The Factory


He inched forward and forced more of it into my mouth with each forward movement, until I felt it harden again and push slightly into my throat and then began to fuck my mouth with it. Mr. Brighton came up between my legs and pushed his cock into my sopping hole and stroked it in and out while his nephew did the same with my mouth.

Soon, I came again, feeling both ends of me filled with man sized cocks and relishing the feeling. I spasmed on the desk as they assaulted my orifices and Tod bent down and roughly bit my small tit and I lost it again as I reeled from another orgasm. I didn't want this to stop, oh how I loved it! Two cocks, not one, but two! And man sized at that, not Richard's little pathetic cock, only wanting to blow it's load, but real cocks that sent waves of pleasure over me. I came again with that thought and as I spasmed again on the desk, these two cocks filled both ends of me at once and that thought pushed me into another orgasm.

I drained them both and Tod stood there with his cock in my mouth, toying with my tits, "It's a shame her tits aren't as big as her mother's," he said and I couldn't believe what I had heard.

After they both withdrew, I asked Mr. Brighton about it, "Oh yes Kim, we fucked your mother right before you. And we told her that you were next," and they smiled at each other, "Now, get dressed and get the fuck back to work!" He barked at me as he pulled on his clothes. I pulled my clothes back on and slithered out of his office, still not believing him, 'not mom' I thought.

I showered after my shift and walked home, milling over the new circumstances that had come up. I could see mom was upset when I got home, "Let's sit and talk baby," she said as we moved towards the sofa. She took my hand in hers, "Baby, I've had to fuck Mr. Brighton almost from my first day of work," she confided to me, "We had to live baby, and he was going to fire me if I didn't."

She pushed her head to my shoulder and cried, I patted her back. "He told me if I didn't do it, he'd fire us both," I told her as my tears flowed.

"All of those times that I got called into work, was to fuck him or someone he had promised a good time to," she confessed and her tears intensified. We sat there in each others arms for awhile and then the phone rang and she got up to answer it and she came back and sat down and took my hand again.

"It was him baby, he wants us both at the same time, right now. We can leave if you want, we don't have to do this. We'll make it some how," she tried to comfort me.

"We have to do as he says for now mom, we can't think about leaving until we're prepared," I said as I stroked her hair.

"Yes, baby, you're right," and we got up to leave. We hardly spoke as we drove to his home, a big house set way back off the road. She pulled up front and we got out and went to the door, and were shown to a large drawing room. We sat and soon were joined by Tod and his uncle and they stood in front of us trying to decide which one got which woman.

They led us to a large room in the back of the house and told us to strip, and mom and I nervously fumbled to take our clothes off. I hadn't seen my mom naked for a couple of years, and kept glancing over as she stripped, she was a beautiful woman! Her tits were like large cantaloupes, very firm and had big nipples jutting out, and her hips were a little larger than mine and her body formed an hour glass design, whereas mine was fairly uniform with little shape to it. Not that I was fat, but my waist just barely showed over my hips. She had a nicely trimmed brown bush and over her slit, she was shaved clean.

Tod grabbed mom by the shoulders and pushed her to her knees and pushed his cock to her lips and she took it in and began to suck him. Mr. B did the same with me and mom and I knelt there as we both had our mouths fucked. Tod came first, violently as he grabbed a handful of mom's hair and screamed as he unloaded into her mouth, I could see her trying to swallow it.

Mr. B soon followed, his jism running down my chin as I fought to swallow it all. Then they switched and repeated the blow jobs, becoming erect in our mouths and Tod reached down and grabbed a handful of my tit and squeezed as he came and his cum mixed with his uncle's on my chin. Mr. B soon shot his load into mom's mouth and she struggled to keep it in her mouth as it leaked out of the corners.

They sat down and had a drink and mom and I went over to the sink and cleaned up, and I told her that everything would be alright. She touched my shoulder and said that she was sorry for everything and I assured her that it wasn't her fault, I was a big girl now and she gave me a hug and a kiss. Tod then instructed mom to suck his uncle and he was going to fuck her doggy and I was to watch, because it was my turn next.

My mom looked so hot being assaulted from both ends at once, her body is so hot and watching her tits thrash as she was fucked made me jealous, as mine didn't have enough to them to hardly move. They fucked her with a fury as they plowed into both ends of her at once and I saw them jerk and pump my mom full all at once.

Tod slapped her ass as he withdrew, causing her to jump, and he laughed. Mom stayed there on her hands and knees as Mr. B emptied his remaining cum into her mouth and then she got up and sat on the chair, wiping her chin. They had another drink and then beckoned me to assume mom's previous position and I hesitantly did. This time, they switched places and soon I felt Mr. B's cock slide into me from behind and Tod stuck his cock in my mouth.

They fucked me like a tag team as they coordinated their assaults and soon they both came again, only this time in me. They finished and pulled their cocks out of me and I moved over to sit next to mom. "Y'all can go now," Mr. B said and turned to fix another drink. Mom and I got dressed and as we were leaving, I told mom I needed to use the bathroom and she went on to the car.

When I finally came out to the car, I had mom move over and I drove. She looked puzzled as I took the ramp to the interstate, "Where you going, baby?" she asked me. I opened my shirt and pulled out a wad of $100 bills, "Wherever we want mom," and smiled, as I had went to the bathroom, I opened the wrong door and there before me was an open safe and I had seen to it that mom and I were compensated for our time. We never looked back and they were too scared to report it.

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