The Fisherman's Shack Pt. 01

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Filthy fun at Old Mac's shack.
3.6k words

Part 1 of the 2 part series

Updated 08/16/2023
Created 07/29/2023
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About 15 years ago, I received the occupancy of a fisherman's shack located roughly 300 km northwest of Perth. My great uncle, Old Mac, had spent most of his long and eccentric life fishing the waters around the townships of Leeman and Green Head.

However, rather than buying a house in the area, he and others built small dwellings on state government land without permission. In effect, Old Mac and his compatriots were squatting, occupying land they did not own or rent.

At any time, the government could send bulldozers, raze these fishing communities to the ground and fine the occupants. The sword of Damocles forever hung over such communities, but the fact that they existed for many decades lessened the threat of government eviction.

I took a week's leave from work in the early summer and drove up the coast to complete some minor repairs on Old Mac's dwelling. Getting to the shack was not easy as this community was off the beaten track, which guaranteed privacy and kept out the commoner.

The 'founding fathers' had chosen a most idyllic location to pursue the noble art of fishing. Perhaps ten shacks of various bright colours were spaced about 20 metres apart. All the accessories of ocean fishing - boats, nets, traps, buoys, ropes, hooks, etc. - were present and correct.

The shacks were built on the foreshore, where the pristine white sands gave way to the bush. Shade came from the numerous gum trees and other native flora. The beach was crescent-shaped, with the water protected by two sandstone headlands. The cove was shallow and strewn with reefs giving the sea a rich turquoise colour.

I reached Old Mac's painted firehouse red cabin, but it was flaking under the blistering sun. There was no lock on the door which was symptomatic of the community's isolation, trust, and security. When I crossed the threshold, I was assailed by a strong, musty smell, proof that nobody had been in residence for some time.

The shack consisted of one windowless room, maybe nine square metres, with a bunk bed, two cabinets, a rack, and a table. Electricity was provided by a diesel generator that enabled me to plug in my camping fridge to keep the beers and food chilled. There was a gas-canister cooking stove and a small selection of kitchen utensils and condiments. Access to fresh water was using a community well, but the lack of a toilet was concerning. However, I remembered Old Mac telling me there was a camping 'dunny' at the shack, which I found after searching, but waste disposal remained problematic. I was sure other community members would be on hand to solve such conundrums.

It quickly became apparent that I had no neighbours in this fishing community. It was shaping up to be a lonely week, but that did not bother me. One of the attractions of journeying here was the solitude. I brought with me several books that I intended to lose myself in.

During the week, I decided to wash the sheets and towels at the Leeman laundromat to alleviate the musty odour permeating the shack. I bundled all of the linen into the back of the car and drove to Leeman.

Given the volume of washing that needed to be done, I decided to while away the time at the local sports club since it was selling booze, and I fancied some beer.

A handful of tourists and locals were imbibing and ordering meals, but for a Wednesday, the club I sensed was under-patronised. No one in my demographic was present, so after finishing my meal, I read for a while before playing solo pool while I supped on the local brew.

"Can we play with you?" Someone asked me with a heavy European accent.

I spun around, and my eyes focused on two young women smiling expectantly with drinks in their hands.

"Sure," I replied, amused at how the words could be misconstrued, "I prefer not to play with myself."

Neither woman got the double entendre, but they were eager to pick up a pool cue. After introductions, we eagerly sank balls into pockets and downed drinks.

I took my time to evaluate these European intruders. They could not have been any starker contrast between the two. Steffi, who initiated the interaction, was short, plump and German. What flesh was on display was inked and pierced, heavily so. She wore thick, black eye shadow, firehouse red lips, and a lazy mohawk-tinted copper hairstyle. Steffi wore an orange tank top that could barely contain a massive set of tits complimented with a black, loose-flowing skirt.

Mila, on the other hand, was a plain-looking blonde Dutch girl. Skinny and flat-chested but sporting an hourglass figure and flashing a beaming smile and piercing blue eyes without a hint of makeup. She wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans and lacked visible ink and piercings.

"Vas ist you doing here?" Barked Steffi in her pidgin English as we began our first team-up.

"I'm waiting for my laundry to finish."

"You live here?" Asked Mila.

"No, I live in Perth, but I'm looking after my uncle's fishing shack here."

"Vas ist dis?" Asked Steffi, not knowing my meaning.

I launched into a simplistic explanation of where I was staying and what I was doing in Leeman. More than Steffi, Mila understood, given her superior grasp of the lingua franca.

"Oh, it is by the beach?" Asked Steffi.

"Yes, here I'll show you," I reached into my bag and grabbed the digital camera.

"Oh, it's so pretty," Both girls gushed as I scrolled through the photos of the (seemingly deserted) community, the limestone headlands and several other locations I had explored over the last few days.

"I will like to see dis place," Barked Steffi.

"Same for me," Agreed Mila.

"Well, if you want to wait an hour or so," I said, sensing a sensual opportunity, "It's a short drive south, and I would be happy to show you around."

The girls exchanged knowing glances before readily agreeing. We drank heartily and continued playing pool, laughing and joking.

We finished our last drinks and walked to the laundromat at the appointed time. Thankfully, my laundry was dry, and I packed it into bags.

"My car is just around the corner," I said as I hauled the laundry across my shoulders.

The afternoon weather was hot, but a gentle breeze took the edge off. The girls were sweating, hauling their enormous backpacks that looked to contain everything but the kitchen sink.

"Chuck everything in the back here, ladies," I said after opening the trunk of my Landcruiser.

We sat in the front seat together as I drove to Old Mac's fishing community.

"Wow!" Gasped the girls in unison when they saw the cove, "Can we swim?"

"Be my guest."

They rummaged through their backpacks in the Landcruiser for several minutes and grabbed their bikinis. I dutifully remained outside the shack while they changed before they ran gleefully down the beach to the water's edge. Steffi had more ink than was publicly on show; there was hardly any free flesh to paint. Mila had no mark on her, but her pale skin colour matched the tinge of her hair.

"You've been drinking," I reminded them, "So don't go too far into the water."

I was feeling the effects of the beer I had consumed and fancied more alcohol, but I had to refrain because of the need to drive the girls back to Leeman.

As I unpacked the laundry and tidied up, I regularly watched the girls frolicking in the shallow water, giggling and chatting in broken English.

"You have something to drink?" Asked Mila after walking up to the shack dripping wet, "Water, something else?"

"Water or wine?"

"Oh, wine," She replied, "Will you have a glass with us?"

"Not if I have to drive you back to Leeman."

"Who said we want to leave here," Mila teased.

I knew now that I was in for some action.

"You're free to stay here if you like," I replied, smiling, "I have the room."

"We know," Mila grinned back, "We want to stay with you."

"I'm honoured," I gushed, turning red.

"Then come party with us."

I grabbed the cask of cheap wine and three paper cups, and followed Mila back to the water's edge, where Steffi was lying in the shallows with the tide washing over her plump body.

"Bitte," She said after accepting the paper cup filled with wine, "Aussie wine is scheiße, but it will do."

"And you?" I asked Mila after handing her a cup of wine.

"It's fine." She said, eagerly downing a healthy dose.

Neither girl gave the local cask a ringing endorsement, but they were happy to swallow free cups of wine, and I hoped I would get a return on my investment.

So, for the remaining afternoon, we bathed in the warm water, swam, sunned ourselves and sipped cheap wine.

"What brought you to Leeman?" I asked as we lay in the sun that dried our salt-encrusted bodies.

"We were working on a farm near Geraldton," Explained Mila, "And the owner offered to take us here."

"You are working and travelling around Australia together?" I asked.

"We met in Darwin," Said Steffi, "And we travel together down this coast."

"You enjoy this life?"

Both girls laughed conspiratorially and agreed that they were having fun. They aimed to work for free accommodation where possible and only pay for a room when they were in a significant village or town.

"So, you arrived in town with nowhere to stay?"

"Ja," Replied Steffi, "We never have a place to stay."

"But we have always found a room no matter where we arrive." Mila clarified.

"Like here?"

"Exactly," she chuckled, "This place was unexpected."

"Beautiful, though, isn't it?" I asked as the sun began setting in the western sky.

"Like heaven," Barked Steffi, who suddenly stood and removed her swim wear, "Dis is better."

It certainly was! Steffi's plump and naked body was a joy to look at and my cock came to life. Both nipples were pierced as expected, her belly button too, and the clit sported several rings. She was a conglomeration of ink and metal. All the caked-on makeup had been washed away by the brine, and Steffi looked better for it and softened her image.

Mila followed her travel companion and tossed away her bikini to reveal a plain and pale body with perky nipples adorning her modest chest. Unlike Steffi, Mila wore a thick black bush between her legs that I could not stop starring at.

"You like?" She giggled at my dumbfounded expression.

"Very tast...nice!" I pulled myself up at the last moment before a foot in mouth incident.

My cock had grown un strength considerably in the last minute or two, and my skimpy shorts were not doing a respectable job in concealing it.

"You must be naked with us," Chuckled Steffi as both girls tugged at the hem of my shorts.

I put up no resistance and arched my back to allow for the easy removal of the salty garment. My guests appeared impressed at what was revealed, and a whiff of cool air tightened my hairless ball sack.

"Can ve play mit your dick?" Asked Steffi, who planned to regardless of my response.

"Bitte," I said, breathless in anticipation.

Steffi took my cock in her fleshy palm and gently stroked the shaft. I lay back in rapture before Mila was on me kissing me sensuously, a hand stroking my chest. While I have pleasured and been pleasured by two women previously, the fact that these two were European (and therefore likely filthy) added a layer of eroticism that I had never experienced.

As our tongues explored each other's mouths, I suddenly felt Steffi's on my cock as she engulfed my manhood with a practiced familiarity. Meanwhile, my hands stroked and caressed each girl's back.

After several minutes of being blown and kissed, I motioned for Mila to straddle my face so that I could munch on her delectably hairy box. She was happy to oblige and placed her sopping hole directly on my mouth. Simultaneously, she folded down on my and shared blowjob duties with Steffi. The sensation of two hot mouths on my cock and balls was indescribable, while I revelled in the taste and sensitivity of Mila fur burger.

"That's fucking amazing, ladies!" I encouraged as I lapped and drunk down all the Mila provided while kneading and caressing her butt cheeks.

Both ladies moaned between slurps and spitting and sucking, Mila more so because of how my tongue was working on her clit and pussy.

Steffi barked something in German that I did not catch. Mila became erect and her friend straddled my groin and sank her hairless snatch down the full length of my cock.

I let out and audible groan at the amazing sensations I experienced. Then Mila's fingers spread her pussy and she began grinding her crotch against my face with an increasing intensity, and I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm.

Mila climaxed moments later and she released several salty eruptions in my mouth and across my face. The fluid was hot and bitter, and while I struggled to swallow without retching, the sensation was wildly erotic.

After allowing me to breathe again, Mila reached down to thank me and kissed me passionately, seemingly oblivious to the girl come that was smeared across my face. Meantime, Steffi was smashing my cock, swearing wildly in her native tongue, and fast approaching an orgasm to call her own.

When she came, Steffi's pussy muscles contracted sharply, and her plump frame shook violently as pleasure darts smashed her nerves. Alas, there was no discharge unlike Mila, but my shaft was richly coated with pussy slime when her sweaty frame rose off my pelvis. She fell against her beach towel, flesh jiggling and chest heaving for air.

"Das war gut!" Steffi repeated.

For a moment or two, there was a lull in the action as both girls were in post-orgasmic recovery. When it resumed, Mila asked me to fuck her. She got on all fours and presented her hairy pussy to my quivering spear. Applying saliva as lubricant to her snatch seemed somewhat redundant but I did it anyway.

Mila was so wet that I entered easily. She sighed her approval and began bucking her hips against mine. I grabbed her hips and slammed into her with visceral ferocity. For the first time since we met earlier that day, Mila reverted to the Dutch language, and I had no idea what she was saying, but it seemed pleasurable.

Steffi had rolled onto her side to observe the action and began rubbing her clit. There something particularly erotic about a woman masturbating, particularly one as exotically presented as Steffi.

Mila came quickly and hard, literally screaming into the towel. If the community had other residents, they would be out investigating the disturbance. However, I was past caring, my mind was deep in the 'blood fever'. She collapsed on the sand, and I relaxed on my haunches with my sparkly prick pointing skyward.

Within second, Steffi's lips wrapped hard around my cock, and she languidly took me deep in her throat seemingly unfazed about tasting her friend's pussy. Feeling the energy levels dip, I decided that I should come while the girls were still awake. However, Steffi had one last trick to pull.

"You like anale zex?" Steffi asked in her thick German accent.

"Oh, ja!" I replied

"Gut," Steffi replied, "Bitte, fick mein arschloch!"

Rolling onto her side, Steffi reached behind and pulled a fleshy arse cheek apart. Lacking real lubrication, I spat on my hand and rubbed the saliva on my cock. I added a little more to Steffi's spongey pucker. Being German, I assumed this was overkill and that dry entry anal sex was something Steffi had plenty of experience at.

Spooning behind her, I placed my cock head against Steffi's O-ring and pushed gently. Surprisingly, there was little resistance and I popped in. Steffi took a sharp intake of breath and held it as I forced my dick further inside her tight shitter.

Once I was balls deep, Steffi grabbed my thigh and motioned me to start fucking her stinky hole, something I was very keen to do.

"Shit, that's tight!" I gasped as her rosette forcefully pull back my foreskin.

I knew that Mila was facing us, but because of Steffi's bulk, I could not see what she was doing; though I assumed Mila was enjoying the show.

"You okay?" I breathed into Steffi's ear.

"Ja," She replied, "fick mir hart!"

I began to fulfil her command tentatively, but it was clear, Steffi was in no mood to brook caution, and vocally encouraged me to fuck her arsehole as hard as I could.

"Ja, ja, ja," She repeated, "Härter!"

Swiftly, Steffi's bung loosened which enabled me to administer a savage buggering, which she revelled in. Whether she orgasmed or not, I could not tell, but Steffi enjoyed herself.

After several minutes, Steffi lifted a leg in the air, and she began rubbing her clit. Seconds later, her body spasmed violently and she let out such a screech that frightened the nocturnal bats.

"Get on your knees!"

"Nein!" Steffi giggled and rolled on to her back, "You fuck me dis way."

Pulling her fleshy legs back as far as they would flex, Steffi pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her balloon knot which was neither gaping nor snatching. Spitting on my fingers to apply some additional lube, the hole was relaxed and aching for cock.

This time, penetration was much easier. Steffi spread her pussy lips and revealed an angry red but moist interior. As I fucked her back door, she again flicked her bean, however without any urgency.

"You come now!"

I was close.

"Komm schon!"

Mila was lying on her towel, facing us with wide eyes with fingers buried deep in her snatch. I wondered whether she enjoyed her friend's enjoyment of the brown arts, and that thought tipped me over the edge.

"I'm gonna come!" I hissed and pulled my funky member from Steffi's accommodating arse.

Simultaneously, Steffi rose on her haunches and pushed her fleshy tits together, signalling to me where she wanted the white seed.

Seconds later, I exploded and covered Steffi's chest with ropes of steaming sperm. My body jerking with pleasure as rivulets of sweat pouring from my head and down my chest.

As my primary orgasm subsided, I expected Steffi to orally clean my cock, but she noticeably shied away from that womanly duty. Instead, I slapped my deflating cock against her tit flesh as she massaged my seed into her skin.

Mila suddenly made an appearance. She scooped up several patches of man seed and rubbed them across her lips before smacking them together in satisfaction. Sticking her tongue out, Mila licked up several stray shots from Steffi's boobs.

"Mm, yummy," She smiled, after tasting more of my deposit.

We were covered in sweat, sand and various bodily fluids. Submersion in the water was in order.

"Oh, that's much better," I said after rising from the salty brine, wiping my face, and brushing my hair back.

Mila and I grabbed our towels and shook the sand away before lying down, exhausted but satisfied. Steffi stayed behind and lay in the water for several additional minutes.

Reaching over, Mila kissed me softly, and we ran our fingers gently across each other's bodies.

"I like anal sex too," She whispered.

"Was hoping that you would," I grinned, "Why didn't you ask for it?"

"Steffi was having too much fun."

"Maybe later?" I reckoned these two Euro-nymphs would revive me in no time.

"Tomorrow." Came Mila's firm but playful reply.

Knowing that Mila and Steffi planned to stick around an extra day or two, my good fortune knew no bounds. With no one around here, I could expect more nude sunbathing and fun in the sea.

"Seems that you two have played together," I said.

"We do," Milla said with a grin, "But we prefer boys."

"How often do you play together?" I followed up, hoping to elicit some filthy details.

"When there are no boys around," She chuckled in return, causing Steffi to gaze towards us.

"So, you have had a lot of sex since you've been travelling?"