting a shiver and a quiet moan. I could feel her body melting in my hands. I moved back away from her, permitting my fingers to tickle her other ear lobe.

My face drew slowly away from hers; it was covered with a look of bliss, her eyes glazed over. Lynn was mesmerised, lost in the moment of bliss. I turned my attention to Amber, who was also frozen, in awe of the look on her lover. I moved closer to her placing a soft peck on her cheek. She exhaled as I moved my mouth to her ear and whispered: “Look at her, look at how blissful she is, she can’t move. She wants to, but fears losing the feeling she’s experiencing. She has never felt so free, yet so chained.” I exhaled: “Look at her.” as I moved my face back. She was also frozen; lost in her friend’s rapture.

I had them both in the palm of my hand, willing and submissive; they would do anything I asked. I raised my head and wanting them to realise just how vulnerable they were I said: “Do either of you still doubt me?”

It took them a few seconds to break their erotic fog and then Amber replied: “No. But how do you do that? I have never felt anything like that before.”

Lynn added: “You barely touched me, yet I lost myself in you. How?”

I replied softly: “I did nothing to you. You both did it to yourself; I just gave you a reason. Now that you know I can read your desires, I want to know what you want. I know that you won’t be able to answer once we start, so let’s see if I can guide you to where you want to go.” They both smiled and then huddled close and whispered for a few seconds.

As they broke apart Amber said: “I would not mind feeling that monster up my tight little cunt, and would love to see stuffing Lynn.”

Lynn smiled as she added: “I have always liked a little pain, and think that Amber should be punished for her actions, so I would like a good spanking and want her to suck your cream from my body as you spank her.”

I smiled and said: “Why Lynn, you sneaky little thing! I would never have guessed, but I take it in bed you are the one in charge.”

Lynn smiled and said: “Who? Not little innocent old me. I mean I was frozen with fear when I first met you. I am just a timid little angel.”

Amber added: “She isn’t very open when we are in public, but she has complete control over me when we make love. I would do anything for her when I am horny.”

I smiled: “So the roles are reversed now. How about a little something extra for the little innocent Lynn?” They nodded awaiting my suggestion. I added in a low carnal tone: “How about we punish Amber a little more and I fuck your tight asshole, then she can lick me clean while I spank you? After that she can clean the cum from your ass while I spank her.”

Lynn smiled at the idea, but Amber wasn’t so enthusiastic, and when Lynn saw that she replied: “Oh, you have such a deliciously dirty mind! Yes do it, but you also have to fuck her ass, and if you would oblige, I want to lick cum from her ass too.”

Amber froze with apprehension as I replied: “Hum, two loads for you, that seems a little greedy.” Lynn pleaded with her child-like expression, and I caved in: “Ok, you got a deal. Now let’s see if Amber is willing.”

Amber was pleading with her eyes, she was scared, but Lynn looked at her and all her resolve broke and she said: “Damn you Lynn, ok I agree.”

I hugged Amber to me and in a loving tone said: “I promise to be gentle with your ass. I promise you will love it. And if you don’t then I won’t do Lynn’s ass, and you know she would hate to miss that.”

Amber smiled as Lynn’s face filled with fear, she urgently said: “You can’t! Please Amber, I desperately want him deep in my ass, even if that means he does not do yours.”

I had a wicked grin as I said: “It’s too late to pull out Lynn; your fate now resides in Amber’s opinion of my skill and in my hands.”

Lynn didn’t like that and said: “Dammit, you better be good Vinny, I hate not being in control.”

I looked at Amber and in a mischievous tone asked: “Doesn’t it turn you on when you turn the tables on someone?” She nodded. Lynn went to hit her; I made certain she hit me instead. Lynn was furious.

I smiled and said: “You don’t think I will get your ass?”

Lynn replied: “I don’t know, and that bugs me to no end.”

I replied: “I know I will, so I am not worried. Just calm down and enjoy the show, I am certain you won’t be disappointed.” Lynn calmed herself and resigned herself to her fate. I lowered my head and placed a deep kiss on Amber’s lips. Our tongues explored the other’s mouth. My hands roamed to her firm ass. I had been at half mast until now and as I grew, Amber’s curious hands moved to my hardening member, her eyes widened as she realised that I was not at full size yet.

As we broke our kiss, she gasped and said in a breathless voice: “You’re growing, oh my, how am I going to get this monster into my tight little quim?”

I replied with a wicked grin: “It’s going up your ass after, remember?” She froze with apprehension. I smiled and added: “You’re going to have to relax a little, you’re so tense.” As the last words escaped my lips I spread her ass cheeks with my hands, opening her rosebud even so gently. She gasped. I placed another deep kiss on her lips. She explored my mouth as she stroked my cock; it was almost at full size.

Lynn watched intently as I grew, then she moved behind Amber and said in a teasing tone: “I am going to enjoy watching you squirm as he ploughs your ass with that monster.” She lowered her hand to her friend’s ass and gradually inserted her middle finger into her tight anus as she added: “And if he doesn’t do my ass, I am going to fit my fist up here too, I am certain you will remember both experiences quite vividly.”

I decided to toy with her and said: “Lynn, since you have doubt about my skill and dear Amber’s ass, would you like to add a little something to the wager? Let’s say, that if she loves taking me up her ass, I get to fist your ass, on another day.” As I finished my sentence I raised my left hand and formed a fist to illustrate my point.

Lynn’s face filled with fear as she said: “No way am I going to be able to take that up my ass! Fuck there is no way for me to take it in my pussy.”

I smiled and replied in a teasing tone: “But you already know that I am going to lose my bet, so where’s the danger?”

Lynn replied: “Ok, since your going to lose anyway, I agree. And just to show my confidence you I won’t ask anything when you lose the bet.”

I smiled and replied in a confident tone: “I think Amber will enjoy seeing you squirm as I fist both your holes.” Lynn laughed at me and continued to play with Amber’s ass. Our kiss broke as I lowered myself, stopping once my lips reached her right nipple. Her hand had lost its grip on my penis as I lowered myself. However, as I suckled her nipple she moved her hand to my head and stroked my hair softly.

I left her right nipple glistening as I ran my nimble tongue against her soft skin, stopping as I reached her left areola. I suckled on her other nipple, teasing it as it engorged. Amber’s breathing grew shallow as her excitement built. I finally permitted my hands to wander to her yearning sex. She moaned softly as I ran my fingers through her crimson fur. It was very sparse and soft. The closer I got to her moist lips, the more her hair was matted. I lowered my head, leaving a trail of saliva as my tongue followed her firm abs.

A delicate odour of arousal wafted up as I neared her centre of pleasure. She had a very subtle aroma, not extremely intoxicating, but subtlety inviting none the less. Her pink lips spread invitingly as she opened her legs a little wider in anticipation. My tongue had not left her skin and I could taste the sweat covering her body as I neared her opening. Her unique aroma barely extended beyond her pussy. She must have been swimming recently. Feeling her arousal with my probing appendage I toyed with her clit, slowly delving further into her gradually moistening folds.

Lynn was a little impatient and soon was playing with my now rock hard cock. She blatantly said: “Vinny lay on your back so I can suck on this monster. I am certain you will find it easier to please Amber also if she’s sitting on your face. I didn’t want to listen to Lynn, but I saw the logic in her suggestion and lay down, bringing Amber’s crotch with me. Amber practically fell on me as I laid back. As soon as we were in position I felt Lynn’s eager mouth wrap around my hard shaft. She was good, but I kept my attention on Amber and explored her pussy a little more before moving her up a little so I could play with her rosebud.

She whimpered loudly as my tongue tickled her tight opening and my left hand moved to her pussy. I inserted my index finger and lovingly teased her clit with my thumb as my tongue forced its way into her bowels. As I continued to explore her tight passage, Amber climaxed, sending waves through her body and her sphincter spasmed trying to expel my curious tongue. It took all my efforts, but in the end I was able to keep probing her tight rear as she came, her juices now dripping onto my face. I could feel them pooling on my closed eyelids. After her orgasm passed I removed her body from my face and lifted my head. Wiping her juices from my eyes I opened them just in time to see Lynn remove her mouth from my engorged rod.

Amber was blissfully resting on my chest, catching her breath. I sensually said: “That was fun. Amber, since you look ready for a little more intense exploration, why don’t you get on all fours so that I can see if your pussy can take me. Lynn, you can lay on your back under her, I certain you wouldn’t mind seeing my staff in her sheath.” Lynn quickly lay on her back and Amber placed herself above her, and moved her face to Lynn’s wet pussy and started to savour her juices. I moved behind Amber and enjoyed the view while she busied herself eating out her girlfriend.

I could not stay away from her long because her glistening cunt was so vulnerable, so exposed. I positioned myself at the opening to her dripping quim and slowly worked my massive fuckstick into her. She was nice and tight so I progressed slowly. Her body seemed to be trying to expel me. I would have none of it and continued to apply firm and steady pressure. Her walls contracted around me continuously. Through persistence and patience I eventually felt her soft pubic hairs tickling my balls. As I let her get used to my size, my mind filled with the thought of just how much tighter her ass would be.

I started to piston myself into her body, gradually needing less and less effort as she got further accustomed to my size. My thrusts rapidly increased in speed and intensity, her satiny insides driving me closer and closer to climax. My attention was diverted as Lynn moaned loudly as she came. Amber soon followed suit, her warm insides rippling as she quickly came, never removing her mouth from Lynn’s body.

As Amber’s orgasm subsided I moved my hands to her jutting behind, spreading her luscious orbs to expose her rosebud. I permitted a large glob of spit to trickle down from my lips. My aim was true and hit the mark, sending a ripple through Amber’s body. I stayed motionless in her depths, giving myself time to lose my edge. I watched as the glob slowly slid down her crease leaving a wet trail until it stopped when it reached my cock and slowly wrapped itself around me. As it was about to split in two, I pulled out of Amber, causing it to coat my cock. With only my head in her pussy I reversed my direction, dragging the spit into her body. Amber moaned once again.

I began to once again piston myself into her, using a much slower tempo. After a few strokes I moved my thumbs to either side of her anus, and applied gentle pressure, slowly prying her most private opening apart. It opened, like a flower, seeming to bloom. As her other ring parted, creating a shallow reservoir, I once again dribbled a large spittle, this time it lingered exactly where I placed it. And as her body relaxed it appeared to sink into her passage. Easing the pressure on her opening I moved my hands closer and permitted my right index finger to snake into her willing orifice. As my spit coated my finger I plunged it in to the second knuckle, feeling her inner ring wrap around my finger.

I continued to pound into her pussy as I explored her ass. As she relaxed I added a second finger. When I could move them freely I separated them, opening her up more. Amber was growing more excited by the second. Lynn had cum once again at her friends hands, or rather tongue and fingers, and as Lynn caught her breath I inserted a third finger into Amber’s opening, sending her into another powerful orgasm. Her body did its best try and expel me, failed, and stretched her muscular ring further with every spasm as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Amber had been very diligent up to now, however she was now out of breath and finally removed her face from Lynn’s pussy. Lynn had recovered some so I suggested: “Lynn come here and watch me squeeze into and then fuck Amber tight shitter.” She crawled out from under Amber and stood beside me, watching enthusiastically, waiting for me to take her friend’s small asshole.

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