The Face-Painter Ch. 08


" what?" I asked, my curiosity level climbing to stratospheric levels.

"Pour me some more lemonade and I'll tell you." I poured him another glass and as we finished our lunch and sat back in our chairs, Andy told me his story...............

For the next few hours I sat mesmerized as Andy told me his amazing story. I barely said a word as he continued to speak, his voice weaving a tale of forbidden lust that echoed my own similar fantasies; only for him, they had become wonderfully real. I refilled his glass a number of times, not wanting his voice to fail on him during his lengthy narrative.

As I listened, riveted by his illicit tale, envy rose up in me, and yet at the same time, I was sincerely thrilled for my good friend. I couldn't believe how hot his story got as he told it. It started off with a flickering ember; then a few sparks ignited a rising flame that grew in intensity until the raging heat enveloped and swept away both he and his mother. Fuck, I couldn't believe it. There was so much he told me. Here I was thinking my best friend for so many years could never surprise me again, but boy, was I so very wrong. I always thought that there was much more to Andy than meets the eye, and the way her had managed to seduce his gorgeous busty mom shows how right I had always been. His story is a lengthy one..........too long to tell here, but well worth the read. I suggest to any followers of my story to check it out if you like hot mom/son stories. I talked Andy into posting it. It is under the title, "Educating Mom---Andy's Story". Trust me, you won't be disappointed. It took me some time to convince Andy to share it with all of you from his perspective, and trust me; you should definitely give it a try when he posts it.

"And so, that brings us to the point where I show up on your doorstep, looking like I've been 'put through the ringer'; I think that's the expression you used. I guess now, you know why." Andy sat back in his chair and took another lengthy drink, I'm sure his throat was parched from talking for so long.

"That is incredible," I said as I just sat and looked at him. I felt a big grin start to spread across my face. "You lucky bastard; I am so jealous!"

We shared a chuckle before he pointed at me with an accusatory finger. "Hey, just wait. If things go well on this date with your mother tonight, maybe you'll have a similar story to tell me. And promise me, if something happens, you will tell me, right?"

After what he had told me, if something did happen, how could I not? "Of course, after what you've just told me, I'd feel too guilty not to." I paused for a second as he nodded his head in agreement. After listening to what I'd just said about feeling guilty, I felt a few little pangs shoot through me at what I'd already failed to mention. "There is something I probably should have told you last night, but you kind of ran out of the restaurant in a hurry."

"What's that?" I could see his own curiosity was piqued now. Neither Andy nor I are the kind of guys who 'kiss and tell', but we trust each other to keep the information we reveal to each other secret. We know no one else we didn't want to would learn about our affairs through either of us.

"You know Margaret next door, right?"

"Yes?" he replied questioningly as he sat forward in his chair with a mischievous glint in his eye. Obviously, thoughts of the sexy Margaret were putting his senses on high alert. I proceeded to tell him what had happened with Margaret over the past couple of days. I never mentioned a word about Zoey; there were some things I just knew I couldn't tell him, not at this point anyways. He listened attentively, and I noticed that he refilled my glass a couple of times, just as I'd done for him.

When I finished and sat back, he just looked at me, an incredulous look on his face this time; which I'm sure mirrored the one that had been on my face just a short time ago. "Jesus, what a hot story," he said as he let out a low whistle of admiration. "So she......she's as hot as she looks."

I took my index finger, touched the tip to my lips and then placed it on my other forearm. "SSSSSSSSSS," I hissed, making a hot sizzling sound. This brought a big chuckle from Andy and I joined in as well. Sharing our recent good fortune with each other seemed to bring us closer together once more; I could see it in his eyes, and I'm sure he could see it in mine.

"Well," he said as put his hands flat on the patio table and stood up, "after listening to that story, I've gotta go home and see what I can do to keep up with you."

"You left your mom there?"

"Yeah, she was still sleeping when I left, with my cum all over her and leaking out of her. After last night, she'll probably still be asleep when I get back."

"Oh, and I'm sure a dutiful son like you will just rush back and make sure you give her more of what you think she needs, right?" I said with a playful smile on my face.

"Of course," he replied holding his hands up innocently, "as her son, I think it's my job to fulFILL all her needs." I noticed he specifically emphasized the 'fill' part of 'fulfill'. "Besides, when she wakes up, she's gonna need to be fed, and I know exactly what's gonna satisfy that hunger."

"Oh, I bet you do." He helped me gather up the dishes and we carried the stuff inside. I filled the dishwasher as Andy headed toward the door.

"So," he said as he turned to me, one hand on the doorknob, "are we good?"

"Couldn't be better," I replied as I gave him a comforting nod. "Andy, I'm really happy for you."

He paused and just looked at me, a warm smile on his face. "Thanks, that means a lot. And hey, tonight?" He raised his eyebrows for a second questioningly as he brought both hands up and I watched as he crossed the index fingers and middle fingers of each hand and showed them to me. I knew what he meant; he was wishing me good luck on my date with my mother. He knew from what we'd shared over the past twenty-four hours how much I wanted her. But right now, I could only dream it would go as well with her as things had gone between him and his mother.

"Me too," I replied, holding up my own crossed fingers. He slapped my arm good-naturedly and left.

I checked the clock and realized I didn't have a lot of time before I was due to pick up my mother. I stripped off my clothes, took a long hot shower and shaved, nice and close. I wanted to look my absolute best for this date. I combed my hair, brushed my teeth and then went into my bedroom to get dressed.

I pulled out what I had decided on, starting with a nice pair of black fitted boxers. An open-necked black dress shirt was next, followed by a slim-fitting charcoal gray Hugo Boss suit I'd bought a short time back. My mother had only seen me in it once before and I knew she loved it. I finished dressing and completed the whole outfit with a pair of black Steve Madden slip-ons that were my favorites. I'd had many compliments from women on those dress shoes and I loved them. Not only did they look great, but they were incredibly comfortable too. Putting everything together, I stepped in front of the mirror and looked myself up and down. "Not bad," I thought to myself as I made a couple of final adjustments to the collar and cuffs of the shirt. Knowing my mother had wanted me to get dressed up for the occasion; I looked once more in the mirror and thought she would approve. It set my mind to wondering what she was going to be wearing. I was almost licking my lips in anticipation.

I slipped my wallet into the inside pocket of the jacket along with my cell phone. Grabbing my keys, I checked my hair one last time and headed out, the weather still perfect as the sun slowly started to drift towards the horizon. I fired up Sally and headed out, a million thoughts racing through my mind. I felt as nervous as I'd been on my first date in high school. I think it was a combination of two things primarily; excitement at actually going out with just about the most beautiful sexy woman I could think of, and nervousness as I had absolutely no idea how this date was going to go, or what to expect. All the other dates I'd been on, well, I always had a feeling of what to expect, how I would react, how the girls or women would react to me.......but here......I had no idea what to expect from my mother. I kept wondering if I had read too much into that secretive kiss she'd given me the other day out by her pool; or the steamy little episode as we fed each other whipped cream from our fingers. Fuck...that had been hot! Just thinking about it had my cock starting to rise in my pants, and that was the last thing I wanted right now; to arrive at her door with an embarrassing bulge in my shorts.

I turned on the radio in an effort to occupy my mind as I maneuvered my way through traffic. I hit the selection for the all-sports station and concentrated on listening to the scores. It seemed to work as I felt my stiffening cock slowly start to recede. "Good boy," I said with a quick glance down to my crotch as I made my way the final few blocks to my mother's house. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed my Aunt Julia's BMW parked in front of the garage.

"Well hello, handsome." I heard as I climbed out of my car and closed the door behind me.

"Aunt Julia," I said as I saw my mother's younger sister closing the front door of the house. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I came over to give your mother some moral support before this big date of yours tonight," she replied with a smile as she sauntered across the driveway towards me. "Plus, she needed me to help zip up her dress; which you are going to absolutely love, by the way."

I smiled back as she slowly walked towards me, those wide mature hips of hers swaying seductively with each smooth step. I was sure I'd love my mother's dress when I saw it, but that wasn't why I was grinning right now; it was looking at Aunt Julia that was making me feel this way.

Aunt Julia was my mother's divorced 45-year old younger sister, with two years separating them. They were both incredibly attractive with similar facial features and mannerisms. There were two noticeable differences, starting with their height. Aunt Julia was slightly taller than my mother, standing about 5'-8" compared to my mother's 5'-6". The other difference was their hair color. While my mother's was that beautiful frosty blonde that I loved so much, Aunt Julia's was a rich chestnut brown. It usually fell in long lustrous waves past her shoulders, but today, she had it pulled back in a ponytail, nicely displaying her pretty face. One feature they both shared was the generous bosom common to the female side of my family. And Aunt Julia had definitely gotten her fair share in that department. They were just slightly smaller than my mother's tremendous set, but definitely more than a mouthful.

I looked her up and down as she walked towards me, my eyes first zeroing in on her sizable tits. She looked like she had just come off the golf course as she was wearing a bubblegum pink golf shirt over a slightly lighter pink golf skirt. The little skirt ended high on her thighs, revealing a lot of her gorgeous tanned legs. Her open-necked golf shirt hugged her lush body deliciously, especially over the impressive mounds on her chest. With the late-day sun hitting her from the side, I could see her large nipples casting teasing shadows on the smooth pink fabric of her top. My eyes followed her long smooth legs down, ending in a pair of white tennis shoes. I could see she had on a pair of ankle socks with little pink bobbles at the back. The whole outfit was extremely cute, yet also incredibly sexy. I don't know what it is about female tennis players, golfers, or gymnasts, but it didn't take long for my libido to start soaring when I see them dressed in their gear. And the way my Aunt's voluptuous mature body looked in that outfit, my dick started to twitch once more.

"Did you and Mom go golfing today?" I asked as I casually pointed towards her outfit.

"Oh no," she replied with a smile as she kind of looked at herself, as if she'd forgotten what she was wearing. "No, your mom spent the day pampering herself. She was at the spa for quite a while and then at the hair salon. I just came over a little while ago. I'm wearing this because I was at the driving range. I need the practice. I've got a wicked hook that I'm trying get rid of." She made a motion of a golf swing that ended with her head motioning to the left, the direction her ball normally went when she hooked it.

"Maybe you need a stiffer shaft?" I couldn't resist. I saw her hesitate and flush slightly at the double entendre of my words.

"Wh....what?" she kind of gasped out.

"Yeah, for beginners, quite often hooks are caused by clubs that are a little too whippy; you know....a little too flexible."

"Do you think so?"

"Well, that could be it. Maybe if you were gripping a stiffer shift, the problem would go away." I saw her flush once more, the skin on her neck and face almost becoming the same color as her pink shirt. I could see her thinking about what I'd said, and then she seemed to mentally make a decision to try and determine the true meaning of my words; or at least to have some fun trying to find out.

"What about your clubs, Connor? Do yours have a stiffer shaft than most people?" She had a small smile playing at the corner of her gorgeous mouth as she asked this flirtatious question.

"Oh yeah, I've been playing with stiff shafts since I was a young teenager." I saw her eyes open wide as I said this, her delicate hand going unconsciously to her throat. "You know, once you get used to it, I'm sure you'd love the feel of it in your hands. Just slowly wrapping one hand over the other on a club with a stiff shaft, you can just kind of feel the power lurking within it. And I've found that when you make that stroke just right, you'll almost be able to feel in your hands just how long and straight you can make it go." I paused for a second as she stood transfixed in place, her flushed face now glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration. "If you can get used to the feel of something that stiff in your hands, you'll be surprised how straight and deep you can drive it. A couple of nice shots like that, and the next thing you know, you'll have it right in the hole."

I could see her mouth hanging open in surprise, her breath coming in short little gasps as she listened to what I was saying. She seemed totally in shock, and I decided I better do something to let her get out of this situation and still save her dignity.

"But hey, maybe you're just a lousy golfer and nothing will help," I said as I made a wry face and threw my hands up into the air.

"Oh you!" She playfully gave me gentle shove on the shoulder as a broad smile spread over her face. "Hey listen, how about you give me a lesson sometime?" She paused for a second and gave me a devilish little grin before continuing. "After all, I don't want to end being a hooker for the rest of my life." We both had a good chuckle at that.

"Okay, deal. How about I call you sometime this week?"

"I'd love that," she said as she stood on her tip-toes and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "And make sure your mother has a nice time tonight; she deserves it."

"I know; I'll do whatever I can to make her happy."

She paused for a second and looked at me. I could see a look of pride on her face that warmed me inside. "I know you will. Every mother should have a son like you." She gave me another quick kiss and then got into her car. I bet she had no idea what I wanted to do with my mother, but then again, from the flirtatious repartee we'd just engaged in, maybe she did.

"Okay, I'll see you sometime this week then," she said as she put her car into reverse and slowly started to back out. As I nodded towards her, she gave me a last little wink. "I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on that club of yours with the stiff shaft." I chuckled inwardly as she backed fully out of the driveway and drove away, leaving me with that teasing gem to mull over. Maybe I was right, maybe she wouldn't be surprised if she knew how badly I wanted to bury over 10" of hard thick cock deep inside her gorgeous older sister. And I would definitely have no objection to feeding it into any of Aunt Julia's hot tight holes either.

With Aunt Julia's provocative statement still ringing in my ears, I adjusted my twitching pecker in my pants as I made my way to the front door. I knocked and let myself in. "Mom," I called out as I walked further into the house.

"I'll be out in minute, honey." I heard her voice come from the direction of her bedroom. I walked into the kitchen and waited, nervous as a skittish jackrabbit. I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself. Man, I hadn't been this nervous since my very first date when I was a bumbling teenager. I got a drink of water and took a deep slug, trying to get myself under control.

"Well, what do you think?" My mother's soft lilting voice came to my ears at the same time I heard the telltale clack-clack of her high-heeled shoes on the tile floor. I turned around towards her as she stepped into the room and stopped, facing me from about ten feet away.

"Oh wow!" I thought to myself as I stared at her, totally stunned. I had seen my mother dressed up many times over the years, and she had always looked great. But maybe it was because I hadn't seen her look this way since my dad died, or maybe she just looked even better than I remembered, but whatever it was, the way she was dressed right now absolutely took my breath away.

She was wearing a sleek red silk dress that hugged her curvy mature body like a glove. The dress had little cap sleeves and a mandarin collar that gave it an Asian look. The shimmering silk fabric glistened as it followed the supple flowing curves of her delectable hourglass figure. My eyes followed the inviting lines of the rich-looking shiny fabric down over her wide matronly hips and then inwards as it adhered tightly to her upper thighs. The dress came down in a tight inviting V-shape as it flatteringly clung to her thighs before ending a few inches above her knees. Her long toned legs were bare and they glistened just like the dress. I don't know if she had just shaved them, or if they had some kind of oil or cream on them, but whatever is was, they looked incredibly sexy. The smooth shiny skin on her sleek legs drew my eyes downward to her shoes; a pair of 4" high red sandals that alluringly contained her delicate feet. The sole was nice and slim, not like those ugly chunky-soled heels some women or strippers wear. These were slim, sleek, delicate, and extremely sexy. Her toenails were painted the same brilliant red as the dress and they were clearly visible in front of a series of fine narrow red bands that covered the lower part of her foot from one side to the other. Her shoes were totally open from there to the back, where an inverted red leather V-shape rose above the 4" stiletto heel up the back of her foot. Another tiny red band circled her slim ankle to hold the gorgeous sexy shoe in place. The sleek-looking shoe and fine tapered heel made her long glistening legs look spectacular, and I felt a stirring in my groin as my eyes slid up and down over her shapely alabaster columns.

Gulping noticeably as I stared, I let my eyes roam back up over her lush magnificent body. The tight dress nipped in flatteringly at her narrow waist; and now my eyes looked upward. I could see that the shiny silk fabric was stretched tightly as it fought to contain those tremendous breasts of hers. I guess having a big pair of 34Fs being packed in is not something that most dresses are required to handle. But I could see that this dress had been designed especially for someone with a figure like my mother's; and it was this that made this particular dress so breathtaking.

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