tagLoving WivesThe Fallout Ch. 02

The Fallout Ch. 02


As my eyes opened the next morning, my very first thoughts were of the night before. Right where I lay now, just twelve hours ago, my best friend's partner, Adele, had been handcuffed naked.

Today, Paul would return home from work to discover the nude photo album of Adele, made by Jade and I as payback for his theft of two naked pictures from my better half Jade's cellphone. Little did he or Adele know that the phone swap had been initiated by Jade and I in the first place, as recounted in previous stories.

It felt like the day after Christmas as I headed to the shower, leaving Jade still sleeping off the alcohol. She started work a little later than I did today, so I quietly dressed and headed off to buy coffee for my slightly thudding, yet buzzing head. I knew Paul was due home at some time, but didn't know quite when, so rarely ten minutes went by when I wasn't checking my phone for a missed call or a text from my pal. I was still confident he would realise he had been caught being a devious little pervert, and would see the creativity of the payback, and realise that things could have been a whole lot worse if Adele had have held onto her original view that Paul had betrayed her.

Lunch came and went and, still, no contact. I spent the afternoon in a three hour meeting when, on several occasions, I drifted off into my own sordid thoughts, only to be brought back down to earth by a frustrated colleague. Work over, and still nothing. I returned home a little before Jade and had just rustled up a risotto for dinner when she burst throughout he door.

''Well?'' she said, her face flush with anticipation.

We had both agreed not to contact Paul or Adele, and let them make the first move. After all, Adele might still want some harsh words with her man, and Paul might need some time to process the string of events that led to him being presented with a solo porn album of his other half... not to mention the ripped of picture of Adele and Jade.

''Nothing. Not even a text. I am still not worried though. I am sure they are waiting until Adele gets home and they talk things out.''

Jade wasn't convinced, and started speculating that Paul might feel the punishment outweighed the crime. The more she wildly guessed what may or may not be going on, the more I started to lose confidence. By eleven o'clock, we headed to bed none the wiser, and it was only as we were climbing into bed that my phone vibrated. We both froze on the spot, as I reached over to the bedside table. A text received, and the name on the screen was Paul.

''Well? Is it from them?''

''From him.''

''Well fucking open it then Luke! I am dying here!''

I swipe the 'unlock' and up popped the response we had been waiting for.

''Luke, I had no idea what to think when I got home, but Adele explained everything. I believe that's what they call 'getting even'. I am sorry, but you more than paid me back. Lucky bastard. The reason for late text is that I've been fucking Adele for past 3 hours. I should thank you for that! Dinner tomorrow at ours? Put this all behind us?''

I read the message to Jade, texted him back saying that everything was cool and dinner sounded great, and then we both high fived like two villains who had robbed a bank and had got away with it. After much chatter we eventually fell asleep, without as much as a quick grope, mainly due to the leftover hangover from the night before.

There was no more contact between both parties before the following evening, but we headed in a cab to Adele and Luke's very relaxed indeed, and looking forward to a night of reliving the whole experience. Paul greeted us at the door like nothing had happened, and hugged both of us with the same warmth as always. Trust Jade to plough straight in...

''Paul, do you recognise me still, or would you like me to handcuff myself to something to remind you?''

I laughed, but Paul blurted out a whole list of apologies, only for jade to put her finger up to his mouth to quieten him.

''Paul, I was joking. I hope you didn't delete them. You have earned them after what we did to little Adele. Where is she?''

He led us into the kitchen as Adele greeted us, wearing a lovely, tight fitted pair of casual hipster jeans and an equally tight top that showed off her midriff, which was quite the opposite to Jade who had dressed up a little in a nice black dress, that stopped just above the knee, and showed a flirty glimpse of her little tits at the top. Sexy, not trashy, but still perfect for a voyeur like me! And Paul for that matter!

Again, the greetings where very natural, and we soon launched into some food and win, all sat around the table. Before long, talk turned to the photo album and the tale behind it. Surprisingly, it was Paul who brought it up.

''So guys, let me just say that I am sorry for my weakness in stealing those two pictures. I was drunk and stupid and, well, a man!''

I jumped straight in.

''It's forgotten Paul, honestly. In fact, I propose a toast. To friendship, forgiveness and photo-shoots!''

The glasses clinked as we chuckled as one. Paul continued.

''When I opened the photo album I nearly passed out, but Adele had put a letter inside the cover which recounted everything. I just flicked through it, dumbfounded. I sat for what seemed like an hour thinking about what I had just seen, and, to be honest, I kept arriving back at the thought that I deserved what I got. To be fair, the pictures are fucking top quality by the way, apart from the last one!''

The mood was tipsy and convivial, as the girls teased him about the fact he will never get to see the full shot of Adele and Jade posing together fully naked.

''I bet you weren't fully naked! I can only see from above the breasts, so you probably just lowered your dress straps.''

I wasn't going to allow that.

''Think about it Paul. I had already photographed Adele naked, and I see Jade naked every day. Why would they just lower their straps? Don't worry, I will explain it to you in every last details for many years to come!''

I think Paul was loving the fact that everything was genuinely cool between the four of us, and for the next half hour we all got off on the normality of it all. After a while, Adele announced that she was taking Jade upstairs for some clothing advice - something about an impending wedding she had to attend - and that Paul and I could look after ourselves for a while. They were hardly out of the room before Paul was onto me.

''Dude, you have to show me that picture. As a friend, as a man, as a human being you cannot withhold it from me.''

I laughed heartily.

''You stole pictures of Jade from my phone! You deserve this turmoil! At least for now.''

''So you will show it to me some time?''

''Of course.''


''I don't know. Maybe a year?''

''Fuck off!'' he said through fake indignation.

''Okay, give it a month of so until all this goes away and we will see. Tell me more about last night.''

''Dude, I don't want to whore Adele out, don't get me wrong, but seeing her all slutty like that, in pictures taken when I wasn't there - it blew my mind. I knew 100 per cent that nothing would ever happen sexually, you're like my best friend, but my mind was full of the nastiest thoughts.''

''No change there!'' I joked.

''Seriously. I jerked myself off twice before Adele got home, and after about five minutes of me grovelling to her for stealing those pictures, we were all over each other. She even recreated some of the poses, banning me from touching her, and talking like a possessed slut. This may have been the best thing that ever happened to our sex life.''

''I'm sure you wasted a few gallons of spunk over those pictures of Jade as well.''

''Dude, what can I say? I am so...''

I interrupted.

''Mate, stop apologising. I would have done the same thing! I have been wanting to trade pictures with you for the last couple of years. We should do it more often.''

This made Paul very happy.

''We are both as bad as each other. Well, please feel free to raid Adele's phone, so I can take Jade to my bedroom and photograph her!''

I assured him had enough pictures to last me a while, and told him I would be offended if he didn't keep the two snaps of Jade.

About twenty minutes later the girls bounded into the room, an empty bottle of wine replaced by another. They kept firing mischievous glances at each other and sniggering.

''Right, come on,'' I said, ''what are you up to?''

They looked at each other, as if deciding who should go first. Jade spoke.

''Well, both of you have came out of this little situation very nicely. You both have pictures of each of us naked. What do we get?''

Paul was quickly on the attack.

''What do you mean? Adele, you fucking loved all the attention last night and Jade, I can't remember you asking me to delete your pictures!''

Nice statement, but that just wasn't going to wash.

''Rubbish,'' said Adele, ''We want what's ours! Both of you, naked, and on camera!''

''No chance! Together? I could not stand next to Paul with his dick out. No way.'' Paul nodded adamantly in agreement.

''Seperately then,'' barked Jade.


''I separate rooms. I'll take Paul upstairs, you stay here with Adele.''

Right, one more protest.

''Jade, it's different. Why would you want to see us? You two are beautiful visions. We are just men with dicks between our legs and for brains.''

''Look,'' responded Adele firmly and quietly. ''I don't think you have any choice. We want to do it. Just suck it up and return the favour. Then we can truly put this whole episode behind us.''

Paul and I had no comeback, other than to wave the white flag. Thankfully, it was Paul who surrendered first.

''Alright, alright. If its what you both want, but don't expect too much. It's different for men.''

Thats all the incentive they needed, as they hugged each other in mocking celebration.

''Right, I have our camera and Adele has theirs, so lets do it!''

''Hold on, so you planned this? Why would you bring the camera Jade?''

''Just a coincidence.''

Yeah right, I thought, as she yanked Paul by the arm from his seat and led him out of the room and up the stairs. This, I was not expecting!

''Okay, you are the boss Adele, but go easy on me. I have sent a few rude pictures to Jade but nothing like this.''

''It's fine, just relax and do what I did the other night. Take one item off at a time, and when you are naked we can decide what to do with you then!''

She was all smiles, and to be fair made it feel much easier than I thought it would be, but rather than thinking of this beautiful blonde who was about to see my cock, my mind kept wondering to Paul and Jade upstairs, and my dick began to stir.

Both Paul and I went to the gym semi-regularly, but were not muscle men by any stretch of the imagination. Still, we were both in shape and had nothing to be ashamed of.

I lost my t-shirt first, then my shoes and socks, before turning my attention to my belt, wondering if Adele had spotted the obvious bulge. I got my answer.

''Turned on I see? Good. I want lots of pictures of that cock.''

I just smiled and undid my jean buttons, revealing my tight boxers and the thick outline of my manhood. After that it was simply about obeying orders.

''Take your jeans off... Grab it through the material... put your hands down the front... now sit down and spread your legs a little... turn around and pull those boxers down slowly... take them off and turn around with your hand over your dick... now let it stand out in front of you... yeah Luke, you even have a cock like Paul's as well as his mind... a little thicker maybe... now sit down in the chair and stroke it a little... thats it, now put your hands behind your head and spread your legs... stand up and wrap both hands around it...''

All thoughts of what was happening at the upstairs photo-shoot had temporarily disappeared as I performed for the same girl who had so eagerly displayed herself to me just a couple of nights ago. It seems that Adele had shed her inhibitions, as Paul said, and was full of confidence. I continued to be ordered around the room for a few more minutes.

''Right, last picture. Take the camera and stand up.''

Confused, i took the camera, as Adele dropped to her knees and positioned herself just underneath my dick.''

''Now, lean in so part of your dick obscures my face without touching it, and take a picture. This one is for Paul later.''

I did as I was told and, seconds later, she bounded to her knees with a wicked smile and told me to get dressed.

She then opened the door and shouted, ''done!'' The call that came back was 'five more minutes!''

Now, my thoughts immediately returned to our respective partners, out of sight but most definitely not out of mind. Adele tried to chat but I was monosyllabic.

''You are thinking about them aren't you? Dirty fucker. You and Paul are like the same person! Good little Jade is just getting the shots she needs for our collection!''

The five minutes seemed more like fifteen, as Jade thundered through the door triumphantly, with Paul following sheepishly behind.

We gave each other a sympathetic look and a handshake, before Paul asked me how it went, but the girls butted in, telling us to keep it for later. Anyway, the night was getting on, so we ordered a taxi, and during the fifteen minutes it took to arrive, the girls just poked fun at us both for being so shy about getting naked, calling us hypocrites and laughing playfully at us. I suppose they had a point, so we played along, enjoying this new turn of events.

As we settled in for the drive home, our cab driver insisted on talking about sport the whole way, so it was with relief that I opened our front door.

''Right,'' said Jade, ''I want to hear all about it!''

''Nothing to tell really. I got naked and she made me play with my dick, took pictures much like the ones I would send to you only taken from her angle. Then she made me take one with her knelt down in front of me. She said it was for Paul.''

''I know,'' smiled Jade, ''just like the one on her phone only without the cum! She asked me would it be alright to take that one and I agreed!''

''Okay then, what about you?'' I couldn't wait any longer to hear.

''Let me shower,'' she teased, ''and be ready for me in bed!.''

With that she skipped up the stairs, and I headed to the other bathroom to get ready, before climbing between the sheets, naked and already hard before she had even climbed in beside me. She enjoyed the surprise when she did.

''Wow, somebody's horny. So, my photo-shoot with Paul. Let me start at the beginning.''

She moved between my legs, throwing back the duvet and wanking my cock slowly, her face just inches from it. She began.

''At first, it was okay. He stripped off his clothes, just like you did, but when he was down to his black boxer shorts, I could see he was soft, so I asked him was he nervous and he said he just couldn't relax. I told him I needed to see him hard and would he like to rub himself a little. He did, for a minute or so, but still no dice.

''I knew you would be rock hard downstairs, and I wash't going to miss out so I asked him would he like a little dirty talk. He just nodded enthusiastically.''

With that Jade dropped her mouth onto my cock, taking five inches in one movement. She looked up at me with her green eyes twinkling, lifting off my cock temporarily.

''Would you like me to suck you or tell you what I said to him?''

Fucking tease! I gave her a sharp, definitive answer!

''Well, firstly I asked him did he like my black dress, then I told him my little tits were desperate to be freed. He was smiling in the same way you do when you are being perverted.

''I gave them a little squeeze then asked would he like to see my panties, lifting my skirt up a little to just below my pussy.''

He asked for more and I told him to shut the fuck up and not to talk. He was silent, bar for groans as his cock began to twitch into life.

''Does Adele suck that cock for you? I am a good little cock sucker Paul. I love sucking dick, always have. He grew some more, and I lifted my skirt a little more to show him an inch of my tight, small black panties.''

I interrupted. ''Fuck, Jade, you need to wank me slower. I want the full story before I cum! I'm right on the edge.'' She obliged.

''I lifted the camera and began taking pictures again, as Paul had now pulled his boxers down and was no longer wanking from underneath the material. I was able to capture the real lust in his face. I told him that you would probably be stroking your dick just inches from Adele's face, and moved closer to him, snapping all the time, as his cock grew to full attention. I told him to lie down on the bed, and got up beside him, asking him to remove his hands and let his solid length go free as I snapped away. Then he spoke, asking me to talk dirty some more. How could I not?'' she slyly whispered, her face still perfectly framed with my cock and her hand as I looked down on her.

''Paul, I said, 'would you like stand over me so I can take pictures from below? You can face my legs and I am sorry if my panties are on show.' I fucking loved teasing him, and I purposefully made sure he could see my covered cunt again. 'Luke is going to fill this pussy tonight, but maybe I will think dirty thoughts about your dick. Maybe he will even let me look at pictures.' He started to pull his dick again, but I told him to leave it, taking a few more pictures before making him step away from above me.''

I praised her storytelling, which had me sore with hardness.

''Would you like to cum in my mouth baby?''

She didn't wait for an answer and within a minute I was shooting hard, thick streams of my spunk down her throat, as Jade moaned with every jet. Within seconds I was between her legs, licking her pussy for all I was worth. I was surprised when Jade came in no more than two minutes. It seemed tonight had been worthwhile for everyone concerned. We lay together, once again tired, drunk and happy, and before long there was silence as we began to drift off to sleep.

''Honey?'' whispered Jade.

''Yes baby?'' I gently replied.

''It's a shame you came before I had time to tell you about the final picture.''


''Well, Adele asked me could she kneel two inches from your cock as you took a picture, so I got a special request as well.''

''Go on then, tell me.''

''Sleep baby. Maybe I will send it to you at work tomorrow.''

I laughed, resigned to the fact that I had fallen in love with the perfect tease, and that this story just kept evolving, even when I thought it was at an end.

to be continued...

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