tagRomanceThe Entity Pt. 11

The Entity Pt. 11


This is the story of love lost, love explored, and love found in a place least expected. All is now revealed. Yes, this is the end of the story. Hope you enjoyed it. JPM

Chapter 30

Tammy blushed and let go of Linda's hand as Mr. and Mrs. Woo walked into the restaurant, waving as they headed for the table.

Linda immediately reached down and brought Tammy's hand back to the top of the table, squeezed gently, and continued holding on.

"How are you two this morning?"

Mr. Woo pulled out Mrs. Woo's chair while Linda answered, "Good, mom. We slept well."

Mr. Woo waved a waiter over and Linda finally released Tammy's hand to read the menu.

Tammy fidgeted and squirmed behind her menu. What was she doing? They'd awoke in almost the same position they'd fallen asleep in, Linda wrapped like a warm comforter against her back.

In the shower, she'd finally seen the full extent of Linda's wounds. Large bruises that were starting to turn green and yellow at the center. She washed them gently and kissed each one while listening to Linda's recount of her climb, passing out and coming to, to almost roll over the edge again.

She'd helped put the tight wrap back in place and pull up Linda's jeans. "It hurts too much. And maybe you can pull this top over my head."

She had. And Linda had looked at the cuts and bruises on her wrists, kissing each.

"Tammy," Linda whispered.

Popping out from behind the menu she looked at Linda, who nodded toward her mom, and said, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Woo, what did you say?"

Mrs. Woo smiled and said again, "Linda, say's you work in New York. Will you be able to relocate out here with your company?"

She looked from Mrs. Woo, to Mr. Woo, both of them smiling, waiting for an answer. Finally she glanced at Linda and saw she was laughing behind her menu.

"Oh! Right. That's an idea." She sounded like she couldn't imagine why Mrs. Woo would expect her to be moving to California.

Linda finally emerged and announced she was ready to order, her hand finding Tammy's again, pulling it back up on the table.

Mr. Woo waved the waiter over and he arrived just as Mrs. Woo said, "But long distance relationships are so difficult, dear. It would be such a waste of time," consulting her menu once more she turned to the waiter and ordered.

Linda had slid behind her menu once more and Tammy could feel a flush rush up her neck.

"And besides, life is entirely too short to spend it on airplanes, jetting back and forth," Mr. Woo added.

When Tammy squeezed Linda's hand, it wasn't soft and gentle. Putting a serious face on, Linda's menu came down and she said something in Japanese.

Mrs. Woo immediately commented on how good the coffee was and Mr. Woo concurred, both still smiling sheepishly.

They chatted through out lunch, Tammy talking about her job, Linda's parents asking about her family.

Linda walked ahead with her father after paying the bill and Mrs. Woo hooked her arm in Tammy's and leaned in as they walked, "I'm sorry, dear. We didn't mean to upset you. It's just that I haven't seen Linda so happy in a long time, in spite of everything that's been happening. And, well, we could all see it when she brought you to the house," pausing as they negotiated tables, she added, "Besides, as you seemed to have noticed, she's been sleeping with a redhead as long as I can recall."

When they finally caught up with Linda and her father, Linda was truly concerned and asked, "Tammy! Are you okay? Maybe you need to take one of your pills. You look so flushed."

"Right," Tammy stage whispered, "as if you wouldn't know."

"Oh!" Mr. Woo steered the conversation in another direction, "The Captain has invited us to stay for the ceremony this Saturday, guests of the ICB. Isn't that great?"

"Sure, dad," Linda suddenly wanted to be alone with Tammy and talk, "Then we should have dinner. Maybe tomorrow night. Would that be okay?"

"Sure. We'll call you two. We're going to rent a car today and take in the sights."

Goodbyes were said and in spite of the way things had gone Tammy lingered and decided again how much she enjoyed the Woo's company.

Linda had her arm around Tammy, her thumb hooked in the back of her jeans as they walked to the front of the hotel to get a cab. "I'm really sorry, Tammy. I had no idea."

Tammy leaned in and said, "Its okay. I mean, it just took me by surprise."

A cab appeared and Linda gave the destination, "Pier 39."

The sun was bright, colors brighter, and white fluffy clouds floated like a flock of sheep out over the ocean.

Tammy stood in wonder while Linda paid the cab and listened to a loud barking noise that seemed to come from the general direction of the water. Linda took her hand and pulled, explaining, "It's the sea lions. They come out and sun on wooden floats around the pier."

Negotiating families and street actors they finally found the source. Tammy just stared at the small wooden islands covered, edge to edge, with mounds of brown and black fur.

"It's amazing!"

"There's a bunch of shops here, too," Linda pulled and they wandered among the shops and restaurants.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Red."

"Well, I mean," Tammy seemed a little lost so Linda offered a word, "Why?"

"Yeah. Why? Why a woman? Why me?"

They were at a corner stand that sold silver from Mexico. Taxco Jewelers, named after the small colonial town in Mexico where the Spanish set up one of their largest silver mining operations just after the conquest, had small spinning racks of .926 silver rings, bracelets, ear rings, and any other silver accessory you could want.

Stepping to one of the racks, Linda spun it idly, stopping to inspect a particular piece before continuing.

"Well, the question would be 'Why you'. It has nothing to do with men and women. It has to do with people," she pulled a small card off the rack and inspected the design, "Remember that fist night when I picked you up at the airport?"

"Right. You had me stuck in some little room like a Russian refugee."

"Yeah," Linda smiled, "Then I took you home and didn't talk to you?"

"I should have figured it out then. You're a bitch."

Linda was paying the clerk for something and finally pulled Tammy back into the sun. "Then in the kitchen you finally called my hand and stopped me. Made me explain."

Tammy just nodded as they continued exploring the pier.

"Well, I didn't talk during the ride because I couldn't. And when we got to my apartment I wasn't sure what I was going to do. That's why I just kept jabbering about the ICB, why you were here, who actually sent you."

Tammy laughed at the memory.

"And you remember in the car, I told you I wasn't letting you out of my sight? That you were going to stay with me until the case was solved"

Tammy pulled up short, their arms pulling up between them until Linda finally had to let go or stop.

Stopping, she turned back toward Tammy and confessed, "It wasn't really a case of not letting you out of my sight. It was more a case of not being able to take my eyes off you. It was always about you."

Stepping in, she opened the small bag between them and fished out a small silver ring. Pulling Tammy's hand up, she slipped it on, a perfect fit. "I don't know what we are. And more importantly, I don't know what we will be. I just know I feel complete with you around. I also know I have a hard time keeping my hands off you."

Tammy smiled and said, "Right, I remember. In my room that first night when I was getting ready for bed. Your hand on my back. Well, my naked back."

Linda blushed as Tammy went on, "Of course I protested. I think that was, let me see, two days later."

They walked on in quiet, hand in hand.

"I'm not gay or anything. I mean, I've never, well, been with another woman, and haven't been prowling around looking for one. I had, Michael. He was going to ask me to marry him and I can assure you, I was going to say yes."

"No. Me either. Well, except for that drunken night at the frat house. But I don't remember anything, so I don't think that counts."

"So that makes us both," Linda smiled lasciviously, "virgins!"

They laughed and Tammy snaked her arm around Linda's waist pulling her close. She spoke hesitantly, "Right. Look, Linda, I know we've snuggled and touched," she paused, "and you're the best kisser I've ever known." They walked a few more steps and she finally said, "But I have to be honest. I don't know what I'll do when we, well, you know. What if I can't?"

"Then you won't," Linda started steering Tammy away from the shops and back to the street. It was getting windy and her side was starting to throb. "If you don't want to, you won't. But did you really want to kiss me?"

Tammy felt flush and answered, "I never didn't want to kiss you. But it did take a while for me to enjoy it."

"Just one thing, Red. When we finally, well, do it, if you discover you really want to, but don't know how, just do it."

Standing on the sidewalk by a parking meter, waiting for a taxi to drive by, Tammy looked down at the pier one last time, the crowd of people milling around, then looked over Linda's shoulder at more people coming and going, no one really paying attention. Then she looked at Linda and pulled her close, her lips parted slightly, her hand moved up to the back of Linda's head pulling their mouths together, and kissed her passionately. Breaking the kiss, she stepped back a little, Linda still standing still, her wet swollen lips forming an O and her eyes still closed.

"You mean like that?" Tammy whispered.


"Is that it?"

"I think so. Really, I don't have much," Thomas answered.

"Okay, the shipping company will be here shortly."

He looked in amazement at all the boxes, suitcases and a few crates. He recalled stories of ocean crossings during the heyday of the luxury liner's when families would travel with trunks and trunks of belongings, two or three servants and a safe full of money and jewels.

To him a trip to anyplace in the world was just a matter of meeting the airline number and weight limit for luggage, dragging a carryon around the airport, getting out your passport and going.

He had to admit, it wasn't a bad way to travel. Shipping your personal belongings before hand made airport time much less complicated.

"And when are you going to tell me where we're going?"

Teddy smiled and placed a forefinger on his lips, "It's a surprise, silly."

Thomas smiled and added, "And how long are we staying?"

This time she laughed and said in a low, husky voice, "As long as we want. Or as long as you hold up," her eyes beamed, "Whichever comes first."

He just smiled and watched a Pond Transport truck pull up at the bottom of the stairs.

Sarcastically, he said, "But wait, you forgot the bed. And what about the rest of the furniture in your apartment?"

He was surprised when Teddy turned and said, "Don't worry, that all goes later tonight."


Scanner Bob wasn't feeling much pain but his mind still managed to string a few ideas and thoughts together as he lay chained to a hospital bed, two uniformed police officer's sitting just to the inside of his hospital room door, one reading the paper, the other picking his teeth idly with a wooden toothpick.

His free hand pushed around under the blanket again and probed his crotch.

The tooth picking officer took note and watched his prisoner's expression change to one of astonishment. He finally decided it was time to bring Robert Nunn, number 7338423, up to speed.

"What ya lookin' for there, Bob?"

Bob just looked up, astonishment turning to horror.

"Oh! That! Right! Well, there was a little problem with that. It seems there wasn't much left to save by the time they got you here. And they had to get the bleeding stopped and all. You should have seen the blood, Bob!"

Bob just stared at the officer as his hand finally managed to get under his hospital gown, his fingers confirming what he was about to hear.

"You see, Bob, your scrotum was just blown all to hell. They couldn't even find your balls," he chuckled at that, his partner joined in, "And it went right through your dick at the base. The doctor said he'd never seen anything like it. Cut it clean off. It was just floating around in your pants leg. Well, what was left of it, anyway. Seems the bullet was a hollow point. You know, Bob, what we call a wad cutter."

Bob continued to stare at the officer as his fingers dug around and discovered a small pad taped between the apex of his thighs, covering the stitches beneath.

"Yeah, I guess you could say," the officer paused and looked at his partner before continuing, "You shot your wad, Bob! Big time!"

"Well, somebody did," his partner added.

With that, Lawrence, Bob's nurse, sashayed in. The very same Lawrence that was quite the hit at one of the local clubs. The very same Lawrence that did a killer lip sink to several of Chers' greatest hits, while prancing around the stage in a silver, sequined, floor length gown, open along each hip, while the crowd went wild.

Peering down at Bob, he daintily pulled the cover and sheet down to his knee's, discovering the hiked hospital gown and Bob's fingers pulling at his gauze pad.

"No! No! No!" Lawrence admonished as he pulled Bob hand away daintily. "None of that, now. We don't want an infection. If you get an infection, they'll have to delay the reconstructive surgery. You don't want that do you?" Pausing for a beat, he added, "Not much to reconstruct, though," catching Bob's eye he continued, "Maybe they'll just make the, ah, hole a little bigger."

Pulling the cover and sheet back up, Lawrence took advantage of the moment and stuck a thermometer in Bob's open mouth, pushing his chin up with his manicured fingers.

Taking Bob's pulse, he said, "I tell ya, sweetie, you gotta tell me how you did that. I mean, did it hurt much?" Not receiving an answer, he continued, "Hey! What the heck. No pain, no gain, right, Mr. Nunn?"

Lawrence knew exactly who he was talking to when he stopped at the door, on his way out and said, "Or would that be, Mrs. Nunn?"

Tooth pick and newspaper roared with laughter.


"I'm not interrupting anything, am I, Woo?"

Linda squirmed as Tammy sucked gently once more before releasing the small nub and blew gently. Her nipple came out bright red and swollen.

"Ah! Right! I mean, no, Captain, you aren't."

"So, Woo, have you been resting?" the Captain sounded like he was in a good mood.

Tammy's tongue found her belly button and Linda stifled a giggle. "Yes, we have been, Captain," quickly adding, "And why didn't you tell me?"

The Captain chuckled, "I was sworn to secrecy. Listen, I called to talk about this Saturdy. The ceremony is at five in the afternoon, City Hall. The Mayor wants to make the six o' clock news."

This time she stifled a sigh as Tammy's finger played between her thighs, sliding and pressing.

"Right. Five. City Hall. Anything else, Captain?" Linda just wanted to get off the phone as she watched Tammy's head slide lower.

"Well, I was talking to Jim over at the federal prosecutor's office, and he's trying to move up the visit to Waverly Hills. We might get to go tomorrow."

She sucked in breath as Tammy nudged gently with her palm, urging her thighs apart.

"Hey, that's great, Captain. Maybe we can-"

"Yeah, it is. If he can pull it off, we're taking a bus down to Los Angeles, full forensics..."

She bit her bottom lip when Tammy shifted, her head sliding down further while a finger gently imposed itself into her most private place.

"You know, Captain, I'm really tired. We're going to bed now. Wait, I mean I'm going to get laid now! Wait, I mean, I'm going to make out now. I mean take my makeup off and go down now..."

"Woo!" the Captain finally got her attention.

Tammy looked up from between her legs, eyes smiling mischievously and whispered, "I didn't know this was a ménage a trios. Who invited the, Captain?"

Before the Captain could say anything else, Linda practically yelled, "I'll check in tomorrow morning, Captain," and clicked the phone off, setting it back on the nightstand.

Twisting her fingers in Tammy's hair, she moaned and shoved down trying to adjust the position of Tammy's tongue. Through gritted teeth, she said "What was all this shit about not knowing if you could or not?"

Stopping, Tammy looked up, her lips wet and swollen, a goofy grin played out, "But you said to just do it if I really wanted to."

Linda froze mid moan when the phone rang again. Grabbing it, she punched the answer button violently and yelled, "What?"

Tammy watched along Linda's stomach and listened, while her tongue explored, finally finding what she was looking for. She sucked gently until Linda's eyes rolled and thighs pulled together, covering her ears.

"What, dad? No! No, I'm not mad! Well, I guess I'm just tired. Tammy?" Linda shifted and her thighs opened again, "I don't know, dad. She's around her somewhere. Bed I think. I think she was tired too."

Linda was fighting to control herself and continued to yell into the phone. "When? Saturday night? After the ceremony?" Untangling her hand from Tammy's hair, she covered the phone and hissed, "Will you just wait a minute?"

Tammy pushed her fingers deeper and sucked harder. Linda rolled her eyes again and answered her father, "Sure, dad! That sounds great! Me? I'm going to get laid down, dad! What? Oh! I meant I'm going to lie down. Right dad, I'll call you tomorrow. Get mom high, dad! What? Oh! Then say hi to mom."

Punching the phone off, Linda punched it back on, listened for a dial tone and threw it into the stack of Raggedy Ann's beside the bed.

"Damn!" Her hand went back to the top of Tammy's head as she sucked air between her teeth.

Chapter 31

Tammy leaned over the edge of the bed and felt around until she found Linda's purse. Digging around in the dark, she finally found the small silver intrusion. Not thinking, she flipped it open and said, "Hello?"

Pulling back onto the bed, she nudged Linda and finally said loudly, "Linda. Sweetie. It's the, Captain."

Eyes open but not awake, Linda took the phone and said, "Not right now," and promptly folded the phone shut, throwing it into the pile of Raggedy Ann's along with the other.

Tammy watched her roll over and go back to sleep, smacking her lips and mumbling something that included Red and Yes.

Leaning close, Tammy found a spot not covered by a tangle of black hair and kissed. Moving around her cheek, she continued to kiss until Linda kissed back, moaning, "You're insatiable, Red."

"I guess I am, but that's not why I'm waking you up. You just hung up on the, Captain. I think it may have been important."

Jerking up in bed, Linda turned on the bedside lamp and searched for the phone. Tammy pointed at the pile of Raggedy Ann's, "You threw BOTH of them in there."

"Shit!" Pulling a phone out of the pile, she dialed the office. "Right. Yeah. No. What time is it, anyway? Okay, I will."

Running naked from the room, Linda found the remote and clicked on the television. Tammy curled up beside her on the couch just as she found CNN.

A newscaster stood in front of an iron gate, his hair wind blown as he explained the scene.

It happened just after one in the morning. They haven't determined if the helicopter crashed into the building, or if it had already landed on the helipad on the roof, and the building blew up. Either way, the clinic contained several tanks of oxygen, and other flammable materials and as you can see...

The scene changed to a wide shot of a bent and broken building, windows charred and broken, the top two floors collapsed completely, with flames still shooting into the early morning sky.

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