tagFetishThe Fetish Shoe Shop: Carmen

The Fetish Shoe Shop: Carmen


Mrs. Wyles had a rather unusual request but after discussing it we were very keen to take it on. In fact talking about the couple in question Chris and Carmen turned us on so much that Mrs. Wyles and I ended up both wearing stockings and high heels and fucking each other. I bought her to an orgasm then she jacked me off using her stockinged feet and made me cum all over her stockings and we then both proceeded to lick them clean.

Chris and Carmen had a storyline that they wanted us to act out with them. The storyline had to be followed exactly and any deviation from it by anyone would involve punishment and Mrs. Wyles would decide which form this punishment would take.

Chris and Carmen both have stockings and shoes fetishes and wanted to meet us separately and in different places and keep in touch by mobile phone. It would take a bit of organising but would have such an exciting and sexually satisfying outcome for all four of us that we couldn't wait to do it.

Chris and Carmen are both in their twenties. Carmen must be one of the sexiest young ladies around. She is short with long dark hair, small, but perfect tits and loves to wear stockings and high heel shoes. Just the thought of her gives me a hard on.

We decided that we needed a whole day and cancelled the other appointments for that day. Mrs. Wyles and I were so excited that we wanted to do it as soon as possible.

Mrs. Wyles arrived at work the next day early and was already excited at what lay ahead. She went straight into the showroom and chose her stockings and shoes for the day. As she knew this was going to be special she chose her ultra high shiny 8 inch heels that she kept for special occasions. Next she chose a pair of black seemed fishnet stockings. Then she chose a silky suspender belt, matching quarter cup bra and knickers. She undressed but didn't shower as she wanted Chris to lick her feet clean. Standing in front of a full length mirror she put the suspender belt on and pulled up the fishnet stockings, twisting round to make sure the seems were straight. Then she went to pull her knickers on and decided that she was so horny that she wouldn't wear the knickers or bra. Her pussy was already wet and she really had to control herself and stop herself from masturbating.

Then came the shoes. The 8 inch high heels that made her feel so horny. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had given herself using those particular heels up her cunt and up her arse. Her favourite position was to stand in front of the mirror and with one heel embedded up her arse she would insert the other heel in her cunt and grind the sole against her clit. It never failed to bring her to an enormous orgasm. Now she was hoping that she could get Chris to do it for her. She chose a small black leather skirt and white blouse. Next came the all important make up including the scarlet red lipstick that she loved wearing so much. She looked in the mirror and said to herself, yes you are one very sexy lady. She went back to her office to wait for Chris.

Chris had told me that Carmen would be in the shopping mall. He told me what she would be wearing and I went to find her. The shopping mall was very busy and I looked around for Carmen. Suddenly I saw her. She certainly looked like Chris's description and she was dressed very business like. She looked very sophisticated and looked as if she was about to go into an important business meeting. She had a short black skirt and a white blouse and her long black hair was pinned up. I also noticed that she wore a lovely deep red lipstick and her long finger nails were painted the same colour. What made me realise it was her that she was wearing black seemed stocking and 5 inch high shiny heeled shoes. Although she looked very business like she also looked very sexy. I felt my cock getting erect. I went up to her introduced myself.

I said, 'Hi' I'm Robert, I work with Mrs. Wyles and I understand that Chris is visiting her today.' I looked down at her legs and saw that there was sperm running down them. I said to her, 'I think we need to get you cleaned up, you can't walk around like that.' I took her hand and led her to the restroom. Fortunately the restroom was the type with individual stalls, I opened the door and gently pushed her in.' The restroom was very spacious and I said to Carmen, 'You really shouldn't have come out like that. You've dressed very smartly but you've got cum dripping down your stockings, how did that happen.' Carmen replied, 'I was just ready to leave and Chris was so horny thinking about cumming over Mrs. Wyles stockinged legs that he fucked me while I was standing up and I thought his cum would stay inside me.'

I replied, 'Did you cum as well.'

Carmen said, 'Only a little, I need to cum again.'

'Well, first of all I need to clean you up, take your skirt off and let me clean your stockings. Carmen unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. I hung it up on the back of the door. Carmen is now standing up with her 5 inch high heels and stockings on and exposing her skimpy white knickers. Chris's cum is still oozing out of her cunt. I said to her, ' Carmen, have you got your butt plug in today that Chris told you to wear.' She looked at me very sheepishly and admitted that she had forgotten to put it in. I said to her, 'You know that your reward for wearing the butt plug was for you to jack me off and me cum all over your legs and shoes and then I would lick them clean for you, don't you.'

'Yes, she said, I'm very sorry, can we keep this secret.' I said, 'I'm sorry, Carmen, but you know the rules of the game, I'll have to call Mrs. Wyles and see what she says.' Carmen, is still very apologetic and said, 'What if I make it worth your while, what if I let you fuck me in the arse, will you not tell Mrs. Wyles then.' I shook my head and said, 'No, you know the rules.'

I borrowed Carmen's mobile phone and called Mrs. Wyles. I told her that Carmen didn't have her butt plug in and asked what I should do. Mrs. Wyles asked me to wait for a few minutes as Chris had his face buried against her cunt and she was about to have her third orgasm of the day. I leaned across to Carmen and held the phone in between us so that we could both listen. We heard Mrs. Wyles say, 'Oh yes, that's it Chris, put your tongue right inside my cunt, oh that's lovely, now fuck your tongue in and out of my cunt, oh, that's wonderful, now twist the high heel that's in my arse, oh that's great, yes fuck my arse with the high heel, oh Chris, I'm cumming again. My stockinged legs are over his shoulders and the heels are digging in his back. That's it Chris, suck my clit, oh yes, I'm there, I'm cumming all over your face, oh yes Chris that was wonderful.'

There was a short pause and then Mrs. Wyles said, 'Now then Chris, I've just got to talk to Robert because when you fucked Carmen this morning she forgot to put her butt plug back in so she will have to be punished, so while I talk to Robert I want you to just slowly lick my cunt, don't make me cum again just yet, just slowly lick me.'

Carmen and I had been listening closely to what Chris was doing to her and both of us were getting turned on. I could see that Carmen had one of her hands beneath her skirt playing with her cunt. Mrs. Wyles paused for a few minutes and then said, 'Right Robert you need to give Carmen a stocking fuck, you can cum but she must not. Then Carmen must put the stocking back on with your spunk still in it and then you must both walk around the shopping mall and buy something that can be used as an alternative to the butt plug, then you must go back into the rest room and put the butt plug in Carmen's arse. Then you can lick all the cum off her legs. At the same time, Carmen must telephone me and listen to what Chris is doing to me.

If she gets excited listening to this she must masturbate but only cum once. Then she will jack you off into her shoes, put them on with your spunk still inside them and come over to me and Chris. She is to then watch Chris as he takes care of my needs. If I am in a good mood I will either let Carmen lick my cunt juices off Chris's face or lend her my vibrators so that she can satisfy herself while watching us. Now take one of her stockings off, put it on your cock as if it were a condom and fuck her cunt. I think that it will be a good idea to stick one of her high heels up her arse at the same time. Mrs. Wyles put the phone down and Carmen and I started on her instructions.

Carmen took her skirt off and I unclipped one of her stockings from the suspender. She wasn't wearing any knickers and I could see that her cunt was already very damp obviously she had been getting turned on listening to Chris with Mrs. Wyles. She leaned against the wall and raised one of her feet. I slowly peeled one of her stockings off. While I had her foot in the air I could clearly see how wide open her cunt was. I would have loved to put my tongue up there but Mrs. Wyles had not instructed me to. I took Carmen's toes one by one into my mouth and sucked them and then licked in between each one. Her hand went immediately to her pussy and stroked her cunt lips. I knew the instructions from Mrs. Wyles were to make sure that Carmen didn't have an orgasm so as she fingered herself I had to make her stop before she reached her orgasm.

I put Carmen's foot back on the ground and removed the other shoe. She now stood there without her shoes and only wearing one stocking. I took one of her stockings, tied it over the top of my cock and under my balls and pulled it tightly making my balls feel really great. Then I slipped it over the top of my cock, ready to use it as a condom. I told Carmen to turn round with her back to me and bend over. Her beautiful round arse was in front of me. I longed to bury my cock up there but knew I couldn't. I took her shoe and slowly eased the 5 inch heel inside her. She sighed with pleasure as I started fucking her arse with the heel. Then I turned her round and opened her legs.

Her pussy beckoned me and as I moved nearer to her my cock slipped very easily into her soaking wet cunt. I started fucking my stocking clad cock in and out of her. I could see her orgasm getting closer but remembered Mrs. Wyles instructions that Carmen couldn't cum. I speeded up my fucking and at the same time plunged the heel faster and faster into Carmen's arse. My orgasm happened almost instantly as I shot stream after stream of hot cum into Carmen's stocking. Carmen shouted to me, 'Let me cum, I need to cum, oh please, my cunts on fire, please let me cum.' I felt awful but knew she couldn't.

I carefully took the stocking off and was amazed how much spunk there was in it. I removed the shoe heel from Carmen's arse and lifted her foot. Her cunt was dripping with her cunt juices and smelt wonderful. I slowly pulled the stocking up her legs. It looked really disgusting but very very sexy as I could see that her leg and foot were covered in my spunk. Then I put both her shoes on and helped her step into her skirt. She was now ready for our walk round the mall to find something suitable for a butt plug.

Our first stop was in a hardware store. We looked at a salt and pepper set that might have been suitable as a butt plug but decided against it. There was nothing else suitable there and we headed for a drugstore where we first saw some tubes of cream but then we found a roll on deodorant that was about 5 inches long and had a lovely round top to it. Carmen also picked up a bottle of baby oil and suggested we bought that just in case the deodorant was too large for her. We paid for the goods and walked out of the shop and made our way back to the restroom. The same one we were originally in was vacant and we went in and locked the door. Straight away Carmen said, 'Put the butt plug in and lets get started.' She undid her skirt and stepped out of it. She turned round and bent over. She looked so horny standing there with her seemed stockings and high heel shoes with her lovely arse exposed to me. I ran some baby oil onto my hands and smoothed it over her arse and slipped a finger inside. Then I coated the deodorant with oil and it slipped inside her so easily. Carmen pushed back against the replacement butt plug and emitted a sigh of pleasure as it disappeared up inside her.

Now she knew she could start experiencing some of the sexual pleasure she had been missing out on. She turned to face me and I said, 'I'm going to lick all the cum off your legs and clean your feet and toes with my tongue then lick your cunt and suck your clit and make you cum in my mouth but first you need to speak to Mrs. Wyles and tell her what we have done.' Carmen got her mobile phone and dialled Mrs. Wyles number. Meanwhile I had totally undressed and was kneeling down in front of her and licking her stockings and cleaning all of my cum from them. I could clearly smell Carmen's cunt juices and hoped that Mrs. Wyles would allow me to suck her cunt. Mrs. Wyles answered the phone and Carmen heard her panting.

Carmen started telling Mrs. Wyles what we had bought and that she had a roll on deodorant inserted in her arse. Mrs. Wyles said to Carmen, 'Just listen to what Chris is doing to me. He is wearing red fishnet stockings and matching red 6 inch high heels. At the moment I am standing in front of a mirror with Chris's cock embedded deep in my arse and a 6 inch high heel in my cunt. As Chris is fucking my arse I am rubbing the sole of the shoe against my clit. I have genuinely lost count of the number of times Chris has made me cum today. I have had so much pleasure today I want to hear you cumming. I want you to masturbate and tell me what you're doing. Describe to me in detail as you finger fuck yourself, describe how you play with your clit, and describe how you make yourself cum. I want to hear you cum as Chris continues to abuse my cunt and arse holes.' Carmen was getting very excited and was busy playing with herself. She managed to tuck the mobile phone under her chin and started telling Mrs. Wyles what she was doing.

'Robert is kneeling on the floor and licking all his spunk from my stockings. I am holding my cunt lips apart and slipping one finger inside. Oh that's lovely, now two fingers, I'm finger fucking myself now. Oh I wish I was with you and Chris now so that he could fuck my arse and you could lick my cunt for me.' Mrs. Wyles interrupted and said, 'That will be later my dear, now just keep on telling Chris and I what you are doing.'

Carmen continued, 'I'm rubbing my clit now, oh, its heavenly, I want to cum, but its so good I want it to last, I've got three fingers inside my cunt and my other hand is still playing with my clit. Roberts getting higher as he licks my stockings. Mrs. Wyles is it all right if Robert sucks my clit. I so badly need to cum, please.' Mrs. Wyles replied, 'Yes, Carmen, as long as you continue to tell Chris and I what's happening.'

'Oh, Robert, quick, Mrs. Wyles says you can lick my cunt, oh that's great, stick your tongue inside me, lick all my cunt juices out, oh wonderful, please Mrs. Wyles can I cum yet.' Carmen heard Mrs. Wyles say,' In a moment, Carmen, Chris had just taken my shoes off and I'm rubbing his cock with my stockinged feet and as I hear you cum I'm going to make Chris cum all over my stockings and then we can lick all his own spunk off them. That's it Chris is nearly there, are you too Carmen, I'm rubbing Chris's cock really fast, yes, he's cumming, his spunk is shooting all over my stockings, I can't believe how much there is, I wish you were here now you could lick it all up.' Carmen replied, Oh Mrs. Wyles, Roberts sucking my clit now, its wonderful, I'm cumming too, oh fuck, my cunts on fire, I love it, oh Robert keep on sucking it I want to cum again, oh yes, its here, now, suck, suck, suck, oh its heaven, I've cum again. Now I've lifted Roberts face to mine and I'm licking my cunt juices off his face, they taste lovely, I've never tasted my own cunt juices before, but they are delicious.'

Mrs. Wyles then said, 'Right its time for Robert to cum, Carmen I want you to jack him off and make him cum in your shoes, then put them back on and come back here to the shop wearing them and then Chris and I can lick your stockings and toes clean for you.' Carmen stood with her face only inches from my rock hard cock and had her shoes nearby. She had a lovely soft but firm touch and as she jacked me off she used her other hand to squeeze my balls and finger my arse. My orgasm had been building for a long time now and as she gave a final rub she held first one shoe and then other over the end of my shooting cock and I emptied the contents of my balls deep into the toes of both her shoes.

Carmen and I relaxed for a while and then decided to head back. Carmen didn't want to put her stockings back on as she wanted to feel my spunk mingling in between her toes. I told her that was fine. We made ourselves respectable and made our way back to the shop. Carmen still had her imitation butt plug in and loved the feel as she walked along in her spunk covered high heel shoes.

We arrived back at the shop shortly and let ourselves in. The outer office was empty and we walked into the showroom. The sight that greeted us was amazing. Chris was wearing red fishnet stockings and matching 6 inch high heels and Mrs. Wyles had black seemed silk stockings and her 8 inch black ultra high heels. Mrs. Wyles was leaning against the back of an armchair and Chris was fucking her with a pair of high heel shoes. She had one up her arse and the other in her cunt and she was jacking him off. As we walked in they stopped and came over to us. Chris went straight to Carmen and kissed her on the lips. Mrs. Wyles stood with the two shoes still embedded in her.

She said to Carmen, 'Sit over there on the sofa.' Carmen did as Mrs. Wyles said. We followed her and Mrs. Wyles had to remove the heels from inside her. Mrs. Wyles made Chris and I kneel on the floor in front of Carmen and lifted her feet. One to me and one to Chris. Slowly we took Carmen's shoes off and we both had the wonderful sight of Carmen's lovely toes with all my spunk running between them. Mrs. Wyles said, 'Right boys, Carmen needs to be licked clean.' Chris and I wasted no time and started licking my spunk off Carmen's toes and in between them. In the meantime, Mrs. Wyles had positioned herself in between Chris and I and started slowly licking Carmen's wet cunt. Although this was the first time that Carmen had a female doing this to her, it was so soft and gentle and a wonderful feeling that she didn't even think about resisting.

Carmen couldn't believe how good this felt. She had two men licking and sucking her toes and an experienced woman showing her the pleasures of female cunt licking. Carmen was in heaven as her next orgasm neared. Mrs. Wyles sensed it and slowed down, she knew that Carmen needed a long drawn out build up so that when she orgasmed it was the best she had ever experienced. Chris and I had now licked Carmen's toes clean and all traces of my spunk had long gone. Mrs. Wyles told me to fetch Carmen's stocking and shoes. She stopped licking her for a moment and stood her up. She removed the deodorant that was still being used as a butt plug and replaced it with a high heeled sandal. Carmen sighed with pleasure as the long spike of the heel slid easily inside her arse. Next came the stockings and shoes back on.

Chris removed her blouse and bra and her tits came into view. Her nipples were hard and erect and looked as if they needed sucking. Mrs. Wyles got Carmen to sit down again and the heel embedded deeper in her arse. Then Mrs. Wyles knelt in between Carmen's legs and draped her legs over Mrs. Wyles shoulders. Then I stood behind Carmen and started playing with her tits. Pinching and squeezing them as hard as I could. Then Chris knelt behind Mrs. Wyles and sucked Carmen's heels as they rested over Mrs. Wyles shoulders. At the same time Mrs. Wyles got Chris to fuck her arse with one of her heels. Mrs. Wyles was again very slow and gentle with Carmen. Giving her cunt long slow licks ansd then pushing her tongue inside her cunt and occassionally sucking her clit. We could all see the look of complete pleasure on Carmen's face. She said, Oh that's wonderful Mrs. Wyles, suck my clit, lick my cunt, oh please let me cum, let me cum over your face, oh please Mrs. Wyles, please.

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