tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 03

The Erotic Exploits of Kathryn Syns Ch. 03


Chapter 3 "Kathryn's Agreement"

Kathryn just awoke, when Vlad walked in the bungalow. Smiling, she sat up and said, "Oh I had a very naughty dream about you. And now you're here to make it happen."

Motioning for him to come over with her hand, Vlad sat down next to her. Immediately Kathryn put her arms around his neck and sensually said, "I want you Anton. I want you to fuck me anyway you want. I'm so horny." She passionate kissed him.

Kissing her back Vlad got a big hard bulge in his pants. Kathryn rubbed it and unzipped them. Looking at his huge throbbing manhood, she exclaimed, "Oh I loving taming that big yummy cock of yours."

Then she knelt down and started to suck it to a rock hard state. As she slurped, she would occasionally look up at him with her big blue eyes. With her tongue licking up and down his shaft then swirling around his non-circumcised head, made Vlad realize what a sex crazed slut she really was. Rarely has a girl succumbed so quickly to the stimulus Juice, unless she was already accustomed to lots of sex. Maybe Boris was right about already being promiscuous.

For a while, Vlad just moaned in pleasure. But finally, he pushed her on her back, took her legs, spread them wide apart, and pushed his manhood into her drenched pussy. Kathryn began moaning and telling him how good he felt by yelling, "Oh Anton, Fuck me harder! You're so much bigger than anyone else. Yes! Oh yes! You feel so good." Her mouth was open as she panted in bliss.

He could see her eyes losing focus and her mouth opening gasping for air. He watched her panting, as he slid in deeply with a satisfying full 9 inch penetration. She beamed in pure pleasure, when he started moving slowly at first. But soon Vlad begin to speedily ravish this willing horny slut. He pounded Kathryn as hard as he could. Pushing her legs farther up her body, allowed him a deep penetration with her having an immediate intense orgasm. He kept up the thrusting, while moving in unison with her pulsating gripping pussy for some 10 minutes. Suddenly she cried, "I'm cumming again!"

When he felt his cock becoming drenched, he shot a huge load into her soaked pussy. Then he stopped and pulled out. She sat up and asked why he was stopping. He smiled and answered, "But Kathryn you need to clean up. I have someone for you to meet."

But instead Kathryn moved over to him, knelt in front of him, and grabbed his sticky cock. She began licking and sucking on it to maintain his hardness. She worked it and he responded into another hard throbbing tool. Looking up at him with his cock in her hands, she sensually said, "So if we have to go, what do you want me to do with this?"

He looked down at her and responded by turning her on all fours. Then he grabbed her hips, pulled them next to his throbbing manhood and pushed back into her. She again panted in pleasurable bliss, "That's it. I love it when you take control and fuck me. Yes! Yes! It feels so good!"

She pushed back, as he pushed into her wanting box of delight. As he pumped in and out of her, he thought that just yesterday she had a boyfriend and was innocent young lady. It took less than 24 hours to create such a willing slut; soon she'll become a porn star and whore too. The life she once knew will be transferred into a used harlot for as long as she is valuable. Afterwards she would be sold as an object of pleasure to the highest bidder.

Ever since Amy was taken from him, Vlad hasn't felt this way with another girl. He wanted her from the first time he saw her, but has fought his desire. And now he was enjoying this young hot redhead who really wants to get fucked.

Holding her hips, he pounded speedily in and out of her hot wanton box. The sounds her moaning in ecstasy was music to his ears. He kept the pace up until he felt her explode with another huge orgasm by pushing back on his cock.

Kathryn sensually moaned, "Oh God. It feels so good cumming. This is what I have been missing for such a long time. Oh My God! I love letting my body enjoy you. I don't want you ever to stop. I love you Anton. I'll do anything you want as long as I can feel you big cock in me too."

She looked back at him as he was holding her hips tightly against his throbbing rod. In a few seconds he exploded another load deep inside her. His grunting was so sweet for Kathryn to hear that it put her in such a state of euphoria. Never before has she enjoyed sex as much as this moment. She wanted to keep the joy forever.

When he shrunk and fell out, Kathryn said, "I'm so happy. Do we really have to meet someone or can we stay here? I want you to hold me and make love to me all night. It was meant to be meeting you last night. You have got me out of my sexual doldrums. I'll never be the same."

Vlad answered, "I want that too Kathryn, but the guy is my benefactor and yours too if you let him. It's only polite to make an appearance and meet him for dinner. But first Kathryn, we need to clean you up and shave everything including that hot little pussy of yours. While you do that, I'll go and find you an outfit to wear."

As he walked out he chuckled and thought, "You got that right gorgeous. You definitely will be changed."

She smiled and gave him a little extra wiggle, as she strutted to the bathroom. While the water was running in the tub, she sat on the toilet and dumped out his loads of cum and thought about how much fun she was having. Why did she ever stop wanting sex after leaving the frat her first year in college. Once the water filled the tub, she found a razor and jumped in. She shaved her legs and arms making sure she got ever thing soft and smooth. She was careful not to cut herself or miss any stubble. When she finished, she spread her legs wide apart, looked up and saw Vlad (who is Anton to her) coming in.

"I hope you like the clean pussy look Anton. I feel so naughty shaving everything." She sensually said.

Vlad smiled and told her it was perfect. Then she giggled and said, "You know Anton; it feels so good having a smooth pussy. It makes me horny too. You want to take me again?"

Vlad laughed, took the water hose that was connect to the spout and began rinsing her off. She stood in the middle of the tub as he washed the suds from her body. When he went to rinse her pussy, she responded, "Oh yes that makes me so horny!"

Laughing, Vlad turned off the water and helped her out of the tub. He slowly began drying her, but when he went for her inner thighs, she sighed in pleasure. Pushing her butt up against his cock, she took his hands from the towel and placed one over her clit. Then she helped him finger it, as she pushed back against his hardening rod. She leaned her head back against his muscular chest and moaned with pleasure. Soon he was fingering her and pushing her down on the floor. He lowered his mouth over her soaked pussy and licked her clit, as his fingers tantalized her inner sanctum. As she speedily moved her hips, his tongue licked deep into her. Without warning, another orgasm gushed soaking his face. Vlad stood, took the towel and wiped himself clean.

Looking at her naked body calming down from her moment of pleasure, he blurted, "I guess you are really a horny little nympho. You'll going to love the opportunity that we are going to present you."

Kathryn answered, "Gee, I don't know what came over me. I never let myself go like that! It is really unusual for me to want so much sex. Oh My! I'm horny again for you Anton. I guess it's that big cock of yours." Then she laughed and said, "But it felt wonderful and I'm very happy." Then like what he said final connected in her Juiced brain, "What opportunity?"

Vlad laughed and replied, "Well gorgeous with our help you are going to enjoy so much pleasure. You find out at dinner." Her expression was of confusion, but didn't pursue an answer.

He helped her up and they went into the other room. Lying on the bed was a black & white flower print, very short skirt and a black long sleeve top that fit just under her firm tits. Putting on the top, it fit tightly over her boobs, but didn't cover anything else. She looked in the mirror and exclaimed, "Oh my Anton. I don't dare to go out in public dressed like this. Don't you think it's too revealing. The skirt barely covers my ass. What will this guy think of me?"

"Let me see", Vlad responded. He looked at her outfit and chuckled, "No it's perfect and shows him just enough."

Kathryn still wasn't sure so Vlad used a new directive that just been infused to see if it worked, "So doesn't Kathryn want to have fun?"

Kathryn instantly took on an exhibitionist persona and giggling said, "Oh yes I do. You're right; it is very tasteful and just showing enough to put a bulge in his pants." She continued to giggle. Now all she needed was makeup.

**** Mikhail has been waiting for hours for Kathryn to come in for an interview. It's already 6 pm and he had plans for this newbie to get quickly started into his world of debauchery. She was to do a live sex show on the internet at 9. He was wondering what was holding up the process. Just as he was about to call Vlad, Boris came in and handed him the report on Kathryn.

When he opened it, Boris chucked and said, "Boss! This one is a real winner. She's really attractive and I won't have to make any modifications except maybe a little Botox in her upper lip. Other than that she's ready to go." Mikhail thanked him and he left.

He looked at the first page, which had her vitals with a head shot and a few naked full body photos of her front, side, and rear. He said to himself, "So let's see what we have here. She's 5 and a half feet tall. She weighs 108 pounds. She has red hair, blue eyes with freckles across her nose. Her chest is 33 with almost D cup tits. Her waist is thin at 22.5 inches and her thighs came in at 34 inches."

When he turned the next page Boris wrote up a detail description of her. He started his description with her face. He stated, "Kathryn has a pretty face. She has a small turned up nose with freckles across it. Her eyes are very blue and large. Her eyebrows are thin just above her eye lids. The ear lopes are rounded on top and of average size. Kathryn has very nice lips. The bottom lip is full but her top lip is thin. I should Botox top lip. She has an intoxicating smile and her teeth are white. Only saw 1 filling when she opened her mouth. Although her mouth is average, she will have a hard time sucking on huge cocks. She has nice dimples on each side of her cheeks, which are perfect for her face. Summary, she is pretty and very pleasing to look at."

He just started reading about her body, when he heard a soft knock at the door. It opened with Vlad walking in holding Kathryn's hand.

Vlad quickly said, "Mr. Koskova, this is Kathryn Syns. She wants to be a star for Booty Films as well as providing sexual favors to all of the members."

Mikhail finally got to see this attractive newbie up close, which made him very excited. The description of her face was accurate except she was more than just pretty. She was stunning. As he scanned down her body, the risqué outfit accentuated her assets. She was a complete package with lovely long legs, nice big tits, cute round ass and her very intoxicating smile. She was perfect. Turning to Kathryn, Mikhail asked in with a Russian accent, "Why do you want to star in X-rated films?"

Then before she could answer he turned to Vlad and said, "You should be recoding this!" Vlad took his phone out and pointed at Kathryn.

Kathryn didn't know how to answer that question. Making sex videos wasn't ever a desire; in fact she had always thought them to be degrading. But now being changed into Kathryn Syns from conservative Katy Hart, she answered, "I don't know. I've never thought of myself as an adult film star. But Anton told me I would enjoy doing them and I would love making them for him. I guess I would like to try one to see if I like it. Do you think I am attractive enough for guys wanting to see me naked?"

Laughing Mikhail responded, "Well of course you are very attractive Kathryn. I know guys would definitely be jacking off looking at you. But to be sure I'm going to ask you some questions. It will tell me if you have the ability to fuck on camera and in front of a film crew. If you do, it will be very profitable."

He made sure he didn't say who would make the profit. It was sure not going to be Kathryn. He smirked, thinking of how much this attractive girl was going to earn for him. He told her to sit on this black couch in front of his desk. She moved over and sat on the front part of the cushion. As he went through some papers on his desk, he found a form.

Looking up at Kathryn, he smiled and said, "Kathryn, you look very sexy sitting there. You have a fantastic looking body, but let's see if you have Booty Films propensity."

He began by asking her about her past. First question was her name. She replied it was Kathryn Syns. He looked at Vlad and then said, "No doll, your other name, which is now your alias." She laughed and thought for a few minutes and asked if he met Katy Hart. "Yes that one. I want to talk about her for a few minutes."

Kathryn answered, "Okay!"

Then he asked her how many sex partners has Katy had. She answered, "Oh my," she thought. She had sex with a lot of guys in high school and the first year in college, but put that reputation behind her. Laughing, she answered, "I had Anton today so that makes four?"

He already knew that she had fucked 5 guys last night besides Vlad, therefor she was lying. But he wrote down the answer and asked for Katy's address, cell number, social security number, birth date and where she worked. Kathryn answered for Katy.

Afterwards Mikhail said, "Okay let's go back and talk with you Kathryn. Besides red hair, blue eyes and a very stunning body, what are your vitals?" He already knew the answer but wanted it recorded on video.

She blushed, stood up, twirled around and answered the question. Mikhail smiled and told her that was exactly what he wanted to know and wrote it down. Then he asked her to remove her top, so he could see her breast. He said that he was tired of imagining what they looked like and being covered were just teasing him. So she stood up again and took off the top.

Then she cupped her hands over them and asked, "Do you like how they look?"

Smiling, he stated that her tits and body would be perfect for Booty Films and liked how here areola is nice and plump. Then he asked if she would make an audition film. He mentioned that way they both could see if it will work by making the trial video. But what he had in mind was not an audition film but a debut of her fucking on their internet site. Giggling Kathryn replied that she would be happy too.

Mikhail smiled and said, "That's great Kathryn. But first you need to initial some verbiage and sign an agreement that allows us to make the film. It protects both of us."

Giggling, she answered "Okay".

As Mikhail walked over to her holding a clipboard with a form on it, he read the first statement. "I agree to allow Booty Films to produce videos and take photos of me naked in all kinds of different sexual positions and that they will have exclusive distribution rights to all media concerning such productions."

Kathryn asked why she had to initial it. Vlad spoke up and told her that is to show she was aware of it. She smiled and took the pen and initialed KS. Mikhail scolded her and told her that she had to initial KH too for her alias. She did as instructed.

The second statement was, "I agree to be available at any time for promotional gatherings and individual appearances as deemed necessary by Booty Films, which may include nudity, exhibitionism, and even sex where applicable to the needs of special promoters and friends of Booty Films." Kathryn didn't understand the exact meaning of the statement but initialed it KH and KS anyway.

The third statement said, "I agree to give Booty Films permission to advertise my availability for meetings with fans, promoters, hobbyists and other interested parties on the adult content internet sites and other like sites. Afterwards, I will attend functions as a companion and follow all directives concerning the event including providing sexual services. I also will do live video feed performances as necessary to promote myself as well as Booty Films."

Kathryn laughingly said, "Oh this sounds like I'm an escort or something like that."

Vlad snickered and asked, "Do you want to be an escort?"

Kathryn answered, "Well maybe, I've never been one before."

Mikhail blurted, "Well we can arrange it, but for now just sign it." She took the pen and did what was requested.

Afterwards, Mikhail told her to initial the other 2 statements that he didn't read to her and sign her name at the bottom. She smiled and quickly did what was requested, which was what Mikhail wanted. He didn't want her to know that she just became his property for 5 years with an option for another 5 years. And the last statement she initialed was allowing him to sell her after her tenure was up.

Mikhail took the agreement, handed it to Vlad and said to her, "So now my dear it's time for you to consummate this deal before we go to dinner. Think of it as an appetizer." He chuckled

Standing in front of her he bent over and kissed her. Kathryn kissed him back. Then he began playing with her nipples as he kissed her neck. As he played with her body, Mikhail said, "Kathryn you are such a beauty, but I want to test you to see how you suck cock. Make me cum and swallow it all."

He unzipped his pants and they fell to the ground, releasing his huge manhood, but inches smaller then Vlad's. Kathryn, looking at it dangling limb in front of her, took both hands around it and began licking the uncircumcised tip. She had a hard time opening her mouth wide enough to get the thicker cock in. But as she sucked on his tip, she looked up at Mikhail. He was watching her slowly swirling her tongue around his head, making him stand at full attention. When she began to put the whole thing in her mouth, he took her head and pushed it toward his raging cock. She gagged trying to swallow it, so he released her head. She backed off and caught her breath.

He whispered, "You're doing fine Kathryn. Breath through your noise, take it slow and swallow when it hits the back of your throat."

She tried it again by taking his suggestions and swallowed his cock without gagging. Soon he held her head tightly as he pumped her mouth over and over again. As her saliva ran down her chin, he panted in delight. His impelling just made him overly excited to a point some five minutes later that he knew he was going to cum. Then pulling partially out, he placed his cock in her mouth and exploded what seemed like a gallon of cum into her opening. As Mikhail kept squirting and squirting his load, it was hard for Kathryn to keep up with the flow. She tried to swallow it, but some began running down her chin, onto her boobs.

When he was finishing he said, "Suck me dry Kathryn and lick me clean. Show me what a Booty Film girl would do."

Kathryn took his cock and suck on it until she drained every last drop of cum from his shrinking tool. While holding his cock, she looked up at him and smiled. Mikhail knelt down, took his finger and scooped some cum off her chin, and said, "So beautiful, you missed some. I want you to enjoy all of it."

Kathryn laughed and began licking his finger and then with her fingers started to scoop the rest of it from her chin and swallowed the salty tasting goo. Licking her lips and sucking her finger clean, she sensually said, "So did I pass the test and you want me to do the audition tape."

Mikhail answered, "Oh yeah gorgeous, I want to see you doing that video, but I decided to have you do it live on our site instead. I'm sure the thousands online will enjoy watching your performance. Then from there we see if we have a star in the making or not. It will depend on the comments we get back. But now let's go get something to eat. We have 3 hours until the show starts."

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