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The Farm


Hello, yes, I'm the owner- and no need to ask who you are. Would you like a tour first? Yes, good, come inside. Just let me confirm that your medical screening has come back clean. Yeah, you're all set.

First up is the show floor for our main commodities- concubines. What you see here are the standard models: we grow the clones ourselves in separate facilities, raise them, train them to be fit, obedient, and capable of performing any number of household tasks until the age of eighteen, and then we teach them how to fuck as well. These women are all twenty-one to twenty-five years of age, and fertile. You can customize with tattoos and piercings whenever and wherever you like them.

Of course you can sample- that's why their mouths are gagged like that. Just remove ball and adjust ring size to your comfort. No, I'm sorry, I can't allow anal or vaginal- the insurance won't have it, I'm afraid. Though if you want to buy her right now..? No, I see.

Oh yes, all of our wares can deep throat. We do that part of the training in a pool, to build up their endurance. This particular model can comfortably handle about two minutes without air, and handle another three without passing out. Yeah, just like that.

What else? Well, this model doesn't grow any body hair- though if you like that, we do custom orders. Also, her nipples are extremely sensitive. Go on, give them a tweak- hard as you like.

Yeah, it's the greatest thing when they choke on you like that, isn't it? I've got this model at home myself, and really the combination of choking and nipple torture is the best way to punish her- for me, I mean. She doesn't often do anything wrong, but every week or so, it's good to remind her that I can tie her arms and legs together so that she's on her knees, attach some lead weights to her nipple rings, and force her head all the way down. It's exquisite, the noises she makes as those weights move back and forth as I pound into her. She also freckles easy. I normally send mine out to do the gardening to encourage it.

Oh, you can come on her if you like. Someone will be around with a wet towel soon.

Oh no, not everyone is so experienced. We do keep a stock of virgins for those who like to do the training themselves. They cost more, though. So do infertile concubines, but mostly because those have more done to their genetic code. What with the breeding laws and such they're only in demand among the upper crust, anyway. If you'll follow me up these stairs...

The next show room is for training. As you can see, even after reaching majority we keep up with physical training. Endurance is tested primarily in the deep pool and the treadmills, you can see just below us the gymnastics training for flexibility, and then the weight training for strength.

Yes, some of them do have tally marks on the backs of their hands. That's for the show room after this. The next one is sexual training. The fucking machines ensure that they know how to take a cock or two in their holes, the sybian acquaints them with the feeling of orgasm. Over on the far end of the room, you can see the girls being drilled on their positions, and further on the use of sex toys, and the shallow pool for deep-throat exercises...

Yes, I suppose I am rushing. But there's a good reason- the next room is for punishment.

This is where the girls sleep, eat, and bathe. If you'll notice the many TV screens and stages, you can guess that we've striven to make this an unrestful place. You're in for a treat today- there appears to be a girl who merits the worst punishment.

We can go down and take front row seats if you like. Actually, yeah, let's do that. You can grab a girl and get yourself a bit of oral if you start feeling randy again, which you probably will. I know I will. Is there any particular model you saw in the show room that you want to try.

Yes: ebon skin and silver dreds, I know the one. 6674! You, the one closest, kneel by my friend here, and suck him off if he wants you to. And I think I'll have an 8936.

As you've probably already guessed, the tally marks have to do with punishment. Minor infractions merit a short punishment, in the comparatively mild stocks. Willfull disobedience merits the chair- we paralyze the girls' vocal chords for that, so their screaming doesn't wake the others. The most serious infraction is violence- we don't silence those girls because they need to act as an example to the others.

Each tally mark merits fifteen minutes of punishment in the stocks. The chair lasts for the full eight hour rest cycle.

You'll see what the most serious punishment is. You'll see.

No, this isn't the punishment, it's the prep. Yeah, we generally mix pleasure and pain together- it makes the punishment stick better.

It's fig root- soaked in diluted capsaicin oil. The string is to pull it off when we're through. There's a sybian there, on top of the horse, that will make her come at least five times over the course of the eight hour punishment. I think the record is twenty something- from this model here that I'm using. She's got a very sensitive clit. If I let her, she'd rub herself off on my boot.

Oh, everyone rides the horse- it's for minor mistakes that are made during the learning process, like whimpering when ordered to be silent, or squirming when ordered to be still. Yeah, she is put on the horse, her legs are bent up so we can tie her ankles to her wrists, we tie weights to the bend of her knees, and tape a vibrator oh her clit. Vibrator and sybian turn on, and she's left there for eight hours. She'll be let down at the end of her shift's sleep cycle.

Don't worry: they know how the handle missed sleep- part of their childhood training involves sleep deprivation. There's a month in their sixteenth year where they sleep only 90 minutes a day while working almost continuously during their waking hours. In their seventeenth year, we train them to hold position for thirty-six hour stretches.

You'll like the chair, I think. Yeah, this one lasts sixteen hours.

That's a sensory deprivision hood- she can't see, she can't hear. Her hair is gathered out of a hole in the back, and tied to our specialty hook- there's a switch on it that makes the beads vibrate. We stretch her out over the chair first: legs on either side, and her hair and hook keeping her snug against the back. Then we lower the back of the chair, make so adjustments to keep the pressure on her hair consis- of course you can use her mouth, that's part of why she's bent like that and has the ring gag in her. I'd advise waiting until she's been fully prepared though- and bring the model you're using over to suck on your balls. Then we tie her tits up, nice and tight, attatch the clamps and chain to her nipples, and weight the chain down- then we set up a suction cylinder on her clit. Oh yes, that's what we like to call our piston machine- we have it start halfway in as the shallowest point, so it's less likely to slip out. Then we put it on- oh no, that's the medium speed setting. You'll see fast in a moment.

She looks so wrung out because we purged her system yesterday to clean out her insides. Thirst and hunger are very much a part of this punishment. We call it a hanging.

Arms tied to yoke, legs bent back and tied to yoke, raise her body up- no, all of those piercing are new. And each of them will be getting at least a weight, but first...

We call this our phase two torpedo. 'Torpedo' because it's so big- twelve around and fifteen up- and 'phase two' because that ring around the middle is a vibrator. We jam that right up against her clit- no, not at all. She'll be up there for twenty-four hours, and it won't take long before having anything touch her clit becomes agonizing.

And this one we call the long arm of the law, because it's about the length of her arm. Yeah, we work that into her ass, and then plug it into our slow burn machine. The torpedo gets the piston. Then we start in on the ropes, to help ensure that she stays riding those dildos, and then we weight and chain the piercings. Those are mostly quarter- pound weights, with a few half pounders for the chains. The chains pull, say, the clit up, or the nipples towards one another, and the weights place more stress on them.

Now you get to see the pistons' fast mode. Yeah, look at how those weights bounce.

You're right- this does ruin her sale potential. Generally we put the girls who receive this punishment through intensive orgy training, use the sight of that to help scare the year eighteen girls into obedience, and the donate them to the Armed Forces. It works out well for the company.

By all means- finish up and then we'll continue the tour.

Yeah, you love choking on cock, don't you, you little bitch. I bet you're jealous of the girls in the chair, aren't you?

Okay let's go. Next stop is the orgy training room. I think we currently have two girls in there- at least one is bound to be in an active phase. Oh yes- we call that machine legion. Yeah, though we doubt that many cocks will be able to fit in her with men attached to them, we like to make sure they're prepared. This is the final phase of the training: three cocks in her cunt, two in her ass, and one twelve-inch one in her mouth. She'll be able to handle the Marines, don't you think?

Yes, of course.

Long-term investments- companions- are our next most lucrative commodity, after the standard model concubines. We don't make too many of those, as you know, because their training is so intensive, and it takes so long to rear them properly. They must know who they belong to, and live for their owners long before they ever meet them, such as in the case of your girl.

Yes, she turned twenty-one a month ago, when we first contacted you. The instructions given by your father's estate were that she was to be trained fully, so I'm afraid she's no virgin- well, no virgin in the sense of not being penetrated by anything. Companion training is done exclusively with dildos. Part On the other hand, she's as well trained as the women you enjoyed earlier.

This is her. She answers to the name Odette, though she knows that you may wish to change that. Her breasts are a D-cup, nice large, dark nipples, very sensitive. She did especially well in deep throat training- she can handle a ten-inch cock obstructing her airflow for up to twelve minutes. She is flexible enough to bend in pretty much any way you desire, and follows orders with enthusiasm. We can render her infertile, temporary or permanently, if you so desire: we can also do permanent hair removal, tattoos, and piercings.

You can fuck her however you want. She's yours, we've just been holding her in trust.

You sign here, and then we transfer the tracker id to you. Absolutely. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

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