tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Exhibitionist Pt. 03

The Exhibitionist Pt. 03

byDr. Bull©

Back at the office

Ever since being watched by the construction crew next door (in Spanish Fly), the show for Curt, Mitch's best friend (The Exhibitionist) Karen loves showing off her body. Her stage performances (The Exhibitionist 2) made her want more men to watch her, the four nights on stage made her enough money to pay off some bills she and Mitch had building up. Nevertheless, it was not the money; she was getting off on showing off.

Returning to work was hard to do, having made some quick cash, being aroused herself, ogled and watched by so many men. But one must get back to the real world. In Karen's real world that meant payroll, for several years she had taken care of payroll and HR for the local county. Seemed boring after the week working as a stripper, but Mitch had enjoyed watching her on stage and she was teasing him constantly wearing the costumes she had bought. Karen's bras were frilly, shear and her clothing became sexier even at the office. Then it happened, Karen dripped a drop of ketchup on her blouse during lunch so she grabbed a damp cloth and stepped into her office to clean it before the stain set slipping her blouse off she cleaned the offending spot, standing there in her nude colored bra her nipples showing through the opaque fabric, when her door burst open. "Karen, can I talk to you about my re-tire-ment," Jim the maintenance supervisor stuttered as he saw how she was dressed. Karen looked up her nipples were pointed right at him. "Sssorry." Jim mumbled still staring, as he fell backward out the door.

Karen picked up her blouse slowly covered herself as he backed out, "my fault," she giggled as he closed the door. "Wait!" Karen called as she struggled to put her shirt on. Once dressed Karen walked out into the main office, "Did Jim leave?"

"Yeah, he seemed to be in a hurry."

Karen chuckled, went back to her office and rang his extension; with no answer, she left him a message. A couple hours later, Jim was knocking on Karen's now open door. "Everyone dressed?"

"Just sit down and be quiet," Karen said with a half blush pinking her cheeks, "you know you enjoyed the view."

"I surely did," Jim quipped, "if more gals around here dressed like that for lunch, I would never retire." He sat down and found himself staring at Karen's chest. He tried to look away but he imagining her still just in her bra, the faint outline of her areolas and nipples were burned into his mind's eye.

Karen felt his eyes trying to see through her shirt and bra, sliding her chair back and bending forward looking in a drawer, she gave Jim a view down her blouse across the top of her breast. His deep breath gave her the same feeling she had gotten on stage. Her nipples hardened, her breath slowed, Karen wanted this man to see her naked. "This may take some time," Karen, told him, "an hour or so."

"Ok by me," he answered, looking at the clock, 4:50 on the dial, "but you might need to go home." Jim looked back toward Karen and thought her blouse was a button or two farther open, but he might be wrong.

Karen's blouse was down two buttons, as far as she dared during working hours. "I can stay, to help you." She walked over to the file cabinet, opened the bottom drawer, bending over Karen's bra covered breasts nearly fell out of her shirt on full display for Jim's eyes. Taking her time finding the file, she wiggled her breasts causing her cleavage to throb and pulse. As Karen stood her left breast half hung out of her shirt, slowly she pulled her shirt into place, as she walked back to her desk, setting a pile of paperwork on her desk.

"A little late to start that isn't it?" Lori, Karen's boss stuck her head in the room, "We are locking up, you going to be long?"

"I just have a couple things to show go Jim, then I'm outta here." Karen answered.

"Besides your offices are where I'm cleaning tonight," Jim commented, "don't worry about us."

Lori and the rest of the office locked Karen and Jim in and left for the evening, Karen stood leaning over the desk her shirt practically open exposing herself to him as she pointed at and highlighted things on the paper Jim never saw. "Jim, can I dance for you?"

Jim's eyes never left her chest as he murmured "Dance for me..." the music started from the ipod on her desk and Karen started moving to the beat. Jim did not know what to do or say, so he watched as Karen unbuttoned her shirt as she stepped onto a chair then onto her desk. It was a sexy secretary fantasy and he was the center of her attention.

Karen felt the shift as her Kandi the stripper took over; she stood dancing slowly to some old Bob Segar, as she dropped her shirt in to her chair. Kandi laughed at Jim's slack jaw, then turned looking out the window, she had forgotten to draw the blinds. However, no one could see in except maybe a couple windows in the building across the parking lot and it was after five, so she did not worry about. Unclasping her bra still facing the window Karen dropped it on her shirt and faced Jim, bouncing her tits back and forth. Second song on the ipod found her skirt in the same pile, followed quickly by her panties, totally nude Kandi was excited to be dancing for another man. She moved across the large desk grabbed Jim's hand pulled him closer to the desk shoving her tittys into his face for a moment or two while he licked and kissed them. Then she stood turned toward the window, bending over pointing her pussy toward his face. Looking out the window to her surprise looking out the windows across the way were a number of heads filling each window. Karen realized she was dancing for Jim and the inmates in the jail across the way. She waved then stepped off the desk out of their sight, concentrating once again on Jim. The fourth song found her giving him the lap dance of his lifetime, sitting on his hand as his fingers slipped inside her pussy, her tits in his face. Karen felt herself about to push a boundary she promised herself she would not, so she climbed up off Jim's lap, leaned in and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Go home for dinner and fuck your wife, you both could use it." Karen took his hand and led him to the door, handed him his paperwork, "Now go!"

Jim stood, still in shock, "Thanks..." he mumbled as she closed the door.

Locking the door, Karen walked back toward the window, looking out over at the jail a few men still stood looking at her window. Karen was far enough away to not make out their faces and felt they would not know hers. A captive audience excited her, climbing back on the desk, Karen's hands rubbed across her breasts, then down between her legs, her pussy still wet from Jim's fingers. Seeing the windows fill with heads and torsos she put on a show for those lonely bad boys, fingering her self while playing with her tits.

When Karen left she just stuffed her panties and bra in her purse, the building was empty as she left. Karen drove around past the jai windows, they could not see her at this angle, but it excited her just thinking about the show she had given them. Time to head home, Mitch was going to get lucky tonight. Once on the highway Karen unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her skirt up to her waist, letting the cool air from the air conditioning blowing across her flesh, teasing her nipples and occasionally her clit.

Pushing the speed limit wanting to get home, Karen soon found that a friendly highway patrolman wanted to talk with her. "Crap!" Karen was not happy all she wanted was to go home and fuck her husband.

Patrolman Jeffreys had been patroling that stretch of road for three years, he had seen the blonde MILF traveling along the route the whole time, but always running at or near the speed limit. Today she was flying, he hit the lights and pulled in behind her.

"Oh Shit!" Karen growled as the red and blue lights flickered behind her. She found a wide spot along the highway and pulled over, pulling her skirt down a bit she quickly tied the tails of her shirt together as the officer walked up and tapped on her window. "Hello officer, can I help you?"

The sight before patrolman Jeffreys'

Eyes was not what he expected, the woman before him was wearing a very short skirt and her braless breasts were almost falling out of her shirt. Behind his mirrored sun glasses his eyes soaked in the sight. This was no little girl trying to get out of a ticket, her large breasts were perfect. "License, registration and proof of insurance, please."

Karen nervously reached for her purse as she opened it her bra and panties seemed to fly out on their own. Karen blushed as she took her license out and handed it to the officer. "I'll need your registration and insurance."

"Oh, yes, wait," Karen reached across the car, her seat belt caught her halfway across the car. Her breasts bouncing the knot of her shirt loosened, she sat back and unbuckled the belt, as the belt slipped away Karen reached again for the glove box and her paperwork. Unknown to her the buckle caught her shirt, separating the knot.

Patrolman Jeffreys watched as the woman sat back, her shirt opened, nipples exposed to her, he watched as she ignored her shirt while looking for her insurance card. Not finding it she again reached into the glove box, her shirt opened further, this time she noticed and got the familier rush of being exposed. Turning towards him Karen asked "Is this what you wanted to see?" Her hand out stretched, paper in hand, breasts offered up to his expressionless face.

Jeffreys took the card, his eyes never even glanced at it. Hypnotised by the bouncing nipples infront of him, slowly he smiled. Handed her stuff back to her, "That is exactly what I wanted to see. Thank you." He stood watching her tits as she put her items away.

"Have a nice day." Karen put the car in gear and slowly pulled away.

"I just did." the officer replied, turning back to his car, realized he should have had her step out of the car, because from this angle the video camera saw nothing. "Next." he said as he cleared his radar.

The air streamed through the window, blowing Karen's shirt causing her nipples to stay hard as she set the cruise for the rest of her trip home. Yep, Mitch was going to enjoy tonight.

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