tagBDSMThe Family Ritual Ch. 48

The Family Ritual Ch. 48


(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy's please refer to chapters 1 – 36.
Lacy Alexis – Sister to Valentina
Ellen McGraw – Pregnant stalker and supermodel

The Cassidy Kennedy's
Derrick Cassidy Kennedy – Suitor to Lacy Alexis
Amber Cassidy Kennedy – Mother to Derrick
Senator Alan Cassidy Kennedy – Father to Derrick
Jackson Cassidy Kennedy – Brother to Derrick married to Pedro
Pedro Cassidy Kennedy – Husband to Jackson, changed his name to Cassidy Kennedy after their marriage
Janice Cassidy Kennedy McGarrett – Sister to Derrick
Bronson McGarrett – Husband to Janice

Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley
Brian West – Assistant to Jake
Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


Mason and Daniela arrived home to a huge celebration. Lord Thomas had flown back to New York. The staff from the restaurant were at his home, as was Lady Catherine, Millie, Portia, Hayley, Jake, Derrick and Lacy as well as Frederick who was holding Marvina's hand. All of Mason's siblings had made a video welcoming him home.

The babies were dressed up and Daniela took them into her arms and kissed them as tears fell from her eyes. Mason hugged them and had a tear in his eyes as well. His employees were very happy to see him as he had surprised them all by giving them each a one thousand dollar bonus and Jerry, his chef who had been with him the longest ten thousand dollars.

Jerry prepared all the food for the celebration and everyone ate, laughed and had a good time. Daniela and Mason glanced at each other from across the room. Together they decided at that moment to take the babies up to the nursery, wash them up, undress them and put them to bed. They sat on the loveseat in the nursery watching the babies and holding hands. Mason pulled Daniela to him and kissed the top of her head, "I'm glad to be home" He said as he squeezed her.

Daniela looked up at him and sighed, "Me too."

"Let's go to bed, the party can continue without us." Mason said.

Daniela nodded, but they didn't move, they sat together in the love seat. Lady Catherine found them an hour later. They were both asleep. She picked up the throw on the rocking chair and put over them. Lady Catherine kissed the two of them and left them to sleep.

At four in the morning Mason woke up. He was stiff. He woke Daniela and taking her hand they both went to the bedroom and still fully dressed lay on top of the covers and fell back asleep.


Stephen and Mary were really enjoying themselves. They might not be having intercourse, but they were both learning to suck and bring each other to climax. Stephen couldn't get enough of Mary's pussy. He would find a way to lick and suck her whenever they were together.

"Stephen please" Mary would say as they went to the movie theater and he slid his hand up her skirt.

"Let's watch the movie and let me feel you" Stephen would say sticking his finger in her pussy and then tasting her juices. He begged her not to wear underwear and most of the time she complied.

Once they were at his house or hers he would kneel at her feet lift up her dress and start feasting. Mary gasped, "Stephen, can I please get undressed?"

"In a minute, baby I just want to eat you up." He said as he grabbed her bottom and slid his tongue deep inside her.

Mary just laughed and stepped away from him. "Let's have some dinner and then I'll be your dessert."

He chuckled and stood up. "That's a deal"


Mary was very happy. Her parents were not, they wanted Stephen to propose. Mary went to Jake for help and he spoke to his mother and father, "Stephen will propose when he's ready. Don't rush it." Jake had his own reasons for wanting them to delay; the ritual and he wanted to keep it from happening for as long as possible.

Jake had reconciled himself to the fact that they were eventually going to get married, but the later the better. He shivered as he thought of taking Mary's virginity, but he nearly threw up at the thought of Dent fucking his sister.

Henry and Susan backed off and Mary reassured them they were both waiting until marriage before having intercourse. Her parents were relieved.


Lacy thought that everything was fine between her and Derrick and that he had forgiven her for getting drunk and dancing close to some random guy. She was wrong. Derrick had enlisted the aid of an old girlfriend who once was Derrick's slave named Sydney. Sydney was gorgeous with long blonde hair, a killer figure and sensuous lips. She was a former actress who had turned her love of fashion into a billion dollar business.

Sydney was engaged to be married to a fellow billionaire who was a Dom named, Lexington Kensworthy who was born into old money and turned his family's business into one of the largest brokerage houses in the world. He was ten years older than Sydney.

Derrick had gone to see him to ask his permission to ask Sydney for this favor. Lexington had agreed on the condition that he is included. The men shook hands and it was agreed in two weeks Lacy would learn a lesson she would never forget.


As March rolled in, Valentina was getting anxious and nervous. She was waddling around and peeing every five minutes. The baby was getting in position. Blake came home early every night to have dinner with her. They had arranged for the delivery to be done at NYU Medical in a private wing. Blake had a trip to make two weeks before the birth and he wasn't happy, but it had to be done. A member of the family seriously needed some legal help and he had to go in person. He would only be gone for a few days and had everyone else including Lacy and Derrick on standby.

Gertie arrived. She was a godsend and did everything to ensure that Valentina was comfortable. Lacy and her mother got along better and she told Gertie what happened. "Listen Lacy, don't be naive and think that Derrick has forgotten or forgiven. You must prepare yourself. I have a feeling your Sir will give you a lesson so you don't forget ever again!" Gertie said prophetically.

"Mother do you really think so? He's been so sweet. I can't wait for you to meet him." Lacy said as she, Valentina and Gertie sat down for lunch.

Gertie sighed, Lacy had grown but not enough and soon, very soon she would find out exactly who she was married to.

Blake and his mother-in-law got along swimmingly. He teased her and she blushed. She envied her daughter this man and wanted a master like him. Blake whispered in her ear one night, "I'm going to find someone for you to drop to your knees and suck his cock. I bet you're really good because your daughter is excellent and I'm sure you taught her well."

Gertie turned beet red and her pussy grew moist. Blake had a candidate for her, one of his partners. He was ten years younger than Gertie, a tall powerful black man who was a Dom and liked older white women. His name was Shawn Humphrey and all the women who worked at the law firm wanted him.

Shawn had been married twice and both of his wives had died. His first wife died of cancer and his second wife died in a car accident; that had been four years before and now he was ready. Blake told Shawn all about Gertie and he was interested in meeting her, but not until after Valentina had the baby.

Blake nixed the idea of having Gertie become involved with one of the Cassidy's. First of all because all the eligible bachelors were either too young, too old or too submissive and besides he didn't want Valentina to feel slighted since Lacy was already engaged to marry into the family.

Derrick phoned Blake and told him his plan. Blake knew Lexington and agreed that this would teach Lacy a lesson. He invited Derrick to the house to meet his soon to be in-law and Derrick agreed.

Gertie was very impressed with her soon to be son-in-law and while he and Blake were chatting she again warned Lacy. "You need to stay on your knees begging his forgiveness, but I have a feeling he has already planned what he's about to do. You are so very hard headed my daughter and you'll only learn the hard way, but..." Gertie said patting Lacy's knee, "You will learn and Derrick will make sure you do."


Blake went on his trip. Valentina had a false alarm; Braxton hicks. She told Gertie not to tell Blake because she didn't want him to worry.

He was due home in the wee hours of March 30th. Valentina was sound asleep when her back started hurting. She was dreaming that she was peeing and when she awoke the bed was all wet; her water had broken.

Getting out of bed she went into the bathroom and put on a diaper. She called Doctor Heart and he told her to call him when her contractions started.

Blake had just walked in the door. It was four in the morning. He heard movement upstairs and ran up the stairs to find his wife dressed and completely made up and sitting down panting.

Blake knelt down next to her, "My dear, are you in labor?"

"The contractions have just started. Please call the doctor. I'm so glad you're here." She said stroking his face.

Gertie, hearing noise came into the bedroom, "Blake, Valentina?"

Blake looked at her, "Please call the doctor and wake up Henry. Tell him to get the car ready, I think we're going to have a baby."

Blake smiled at Valentina who tried to smile back just as another contraction hit her, "Oh God!" She moaned.

"My dear are you all right?" Blake said his face etched with concern.

"I'm fine, remember the class we took. Let's start the breathing." She said.

Blake remembered the Lamaze classes. He felt like a grandfather. Everyone there was under thirty, but he had taken every class and received his certificate so he was ready.

He went into action helping Valentina to her feet. Her face had calmed as the contraction faded. Slowly, carefully he led her downstairs. Henry was waiting and Gertie had thrown on a dress and was behind them.

Blake helped her on with her coat and they got into the Rolls to go to the hospital. Henry drove carefully, too carefully and Blake barked at him. Valentina's contractions were coming every ten minutes and she was squeezing her husband's hand.

Even getting ready to give birth, Valentina looked beautiful. "I'm so proud of you. We're almost there, just keep breathing." Blake said.

He whipped out his cell phone and called Kenneth. Kenneth answered as if he had been awake and waiting for this phone call. In reality Gwyn was sucking his cock. "What's up Blake?" Kenneth asked.

"Valentina's in labor. We're on the way to the hospital." Blake said.

"Call me when the baby's born." Kenneth said as he held Gwyn's head on his cock.

"I will. Can you cancel my meetings tomorrow and the next day?" Blake asked.

"I'll take care of everything, don't worry. Give Valentina our love." Kenneth said as he shivered and came in Gwyn's mouth.

Kenneth pulled Gwyn's head off his cock. "Swallow" He said and she did.

"I want you over my lap now." He said and Gwyn clambered onto Kenneth's lap. She was wearing pajama pants and he pulled them down to reveal her pale white ass.

SLAP! His hand came down hard on her cheek, "You will not ever yell at me again." He said and began to spank her behind. Gwyn lay across his lap biting her lip and trying not to cry.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter. She yelled at Kenneth because he was late and they had a dinner to go to. Kenneth kept spanking her and tears streamed down her eyes. She could feel Kenneth getting hard underneath her and she smiled through her tears.

"Get undressed" He ordered pushing her to the floor. Kenneth got dressed and went to the bathroom. He returned with a vibrator and a condom.

"I know your pussy is very wet and I know you want to cum." He said and then chuckled, "So you'll get to cum."

Gwyn looked at him, she knew exactly what he was about to do. "Please Master, please." She begged.

"Shut the fuck up and get on your knees." He said and she followed his order.

Kenneth spanked her ass one more time and then put the condom on his cock. Kenneth opened the door and took out the lube. Gwyn wasn't fond of anal, but he was and he lubed her ass and his cock. He placed his dick at her opening. Gwyn closed her eyes as he slammed in all the way. Kenneth squeezed Gwyn's ass tightly as he slammed in and out. "Still tight, just the way I like it. We haven't done enough of this. By the way Valentina's getting ready to have her baby. We'll start soon, but right now I'm going to fuck this ass for a very long time, while I play with that pussy."

Kenneth fucked into her and reached down to play with her pussy and clit. Soon Gwyn was close to cumming. "That's right my slut, you may cum."

She tried to hold on, but she couldn't and Gwyn let go. Kenneth wasn't finished; he put the vibrator in her clit and turned it to on to six. The vibrator whirred and she could feel the explosion again.

Kenneth kept fucking her ass as Gwyn came a third time. "Please sir, please."

She was exhausted. He fucked in her ass and then pulled out. He wasn't done. He took off the condom and pushed her over to her back. Kenneth went into the bathroom and washed. He came back and shoved his hard cock in her mouth. Kenneth pinched her nipples. Gwyn groaned. He slapped her tits. "You will never yell at me again. You will always treat me with respect." He said slamming in her mouth.

Kenneth reached over and slapped Gwyn's pussy. She groaned and tears fell from her eyes. He slapped three more times as she tried to close her legs. "Keep those damn legs open or I'll tie them open. He said as he slapped her sex hard.

Gwyn was now crying hard. He brought the vibrator to her sex again and ran it up and down her pussy. Gwyn moaned.

Kenneth kept fucking her face as he brought her to three more orgasms and Gwyn nearly passed out. "One more and then I think you've learned your lesson." He said and he turned the vibrator to fifteen and Gwyn screamed.

Kenneth came down her throat. She gagged and sputtered as his cum came out her mouth. He pulled out and slapped her pussy again. "You know better than to waste it. Clean it up, then you can rest. In the morning I expect you to present your ass before I leave for work. I'll take it so you don't forget."

Gwyn said nothing. She turned over and began to lick the sheets.


Valentina was brought straight to her private room. Blake and Gertie were with her. Her labor pains were coming fifteen minutes apart and then they stopped. Blake had wanted her to have a cesarean, but Valentina insisted on a vaginal delivery.

Doctor Heart smiled at Valentina as he came into the room. "Well" he said looking at the monitor, "it seems your baby wants to wait just a little longer. I'll be here and we'll give the baby time to decide when he or she wants to come into this world."

Blake went outside with the doctor. "How long doc and is the baby all right?"

"The baby is fine with a strong heartbeat. This is Valentina's first, so it could take a while. Sit with her, get something to eat and drink and don't worry." Dr. Heart said patting Blake's shoulder.

When Blake came back into the room, Valentina had fallen asleep. Blake and Gertie sat in lounge chairs in the room and both fell asleep.

Nurses came in and out checking on Valentina. Blake spoke with Lacy who planned to come to the hospital straight after school. Derrick decided her punishment would occur after the baby was born and she spent some time with Valentina, until then Derrick was acting as if nothing ever happened.

Lacy was trying to do everything possible to make sure that Derrick had forgiven her. When they went out she drank water or soda and had no alcohol, she kept her eyes on Derrick. He had taken her dancing one more time and she stayed by his side and only danced with him.

Gertie still warned her that Derrick was waiting until the right moment when she was unaware, but Lacy reassured her that she had been forgiven.

Lacy showed up and sat with her sister until dinner time, then she went home to Derrick.

Valentina's labor went on throughout the night. At eleven at night active labor began. Doctor Heart arrived with a big smile on his face. "I think it's time to deliver that baby.

Blake got into position. He was the coach and as intense as he was in his work, he was delicate and caring with Valentina. "My dear, when I say push I want you to push. Right now I need you to give our baby some oxygen, so breathe...Yes, like that." He said encouragingly.

Valentina felt the contraction and keeping her eyes on Blake she breathed. Gertie watched the two of them and she smiled. Valentina didn't know how lucky she was to have a man like Blake. He was just the right amount of intensity for her daughter and she was glad to be a part of this day.

The doctor and the nurse were ready, Gertie was ready and Blake stared into his wife's eyes and whispered in her ear, "My beautiful slave, push and bring our baby in this world. I love you."

Valentina bore down, her beautiful face contorted in pain and she pushed as if her life depended on it. Out slid the baby as she collapsed onto the pillows. The doctor cleaned out the baby's mouth and they heard a loud cry as Doctor Heart held up the baby, "It's a girl."

Blake kissed his wife's lips and she whispered in his ear, "Go, meet your daughter." Blake looked at the clock; it was five minutes after midnight on April 1st.

Kissing Valentina's forehead Blake walked to the nurse, who had cleaned up the baby, placed a small cap on her head to keep her warm and swaddled her in a blanket. She passed the bundle to Blake who cradled the baby in his arm.

"Hello little Adelaide Gertrude Black" said Blake grinning at Gertie who had tears spring to her eyes.

Valentina smiled at her mother as Blake brought the baby over, "We decided to name the baby after both our mother's" Valentina said holding her daughter.

Gertie now really crying walked over to Valentina and kissed her as Blake left the room leaving three generations of women together.


In the hallway he took out his cell and called Kenneth to give him the news. Kenneth was just getting ready for bed and congratulated him. He next phoned Lacy and shared the good news that she was now officially an aunt. Lacy wanted to come over right away, but Blake asked her to wait until the next day. Valentina would stay in the hospital for one and a half days.

Blake went back in to see the baby in her bassinet. Gertie came over to him and kissed his cheek. "I am so happy for you both. Thank you for naming the baby after me and I'm sure your mother would be proud. You are a good son."

Blake blushed; a rarity for him. "I love your daughter and she's given me the best gift."

"She's falling asleep. I'm going to get her a turkey sandwich. She said that's what she wanted." Gertie said.

Blake reached into his pocket to take out his wallet. Gertie stopped him, "I'm fine. Go be with your wife and new daughter." She said as she left.

Blake went over to the bassinet and looked at the sleeping baby. She was as beautiful as her mother, but he noticed a trace of himself in her smile.

Blake slid beside Valentina in the bed, his behind hanging off the edge. He kissed her lips and she kissed him back. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" Valentina asked.

"She's incredible and she's ours." Blake said, "Thank you for this gift my dear."

Reaching into his pocket he took out a square box. Valentina sleepily looked at it as Blake opened it to reveal a diamond bracelet with his birthstone and hers. "The diamonds are for the baby since the birthstone for April is diamonds; the other two are for us; we are a family and I love you more than I can say."

Valentina kissed his hand and he held her as she fell asleep.


Lacy and Derrick arrived later in the morning and Lacy gushed over her sister and the new baby. Henry called to tell Blake that gifts had started to arrive. Blake left the hospital to come home to shower, shave and check the nursery. When he went into the room it was filled with gifts sent from Matthew and Helen and a few others. Gifts kept arriving throughout the day.

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