tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Exhibitionist Next Door Ch. 01

The Exhibitionist Next Door Ch. 01


My name is John, and I'm a pilot. I work for a regional carrier out of Seattle. I landed this job right out of school -- an aeronautical university on the complete opposite end of the country in Florida. I love to travel, and I love to be rich and single. Many of my friends have already married and had kids, but I have never looked forward to that road. I like kids too; they just aren't for me, at least right now.

Travelling so many places with a captain's uniform doesn't have the glamour it once had, but that certainly doesn't mean there aren't still benefits. My first few encounters, all with flight attendants -- and one lady captain, were in tiny lavatories after hours. Lavatory sex isn't very fun, so I put an end to that. Most of the time I try to stay away from company girls, too much drama to leave one vulnerable. If I want to see titties, I go to strip clubs wherever I am for the night. If I want some pussy, I will go to bars, clubs, and less-threatening places (gyms, grocery store, etc).

But my adventures of a nightly basis aren't what I'm reflecting about. I'm reflecting on the least likely of all scenarios I had ever imagined in my wildest dreams, and the events that took place when I first moved in. A fresh graduate with a license to fly, fresh out of school and with a new job had the choice of an apartment or a house. I'd had enough with apartments through school and then through the airline's training center. Like my father, I was a man who needed his space, and also enjoyed fixing things himself. So, I eventually found a neighborhood in Seattle that had a nice two bedroom for rent. I spoke to the landlord whom offered to lower my rent when I offered to repair and maintain things myself, which I gratefully accepted.

Working for a regional line I knew that my schedule was going to be irregular, compared to the nine-to-fivers that complete the vast majority of the country. I was lucky enough to get a route that would put me home in Seattle most nights, unless there were delays or cancellations. But I am the epitome of a single man, so getting to spend the night elsewhere is always a treat. I felt no different back then, either. This gave me days off during the week, work on weekends, and other various times I would have to find to cut the grass or just enjoy life.

Anyway, the house I rented was two stories. There was the living room, kitchen, dining room, restroom, and a guest bedroom on the first floor. Upstairs was the master bedroom and master bath. It wasn't big by housing standards, but it was bigger than an apartment, and big enough to satisfy me and any woman I decide to bring home one night. The day after I moved in, I was still unpacking boxes, and taking breaks every so often to enjoy the weather. It was a sunny day, which being the Pacific Northwest was rare for that time of year. The neighbors were already stopping by, group by group, hour by hour to greet me and size me up. I found it to be so old fashioned that people still did that, but after receiving a few various dessert items I had no further problem with it.

Around four in the afternoon, I was finishing a box of electronics and setting up my ultimate single man's home theater system when another flock of neighbors rang the doorbell. I answered the door to a family of four: a husband, a wife, a boy, and a girl. The man's name was Pete and shook my hand firmly. He did not look unlike me, except he was taller. He had thick brown hair, bushy eyebrows, green eyes, and a nice, firm build. He belonged to a gym, no doubt, but wasn't by any means a professional lifter. The children were pre-adolescent, and the young boy reminded me a lot of his father physically and just me at that age in general. His eyes lit up when he saw my Captain's hat hanging on the bannister, asking me "Are you a real pilot?"

I kneeled down to look him in the eye and smiled, "I sure am." I reached for a box near the door which I'd remembered had various company crap in it, felt around and handed the boy a set of wings with the airline logo on them.

The boy was in complete awe, and could only say "Wow! Cool!"

I looked over at the little girl, slightly younger than the boy and blond. Before I could ask what her name was, she shied up to me, "Can I go fly with you some day?"

I started laughing and told her she could. I handed her a toy airplane from the box, then stood back up to relieve my aching knees. On my way up though, I noticed the best site I'd probably seen that week on the other side of the young boy - a long, smooth pair of lady's legs. It was warm out, and she was wearing shorts -- tight, camel toe shorts. As I came to my feet, part of me wanted to just land in her crotch and start munching. "And your name is?" I asked her as I met her eye level.

Extending a handshake, she smiled warmly and said "I'm Sarah. Pleased to meet you, Captain."

"Please," I responded, looking at her husband as well so he wouldn't suspect foul play, "call me John. Captain is my middle name." Pete started cracking up, so I took the opportunity to give his wife the once-over. Sarah was middle-aged, but on the young end of it -- I guessed late thirties or early forties. I was in my mid-twenties but she was still very attractive to me, like fine aged wine. She really enjoyed having warm weather, as she was wearing a white wife-beater type shirt. She was wearing a matching white bra which could easily be seen through the shirt. The shorts like I said were tight enough to reveal the makings of a camel toe and probably would if she walked around long enough. She was fit, too, and her body was amazing for someone her age with two children. She was somewhat thick, too, which suggested she wasn't obsessed with her weight like women my age were. I prefer a little meat to grab on to and play with, so this turned me on more. I got another look at those sweet grade-A legs as well -- so nice.

Pete's laughter began tapering off as he started in on some conversation, so I refocused my attention upward. As Pete talked, I began feeling slightly guilty how I just eyed a married mother twice my age as I did, but as he rambled on I noticed Sarah was giving me the once-over. It was then I didn't know what to think. I was wearing some ragged shorts that had a few holes in them that I'd had for years. I didn't expect children to come visit me, but then I didn't expect a hot mama to eyeball me, either. She was staring at the noticeable hole near my crotch, and there's no doubt she saw my boxers. Her stare at my crotch was unbending, and I couldn't imagine what dirty things she was thinking of doing to me. Well, I could, but I didn't want to spring a boner in front of an audience.

Watching Sarah's gaze and listening to Pete ramble on, it finally hit me: they were at a sexless point in their marriage. Pete was clearly a workaholic and Sarah was a housewife and errand runner looking for something out of the ordinary to satisfy her horny urges. I wondered what she did during the day with no one home and nothing to do. I imagined for a moment her drinking some wine and then breaking out a box of toys to pleasure herself ten times over. With that thought I felt a little spring in my pants, and Sarah's eye lit up even more. She started biting her bottom lip. I quickly lunged for the box near the door to block the view and acted like I needed to do more work. I wrapped the conversation up whisking them towards their house next door and suggesting that I'd see them again and often.

I went back inside and shut the door behind me, quickly locking it. I fell back against the door in relief and slumped down on my butt. I couldn't get the image of Sarah stripping, drinking, and pleasuring herself out of my head. I thought of what her tits look like, and then eventually thought of what her cunt looks like. Those thoughts, as well as the image of a great ass I'd received from her walking towards her house, were enough to do me in for the afternoon. I slid my shorts off and shot a large load in twenty seconds.

A few days later, near the end of my time off and finished with unpacking, I was sitting on the wood deck in the back yard sipping hard lemonade and reading a book. It was the middle of the day on a Tuesday and though it was overcast, it was not raining. The houses were fairly close together, so there were no fences shared on any side of the small yard. Everyone had a deck though, including Pete and Sarah. As I came to the close of a chapter, I looked up at my glass of lemonade. As I reached for it, I heard a sound to my left, towards the neighbor's house. It sounded like an instant messenger alert from a computer. I didn't see anything, so I checked my pockets to make sure I didn't have a cell phone on me. I heard it a few more times, every few moments and from what sounded like Pete and Sarah's deck.

I didn't have a clear view of their yard from the way our houses are aligned, so I pushed my chair over to another position facing their house. On their deck I saw Sarah in a red jacket and pants, dancing in front of a webcam on her laptop. At first I thought it was cute and nearly broke my silence, but as I watched she bent over in a somewhat erotic position, displaying her great ass directly at me, then turning around to display it at her camera. At that point I was holding my drink in my hand, nothing left, still sucking the straw. I decided to keep quiet a little longer and see how long I could go without being spotted. Besides, I was speechless.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before she flung her jacket off. She was facing the camera opposite me, so I could only see her back end most of the time, but a lovely view it was. Under the jacket she wore a skin-tight black t-shirt, which was short on her body and revealed her midsection. I could see that I was right about her body -- fit but thick. I was pretty much drooling. She became more aggressive with her dancing, squeezing body parts and ever-so-slowly lifting her shirt. I caught a lot of side views that I couldn't help but stroke my dick through my loose sweatpants. I hoped she wouldn't see me doing that, but care was no longer an option. The show I was watching was sexy.

Then, she turned towards my deck as she reached to lift her shirt, so as not to reveal her goods to the camera just yet. As she did that, she caught me watching her, stroking to her. Even though my dick wasn't out I know she could see my erection from there. She stopped moving for a moment, and I was terrified at what she might do. But then, she smirked at me and started dancing again. Off went the shirt, and she revealed them to me first. She looked to be about a large B cup, and they didn't sag or anything. They were soft and perfect. She had a tattoo on one of them, which was a maple leaf. She twirled back around to reveal the ladies to the web audience. Knowing she had an actual audience, she wasted no time pulling the pants off. She wore lacy black panties, which only covered the middle part of her ass.

She danced around some more and began to play with herself a little. I decided that I too would brave the elements, and I pulled out my cock for the world to see as I stroked it. I was pretty sure the webcam couldn't see it that far off, anyway, but then I'm not small. Just as I was getting a good rhythm going, she turned around and looked at me again. I stopped stroking and tried to cover myself at first, but then I figured she knew I was doing that by the way she was looking at me. She motioned a finger for me to come over, and I turned red. I wasted no time standing up, and by the time I pulled my pants up, she was already redressed and carrying her computer into her house.

The walk into my house and onto hers was a quiet and thoughtful one. I kept thinking if I needed to bring anything, and those thoughts got crossed with feelings of guilt about fucking a married woman. But then I remembered most of the airline women I'd been with before were all in sturdy relationships, so what's one more? I gathered my confidence and cool, dressed up in a sweater and jeans, and made the walk over to Sarah's house. I looked around everywhere to make sure I wasn't being watched. I knocked lightly, and she answered the door in the familiar red jacket and sweatpants. It was only zipped up partially, and there was no black shirt under it. I could see part of the maple leaf. Before I could say anything, she put a finger over my lips and walked me into the living room. She unzipped her jacket and lay down on the floor next to a glass of wine. The laptop computer with camera still running was observing us from afar.

"Hold me" she whispered, looking up at me. I pulled my sweater off and lay down behind her, in the spoon fashion. My back was up against the sofa, but it wasn't in my way. I trembled a little as I learned the feel of a new woman, feeling her thighs and belly, moving up around her tits. I put my head on her shoulder and smelled her hair. My soft touch and breathing on her neck turned her on a little, and I felt her nipples get hard. She turned her head and began to kiss me. She sucked on my lip a little, then a little tongue play. She rolled over with her tits facing up, and I held myself over her. Gazing into my eyes, she took a sip of wine and said, "We got married at your age. I wanted to be young and free and experience young men like you, but I didn't want to let Pete go. I loved him so much, and I knew I'd be well off with him, so I took the proverbial bullet."

The life she'd wanted was the exact life I was living, so I couldn't think of anything to say. I could only ask, "Why me? Why now?"

Sarah sighed because she didn't really know the answer herself, but she finally said, "Because he doesn't like me anymore. He loves me, but he doesn't like me. His real love is his work. We haven't fucked since Mary was conceived." She paused, took a sip, and continued, "I want to teach him a lesson. I made a sacrifice for him, so it's time he made a sacrifice for me. I have needs, wants, and urges too, and I can't take it any longer. I'm gonna fuck this wild young stallion and make him jealous, so he wakes up and sees me as he once did." Her speech was a way of turning herself on, and she began playing with my hair and my chest.

The thought of Pete knowing about it scared the hell out of me, but here was a woman in my arms begging me to stuff her pussy, so there was no backing out. I laughed and replied, "Stallion. Ha, I don't think I've been called that before." I then proceeded to do a terrible impression of a horse, which caused us both to laugh hysterically. I grabbed her glass of wine and finished it off with one mighty gulp, then proceeded to kiss her chest with my dark red wine lips. Instead of moving down right away, I moved up and started kissing her neck. In-between pecks I asked, "So am I leaving any physical evidence or what?"

"I want him to hurt. Suck that neck like a vampire!" she cried. I started sucking her sweet neck like crazy, and by the time I moved on, I'd left two or three noticeable hickies. It was time to get serious, so I stood up to remove my pants. She got up on her knees and poured another glass of wine and then removed her jacket completely. "Holy shit!" I heard her yell as my pants dropped to the ground, "You've got a huge fucking cock. I'm not being nice, either. Sit down on the couch and let me get to know it a little better."

I knew I was gifted, but I'd never heard a woman that impressed by it. I thought Pete must be tiny. Most workaholics are. Before my butt was even on the sofa cushion she was stroking it, with her face close to it as if to feel its warmth. She was loving every minute of it, which was also a surprise. It wasn't long before her mouth made it onto my shaft. Her warm, wet mouth was like a pussy in itself, and years of practice made her pretty talented at giving head. She worked her tongue like magic, massaging every inch of my junk. She began to taste my balls a little, too. She liked to play with them in her cheek. Even as deep and tight as spaces went, she was so carefully gentle not to get a chunk of my skin with her teeth. I sat back upon the sofa and enjoyed the pleasure for what seemed like hours, though was very likely only a few minutes.

I was about to cum already, and she slowly lifted off my thing. Then she began to dance again in front of me, slowly removing her sweatpants. She wasn't shaven or even neatly trimmed, but she kept it groomed really well. Sarah had just enough of a bush to provide extra warmth on a cold night of lovemaking, but nothing itchy or too long. She danced forward towards me, and I leaned forward and stuck a finger in her. I slowly felt her get wet, playing with her moving in and out, and massaging the outside. Eventually I stuck two, then three fingers in her. She began breathing heavily as I played inside her. I leaned in some more and stuck my mouth gently over her warm parts. Keeping one hand working the outside, I began to tickle her inside with my tongue, tasting her well-aged pussy juice. She eventually started moaning lightly, enjoying every minute of the oral pleasure. She even continued to dance in place some. I went on for what seemed like another hour, until she began to tremble with delight. I wanted to make her cum, but I was afraid she would lose her balance and take a nasty fall.

I brought my tongue to a stop soon after, and she turned around with her ass facing my head. A beautiful ass it was too, as I've already mentioned. Up close it was just jaw-dropping. I wondered how anyone at that age could have such a beautiful back end. She bent over completely, which brought my soldier to attention very quickly. I began to taste her from the rear again, and then I reached up to pull her down to my groin. I gave my member a few lucky strokes, and then stuck it in her pussy as she relaxed in my lap. She took my entire dick in, and instantly moaned a loud "Oh!"

She leaned back against my body, and I began to give her a ride. Gradually increasing speed and thrust, I eventually whispered in her ear, "Am I your stallion now, baby?"

"Oh yeah," she gasped, "You're my stallion now. You're my stud. Fuck me like you fuck all those little bitches."

Fucking hard and fast, she was putting in as much effort as I was. We both began to sweat some, and she was moaning randomly and loudly. I rubbed her hair and pulled it some, then rubbed her ears. Ready for a move, I stopped and pulled out of her for a moment. She laid belly-down on the sofa, and I sat up behind her, entering her doggy style. I went right for the power and began to thrust in and out quickly. My long rod moving in and out of her that quickly was such a new experience to her that she had gone from moans of pleasure to moans of pleasurable pain. It was almost like I was fucking a virgin, except one that knew what the fuck she was doing somehow. I spent another seeming hour in this position, halfway through leaning forward with my chest on her back, and eventually laying directly on top of her.

"I'm gonna cum!" she screamed. Sarah's comment through me off as I'd only given female orgasms with my hand and mouth before, never my cock.

I laughed and kept going and said, "Before me?"

"Oh fuck!" she screamed, "I'm gonna fucking cum all over your dick." At first I didn't believe her, but her moans grew more rapid as well as her sweating and breathing, so thinking of how I look when I'm about to launch, I watched for that in her. Sure enough, I felt her body tighten so I quickly pulled out. She screamed at the top of her lungs and squirted a little clear ejaculate, which was also a first for me. I blinked in disbelief for a moment, when she looked up at me and screamed, "What the fuck are you waiting for? Pound my little pussy into next week!" So, I stuck it back in and did as requested.

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