tagGroup SexThe Enforcer Ch. 14

The Enforcer Ch. 14


The water was cool on my skin and felt very refreshing. The lake was very noisy and the water was filled with naked bodies, so it surprised me when I felt a soft hand brush against my ankle. I looked down, but whoever had touched me was already gone. I looked around for anybody who was surfacing, but saw that there wasn't a soul within a ten foot circle of me. As I was getting even more curious about who had touched me, I once again felt a small hand brush against me. This time it grazed the back of my knee.

I looked once again, but no luck. Whoever was toying with me had a good set of lungs; it had been almost a minute since they first touched me. I waited another ten seconds before I felt the hand again, this time it grazed my naked cock; it was flaccid at the time, but the hand lingered for just a second too long and I caught it. As I pulled it gently out of the water it owner followed, and I was taken aback as a cute little girl surfaced, she looked even younger than Candy did. I smiled and said: "Hi there!"

The little face turned red as she replied, with her child like voice: "Hi Vinny. Don't you remember me?"

I looked her over for a few seconds before releasing who it, and my face filled with surprise as I replied: "Mandy! I haven't seen you in years! I didn't know you were here."

She shyly replied: "I joined this gang a few years ago and was out of town finishing up my studies. I just finished high school and decided to head back here. I got into town yesterday and had a heck of a time finding the gang. I heard that the new boss was named Vinny, and when they described him to me I realized it might be you, but after hearing how powerful he was I decided to wait till I learnt more about him before checking to make certain it was actually you."

I smiled and replied as I hugged her close to me: "Mandy, I have missed you! God it's been almost seven years; you sure have grown up into a good looking young woman."

Mandy smiled as she placed a soft kiss of my cheek as we hugged. Then she whispered into my ear: "You look even better than the last time I saw you, and you were one hell of an attractive man back then."

I smiled as our hug broke and replied: "I see you still like teasing me and playing with me." She blushed and just shrugged her shoulders. I then added: "Mandy I am overjoyed at seeing you again. I would love to introduce you to Candy and Maya; you could say they are my lovers, mind you they mean a lot more than I can convey with words."

Mandy just shyly said: "I have already seen them. I was a little reluctant to come and see you when I heard that you already had a girl, and when I was told you actually had two, I grew even more wary. I realise that I would just be a burden on you and almost decided not to bother you. But when I saw you today I just had to say hi."

I held her close and said: "Mandy I told you years ago that I would always have the time to see you and would make the time to be with you if you needed me or wanted to talk. That has not changed and it will never change."

Mandy smiled and said: "That's really nice of you to say, but you don't really understand what I want."

I smiled and said in a fatherly tone: "Mandy, do you really think that I didn't realise that you had a crush on me even when you were only ten? Fuck, I have known about your infatuations with me before you really understood what it was."

Mandy's face filled with defiance as she said: "If you knew all the while why didn't you do anything about it?"

I hugged her close and said: "Mandy I was more than twice your age at the time, I didn't want to let on and hurt you, I hoped that it was just puppy love, but I realise now that you never really let go of me."

Mandy's eyes filled with tears as she said: "How could I ever forget you? If it was not for your love and your father's bravery I would have died with my parents after the plane crash."

I replied in a loving tone: "I had hoped your fascination with me would pass, but I suppose that you really can't forget a person who cared for you twenty-four seven for eight weeks." I paused, then added: "I know I could never forget you."

Mandy's eyes were still tear-filled as she softly said: "I am glad I still mean something to you Vinny. I did not know if you had forgotten me, you never showed your sorrow."

"I have missed you ever since the day I left, but I had to leave; your grandparents asked me to and I respected their wishes. I wanted to check on you, but when dad disappeared I lost contact with you and by the time I found your grandparents again you had already run away and they had no clue where you had gone."

Mandy replied softly: "I could not stay with them when I found out that they were why you had left; I hated them for that and still do. It was not their choice to make." Mandy was now crying on my chest as I held her. I let her cry for a while. When she felt a little better she looked at me with her tear soaked eyes, then moved her face closer and placed a soft kiss on my lips. It was short but she flushed as she turned her face from mine and said: "I am so sorry Vinny; I don't know what came over me."

I used my hand to gently turn her face back to mine; as our eyes met I kissed her with passion and let my tongue play with her lips. She moaned into my mouth as she permitted her tongue to play with mine. I kissed her deeply for a long time; before our kiss broke I ran my hand through her soft brown hair, it reminded me of days long passed. I lovingly said: "Mandy, you must realise that I have never stopped caring for you, and I could never turn you away, even if it required the dynamic of our relationship being changed forever. I love you and will always love you." Mandy smiled. I continued: "There is only one thing you must realise," she looked at me expectantly as I continued: "I am in love with Candy and Maya also and will not let you replace them, but my heart is big enough for all of you, and I have no doubt that if you can make a place in your heart for them, that they will make a place for you."

Mandy smiled as she said: "I will do almost anything to be with you. I can't promise that I'll fall in love with them, but I am willing to share you with them if I can also have you."

"Well it seems that you have won my attention for a while. I know there are many women here who will be jealous of you for being the first to actually come into the water looking for me."

Mandy giggled as she said: "It's not my fault they didn't think of it first."

"Well Mandy, if you're up to it, I'd like to introduce you to the girls. Are you?"

"That's sounds interesting to me, let's go." We walked hand in hand towards Maya and Candy, as we got closer I noticed that Amber, Lynn, Sarah and Kimberly were all laying side by side naked. As they noticed me all six girls sat up.

As we neared them, Maya said softly: "You've already sent us four nice girls, even a pair of sisters."

Candy chimed in: "Kim and Sarah were an unexpected pair, but they are fun to play with. What are you bringing us now?"

I casually replied: "This is Mandy; Dad saved her from a plane crash when she was just eight and I cared for her for eight weeks while she recovered from her injuries." Then it hit me, I looked at Mandy and said in a fevered tone: "I forgot to ask; Mandy, do you know what happened with my father?"

Her face filled with sorrow as she said: "I heard he was killed while on a mission."

I replied in an enthusiastic tone: "He's not dead!" Mandy's eyes filled with surprise. I added: "He was captured, but a team just left to rescue him."

Mandy looked worried as she said: "Are you certain they will succeed?"

I replied casually: "I send Alpha Company and all five members of Fenrir to bust him out."

Mandy smiled as she replied: "Cool, how long till they return?"

"They left this morning; so I predict they'll be back sometime tomorrow night or the day after."

Mandy enthusiastically said: "I haven't seen the old man in years, I miss him. It will be nice to talk to him again."

Candy chimed in: "Oh, Vinny?" I turned my head to see what she wanted. She continued: "I realise that you two may have a little catching up to do, but could you kindly finish the introductions? You looked like you were planning something, I assume."

"Oops! Sorry about that; like I was saying, this is Mandy." I turned to Mandy and pointing to the girls as I spoke said: "Mandy may I introduce Sarah and her sister Kimberly." Sarah and Kimberly smiled. I continued: "Amber and her lover Lynn." They both smiled also. Pointing to Candy and Maya: "And of course these are my loves, Maya and Candy."

Maya smiled: "It's nice to meet you Mandy, and from what Vinny has tried to say I predict that you two must be very close."

Mandy replied shyly as she hugged me: "I owe my life to Vinny and his Dad. His Father pulled me from the wreckage of the plane my family crashed in." A single tear escaped her as she continued: "My father and mother were not lucky enough to survive the catastrophe." She paused as she smiled at me, and then continued with a distant look in her eyes: "I was gravely injured. Vinny's dad was able to patch up my physical injuries easily, however my shattered world, and, damaged mind from the extreme trauma, was beyond his skill." She held my hand firmly as she looked into Candy and Maya's face and added: "Your man, Vinny, the only man I have ever fallen in love with, is the only reason I still live."

Maya and Candy looked at me expectantly. I softly said: "Do you have any doubts of my loyalty to Mandy, or you two?" They both smiled. When Mandy noticed this she realised how true my love for them was, and how completely they trusted me and lunged forwards and hugged them both as her eyes filled with tears of joy.

Sarah, Kimberly, Amber and Lynn were a little confused and looked at me questioningly. I simply said: "Why do you trust me?"

They looked at each other then back at me, Sarah was first to speak: "I trust you because I believe you would never hurt me or my sister."

Kimberly replied next: "Same here."

Amber spoke next: "I also believe you would never hurt me and I don't think you'd ever hurt anybody I love or care for."

Lynn then enthused: "I can't help it and you know it, yet you don't exploit it, so my trust in you keeps growing."

I replied: "That's exactly why Mandy, Candy and Maya are happy." Their faces filled with understanding.

Candy and Maya had Mandy sit between them, Maya said: "So Mandy, what did this big softy do to help you?"

Mandy replied: "I must have been knocked unconscious by the crash, because the next thing I remembered was waking up with a bad headache a few days later. Vinny and his dad were sitting at the foot of my bed playing cards. As I tried to sit up I groaned, which caught their attention instantly. Vinny looked in my direction and softly said: "Hello little one. You shouldn't move too much. You have a few bruised ribs, your right arm is fractured in two places and your left leg is pretty banged up. We are pretty certain that you will make a full recovery, but it may take a few months." I groaned as I brought my left hand to rub my head and said: "Where am I?" Vinny in a gentle tone replied: "You are in our shelter, we built this house ourselves. You could say we are on Vacation."

"I looked around and noticed that I was indeed in a house made mostly of palm branches and other tree parts. My head throbbed. I was still struggling to get up, but to no avail, so I fell back into bed with a groan. Vinny walked to my side and placed a hand on my back and helped me sit up. I said: "Thank you... What is you name?" Vinny replied: "My name is Vinny and this is my father, Henry, but if you want to you can also call him dad, he won't mind." I smiled and, remembering what had happened, franticly said: "We crashed! Where are my parents?" Henry replied in a sorrow filled tone: "I am sorry my dear, your parents did not make it. I was barely able to save you, and I don't really want to think about the poor pilot." I began to cry uncontrollably as I kept saying: "No, they can't be! They can't be!" Vinny held me close as I bawled my eyes out."

Mandy looked at me and, with a tear of both joy and sorrow, said: "Vinny, you held me for well over an hour while I cried. You have always been so sweet."

Candy added in a playful tone: "It's nice to know that you have always been a softy at heart. I was worried I might have had a part in making you soft."

I replied in a teasing tone: "I might be kind, but I can still topple a van single handedly." All the girls giggled at my remark. I then added: "I think Mandy should finish her story, so let's keep the smart remarks till after."

Mandy continued her story: "Well, like I said, Vinny held me while I cried. That was how our bond started; his massive hands have the softest and most caring touch I had ever felt, and after I was done bawling, he hugged me close and lovingly said: "I will stay by you till you recover," he looked into my eyes as he said: "both physically and emotionally, I promise" I could see the care in his eyes and felt safer as he held me. It took more than a week before I was actually able to stop crying constantly when I thought of my parents. Vinny never left my side, and Henry brought us both food and water. He also played cards with Vinny every day when I wasn't awake. And Vinny took care of my battered body, washing me every day with a soft cloth, and changing the dressings on my wounded leg. Henry had made a very strong cast for my arm out of various items he found on the island. It was rock solid yet there wasn't any plaster in it, and he had padded it with the softest of materials." Mandy looked at me and said: "Exactly how did he make the cast?"

I replied proudly: "Dad made the cast out of palm bark, coconut hair and coconut fibres soaked in coconut oil, then he hardened it with a tree resin. A kind of ceramic like compound is formed. He taught me how to make it as we patched you up. Ironically Dad had taken me out to that island to teach me wilderness survival and emergency care, so although it was not under the best circumstances a patient was a nice learning aide."

Mandy giggled as she said: "I didn't know I was your homework. So did you make the grade?"

I casually replied: "I got an A+. Not only was I able to get my patient's body back up to par, but I also fixed her mind and spirit."

Maya and Candy giggled as Mandy added: "I wish all students were like you." She then became serious as she said: "Ok, I really should continue my story so we can finish talking before the sun sets." We all giggled. She continued: "So, like I was saying, Vinny took care of me for a week as I cried on his shoulder and often fell asleep crying. And since I was unable to wash myself, heck my ribs were so tender I could hardly breathe when I tried to move, so Vinny washed my small body tenderly each day. His touch was so soft, at first I was embarrassed when I was naked in front of him, but he was so nice and tender that my apprehension passed quickly."

"But my sorrow at the loss of my parents was very painful and, had I not grown attached to Vinny as he took care of me, I would never have recovered. As the days passed my sorrow from the loss of my parents faded and was replaced by a growing infatuation and love for the man who was talking care of me. I came to think of Vinny as a brother, but the longer he took care of me, the more my love for him grew, and by the time my ribs had actually healed, I knew I had fallen in love with him. It didn't even bother me that Vinny was well over twice my age. Vinny's tenderness and love gave me a reason to go on. But as I got healthier I knew that soon we would have to leave. Fear filled my heart as the day grew closer."

"However Vinny sensed my fear and one day asked me: "What is wrong Mandy? You look sad." I held him close and with tears in my eyes said: "I am going to lose you soon aren't I?" Vinny replied in a loving tone: "I don't want to leave your side, and since you have nobody left, when we get back we will have to seen what will happen to you." I replied tearfully: "I have grandparents and no doubt my father will have left me in their care. I don't want to leave your side." Vinny held me close as he said: "I will stay with you as long as I can, but should we ever be parted remember that as long as I live, you will always be welcome by my side." I gave him a hug, and fell asleep in his arms."

"We left the island a few days later; Henry and Vinny took me home and acted as my guardians until the reading of the last will and testament for my parents. My grandparents got custody, but permitted Vinny to spend time with me, and for a few years Vinny was at our house every weekend. We grew closer, and I fell completely in love with him. And by the time I was ten I started to try and seduce him; never had any luck. My grandparents eventually caught on and asked Vinny not to return, which was almost seven years ago. It has taken all this time to find him again."

I replied softly: "I have been looking for you ever since you ran away, but you just disappeared."

Mandy replied in a submissive tone: "I had to change my name to prevent my grandparents finding me, and well, I purposely hid my tracks."

I replied tenderly: "I am sorry it took you so long to find me, but I was always hard to follow, being the son of a covert ops specialist means your ID is well hidden. Losing him of course means that you also lose your ability to find others."

Mandy replied: "I know, we both were well hidden, but didn't have the resource to find the other. I am just happy we are together again."

Maya tenderly said: "I am proud to meet you Mandy and look forward to getting to know you much better." She had a wicked grin on her face.

Candy added as she ran her hand alone Mandy's thigh: "I wonder, have you ever been with a woman before?"

Mandy stroked Candy's face as she said: "I have not been with anybody yet. And as nice as you two look, I want Vinny and his massive fuck-tool to be my first."

Maya grinned as she said: "Damn! I was hoping to get to play with your nice body today, guess it will have to wait."

Mandy replied unabashedly: "Fuck that! I've got big boy's attention and I am not giving that prize away. I am losing my cherry to him today and right here on this beach too!"

I smiled and softly said: "I am willing, but you must promise that I can make you a romantic dinner and seduce you properly later. I have been waiting to make you feel special for a long time, and even though I am more than happy to deflower you here, I still want to make our relationship special."

Maya added: "I want to help make the evening special to, I want to spend a romantic night with Candy; I have never really been able to give her a romantic night out."

Candy smiled as she said: "Oh, can we double date, then end up in a massive orgy at the end of the night?"

I lovingly replied: "Not exactly what I had in mind, but why not? I am certain we will have fun, so what do you say Mandy?"

Mandy giggled as she said: "Never imagined being a member of a three women double date, but I'm game."

I replied: "Ok, it's settled. We make love here in public, and then have a romantic dinner later." They all nodded. I then added: "Sarah, Kimberly, Amber and Lynn you can join us if you wish. The only rule is that Mandy is mine until I make love to her, then you can all play with her, I am certain you are eager to explore the newest member of my entourage."

They smiled and hollered: "Hell yes!"

Mandy blushed. I looked into her eyes and lovingly said: "I assume that this will be your first time with both a man and a woman?" She nodded. I added: "Don't worry I will make it wonderful, and I am certain that the girls will make you feel just as good."

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