tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Engine That Could

The Engine That Could


Model trains -- not. Well, in a way.

The characters, situations and actions in this story are merely figments of an unusual imagination. So unusual, in fact, that the author doesn't actually exist.

NC<18 -- No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.


Then, "OOOOOWWWWWW," as the leather pads of the blindfold were ripped from my eyes and the light flooded in, shocking my pupils.

"What the FU... Officer. What are you doing here? Can I help you with something?

"Don't touch me!! Don't touch me or anything around me!

"What? How did I end up in this position, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

"It started when I answered an ad on a website where a man was looking for a model for some photography and video he was planning to use to advertise an invention he wanted to try to sell.

"I needed to make some money since I'm still living with my parents and want to be able to find a place of my own. But with the job situation around here, that's not going to happen anytime soon.

"When I was in high school I dreamed of becoming a model and I auditioned with those traveling talent agents but it turned out I wasn't skinny enough and the bastards never even mentioned contracts.

"So. Anyway. Living at home, no job, wanted to make some money so I answered the ad. But I'm no dummy. I made up a list of questions to ask before I called.

"I called the number in the ad and talked to the guy. He sounded like a nice guy. Friendly. Nice voice. Decent sense of humor.

"I asked my questions and he answered every one. I wrote the answers down and verified everything to make sure I had it down right, then answered his questions.

"He didn't ask anything weird, like 'Do you normally disappear from your home for days at a time before your parents worry?' or crap like that. But then again, would he have asked questions like that if he had plans? Wouldn't that have scared girls off? Maybe. Maybe not. It was, after all, a modeling gig!

"He asked my age, height, weight, measurements, hair color, skin tone, things that made sense to ask a prospective model.

"He finally said it sounded like I was the kind of model he was looking for. Not too tall, not too short, not too skinny, not too heavy. Sounded like I had the "wholesome" look he was looking for.

"We agreed to meet in person before making the final decision so my best friend Sandy and I met him at the food court of the local mall. I figured it'd be best to meet in a public place and take my friend so I didn't get forced out of the mall and into a windowless van, never to be seen again. We even parked in a parking lot a ways away from the food court, then walked around the mall and came in the doors right there so if he was thinking he could grab me or us as we went back out to our car he'd be mistaken.

"So we met and I was pleasantly surprised. He was a little older than Sandy and me and actually not bad looking. The three of us kind of hit it off, and we just sat and talked for a while before we finally discussed what he was willing to pay. It wasn't much, but it would be my first paid modeling job! Once we decided that, he pulled out a really formal looking release that we both filled out, making sure all the details were filled in.

"Once we had both filled it out, he told me to take it with me and bring it when I came for the shoot. Then he said, 'No. In fact, don't bring it to the shoot. I wouldn't feel right asking you sign away the rights to photographs and video of you without you having seen them first.' He also insisted that I bring my friend to the shoot to make sure I felt safe. That was really cool, I thought.

"Where is she? Hold your horses, I'll get to that. And stop trying to tough me or this contraption!

"We discussed schedules and made plans for the three of us to meet here the next day he had off, which was today. Sandy and I waited until he left then quickly walked through the mall, got in the car and drove off.

"A few days later, Sandy and I drove past here to check out the neighborhood and it looked like a pretty nice area. I mean, no graffiti, nobody obviously selling illegal things on street corners. Nice family area.

"Then this morning, just as we got ready to come over here, Sandy got a call from a place where she had submitted a job application asking her if she could come in for an interview. I told her she had to go to that, because she was in the same circumstances as I was. We're actually hoping that between the two of us, we can afford an apartment.

"I called him and, to my surprise, he told me that we needed to cancel the shoot because he didn't want me to come over here by myself and we'd re-schedule for when Sandy was available. I tried to argue with him but he wouldn't hear of it. "But me, being the stubborn bitch that I am, decided I was coming anyway. Now, it may not seem like it, but I'm not a complete idiot! I called Sandy and told her what was up. We made plans that I would call her every hour from just before I came in until I left so she'd know I was still safe. Oh, SHIT!! THAT'S why you're here, isn't it?! Sandy called you and gave you the address?

"Don't touch me!

"So I drove here and knocked on the door. I was sure he was home because there was a car in the driveway, but no one answered. Eventually I knocked again and again 'til he finally answered the door.

"I actually had to step back and look at the house number again because the nervous guy standing there in the open door didn't look that much like the smooth, self-confident guy I met a week ago.

"He asked me what I was doing here as he leaned past me and looked around the neighborhood, up and down the street and stuff. Then he told me he had actually been relieved that issues had come up because he had changed his mind.

"He didn't want to use me as a model after all. He said he couldn't pay me what he promised, because when I called he skipped going to the ATM, but he'd see what he had to pay me for my time for having come over anyway since the shoot was off. He just kept babbling. He was sweating and shaking and I thought he was going to faint or have a heart attack or something.

"I told him it was OK, that I just needed to be able to call Sandy in an hour and asked if he was OK.

"I was worried for him so I pushed my way past him and into his house. Did I mention I can be a stubborn bitch sometimes?

"Anyway, I avoided his hands when he tried to grab me to push me back out the door, went into the kitchen and poured him a glass of water. He was still shaking so I pushed him down onto the sofa.

"He went back to babbling about how sorry he was, he never should have invited me over here, he was so embarrassed about what he had been planning to do with me...

"Dude!! Seriously, stop trying to touch me!! And don't touch this thing either!

"So anyway, while he was shaking and babbling on the sofa I started looking around to see if I could figure out what was going on. I didn't see anybody in any of the bedrooms, the bathroom or the kitchen or dining room. I don't think he even realized I was walking around 'cuz he was still babbling and had covered his eyes with both hands.

"I guess he finally realized what I was doing when he heard me undo the deadbolt to the door out here to garage. Just as I opened the door he lunged at me and we both kind of crashed in here, but neither of us fell down.

"He kept trying to grab me and I kept avoiding his hands. The way he kept coming after me meant I had to keep backing away from him so I could see when he was going to try to grab me and duck or twist out of the way.

"I backed up until my ass hit something under a sheet. It turns out it was this.

"I started to lift the sheet and he lunged at me again.

"The sheet came off and I had only a split-second to see this thing, then my clothes were torn off and I was up here in this position on this diabolical device. Yes, I said 'diabolical'. Yes, sometimes real people do use that word. Don't touch me!

"I asked him if he was going to handcuff me to it to keep me from getting away. He did.

"Then I flailed around with my legs, first one, then the other and I asked him if he thought he was going to handcuff my ankles so I didn't kick him if he came near me. He did.

"I asked him what he called this thing and he told me he called it the Steam Engine 1000.

"I laughed at him then, saying this thing didn't look like any kind of a steam engine I had ever seen.

"He stared at me and told me if that was the case, he was just going to have to show me.

"The first thing he did was reach up and pinch my left nipple. It hurt quite a bit. Then I noticed he was walking around the front of this thing and both of his hands were in sight, but the pain in my nipple was still there. As I looked down to see that clamp pinching that nipple -- DON"T TOUCH IT!! -- I felt the same pain in my right nipple and realized he had put another one on there as well.

"I started whooping and making noises. I guess that made him afraid somebody would hear me and come investigate, so he said he needed to do something to shut me up.

"He folded that bar up from the front of this thing and locked it into place, then picked up that dildo and slid its base down onto it. He grabbed my hair and pulled it out of my eyes so he could see my mouth, then he adjusted that thing at what he thought was the right height and tightened it into place.

"I asked him what that was for and he laughed and told me he called it a 'cowcatcher', 'cuz every good steam engine had one at the front. I told him that he might have caught me, but I was no 'cow"! He laughed out loud at that and told me he didn't think I was a 'cow'.

"Then he picked up that control box and did something to it -- DON'T TOUCH IT!! -- OR ME!! -- and I heard a whirring noise like a motor and the chain attached to the clips on my nipples tightened as they pulled forward. I had no choice but to rock forward to keep it from tearing my nipples off.

"I went as far as I could, but then the head of that dildo smacked me in the mouth. I had to open my mouth and let it in or it might have slid up and poked my eye out or something.

'The motor kept whirring and I felt my mouth being dragged over the thing until it nudged the back of my throat. Just then the motor stopped so I had to just kneel here like this with my mouth full of this that thick thing.

"I heard some noises back behind me and tried to see what was going on back there, but as you could see when you came in and saw me, there was no way I could turn my head to see what was going on.

"Suddenly I heard the motor whir again and I thought the chain was going to drag me farther forward and force that big thick dildo down my throat, but instead the pressure slacked off. Then it started to pick up again and it started to pull my poor nipples back toward my thighs.

"It didn't pull me very far before I felt something nudge my cunt lips. I must have made a noise like a question, 'cuz he told me all good steam engines need a 'tender', too. Then he laughed and said he hoped it didn't make me tender. Sick fucking joke. I was afraid that it was going to hurt, but the guy must have grabbed a bottle lube or something, 'cuz I felt something cold dribble down my pussy as that dildo started to nudge my pussy lips open.

"It felt huge, and it kept filling me and filling me until I thought it was going to tear through the top of my cunt. The motor finally stopped and I had to just kneel here with that thing up my cooch.

"Yes, that one. Don't touch it!

"The only good thing about that was that when it pulled me back, it pulled the dildo in front, the 'cowcatcher', almost all the way out of my mouth and I could take a couple of deep breaths.

"Then the motor whirred to life again and started to slowly drag my body forward. I felt that dildo start to slide through my mouth again. Just as it started to nudge against the back of my throat again it paused, then started dragging me backward again.

"It kept dragging me back and forth so as my mouth emptied my quim filled up, and when my quim emptied, my mouth would fill up. It just kept doing that for a while. After a while it got to the point that I didn't even choke when the one in my mouth hit the back of my throat.

"I heard more noises from behind me and I wondered what was going on when all of a sudden I felt something touch my asshole. I wiggled around then and I couldn't help myself and the head of what I guess is another dildo slid up my ass at the same time as the second one slid up my cunt.

"Don't touch that one either!

"I must have made that noise again because he told me that in addition to a 'cowcatcher' and a 'tender' every good steam engine needed a 'caboose' too. I could feel the ridges on each of them rubbing against each other as they dragged their way through my body.

"That motor kept dragging this chain back and forth, dragging my nipples back and forth and dragging those dildos in and out of my body.

"What? The blindfold? I had him get that out of my car as I was talking to Sandy.

"Yes, I talked to Sandy! He pulled me back using that chain, then undid the clamp on the dildo on my mouth and pulled it out. He put my cellphone in front of me and asked me which number was Sandy's. I had to flex my jaw a few times to be able to talk and he told me to hurry up and tell him 'cuz the hour was almost up.

"I was finally able to speak and told him. He dialed the phone and waited 'til Sandy answered then held to my mouth.

"Yes, I told her everything was OK. What else was I supposed to say? Did you see the way I was trussed up when you came in here?

"After he hung up the phone I dropped my neck and started moving it around, stretching it and stuff 'cuz it was so sore from having to hold my head up while that fucking dildo rammed in and out of my mouth over and over.

"He asked me if my neck was sore and I reluctantly told him yes.

"He opened a cabinet somewhere and then I felt him pulling my hair back from my face. I guess he put it in a pony-tail or something 'cuz it didn't fall back in my face. Then I felt him putting this harness on my head. I thought for a minute it was going to have a ring to go in my mouth and I really hoped it wouldn't.

"So he buckled this thing on my face and something around my chest just below my boobs. Then hooked something through the back of the harness and used it to pull my head back and up. I tried to pull it forward again, but there was no give. What is it, a rope or something tied to a belt around my chest?

"Don't TOUCH me!!

"Then he stepped in front of me and showed me two pieces of leather that had some kind of fur on the other side. He slowly lifted them up until they covered my eyes. I guess there's Velcro or something around the edges, 'cuz when he pressed them onto my face I heard a sound like that makes.

"That motor started whirring and I started getting dragged forward again. I waved my head back and forth but I couldn't miss getting that big fucking dildo back in my mouth.

" I thought it was just going to continue like that until he tired of watching me, but I noticed that as I continued to rock, it seemed like less and less of the dildos up my pussy and asshole was coming out with each stroke.

"That's when I realized the back of my throat must have stretched out or something, 'cuz the head of the dildo in my mouth had gradually started to work its way into my throat, then down it.

"I thought the guy must have lost his mind then, because he would giggle every once in a while and say, 'Have to lube the engine again!' and then squirt or spray lube on my cunt and ass.

"I thought I was going to be here forever, just having those fucking things sliding in and out of my body, but then I felt him fumbling around under me. It turns out he was fitting some sort of, what, vibrator? under me? Thought so.

"Don't touch it!!

"So now as I got dragged forward by these clamps attached to my poor little nipples my throat would fill up as I deep-throated that monster schlong until my clit would make contact with the vibrator.

"This fucking thing would hold me there by the pressure on my nipples until I was just about to pass out for needing to breathe, then it would drag me back and impale me on those two fucking cocks down there but the vibrator wouldn't be buzzing on my clit then.

"I've got no idea how long I've been slamming back and forth on this thing, but I guess it's been more than an hour and Sandy hadn't heard from me so she called you.

"Hey, officer, could you do a couple of things for me please?

"I know you're here to help, and I'm glad you are.

"Here's what I need.

"I need your partner to take the cuffs off Bill and let him up off the floor.

"I need you to get out of the way of the video camera behind you.

"I need you to put the pads back on this blindfold.

"I need you to put that control box up here where I can reach it.

"I need you to plug this diabolical fucking machine back in.

"Then I need you to GET the fuck OUT of here!! Or stay and watch if you want. I don't care.

"I was so close to the most awesome orgasm of my fucking LIFE when you JACKASSES came crashing in here.


If you ever go to an adult toy show or an adult toy store, or even to our website and you get to watch the demonstration video for the "Steam Engine 2000?

That's me in the video.

I still had the release, you see. And it turned out I was able to twist the verbiage in it to make it to where he was required to use a model and that model had to be me. I ain't no fool.

It would have been two and a half hours long but we had to edit it so we cut out the part with the jackass cops busting in and asking a bunch of questions. But I did autograph a courtesy copy of for the cop when he came to our booth at a show a few months later.

But we do use the audio from that part as part of the testimonials (or should that be 'testi-moan-ials') on the website as well.

I did recommend a few changes, like some more padding for the knees and elbows and adding a ribbed vibrating attachment that a woman's clit would get scraped along over and over if she didn't want to be penetrated. And a stronger motor. And a way to make the vibrator stay in contact with her clit. That's what made it the 2000 vice the 1000.


Nah. We weren't mad at Sandy. How could we be? It wasn't her fault.

See, I had told Bill I needed to call her in an hour, not every hour after that, so he didn't know. And I had completely lost track of time.

But we teased her about it being her fault.

And we punished her.

How did we punish her?

We brought her in and let her see the machine and showed her the video.

Then we didn't let her ride it for a fucking MONTH!

Did Sandy and I manage to make enough to get our own place?

Nope. But she stays in one of the other bedrooms in the house Bill and I bought with the profits.

It was his invention, but he says that it would never have sold so well without my suggestions and a partner as sexy as me to advertise it.

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