tagLoving WivesThe Fallout Ch. 01

The Fallout Ch. 01


* Firstly, apologies for not writing again sooner. I hope its worth the wait. Reading chapter three of Jade's Special Day would help before reading this, but not essential.


For at least a month after Jade played the part of my slave for the day, we were still enjoying the aftershocks of such an erotic and naughty game, fucking more regularly than usual and recounting the various adventures, especially Jade, who loves to talk dirty.

She was very cool about me having those naked pictures of Adele, and I knew she had been taking sneaky peeks through the 'borrowed' snaps herself, mainly to see the few Paul had obviously sent Adele with his hard cock in his hand... probably while they were away from each other through work.

For those unfamiliar with our previous story, Jade, under orders as my slave, had swiped her friend's phone, leaving her own cell behind at Adele's house. As soon as we arrived back at home, Jade phoned Adele, innocently announcing her 'mistake', only for Adele to send Paul to ours to swap the phones back. Needless to say, I was sure Paul would have spent his time in the cab over, rifling through Jades pictures, and no doubt copying them to his own cell. I had earlier taken two pictures of Jade naked, sleeping and handcuffed to our bed. Thankfully it was a fairly new phone, otherwise he would have gotten a lot more!

Jade and I had met up with our favourite couple several times since, but not once did he mention the phone swap. I had realised that Paul must be under the illusion that I never once got my hands on Adele's phone. Jade lifted it, Jade give it back to him at the front door of our house. Perfect! I was free of suspicion! It was Paul who must have been feeling guilty!

It must have been nearly two months later that my water-tight plan began to leak a little. I received a text from Adele.

''Luke, meet me after work at the usual place. Tell nobody. NOT EVEN JADE! Promise?''

The usual place was a bar that the four of us would often gather at, as it was close enough to all of our work places, when we were all lucky enough to be based in town. Baffled, I replied.

''Sure Adele. Everything okay?''

Her return text was immediate.

''Just be there.''

Paul was into computers and would often go away to offices out of town to set up their networks, or something like that. Jade goes to Yoga on a wednesday so it was no big deal if I was a little late, or even if I went from a drink with Adele.

My mind raced. I got a little paranoid about what Adele might or might not know, but convinced myself that there was no way she could know about my pictures of her. No way. What could Paul have done? He wasn't having an affair, thats for sure. He wouldn't, and even if he did he would confide in me. I returned to my work, resigned to confusion, knowing that I would find out soon enough...

I tried my best to keep to the speed limit, eventually arriving to find Adele at a small corner table, taking a huge gulp of her drink of choice, Vodka Tonic, and looking absolutely distraught. I sat down, and straight away said hello and asked her what was up.

''I think you'd better get a drink, and I'll have another double while you are there.''

I didn't know what to say, so just headed to the bar and ordered, all the while processing the situation. She obviously wasn't angry with me, so this was something totally unrelated to the pictures. Thats a good thing, at least.

''So,'' I said with purpose as I presented her with a full glass, ''tell me what's going on.''

''Paul, I'm so sorry,'' she blurted out, trying to stop herself crying at the same time. ''Paul and Jade are having an affair.''

I couldn't help it but I let out a shocked half-snort, half-laugh.

''What? What are you... listen, Paul would never cheat on you and Jade is definitely not cheating on me... especially with Paul.''

Her expression remained solemn, as she calmly reached into her pocket, pulled out her phone, touched the screen a few times and turned it to face me...

There, in all her glory, was Jade; naked, asleep and handcuffed to our bed.

I looked away for a split second as my natural reaction was to smile with relief, realising that Adele had put two and two together and got five. I returned to meet her gaze, putting the best puzzled look on my face as I could. I downed my drink and said, ''I need another.''

I headed back to the bar, buying some time to formulate a plan. I looked at the optics behind the bar and saw that the gin was running low, and asked for a double gin and tonic to go with Adele's Vodka, knowing that the barman would have to change the bottle. Think, Luke, think.

''Thanks, Luke. I need a fucking drink right now.''

''Steady on Adele, we need to keep a clear mind. I am sure there is a semi-reasonable explanation for this. Where did you find the picture?''

''On his phone. There were two of them, very similar. I can't believe they would do this to us.''

I asked to see the picture again, a pre-cursor to my plan kicking into action.

''Luke, don't put yourself through...''

''Just show me it...

''Adele, I have some news for you. Paul didn't take this. I did.''

Her eyes doubled in size, and all she could manage to do was splutter out a questioning noise.

''I took these on Adele's phone as a joke a couple of months ago as she slept, knowing that she would discover them at work at some stage. How did Paul get them?''

I waited for the penny to drop, but it didn't. Adele was still trying to work things out in her head.

''Hey,'' I said forcefully, ''this means they may not be having an affair after all. Maybe they just exchanged a few rude texts after that night when you both flaunted yourselves in that underwear.''

That should do the trick. The light came on...

''That little fucker! You took these on Adele's phone, and he returned it that night, remember? He must have went through her photos and copied them. That little prick. Look what he's put me through!''

Her hurt had turned quickly to rage. I couldn't help but feel a little pleased with myself for turning this whole situation around.

''I am so sorry Luke. You must want to punch him hard, but believe me, I will take care of that for you.''

Now to protect my friend...

''Honestly, I have to say, if I was in that same situation, I would feel tempted to look Adele. It's just the way men are... even faithful ones like Paul and myself.''

''Really? If you had my phone you would look through it?''

''Look, I am not saying I would do it, but I can understand why he did. I am just relieved that's all it is and not something more. I am a little hurt he did it, but remember how drunk he was? And remember how you had both gotten us horny with your exhibitionism? Its not an excuse but, really, I forgive him, even though he has been a little stupid.''

I saw her shoulders visible drop a little.

''Jesus, what a day. I need time to think. I hear what you are saying but I am still annoyed. Please keep this quiet for now Paul. I will tell Jade myself soon. He is not going to get away with this lightly. Can we meet again tomorrow, same time?''

I agreed and, with little room for small talk, I offered to drop her home, but when she refused I made my excuses. I only had that one drink, hardly touching my gin, so I was fine to drive. I got home to find Jade in the shower. She must have just beaten me back from yoga. I couldn't wait to tell her!

I had informed her ages ago about the pictures I had taken of her while she slept and we had discussed the possibility that Paul may have taken them. She was cool about it, seeing it as another crazy chapter in what was an amazing day. All this scandal had gotten me horny and Jade hadn't bothered to dress yet since exiting the shower, so before long we were giggling and fondling each other, half talking about todays big news and half groping each other.

''I can't believe she thought I would have an affair with Paul! I have seen his cock. It's similar to yours. Rest assured if I ever cheat on you it will be with someone who has at least ten inches!''

We laughed and I feigned offence before the talking stopped and we fell back onto the bed, ready to paw each other with added lust.

The next day went fairly fast at work, interrupted only by texts from Jade reminding me to call her once I had met Adele again. Before long, I was back in the bar, in the same seat, and before long Adele confidently swept in and bounced down beside me, her blond her swinging in the wind, her firm, perfectly sized tits pressing against the fabric of her business-like white blouse. She was a different woman from yesterday.

''Your vodka is ready, madam,'' I jested. ''Nice to see you smiling.''

''Well, I am excited! I have thought about what you said and, yes, he was stupid but I can see why, on that particular night, he may have been tempted to steal those pictures. However, I want to make him pay. He has to learn a lesson. I can see why he did it, but it was still wrong.''

I was intrigued. Adele was feisty enough normally but she could hardly sit still as she stared at me, awaiting the obvious question.

''What are you up to?''

''Well, if that little pervert wants to see other women naked, then its only right you should see me naked too!''

I laughed, which to her must have appeared as shock, but it was actually genuine because Jade had already stolen those pictures from Adele's phone! I asked her to proceed.

''Well, I think we should have this drink, then go to your house and tell Jade what has been happening. Then, if its okay with you, I would like you and Jade to take some pictures of me, which I can then present to Paul in a photo album when he returns from out of town tomorrow. That will fucking teach the bastard!''

I laughed again, saying that it was a brilliant idea and that I was glad that she wasn't as angry with him and saw it for what it was. I told her to give me a second as I had to make a work call, and headed outside, promptly blurting out the entire story to Jade, reminding her that Adele told me not to tell her anything!

When we returned home, Jade acted surprised to see Adele, then bounced into the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine. She was all smiles and was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tight white t-shirt, knowing full well how inappropriate that outfit was for what she was about to hear. Naughty girl. As Adele recounted the full story, Jade won an Oscar for facial expressions... concerned, shocked, angry and eventually mischievous. I just sat there, not believing my luck. Our sordid phone swapping had been partly uncovered, yet I was going to get to photograph Adele naked with my girlfriend's blessing! Talk about landing on my feet. I could already feel my dick twitching in anticipation, but I had to play it very cool.

''So, what do you say Jade? You will be there, and we can have fun. Luke will get to see me naked but big deal! It will teach Paul a lesson he will never forget.''

''Fuck yeah. Let's drink first!''

Over the next hour we put away three bottles of wine, and I hardly had to say a thing, as the girls just got more and more excited with their evil plan. Eventually, Jade took the lead and said, ''Right, let's do this in the bedroom.''

I grabbed the camera... the same one Jade and I had used in the park on that very day, and we climbed the stairs.

''Right, lets not hang around. I will strip, and take pictures for every item of clothing. That will be good for a start!''

I had to actually stop her from undoing her blouse, explaining that I needed I picture of her fully clothed. She stood beside the bed, striking a pose.

Jade was goading her on, whistling and laughing drunkenly as she undone button after button of her blouse, slowly opening it, then sliding it over her shoulders and letting it drop. Her tits were encase in a lacy white bra, but I had little time to dwell on it, as she reached for the zip on her grey knee-high skirt and began to unfasten it. Within two minutes, she went from fully clothed to standing in just her heels and underwear.

Her white panties matched her bra, lacy and full, much like a normal pair but expensive, sexy and tight against her pussy. She turned slightly, lifting one leg onto the bed and half removing a shoe, before looking down the camera lens and winking. Definitely the best picture yet!

Jade was brilliant, keeping the whole situation hysterical, giving a running commentary. It was more like a girls night in! She even referenced the fact that my cock was hard and trying to burst through my work pants, and Adele just sniggered along, saying that Jade could take care of that later.

The other shoe was lost and she turn her back to me, undoing the clasp of her bra, but holding it in place, waiting to hear the clicks of my camera before moving on.

She must have been beyond drunk as she had lost any possible inhibitions, turning to face me and dropping the bra immediately to the floor. Jade hollered some more, swigging from a wine bottle then passing it to Adele, who did the same before handing it back. This gave me thirty seconds rest to enjoy the scene, knowing that both girls were comfortable and not at all put out by how turned on I was. Again, I just smiled and said little. They were in charge and I didn't want to ruin anything!

Jade's dirty tongue soon got the better of her...

''Okay you little slut! Off with those fucking panties! Paul got to see my pussy, so its time to level the score! An eye for an eye!''

Not only did Adele start to remove her panties, but she turned away again and slowly peeled them off, inch by inch, as they first revealed the top of her ass, then even further, then further still, then began to peel away from her pussy. I was in a dreamland as they fell to the floor and I saw her in all her glory, bent over from behind, still standing, but tits pressed on the bed and ass in the air.

For the first time, things were a little silent. Adele turned around and placed her snowy-white ass back down on the edge of the bed, reaching her legs out in front of me with her feet on the ground, then spread her legs open a little, maybe about three quarters of the way. This caused her pussy to be fully exposed from the front, and I could see that her natural instinct had kicked in and her wetness was there for Jade and I to see.

''Fuck you Paul.'' she said with a devilish grin on her face.

I snapped a few shots, but then the camera stopped capturing this unbelievable sight. I realised that I had filled the entire memory card, so I cursed myself out loud and said I would be back in just a minute, dashing downstairs to fetch another memory card I had from our last holiday. Switch made, I took the stairs in threes, making it back to the room to be greeted by a true vision...

There, handcuffed to the bed in exactly the same position Jade had been on the pictures Paul had copied, was Adele. My mouth fell open and both girls bellowed with intoxicated laughter.

''Time for the finale Luke.''

I lifted the camera, stood in exactly the same place I had when Jade had been sleeping, and took the replica shot, the only difference being that my green eyed brunette with the peachy ass had been replaced by her blonde friend and her tight ass and perfectly trimmed blonde cunt.

I quite simply couldn't believe what had just happened, and wasn't going to waste an opportunity to get one last souvenir. Also, I knew Jade would be soaking wet and as horny as hell.

''I have an idea.''

''I bet you do!'' wailed Jade as she freed her naked mate, ''but thats not going to happen!'' They high fived each other in jest as Adele sat upright on the bed.

''No, of course not, but why not do a picture that Paul will never get to see? That would really teach him a lesson and when we all put this behind us it will be something you can tease him with forever.''

They looked intrigued and, for once, were quiet!

''Go on.''

''Well, if Jade slips her clothes off, and you both get on the bed on your knees facing each other, arms around each other, looking at the camera, we can make that the last picture in the album, but crop it so his copy begins just above your tits. He then gets a frustrating glimpse of the picture he will never get to see fully!''

There was a smile on Jades face, but we waited but Adele to speak.

''Brilliant, Luke, although I can't help thinking you might cum in your pants in the next five minutes.''

Jade jumped to her feet, ripping her clothes off like a teenager and bouncing onto the bed, joking with Adele and, once again, making the situation so easy.

''Come on you slut! Let me get my hands on you!''

They laughed, and I snapped as Jade placed her hands on Adele's waist, and Jade placed hers around Adele's shoulders. I told them to move a little closer, hoping their tits would touch but they were onto me, telling me that this was as far as they were going, which happened to place their nipples about an inch away from each other. I managed to shoot off five or six snaps before they broke off the heavenly coupling and began to dress, in-between swigs of wine and triumphant boasting about what Paul would think when he saw it.

We returned downstairs and eventually my erection subsided, only for it to rise again once we sorted through the files together. At one stage, with a girl at either side of me, Jade actually reached down and gave me a mocking rub, as they both laughed at my predicament. We selected our favourite 15 snaps and printed them on our colour printer. Adele asked me to print the shot of them both together in all its glory, then proceeded to rip it at the relevant point, and before long we had assembled Adele's first ever jaw dropping series of 'public' pictures in an unused photo album.

She then asked for a piece of paper, and wrote a simple message on it...

''Paul, this is what you could have had if you had only asked nicely. Instead, Luke got a real treat, and I am sure he will enjoy telling you all about it for the next 100 years. Darling, I hope you have been taught a lesson. On behalf of Jade, Luke and myself, consider yourself forgiven.''

In my book, I call that poetry!

Job done, Adele fell into a taxi, hopelessly drunk, and set off home. She had planned to leave the photo album on the coffee table for him to get when he returned from out of town tomorrow, while she was at work.

Once out of sight, Jade and I closed the door and literally ripped each others clothes off. My fingers were inside her in seconds, much like a couple of teenagers behind a tree in a park. It was quick, fast and brutal, as I literally turned her to face the wall and stuck my cock inside her dripping, perfectly kept cunt. We were like animals, as she begged me to cum inside her, and within minutes I roughly stabbed her pussy as I unloaded stream after stream inside her. We were spent, but very happy indeed.

I offered to take care of her needs but she said she needed to sleep before she passed out and we headed up to the bedroom where, not long before, something quite unique had taken place.

Thankfully, the picture taking had kept me away from a few bottles of booze, so while Jade passed out immediately, my brain was full of thoughts of tomorrow, and what Paul would think and do when he discovered the photo album.

He can't get angry, as the whole thing is his fault. Or so he will think! He may even apologise to me! Well, I will soon find out. Sleep time.

To be continued...

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