The Festival


The festival was loud and beautiful, and so were the guests. Everyone's colors were vibrant as they flowed across the dance floor, gowns and masks shimmering in the torchlight. Villetta moved across the floor like spun silk, her every move graceful and measured, catching the eye of every man and woman alike.

She glanced towards the entrance to see the arrival of even more highly regarded guests. The party went on, everyone dancing and drinking, as the room grew full.

After at long last the torches began to flicker, Villetta made her way towards the staircase, to make the long climb to her quarters. Halfway up the lengthy flight of stairs, a noise behind her made her turn. Suspiciously she squinted in the dim light, seeing nothing. "Hello?" she called anxiously, "Is anyone there?"

The only answer was silence, so she resumed her climb. A few short seconds later, another noise, more pronounced and deliberate, made her stop.

As she turned again, a surprising blow to the temple made her fall to the uneven floor as she cried out in pain. In seconds, a large framed figure covered her, his breath heavy on her chest. "Hello, princess," he whispered.

She cried out, attempting unsuccessfully to throw him from on top of her. One of his hands moved to encircle her wrists as the other undid the fastenings on the bodice of her tight dress, exposing her heaving breasts. His mouth moved violently to a nipple, tongue working furiously as he sucked and licked. She cried out helplessly as the sensations hatched a warmth in her loins.

The hand that wasn't holding her hostage moved to her leg and up under the skirts of her gown. Moving the smallclothes aside, his hand stroked her with surprising skill and her feeling of anticipation grew even higher.

Giving her reddened nipple a final, painful nip, his mouth moved to her neck, kissing and licking as Villetta tried unsuccessfully to repress moans.

Suddenly, he stood and resumed the climb, dragging the breathless woman unwillingly behind him. However, when they reached the door of her bedchamber, they didn't go inside. He threw her rather roughly against the heavy wooden door and pressed himself up against her. His hands roamed her body freely, stroking her lower back and again torturing her nipples. Her hair was grasped and yanked from behind, jerking her head back. He kissed her neck and chest, running his tongue along her sensitive skin.

Releasing her hair, he pushed the door open behind them and backed her inside. In the light of her room, she could better see his defined features and elaborate clothing. He was rather unexpectedly attractive. She heard a giggle behind her and turned to find a naked girl lying on her bed, propped up on her arm.

He placed a large hand on her chest and shoved her backwards, not too roughly but hard enough that she went sprawling on the floor. Looking up at him with tears in her eyes, she realized much too late that her tower was out of hearing range of any of the guards or her brothers, all of which would be drunk anyway.

He crossed his arms as the girl rose from the bed and padded softly over to Villetta. She removed Villetta's clothing and kissed her beautiful body softly all over. Her mouth lay to rest on her still-red nipple, which she took into her mouth and sucked with quite some force. Her hand, also surprisingly deft, moved to the wetness between her legs, stroking quickly with practice.

Villetta's eyes closed as the pleasure racked her body increasingly. Her hands grasped for something, anything around her. She found nothing but the cold, hard floor.

When she could not hold back the moans any longer, they ripped out of her like wind from the sky, getting louder and louder.

The girl's mouth released her tingling nipple and replaced the hand between her legs. The pleasure was even more intense than before, and it was all Villetta could do to stay conscious, but before her body surrendered to the pleasure, the girl stopped.

The strange man picked her up and tossed her onto the bed as if she was weightless. Ripping strips of satin from her dress on the floor, he tied her wrists and ankles to the four posts of her elaborate bed, leaving her spread-eagled, naked, and exposed in the center.

He climbed onto the bed and settled himself between her already-quivering legs, lowering his mouth onto her as his fingers roamed the region. Two large coarse fingers roughly pushed inside her as she screamed. She had not yet lost her virgin-blood! She couldn't, not to this stranger! His hand worked in time with his mouth and, after the pain had subsided to a dull ache that almost felt good, she was closer to climaxing than she had ever been before, the moans rising in her throat until she felt she must be loud enough to wake the whole kingdom.

His fingers still thrusting inside her, he kissed his way up to her throat and, after lingering there for a minute, made his way to her mouth. His kisses were now gentle and loving, not at all like she'd imagined. He tasted of mint, and of what she assumed was her.

His fingers slowly pulled out of her and made way for his very large, fully engorged member. She cried out again as he entered her, her aching loins exploding with sensation and pain.

The rhythm was slow at first, until she adjusted to his thickness, and then got faster as her breathing got harder and more ragged. His mouth moved once again to her nipples, alternating between left and right and then returning to kiss her lips once more.

The girl suddenly reappeared, using her slender fingers to pinch and pull on Villetta's nipples. The man's hand slid down to pleasure her as his thrusts ripped at her core. His kissing ceased just long enough for her to whisper, "Don't stop," breathlessly.

The pleasure finally got the better of her as she came, screaming. But the man didn't stop; he kept thrusting and stroking and the girl kept pinching until she came again, and then again, until it was too much and the world faded to black.

The next morning she woke nestled in the strong arms of the tall, dark stranger, surprisingly comfortable, with a feeling of happiness that she couldn't explain. She closed her eyes again and drifted off to oblivion in the arms of her prince.

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