The Eternal Sex Club, Rest in Peace


Besides, if discovered, not only would she lose her job but she'd never be allowed to work in another nursing home again. How embarrassing would it be for her friends and family to know that she was fired for giving a man nearly three times her age sexual satisfaction. With the little pay that she made, still better than being unemployed, desperation, depression, isolation, and homelessness would only be a short few months away if she was caught with Mr. Benchley's engorged prick in her hand or in her mouth.

Not struggling to remove her hand from around his cock, she wouldn't even consider anything like this if she wasn't feeling so horny and the mere feel of his cock in her hand made her moist with sexual excitement and her nipples hard with lustful desire. It had a been a long while since she had sex and she struggled with herself for another minute with the thoughts of giving sex, at least a hand job, to Mr. Benchley. Meanwhile the horny and persistent man that he was, Mr. Benchley started slowly humping her hand while making a pathetic whimpering sound. Letting go of his cock, she looked at him with the eyes of a healthcare worker wanting to help her patient.

"Stay there and don't move. I mean it," she said as if talking to a child. She turned away from him and walked towards the door.

"Emma. Wait. Don't go. I'm sorry. I'll be good. I'll behave," he said trying unsuccessfully to pull up his pajama bottoms and then covering his erection with the sheet.

She walked to the door and looked out to see if there was anyone in the hallway. Then, she did something she wasn't supposed to do and could be fired for doing. She locked the door to his room behind her. Locked doors were not allowed, but she wasn't going to take the risk of sexually helping him without taking some precautions that she wouldn't be caught and lose her job. Better that she be reprimanded for locking a door than being fired for stroking a cock. She could always blame the locked door on him. As her defense, she could say that on the pretense of going to the bathroom, he climbed out of his bed and locked the door. Her heart was racing with the fear of possible discovery, but she wanted to give him some modicum of pleasure and some sexual relief. Maybe if she masturbated him, he'd leave her alone to do her job.

Wrapping her hand around his engorged prick, voluntarily this time, she slowly stroked him to a bigger and harder erection. Having seen lots of cocks in her career, she was impressed with his cock. He had a long, thick cock, a cock that would no doubt give her pleasure if ever he was well enough to fuck her. Enjoying the sexual experience as much as he was, his cock felt good in her hand.

Meanwhile, his hands were all over her big tits, feeling them and squeezing them through her uniform. Allowing him to do so without protest, he reached up and unzipped her uniform. Then, as if a kid at Christmas feeling wrapped presents to feel what they are inside, he felt her big breasts and fingered her erect nipples through her bra. When he tried lifting up her bra to expose her tits, she stopped him.

"No, it's bad enough that I'm giving you a hand job," she said looking towards the locked door while listening for anyone coming. "You can't lift my bra. You'll just have to be satisfied feeling my tits and fingering my nipples through my bra. Okay, Mr. Benchley."

"Paul," he said. "Call me Paul."

"Okay Paul," she said stroking him a little faster and harder while hoping that he'd cum soon.

"Yes, okay. Thank you Emma. Thank you. God bless you. You're a good woman."

Stroking him faster and harder, Emma continued giving Mr. B. a hand job while he felt her breasts and fingered her nipples through her bra. Only, he didn't know that this hand job was as much for her as it was for him. She was so enjoying the feel of a hard cock in her soft hand. Feeling so very horny, she was so tempted to throw caution to the wind and lift up her bra so that he could feel her bare breasts, finger her nipples, and suck her big tits while she masturbated him.

It didn't take him long to cum and when he came, he groaned and moaned with such pleasure that she felt compelled to do just a little more. Suddenly becoming a wicked nurse's aide, she leaned down and took him in her mouth to lick him clean. She was blowing him, really sucking him and it wasn't long before he ejaculated again, this time, in her mouth and this time, she swallowed the evidence of the sexual pleasure she had given him.

Then, she washed the cum from his cock, replaced his pajama bottoms, and walked to the head of the bed. Intent on receiving some sexual satisfaction for herself, she slowly unzipped the rest of her top and lifted her white bra for him to see her big tits. As soon as she released her breasts, his hands were all over them. Leaning more toward him, she allowed him to pull, turn, and twist her nipples but also she allowed him to suck her big tits.

Not satisfied with her tits, he reached his horny hand up beneath her uniform to cup and finger her pussy through her panty. Not recoiling in the way that she usually does when he tries to finger her pussy through her panty, this time she didn't resist. When he tried moving her panty to the side, she allowed him entry. Already so very wet from stroking him, sucking him, and from him feeling her big tits and sucking her erect nipples, she thought she'd cum. He rubbed her clit but just as he tried inserting his finger inside of her to fuck her with his finger, she stopped him.

"You mustn't tell anyone that I did this for you Paul. I mean it. This must stay as our little secret. I'll be fired if anyone knew that I gave you sex," she said walking towards the door while putting her breasts back in her bra and zipping her uniform.

"Yes, of course. I promise not to tell anyone," he said now looking at her with love instead of with horniness. "You're so beautiful Emma and I will never forget what you've done for me. Will you do this for me again tomorrow?" He asked her with joy in his voice.

* * * * *

Having already crossed the line once already, Emma wasn't as nervous about locking the door again the next time she was intimately together with Paul. Besides, the nursing home was releasing Mr. Benchley soon, right after the holidays and she'd probably never see him again. With staffing cuts and the holiday looming, there were fewer staff on the floor and, fucking and sucking him, she enjoyed her private, intimate times with Paul.

As soon as she locked his door, she unzipped her uniform, and lifted her bra up and over her big tits. Not having to be told, she knew that they were beautiful breasts because she had been told that by every man she had dated. Her long, dark hair, her big, green eyes, and her firm, D cup breasts were her beast features, especially her breasts. She loved her breasts.

She had large, firm breasts, with light, pink, puffy areolas and darker pink nipples. As she walked closer to him and leaned over him, she held her bra up higher so that he could gain access to her tits and fondle her nipples. He pulled them gently and then took turns sucking each breast, first one and then the other, while she fondled his cock through his pajama bottoms. It didn't take him long to get hard.

Only, Emma was surprised when she became so very aroused this time. Immediately she felt the dampness between her legs turn to wetness. Already his experienced fingers made her nipples so hard and it sexually excited her when he pulled them, turned them, and twisted them while sucking them. He knew just what to do to make her want him more.

Even though she thought that it was recklessly risky to put her job in jeopardy for some quick sex, unable to quell the lust she had for him, she was driven to continue having sex with him. She needed to feel his big prick inside of her. As if playing Russian roulette, time was not on her side, and discovery may be only a few minutes away, but risking it all, she removed her panty. She climbed on the bed and lay next to Paul with her pussy next to his head and her head near his cock.

"Oh, God, Mr. Benchley, you've made me so hot, that now I want something from you. Please satisfy me with your mouth and fingers. I need a sexual release too." At this point Emma was so horny, that she didn't care if she lost her job or not.

Paul rubbed her clit with his fingers before inserting one in her vagina to finger-fuck her. In the way that she was positioned on him, he could have been anyone with fingers, a mouth, and a cock. She was so wild with passion that she began a humping action. He took the hint and increased the pressure on her clit and inside her pussy. She buried her head in his crotch and licked and sucked on his penis while he took care of her pussy.

He removed his finger, pointed his tongue and inserted it inside. He lapped her pussy, continued to use his fingers until she was close to orgasm, and when she started to tighten, he removed his finger again and replaced it with his tongue. She continued sucking and licking him as he fingered and licked her. She bucked and covered her mouth when she screamed so that no one would hear her as she came. Emma used her other hand to continue stroking his cock and he groaned loudly as he ejaculated in her mouth a moment later. It was by far the best oral sex she had ever experienced.

Wanting more, she moved her body and gently so as not to hurt him, resting on her knees on the bed instead of on him, she inserted his still stiff cock in her drenched pussy. Slowly humping him to develop a rhythm that she controlled, he surprised her when he returned her humps. They were fucking now. The deeper his cock slid inside of her the better if felt.

"Fuck me Paul. Bang my pussy. Make me cum. I need to cum. Oh, my God, you're such a good lover. I just love you big, hard cock. Yes! Yes! That's it. Right there. Fuck me. Hump me harder. Oh, baby. Don't stop."

Knowing their alone time was short, as soon as she had an orgasm, she climbed off of him and got dressed. Wishing she had the time to enjoy the afterglow by cuddling, after a couple of minutes, with her face still flushed and the room smelling of sex, she returned back to earth. She sprayed some air freshener.

She was nervous that she had sex with her patient. It was one thing to give a patient a hand job. Plenty of nurses have done that to special patients. It was another thing to blow a patient. Not many nurses will willingly suck a patient's cock. It's more a patient forcing a nurse to blow him. Yet, it was quite another thing to fuck her patient.

All she could do was hope that he didn't report her, or that if he did, no one would believe him. She had been working at the nursing home for five years and had a great reputation. Just as the staff probably wouldn't believe the men who pretended to have dementia or Alzheimer's disease if they reported an incident like this, she figured that they wouldn't believe Paul if for some unknown reason he reported her for giving him what he wanted. Nonetheless feeling guilty that she had taken advantage of her patient as much as he had taken advantage of her, but with her having more to lose, the best that she could hope for was that Paul didn't report her. Yet, why he'd report her when she was giving him what he asked her to give, sexual satisfaction and sexual pleasure. A win/win for both, she liked the idea of having sex with him.

"My dear Emma," said Mr. Benchley as if he was the lord of the manor addressing his upstairs maid. "This was by far the best sexual experience I've ever had," he said with a smile while positioning his hand over his pajama clad cock. "I will adore you for the rest of my life. And I will include a little something for you in my will."

"Oh, Paul. You're too modest. You're quite the stud puppet in having such a hard erection at your age. I know men a third of your age who go soft. With your experienced fingers, mouth, and tongue, you must have been an unbelievable lover in your youth. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me."

When she spoke to him, Emma was still on Cloud 9 from her orgasm. As is still in a sexual daze, she unlocked the door before looking out to see if the nurse was coming to give Mr. B. his morning medications. She already told him which medications not to take. Some medications reduce his sexual desire and made his erections go soft.

Even after Mr. Benchley was discharged, picking and choosing her victims carefully, she continued having sexual relations with a few of the better looking and more virile men. Starting with a mutually agreeable hand job before graduating to a blowjob, before actually getting in bed with her patient to fuck them, she continued this sexual arrangement throughout her career there. Swearing them to secrecy, the last thing she needed was for them to talk, gossip, and blab her indiscretions. In her favor, as the years passed, those she had sex with died and were replaced with younger patients. As she aged from 25, to 35, to 45, and now at 55-years-old, having worked at the same facility for 30 years without suspicion and without being caught, she was now closer in age to the patients.

She wondered how many old men she stroked, sucked, and fucked. She had no idea. At least a dozen men a year times 30 years would be 360 men, probably closer to 500. If she counted all the times she's been intimate with each man, she's had sex thousands of times in the course of thirty years. By the time she tired of one, there was another man taking his place.

No longer horny, after always being so horny, she found a way to have her cake and eat it too without making a commitment and without having to wait on a man hand and foot in her private life. Forget about marriage, forget about being tied down with unappreciative children, she was free to live her personal and professional life the way she wanted to live it. Instead taking from her patients what she so needed and wanted, she figured these sexual indiscretions were as much to their benefit as it was to her. She couldn't imagine a better sexual arrangement than the one she's been enjoying.

* * * * *

Years later, she read of Mr. Benchley's passing. She was 30-years-old when he was 69-years-old. He lived to be 94-years-old. She wondered if he thought of her with fondness in the way she thought of him. Yet, with all of the men she had sex with coming back at her in the way of an explosion, what she had seen in the closet shocked her.

After having sex with hundreds of men over a thirty year period and after reading about one of her favorite patient's dying that day, Emma wasn't sure if she was dreaming as she stood at the closet door. Now fifty-five-years-old, after working in a nursing home for 30-years, she'd prefer dying at home rather than being put in a nursing home. Yet, with no husband, no children, no family, and no real friends but for all of those old men that she's had sex with, most of which were now dead, there was no one to care for her in the way that she's cared for others.

When she opened that closet door, her fear was so paralyzing and overwhelming that she went into shock and had a stroke. She couldn't move her body and just fainted. When she had regained consciousness, when she had awakened, they were all still there and the closet door was open wide. The closet was on an outside wall and, as if this was her portal to somewhere beyond, somewhere between life and death and her purgatory between Heaven and Hell, when she had opened the door, the blue sky with its puffy, white clouds could be seen.

As if they were a collage of dead faces, every man she ever had sex with and who had died was there. Figuring she was dreaming, she wasn't because, if she was, then this dream had been going on for thirty years. Whenever anyone that she had sex with died, every time she returned home from her shift and opened her closet door they were there. As if they were all trapped there or came there to watch her, they all just stood and stared. Even though she knew they were there, her reaction was always the same. She'd pass out and awaken to see the blue sky with the puffy, white clouds.

There was no interaction, no talking, and no touching, just looking. Accustomed to them all being them, albeit briefly, until they disappeared and her closet returned from a portal to a closet, she enjoyed stripping off her clothes to give them all a sexy show. Every time she opened that damn closet door there was someone new and the new ones replaced the old ones, until the old ones moved to the back and eventually disappeared. She figured that maybe they went to Heaven or to Hell but being that she had given them so much sexual pleasure, perhaps the memory of her was the last memory that they had. Only, this time, instead of waking up at home, she awakened in a nursing home, the same nursing home where she worked for thirty years.

"Hi, I'm Michael," said a good looking man of about 30-years-old. I'm your nurse's aide. If there's anything you want or need, you just tell me," he said with a smile. "Being that you've worked here for thirty years, I was told to give you special privileges. When the cook heard you were a resident, she said to tell you that you may have your pick of the menu."

"Oh, I see," she said reaching out her hand to feel his cock through his pants. Immediately, she felt his erection. "I was hoping you meant something else entirely by special privileges," she said unzipping him, reaching her hand inside, and pulling out his cock.

"Emma, this is so inappropriate. I could be fired."

"Lock my door," she said. "I need to suck your cock while you suck my tits. I need to pass my special gift to you."

The End

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