The Family Ritual Ch. 02


Jake nodded. He needed a friend. "Do you ever get used to it?"

"Yes, I did and now..." She smiled a slight smile. "Now I kind of like it."

"How?" He asked incredulously.

Before he could answer there was a timid knock on the door. Quinn looked around the room in horror. Jake pointed at the closet and she dashed inside closing the door.

Jake went to the door of his bedroom and opened it. It was Denise. "I was sent to ask you if you needed anything. Does the tuxedo fit?"

"I tried it last night and yes it does. I'm fine." He answered.

"Okay, see you at seven." She said and left.

Jake listened as she closed the door to the living room. Quinn came out of the closet. She took his hand, "Jake just love Hayley. The rest will work itself out."

Quinn listened at the door and then snuck out.

He had a friend.

Quinn went straight to the study and Matthew. She knelt before him. "Did you become his friend?"

"Yes, Master. He will accept all of this. I don't believe he will make trouble." Quinn said and with all her heart, she hoped she was right.

"Did your husband take care of your punishment last night?" Matthew asked.

Quinn nodded and then said, "Yes he did."

"Then you get to take care of me." Matthew said. "Then you can get ready for the party."

"Yes Master." Quinn said and unzipped his pants.

An hour later, she was in hair and makeup her pussy tingling from the pounding her father-in-law gave her. She felt good. She couldn't wait for the ritual. She couldn't wait to feel Jake's cock in her pussy. It wouldn't be long now and he would be a complete member of the family.

Jake showered and dressed in the Armani tuxedo. Looking in the full-length mirror he had to admit, he looked good. Patting his inside pocket, he felt where the ring box was. He should be nervous, but he wasn't. He wanted to marry Hayley. He was nervous about the ritual and all it entailed.

Helen came to retrieve him and bring him downstairs as the guests started to arrive. The gardens and the pool area were where the party was being held. Hors d'oeuvres were passed around. Helen introduced him to Senators, The Mayor and a few celebrities.

Hayley came out and Jake took a deep breath. She was breathtakingly beautiful in a ruched silver mermaid gown that hugged her curves and was low cut to show off her cleavage. This was the sexiest he had ever seen her and his dick did a jump. Hayley's make up was flawless and she had glitter over her giving her an iridescent quality.

Her blond hair was piled on her head and held with a diamond antique clip. She wore a silver and diamond bracelet on her wrist.

Matthew came beside her and kissed her cheek. From his pocket he pulled out a diamond necklace and put it around her neck. Haley laughed and threw her arms around her father's neck. He held her and looked at Jake his hand stroking her back.

Jake hated this man who would be his father-in-law. He really hated him. Haley saw him and ran to him. "My birthday present from my father, isn't it beautiful?" She said as she kissed Jake.

"Yes baby, but not as beautiful as you. You look spectacular." He said and held her hand.

"You look pretty handsome yourself." She said. "I have some friends I want you to meet."

For the next hour, Jake met more people including her uncle Lance. Finally Daniela came over to him. She also looked magnificent in a pink gown. Her long light hair flowing.

"They are very rich aren't they?" Jake asked.

"Yep and Hayley is their prized possession." She stated matter-of-factly.

Jake glanced at her. Daniela smiled sweetly. Matthew was waving at them. "I think you're being summoned." Daniela smirked.

Jake chuckled and walked over to Matthew. "I think it's time. The band is ready to begin."

Jake found Hayley and took her out to the pool area. The pool had been covered and had been used as a dance floor. Now it was covered with red and white roses; candles led the path to the center. Jake took Haley's hand as the band began to play, 'I'm yours." From behind them Seidah Garrett and El Debarge began singing. "Hasn't always been a sunny day. Now and then there's been a little rain, but together we remain..."

When they got to the line, 'If we were rich and we lost everything I'm yours.' Jake dropped to one knee.

The music died down, the singing stopped. Jake took a deep breath. His palms were sweaty. Looking into her face, he could see the woman he loved. At that moment, nothing mattered but the two of them. The ritual, the contract flew out of his head, all he saw was Hayley and he loved her.

"Hayley, this is our favorite song and as the song says I know that you are mine just know that I am yours and I am yours forever. Will you Hayley Elizabeth Cassidy do me the honor of being my wife?" His voice was clear and everyone held their breath.

Hayley had tears in her eyes, "Of course Jake, I love you so much."

From his inside pocket he took out the square shaped diamond surrounded by sapphires and placed it on her finger. He then stood and took her in his arms. Whispering in her ear he said, "I will always protect you. I will always love you."

Cheers erupted all around them. The band played and the singing continued as they kissed.

Matthew and Helen with champagne glasses in their hands came to join them. He gave Jake and Hayley each a glass. Their glasses had something extra besides the expensive champagne. A drug that would make them more pliable for the morning's activities and bring out all the passion they had contained.

Matthew raised his glass, as did the rest of the guests, "Welcome to the family Jake. Congratulations to you and my lovely daughter. This is not only Hayley's 21st birthday party but also her engagement party. We look forward to seeing all of you at the wedding."

Every one drank including Jake and Hayley. Matthew looked at Helen and she smiled back at him. It was all going according to plan. She couldn't wait until tomorrow to begin.

The party ended at one. Jake took Hayley's hand as they said good night to the last guest and took her up to his room. He pulled her inside and began kissing her. "Hayley let's leave tonight. Let's get away from all this."

Hayley laughed, "Tomorrow's the ritual we can't leave. We have to be here for three days. My mother would kill us if we eloped."

"Honey I love you, but you don't understand..." Jake started to talk, but they were interrupted by Samantha who burst into the room. "Hayley, father wants to speak to you before you go to bed."

Samantha gazed at Jake. Her eyes knowing." and Jake, you need to get to bed and be rested. You will have a full day tomorrow." Brandon also came into the room as Samantha took Hayley's arm. "Show me that beautiful ring." She said. Jake started to go after her, but Brandon stood in his way.

"I think you need to get ready for bed Jake." Brandon said.

"I want to speak to Hayley." He said and his words came out slurred. "I need to tell her..."

Jake stumbled and Brandon helped him. Daniel and Jonah also came into the room. "What the fuck are you doing?" Jake fell back onto the bed.

"We are getting you ready for bed." Jonah said and laughed, "Tomorrow you will begin your journey as part of the family."

They undressed him and put him in a pair of red silk pajama bottoms. Jake knew he had been drugged. "What did you do to me?"

Matthew entered the room, "All will be revealed in the morning Jake. Now go to sleep like a good boy. Welcome to our family."

The last thing Jake heard as he passed out was laughter.


Hayley also was feeling tipsy. Her mother, sisters and Quinn helped undress her. They put her in a button down white nightgown and put her to bed.


Everyone went into the ritual room along with Frederick, Max and Daniela. Everything had been prepared. Everything had been cleaned and readied.

They all changed into sweat pants and tee shirts and sat on the floor holding hands. Frederick lit the candles and the incense. He brought out a leather binder and presented it to Matthew who read the pledge from the deal his ancestors had made a long time ago. Their family would continue to prosper as long as they followed the ritual. When he was finished he blew out the candles and they sat in darkness for a few moments. There was a vibration in the air and they all savored the moment.

For ten minutes, they sat in the darkness until the feeling passed. Frederick turned on the lights and passed glasses of brandy to the entire room. They made a toast, "To Haley and Jake, To The Ritual may it be successful."

Matthew kissed his wife; he kissed his son and son-in-law and his daughters and daughter-in-law. He kissed Frederick, Max, and Daniela. They all kissed each other. The sexual tension in the room was palpable, but they knew they had to wait.

Daniela felt vulnerable in Matthew's arms. In two days, he would take his daughter's virginity. He would then fuck her. Daniela would become pregnant with his child. She had been prepared for this her whole life and she welcomed it. Tomorrow she would have her pussy eaten by her best friend and in return, Hayley would fuck her and possess her. Hayley would take her virginity and give her to Matthew to impregnate. This child would be part of this family and would live to serve them just as she lived to serve them.


Hayley felt as if her pussy were on fire. She wanted something, anything to soothe her. Opening her eyes, she looked around the room. She was not in her bed. She had been moved to the ritual room. Her mother, her sisters, Quinn and Daniela were sitting on the California King sized bed.

"Come." Said her mother. "We are going to take you to the bathroom and then we will begin."

"Mother, I feel so hot." Hayley said as she sat up. She had a slight headache.

"We will take care of you." She said and led her to the bathroom.

Hayley went to the bathroom and as she urinated she felt even hotter, not from heat but from need.

She wiped herself, brushed her teeth, washed her hands and came out of the bathroom. Glancing around the room, she noticed the wall which was one big mirror and saw herself. Her nipples were pointed straight out, her hair all over her head made her look wanton and the white nightgown she wore was see through.

She looked at the other women in the room. Their clothes were all see through and she felt desire course through her veins. Helen took her back to the bed and she lay down. They took her arms and legs and cuffed her to the bed. She allowed them to do this willingly.

Quinn began to unbutton her nightgown. With each button Hayley felt hotter. Her pussy was throbbing with need. "Please" she begged.

"Please what?" Quinn asked.

"Please make the heat go away." Hayley said. Her headache was disappearing as the need grew stronger.

Daniela climbed onto the bed and moved over to take one of Hayley's nipples into her mouth. She nipped it, and then twirled her tongue around it slowly. Hayley moaned, "Yes. Oh Daniela, that feels so good."

"This should feel even better." Said Denise as she captured the other nipple.

Hayley shivered. Samantha kissed her on the lips. She thrust her tongue into Hayley's mouth and Hayley responded.

Helen began kissing down her daughter's body. Hayley was moving her hips and enjoying the kissing that Samantha and Daniela were bring to her lips.

Hayley broke her kissing with Samantha to look at her mother. "Mother what is happening?"

"We are beginning the ritual. Obey and just lay back. Mother will take care of everything." Helen said and continued kissing down Hayley's body.

Quinn got up and went behind Helen. She pushed up Helen's nightgown and put her face into her mother-in-law's pussy and began to lick as Helen went lower on her daughter's body.

Daniela was now kissing Hayley deeply and passionately. "I love you Hayley. I am yours."

"I love you too Daniela and what do you mean you are mine?" She asked, and then took a deep intake of breath as her mother's tongue found her pussy.

"Ah, mother. What are you doing? This is wrong. Please, please." Hayley groaned.

"Please what my daughter. You don't want me to stop. This is right. This is part of the ritual. You will obey me or shall I have your father come in here. Do you want me to stop?" Helen asked as she blew on Hayley's clit.

Hayley moaned, "Yes, no, please don't stop. I feel, I want, please."

Helen licked her pussy lips as Quinn ate Helen's pussy.


The wall of mirror was actually a two-way mirror. Jake was in the room next door tethered to a chair. He was naked. He opened his eyes to see Hayley tied to the bed, her mother eating her pussy, Daniela kissing her as Samantha and Denise sucked on her breasts.

His dick started to rise. This was so hot and so wrong.

From behind him, he heard a laugh. It was Jonah. "It's time you woke up. The festivities are just beginning. I'm sure you want to pee, so we'll take you to the bathroom then bring you back here. Don't worry you won't miss a thing."

He felt woozy, too woozy to fight. Brandon, Daniel and Jonah untied him and led him to the bathroom. They held him up as he peed. When he was finished, they helped him brush his teeth and wash his face. They gave him something to eat and drink. The fog was lifting as he ate and drank. "What the fuck!" He said.

They took him back to the chair. It was no ordinary chair it reclined. They tied his hands behind his back again and pushed the chair forward so that he could see everything. He felt as if he were part of the action.

Helen was sucking her daughter's pussy. She was loving it and enjoying the taste. She licked and munched. She teased her daughter and Hayley responded. Samantha had taken Quinn's place and was eating her mother while Denise kneeled over Hayley's body and was sucking her clit. Hayley was bucking and trying to move. "Oh yes, eat me. That's so good. Mother, Denise. Oh my god. I'm dying. This is so, so," She couldn't form words, her body was taking over.

Daniela was kissing her mouth, her neck her breasts and Hayley exploded. She let out a yell as the orgasm hit her. Her juices flowed and each person took a turn tasting them.

Another wave of orgasms shook Hayley as Quinn licked her clit. She was followed by Samantha and Denise. Daniela went there and put two fingers inside her. She felt Hayley's hymen and she licked there. Hayley came again and fainted.


Jake's dick was hard as a rock. He wanted a release. He was revolted and shocked; he was also hot with desire and wanted to sink his dick into something, anything, but mostly into Hayley's beautiful pussy.

He was staring so hard at the events before him that he hadn't noticed the other men were now naked.

They circled around him stroking their dicks. "Hey man I don't go that way." Jake said.

Matthew entered the room. He was wearing a robe. "You will go whichever way I tell you to from now on."

Opening his robe, Jake saw the biggest dick he had ever seen in his life. His own dick was an impressive 9 inches but this dick had to be at least 10 ½ or 11 inches in length and fat around.

Jonah pressed a button and the chair leaned back. Matthew positioned his dick in front of Jake's mouth. "It's time you suck your Master."

Jake looked at the dick. He wanted to fight it, but he licked his lips. It was beautiful and he wanted to taste it. Matthew laughed. Brandon took Jake's cock and gave it a squeeze. He started stroking him. Jake moaned, "Oh dear god." He said as he opened his mouth.

Matthew shoved his cock into his future son-in-law's mouth. The ritual had fully begun.

He began fucking Jake's mouth as if it were a pussy. Jonah took Jake's cock in his mouth as Daniel shoved his face into Jonah's ass. Brandon went behind his father-in-law and did the same.

Jake couldn't get enough of the dick. It was huge but he licked and slurped it. He made love to it. He wanted Matthew to cum. He wanted to show Matthew that he could please him. He wanted Matthew to be his Master.

Matthew patted his head, "Welcome to the family my son. You are doing a great job. I can't wait to fuck you."

Jake moaned. He couldn't wait for that either.

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