tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 03

The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 03


Welcome back my glorious deviants. I've missed you. Do you have your cocks in your hands yet (or in your dripping cunts for you beautiful, radiant ladies out there as well)? Today's chapter delves more into the confidence building of my nerdy college roommate. He gets to show off his big dick and dominant man skills in front of two hot co-eds which will in turn help him branch out with the ladies (which is what he wanted in the first place). I am so proud of him and how well he is coming into his own. So read on, but please be aware that there will be some naked girls in this one, but don't worry, I am still the one on the receiving end of the cocktastic plowing.

I hope you enjoy and again, this story is certified 'pee-free' so no golden showers or piss play. Ok, ready? Pants down? Gentlemen (and ladies) START. YOUR. STROKING!!!!!

~~~~ Cockslut Kelly <3


"What?" I said shocked. "You want me to do what?"

"Get dressed in some new panties, and do your hair like last night, then go out and see if those girls want to watch me use you," my roommate said. "I see it all the time in porn, girls love seeing two guys together."

What kind of porn was this guy watching? "Uh, master, I don't know if they are going to want to do that," I said. While a lot of guys like to watch two girls together, it is rather rare (not unheard of though) that a girl wants to watch two guys together.

He stood up quickly and came over to me. "Well, we will never find out unless my little bitch does what she's told, now will we? Besides, if we can get even one of them to come in, maybe they can see me being a dominant man and get a look at my big cock and maybe then they will go and tell their friends. You did tell me you wanted to help me with my confidence."

Dammit, he was right. "Ok master, as you wish." I quickly went to my naughty box and pulled out a pair of white, lacey, somewhat see-through boy short panties and two white hair ties. I pulled the panties on and moved my hardening cock so that it was laying sideways against my body instead of obscenely jutting out. I pulled my hair into two pigtails on the side of my head and applied some more wet lip gloss to my full lips. I took a deep breath and then started for the door.

"Wait slut, I said just like you were last night," said Ryan. He walked over to my box and pulled out my handcuffs and locked my wrists behind my back. My cock immediately became rock solid again. He then walked to the door and like a gentleman, opened it for me.

I started to walk out the door and as I passed him, he pushed me into the hall. I stumbled out, but quickly regained my footing. I took a deep breath and then looked down the hall to find the four kids still standing and talking.

One of the girls noticed me first. "Oh my God, he's back," she said and the others turned my way. They started laughing at me. I, of course, turned bright red and I could feel my cheeks glow hot.

The other girl, between her laughs, said, "Do you just go room to room and then get thrown out? How pathetic!"

I mustered up all the courage I had and walked towards them. The guys took a somewhat defensive posture around the girls.

"Oh my God, are you wearing panties," said the first girl.

"He is," exclaimed the second one," and you can see his thing. He's even handcuffed, oh my God!!"

With my face red, I took a deep breath and said, "Hi, my roommate, my master, was just about to use me and wanted me to come out and see if you all would like to watch."

The girls roared with laughter and the guys seemed overly disgusted by the thought.

"Fuck no, faggot, we don't want to see that shit, get the fuck outta here," said one of the guys.

"I don't know, that would be kind funny," said one of the girls, "what do you say Lindsey?"

Seriously? They actually want too? I couldn't believe my ears.

"I don't know, that's kind of weird," said Lindsey.

"Are you serious," said the other guy, "you actually want to see this faggot with another dude?"

"Yeah," said the first girl, "I think it would be funny."

"I think you would enjoy it," I said, "my master has an extremely large cock and he's not really gay, he just likes to be strong and dominant." I was doing what I could to build Ryan up to them.

"Come on Lindsey, let's do it," the first girl said. "We can always leave, but fuck, this is college. I want to have as much fun as I can."

"Fuck it, ok, let's do it," said Lindsey.

"Fuck that," said the first guy, "I'm not going to go watch some gay shit!"

"Yeah, seriously, why the fuck would you want to do that?" chimed in the second one.

"Because it will be funny and besides, you don't have to go, Lindsey and I will and then we will stop by your room after," said the first girl who then grabbed Lindsey's hand and started walking towards me. I couldn't fucking believe it.

"Lead the way sissy man," said the first girl and then she giggled.

We walked to my room and the girls were behind me. I heard the first girl say, "I think I have those same panties. Too funny."

I guess I should describe the girls for the readers of this encounter. The first girl, who I later found out was named Tara, was a cute, brunette with probably b-cup breasts, killer legs, a nice ass and trim body. She was just a little bit taller than my 5'4". Lindsey, was a tall, thin girl with a very exotic look. She was probably closer to 5'9" or 5'10" with small, a-cub breasts. She had a model-esque body. They were both pretty, but I wouldn't call them models. They were just cute, attractive, fit college girls. I'm sure they got a lot of attention around campus. Tara seemed much more outgoing and adventurous than Lindsey.

We got to the room and the door was still closed, but cracked so that I could push it open which was well thought out as my hands were currently handcuffed behind my back. I stopped and looked back at them and said, "please understand, my master is not one that on first glance, someone would consider attractive or dominant, but you will soon find out why I am willing to submit to him fully. He has an amazing surprise that just drives me crazy."

"Ha-ha, ok," said Lindsey, "let's do this."

I pushed open the door and walked into the room followed by the two girls. Ryan was sitting at his desk playing on his computer. "Hello master, I am back and I have brought the girls with me as you requested."

He looked at me and then the girls. I could tell he was a bit nervous. This guy had never been with a girl before, hell he hadn't even been with ANYONE before until yesterday, and now he had two cute college girls in his room to watch him dominate his male roommate. I was seriously hoping that he wouldn't get performance anxiety. I tried my best to make him feel secure.

"I told them about how strong and dominant you were and that you have a really big cock and they were excited to see you use me," I said. "What they don't know yet is how you really like to treat me like your slave and really humiliate me with your powerful dick. I'm so excited to be used by you in front of them."

The girls started laughing. "Holy shit, you really made him into this little sissy?" said Tara.

"Uh, yeah. He, uh, saw me in the shower and within a few minutes, he was on his knees in front of me begging me to suck my cock. He even offered to shave me clean and then blew me in the shower. He then ran back here and got into this type of outfit and waited for me on his knees so that he could do it again when I got back to the room. He actually likes being called girl names because he knows I'm the man in this room. He, sorry, she was so turned on by my cock that she willingly begged me to fuck her and then she sucked me off this morning too."

"Holy shit, that's awesome," said Tara. "I would never have guess that you would be someone that could get anyone to be like that." They walked into the room and Tara jumped on to Ryan's bed, sitting on the side with her legs hanging off and Lindsey walked over and sat down next to her. "So, get to it. We want to see this big cock you two keep talking about and we want to see some guy on guy action."

I looked over at my master, and a devious plan formed in my head. "I'm sorry ladies, I got your name Lindsey, but I didn't get yours."

"Me? Oh, I'm Tara," she said.

"Tara, I was wondering if you or both of you wanted to help us out," I said. "His cock really is a treat, seriously, it is almost 9 inches when fully erect, and I wanted to see if either or both of you would like to pull it out so that he can use it on me? My hands are kinds of unavailable."

"Fuck it, why not," said Tara. I'm always up for touching a big dick."

"You and me both," I said and then we laughed.

I kneeled down in front of Ryan but winked at him before I did. Tara jumped off the bed and then looked at Lindsey. "You wanna help?"

"Nah, that's ok," said the reserved girl.

"Party pooper," joked Tara who then dropped down next to me. She then reached up and ran her small hands across his crotch. "Holy shit, there is something big in here. I never would have guessed that."

She ran her hands over his crotch over and over exploring the meat inside. Her hands fully explored him and I could hear Ryan moaning. She reached up and undid his pants, pulled down the zipper and pulled his shorts down. His dick was hanging down in his underwear but was still creating an obscenely large bulge. I saw Tara's eyes bug out as she saw the hidden surprise I had referenced earlier. Her hands went back to his underwear covered cock and started exploring it even more.

"It's sooooo big," she exclaimed. She turned to Lindsey, "Do you see this? Holy hell, they weren't lying." Lindsey's eyes were fixated on her petite friend's hands roaming over the large, powerful slab of nerd meat.

She reached up, grabbed the waistband of Ryan's underwear and pulled them down revealing his large, hairless masterpiece for all to see. I heard her audibly gasp as it came into view. It truly was a site to behold.

"Oh," she paused, "my," another pause, "GOD!" she exclaimed. His heavy meat was hanging there between his legs, engorged, but not hard. I'm sure he was nervous being that he was in the presence of two girls (the poor lad had never even been in front of one naked before).

Lindsey leaned forward on the bed and stared intently at the massive piece of glorious flesh that was hanging heavy in front of Tara and me. Her mouth was open in utter disbelief and bewilderment. Still, she said nothing.

"Are you seeing this Linds?" asked Tara who never took her eyes off of it. Lindsey nodded, but there was no way Tara could have seen it as her eyes were transfixed on my roommates cock. I honestly don't think she cared if Lindsey actually saw it or not as long as she could.

She reached out and wrapped her tiny little hand around it and lifted it up. "It is so heavy and so hot," she said, her words speaking to no one in particular. She stroked his cock lightly and I saw the beast starting to swell and rise. Ryan was moaning in appreciation.

"How," she started, pausing to find her words, "how can someone as small as you take something this big in your ass?"

"A sissy's body is a magical thing," I said, beaming with pride. I looked up at Ryan who was watching everything as the first girl in his life stroked his cock to its full size. I nodded to him and mouthed the words, "take charge."

He cleared his throat and said, "That's it little girl, stroke that big cock and get it hard so I can punish my slave for not being here, ready to serve me when I got back from class. If you are lucky, when I'm done with him, I'll let you and your friend be my little sluts too and let you play with it some more."

The look on Tara's and Lindsey's faces was priceless.

"But, if you two want to watch and see what I can do with this thing, you two have to get naked too. I demand that all my sluts do what I say, otherwise, you can get out and go back to your small dicked boyfriends," he said. I almost jumped for joy. No matter if they stayed now, word was going to quickly spread about Ryan.

They looked at him and then each other, smiled, shrugged and then nodded. These two quickly got undressed, faster than I would have thought they would. Their bodies were fantastic. Lindsey had creamy pale skin, small, perky breasts with light nipples and was completely shaven downtown with not so much as a landing strip. Tara's boobs seemed larger than they had when she was clothed, firm and tan like her body, with rock hard, dark nipples. She was shaved down below as well, but kept a patch of trimmed hair. She had the insignia of a Playboy bunny on her hipbone, obviously created when she tanned.

They now stood naked next to Ryan as I was still kneeling in front of him. He looked them over and I saw his cock twitch. He liked what he saw. I couldn't blame him. They were hot. Hell, I would have done them.

Ryan was momentarily captivated by the amount of naked college co-ed flesh on display for him, but he quickly gained his composure. "Um, why don't you two get on your knees on either side of my bitch here and see what I expect from someone who gets my cock," he said. These two girls were in awe and nodded and sat down on either side of me on their knees.

They were both captivated by the large member that jutted out from his body. He was a skinny, pale kid, but there was no denying the masculinity that throbbed in front of the three of us.

He walked forward, grasped his cock and started beating it on my face. "I'm not looking for a girlfriend, what I want are bitches that will do what I say and please me how I want. I want sluts who will drop anything for the chance to feel this inside of them," he said as he continued to beat his heavy log against my upturned face. They watched intently as his hard dick smacked against me. "Most of all, I want sluts who are willing to be my slaves and do what I want. If you think you can do that like this little cunt does, then maybe I'll let you have this too. Do you understand?"

They both nodded, but never took their eyes off of his dick.

"HEY," he said, raising his voice. "Look at me when you answer me. Do you......understand?" he stressed again.

The looked up at him, their eyes wide and they both nodded.

"No, I want to hear you say that you understand," he said.

"Yeah, we understand," said Tara. Lindsey said, "Yeah, got it."

"Sir," he said.

"What?" said Tara.

"Call me sir," he said, "or master like this bitch does."

Lindsey spoke first, her voice soft and squeaky. "Yes sir."

Tara still had her mouth open looking up at him. "Yes," she paused, "master. We understand."

I couldn't believe my ears. In such a short time span, this nerdy kid had three naked college kids, two of them girls and one me, naked in front of him and all calling him 'master' or 'sir'. I was so proud of this kid. It truly goes to show you how powerful a large cock can be.

"Good, now pay attention to how well this little cum dump handles my cock," he said. "This is what I will expect from you two as well, nothing less. Again, if you want this," he accentuated his words with a stronger slap on my face, "then you will submit the way she does."

With that, he then focused his attention on me and told me to, "Open up, bitch. Let's show these two bitches how we make my cock disappear."

I opened my mouth and he lined up his cock with my mouth and pushed in. He went in and out about a third of the way, getting accustomed to my mouth, getting his dick wet with my saliva and really showing off for the girls. They watched transfixed as he slowly pumped in and out of my face and then he grabbed my head in both hands and started pumping faster and deeper. Pretty soon I was taking over half of his cock in my mouth and more was being delivered to my throat with each push. He pulled out, slapped my face some more giving it at wet smacking sound and then telling me to lick his balls. I lapped away at them with my tongue and mouth and he let his meat rest on my face. I heard him moaning as I did my work.

He moved his resting cock back and forth on my face while I tongued his sac, smearing my face with saliva and sneering down at me. He then pulled back, lined up again and plunged back into my mouth. He grabbed my head again and began to violently fuck my face. He was not letting me suck his dick, he was taking charge and fucking my hole specifically for his pleasure and his pleasure alone. I loved it, don't worry, but I really had no say in the matter.

His cock was violently thrusting in and out of my mouth at an increased speed and I could tell he was enjoying the ability to show off to these two. My head was an extension of his hands and he used me to worship his cock. He sawed in and out of me, slapped my face with his cock and even with his hands the times that I would cough up saliva from chocking on his tool, pushed my face into his balls, smeared his meat on my face and the entire time, I heard him talking down to me, calling me names and telling me to "take it", etc. I could hear the girls gasping and moaning as they saw me thoroughly violated.

With his cock in my mouth, he slowed up and said, "Now for my magic trick. I'm going to make this cock fully disappear."

I knew what was coming. I was still gasping for breath from the harsh face fucking he was giving me, but I was dying to properly choke on his cock.

With his hands on my head, he pushed into my mouth and didn't stop, even when he reached the first bit of resistance. After yesterday and this morning, he knew I could take it. He pushed and pushed and then my nose made contact with his body, but he still pushed till I was smashed up against him.

He held me there and said, "This is what I expect from my sluts." He pulled out and I coughed and sputtered up saliva, but before I could recoup, he pushed back in and buried his cock in my mouth again. The girls were gasping and saying things like "Oh my God," and "shit," but to be honest, I couldn't really focus on them.

He did this a few more times and then pulled out of my throat and went back to fucking my face with maybe 2/3's of his cock. He then pulled out and pulled me up so that I could stand and he had me get on the bed like this morning with my head hanging off the side. He unceremoniously pushed back into my mouth and started fucking away again. The girls readjusted on either side of him, still on their knees, to watch him plow me at this angle.

He was being relentless in his assault on my mouth and at this angle, he had a great pathway into my throat and he was taking FULL advantage of it. "So, I'll let you two little sluts decide. Should I just continue fucking her mouth and then cum on her fucking face or do you want to watch me tear open her ass?"

"Oh wow, I don't know," said Tara, "what do you think Linds? I'm kind of torn."

Lindsey kept a very even tone as she said, "I want to see you fuck his ass because I am dying to have you in mine and I want to see someone take it first so I know it can be done."

Ryan was still slowly plowing into my mouth, down my throat, then pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in again. It was a fantastic feeling but I knew that I was about to get fucked for the second time today.

I heard Ryan laugh at Lindsey's comment and say, "sounds good to me. Trust me, it will fit. It will split you open, but I won't stop until it is buried inside of you and you are screaming like a split slut, begging me to fuck you harder and faster.

He pulled out of my mouth and helped me get up to where I was standing on the floor. He then turned me around and pushed me over my bed and started groping my ass and spanking it. He looked down at Lindsey and said, "Hey, cock slave number 2, go over to that box over there and grab the bottle of lube for me."

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