The Fisherman's Shack Pt. 02

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The hardcore filth continues.
3.6k words
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Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 08/16/2023
Created 07/29/2023
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The following day the three of us woke up at first light. Steffi and Mila ran naked toward to sea to romp while I brewed a pot of black coffee and made French toast for breakfast, also in the buff.

Recalling the previous night's sexual antics, my cock would not deflate. If I touched myself, I would have spaffed in seconds. Thankfully, cooking took my mind off the girls until their naked, dripping bodies crossed the threshold.

Steffi and Mila eagerly accepted, and we sat outside in the shade as the sun's heat began to bite. I demolished my meal, not realizing how much of an appetite I had.

After we cleaned up inside the shack, the girls forced me to the wall; they dropped to their knees and began mercilessly blowing my cock. Taking turns licking and sucking my shaft and tightening my balls. Watching these girls do business with such familiarity convinced me they had done this many times before.

Despite confessing the night before that these two play together on occasion, there was no lip locking or tongue tango, but their combined oral technique had me at a boiling point in no time. When Mila forced my legs apart and positioned her head between my balls and arsehole, I almost lost it. Steffi, the aggressive German with a penchant for backdoor shenanigans, spat and slobbered over my cock, acutely attuned to my state of arousal.

The girls worked synchronously, and as soon as Mila's tongue tickled my dirty hole, I unleashed over Steffi's mouth and face until she directed the dying eruptions across her pendulous breasts. I shuddered violently as my cock exploded in pure orgasmic bliss.

"Sorry about that," I chuckled when I opened my eyes and saw the mess I made of Steffi. She, in turn, seemed amazed at the strength of my climax. Mila crawled out from tongue my shitter and taint and expressed delight at my money shot.

That was when the girls got into each other, with Mila furiously kissing Steffi and licking up my sperm. They snowballed, swapping a heady mixture of come and spit into each other's mouths while looking at me as they performed such a filthy act for my edification. Ultimately, they opened their mouths to show how much they had swapped before gleefully swallowing without being asked. They pecked, stood up and kissed me.

"Thank you for breakfast," Mila and Steffi chimed.

"You're both very welcome," I said, wiping the sweat from my brow.

Later, I asked the girls what they would like to do for that day. We decided to drive north and explore some of the isolated beaches and bushland that adorn this section of the coast. The drive up began well, with Steffi sitting in the middle, started flashing her big tits to any car or truck coming in the other direction. Mila sucked on one pierced tit while I fondled the other, trying desperately to keep the Landcruiser on the road.

At one point, Mila was squatting on the front seat with one leg on the dashboard, directly in my field of view, while Steffi swivelled on her back and licked her friend's pussy to climax. Like the night before, Mila ejaculated a fierce jet of female come, which soaked the upholstery, unfortunately not into Steffi's mouth.

"Sorry about that," She said meekly when Steffi resumed her seat between us.

"No problems," I quipped, "You have to sit in it."

We reached a destination called Fisherman's Point that I knew of from Old Mac but had never previously visited. The place was deserted, although a few longboats had seen better days. The sun was high, and its sting was pronounced. We explored several rock pools, and the girls collected shells. We swam, bathed, and snorkelled for hours, relaxing in each other's company. The environment was idyllic and isolated, so we felt we were the last three humans on the planet.

Watching Mila and Steffi parade around the place as naked as the day they were born was a remarkable sight. They had no issue with nudity, and it was second nature. The same lack of decorum was shown each time they went to pee, playfully displaying it in front of each other and me. These two were incredible, and I thanked the mythical sky fairy for my good fortune.

Later, once the sun had partially burnt us, we headed back to Leeman to grab a bite to eat, and we took the opportunity to shoot some pool and consume some beverages. Each time Mila took a shot at the pool table, she would shake her booty in my direction, and I began to understand that I was in for some serious anal action once we retired to the shack. Steffi looked on and encouraged her friend, leaning down and showing off her bra-less cleavage whenever it was her turn with the cue. Both girls went commando that day, to the apparent shock of the locals.

Once bored of playing pool, we decided to walk to the pier and dangle our feet into the sea while sharing fish and chips. The scene was calm and tranquil; no one spoke, but we were not awkward.

"I vant to fuck!" Announced Steffi suddenly as we sat silently staring towards the sun that was falling over the western horizon.

"Me too," I replied.

"Same," Mila confirmed.

We walked from the pier to my Landcruiser, and I drove the short distance to the shack. Again, the community seemed deserted, and we had a full run of the place. Thankfully, much of the sun's heat diminished with the onset of the afternoon breeze.

The three of us climbed the northern headland to watch the setting. The only sounds were from the turquoise water lapping against the cove and the breeze, studded by coral and sandstone structures that protruded above the sea's surface.

We dangled our feet over the side from our elevated position and marvelled at nature's beauty. There was a palpable tension in the air that no one could pierce.

"Vat do you vant?" Steffi asked in her world-dominating cadence.

I thought for a second about my response. I could get anything my filthy mind could concoct. Steffi and Mila were my personal porn stars, capable of any sexual act I could imagine. What to do with two experienced bisexual anal-capable European horn dogs?

"To be honest," I began, tentatively unsure about their response to my request, "I want to see you two fuck first."

There was a knowing look exchanged between the two girls, but also some uncertainty as if they did not want to perform some intimate acts they do together in private, given we had only met a day earlier. However, Steffi happily licked pussy in the car, but I was disappointed that she did not accept Mila's 'gift'.

Relieved of driving duties, I wanted to watch the girls go at each other in filthy detail. A private lesbian show was guaranteed to bring me to the boil, and I drooled in anticipation.

"But I vant your cock," Steffi pleaded

"You must tell us what to do," Mila said with a cheeky grin.

"Start by kissing and touching each other."

They adopted that very European way of kissing, dancing their tongues together but not locking lips, instead pecking them. Mila's hands went immediately to Steffi's pendulous tits and caressed them aggressively. Steffi directed a hand inside the crotch of Mila's shorts and began fingering a very wet pussy.

Seconds later, both girls were naked, taking turns licking nipples and fingering each other's holes. Their show was more sensual than I expected. These were not hired actors performing for the camera but had feelings for each other judging by the glances they exchanged.

However, the action quickly escalated and became far more erotic when Mila and Steffi went down on each other. Mila went first and aggressively tongued Steffi's spread-open pussy. Fluids were freely mingling as Steffi took immense pleasure in her friend's technique, pinching and squeezing her tattooed nipples and groaning continuously.

"Bitte," Steffi asked, "Faust meine Fotze?"

"Sure," Mila replied.

She rose and arched her back. Mila's face was covered in pussy slime and saliva.

After wiping her face, Mila extended her hand toward's her friend's vagina and began inserting her dainty fingers one at a time. I found Steffi's pussy very tight, and I could not imagine Mila successfully stuffing her fist inside it.

It took five minutes, but that fist was sunk to the wrist. Steffi was babbling away, lost in ecstasy, pinching a nipple and tugging her clit.

"You like this?" Asked Mila as she slowly began thrusting her fist in and out of Steffi's pussy.

"Ja, ja, ja," Steffi moaned, "Härter!. Tiefer!"

Mila's fist was ploughing Steffi's cunt hard now, and she was orgasming multiple times.

"Turn over," I asked Steffi.

"Keep your fist inside," I told Mila as her friend clumsily rolled over.

Steffi was soon on all fours and ordered Mila to continue the fisting action.

As Mila complied, I grabbed Mila's hips and positioned her into the doggy position. Scooting behind her, I rubbed Mila's hairy beaver, unsurprisingly dripping. With no lubrication required, I slammed my diamond cutter deep inside.

Öh, yeah!" Mila sighed, turning her head to me, "Feels so good."

Grabbing her hips, I fucked Mila as hard and deep as she did to Steffi. All three of us were moaning and groaning at various levels of pitch and intensity.

Mila expressed pleasure when I occasionally slapped her butt cheeks and pleaded for me to spank harder. Each time I hit her butt, the skin reddened.

"Faster," Mila begged, "I'm coming!"

Seconds later, Mila's arched her back and released an intense squeak. When her muscles clenched, I almost dropped a load. When I pulled my cock out, Mila released a massive stream of milky squirt onto the coarse sand. She climaxed a second time after I roughly diddled her clit.

"Wow, that looked good!" I said to a stunned Mila after standing erect.

Steffi remained lost with the fairies with no desire to cease being fisted.

I straddled Steffi's meaty and heavily inked butt.

"Clean up my cock," I said to Mila, offering her my sticky shaft.

Mila gladly obliged, taking hold at the base and pulling me into her maw. She licked and sucked me with post-orgasm malaise, which guaranteed my powder remained dry. Regardless, Mila's felt amazing.

As my cock was being cleaned, several scenes popped into my head that I had seen performed in a Harry S Morgan scud movie. If I could achieve them, Mila and Steffi would be the girls to try it with.

Retrieving my cock, I turned around, lowered myself and pressed my cock head against Mila's thumb. I attempted to squeeze my shaft inside Steffi's pussy, but she would not accept it. I made several unsuccessful attempts, but Mila's fist had used up all the available space.

"Arsche!" Steffi growled, "Jetzt."

Steffi and Mila would always receive a thorough arse reaming before the evening ended, and sooner was always preferable to later. Steffi's pucker was greasy from Mila's tonguing earlier, but opening her dirty hole was still challenging. I pressed harder, but Mila's fist was constricting entry.

Steffi was growling in frustration. To break the impasse, I asked Mila to stop fisting and withdraw her hand partially while instructing Steffi to work her butt muscle when I pressed my cock against it.

"Fick!"Steffi yelled as my cock kicked open her back door with uncontrolled brutality.

Our combined plan was a little too successful was caused Steffi some pain as she (and I) expected a slow and easy descent. Still on all fours, Steffi was breathing deeply, trying to catch her breath, and waiting for the butt pain to subside.

"Okie," She eventually whispered, "Langsam, ja?"

I did as she requested and slowly pulled out and in with delicate strokes.

"What about the fist?" Asked Mila.

"Ja, ja, faust me."

There was me thinking that double penetrations with two cocks took up the available real estate, but substituting a cock for a fist, even one as dainty as Mila's, brought a new definition to the term tight fit.

Very soon, though, Steffi relaxed to the point where she barked orders at us to pound her holes harder. As we did so, her tone became one of erotic bliss, and it was clear that Steffi climaxed several times.

Shortly, Steffi had reached the limit of punishment her holes could take and begged to stop.

Mila removed her hand, and suddenly Steffi's arsehole became spongey and spacious yet remained constricting and hot as magma. I retrieved my cock, which exited the O-ring with a satisfying pop.

Steffi rolled onto her back and lay on the sand in a silent trance, whimpering occasionally, her floppy boobs rising and falling.

I sat next to Mila and took her fisting hand into my mouth, lapping up the copious amounts of Steffi's pussy cream.

"She's tasty, yes?" Mila asked rhetorically.

"Just like you," I replied before leaning in for a kiss.

"Ich...need to drink...water," Steffi said, barely able to breathe.

Mila and I agreed, so the three of us grabbed our towels and returned to the shack for refreshments.

Steffi sat down in the shallows, laid back and let the water lap across her inked rolls. She needed some recovery time, but I did not expect her offices of pleasure to be available again. Still, Steffi had a perfectly serviceable mouth which I planned to use for the money shot.

Mila and I laid on the towels a few metres behind Steffi

"Fuck my ass now," Mila asked with an anticipatory smile after breaking an intensive kiss.             

"You have to get this super hard first," I replied, flapping my semi-hard cock in Mila's direction.

Mila shuffled down my abdomen and took my flaccid member between her lips. It took a minute or two to revive my cock, using her mouth and hand to work the shaft. She was very generous in the application of saliva. I moaned in pleasure at just how good these girls were with their sex craft.

Soon, Steffi noticed the action and came to her friend's assistance. Her job was to tongue my balls and taint, which she did with energy and purpose.

If I had let that go on, I would have blown my load and wanted to experience anal sex with Mila. To that end, I rolled over and sat on my knees, cock dripping in slobber. Mila knew what I wanted and assumed the position in front of me. Her rosette was darker than Steffi's but as equally as inviting.

Mila spat on her fingers, reached around and applied the lubrication to her winking pucker. An audible gasp escaped my lips, and she inserted a digit inside the dirty hole.

"You ready?" I asked, stroking my gooey pole.

"Yes," Mila replied, "But go slow."

Steffi stroked her friend's back, running blackened nails across the skin, smiling at me and revelling in the action.

I pressed the head of my cock against Mila's hole. She gasped but said nothing. I pushed, but several times the head slipped off the opening. Finally, I lined up the head to the hold, pressed slightly downward and forced a gap in Mila's back door. She winced and said something in Dutch but encouraged me to continue.

After a few minutes of slow, deliberate movement, I forced the entire length of my cock inside her arsehole.

"All the way in," I crowed once I was balls deep.

Steffi said something in German to the effect that the sight of my dick in Mila's pale and skinny butt was good. Mila said nothing.

Like Steffi's, Mila's bung was tight and hot, and there really was nothing to distinguish between them. As a lover of the brown arts, I always appreciate coming in the back door.

Mila asked Steffi to spit on my cock and rub it in before stretching her arms out in front of her and resting her head on the sand, permitting me to work her dirty hole.

At first, I took it slow and easy by regulating the stroking, but I soon felt the muscle relax, enabling deeper and longer thrusts.

When I felt she was ready, I pivoted from my knees to my feet, which steepened the angle of Mila's anus. With both hands glued to her slim waist, I thus achieved full penetration.

"Yes, yes, yes," Grunted Mila, who was now playing with her clit, "Feels so fucking good!"

Steffi was behind me, grunting in her native tongue, scraping my balls and taint, occasionally scratching my arsehole.

Mila orgasmed several times, forcing my cock from her hole and ejaculating milky squirt on the towel. She was a gaper, not a big one, perhaps the diameter of a 10-cent coin.

"Look at that," I marvelled at the first time, "Spit inside."

Steffi coughed up the required saliva and dropped it neatly inside.

In the quest to obtain a Max Hardcore (RIP) size gape, I ordered Steffi to spread Mila's butt cheeks as far apart as possible; however, she did not oblige.

Mila's willingly accepting anus and her encouragement drove me quickly to orgasm. She was very attuned to my state of arousal and began thrusting her hips back on my thighs.

"Shit, here it comes!" I hissed as I savagely worked her bung.

I grabbed Steffi's neck and kept her head mere centimetres away from her friend's funky O-ring.

Whether Steffi knew what was about to happen or not or wanted it to happen, she was locked into a dirty course of action.

As my climax quickly approached, I began panting. Sweat was pouring from my head, running in rivers down my tensing body. The muscles in my legs felt like they were going to snap.

"Open your mouth!" I barked at Steffi, whose eyes were glued to the action.

Moments later, yelling hysterically, I yanked my slimy pole from Mila's anus and pointed the head towards Steffi's expectant mouth. The first three ropes of pent-up sludge landed on her cheek. Another two hit Steffi's upper lips before dripping onto Mila's right butt cheek. Three more smashed Steffi's cheek again before quickly running into her mouth. Finally, three heavy droplets cratered around Mila's gape.

I experienced an unusually powerful orgasm that must have drained my balls. The wave of pleasure hit me hard, but I forced my eyes to remain open to see the damage I would cause. I unleashed an impressive load on Steffi's face, which she was not expecting.

When the sperm assault ceased fire, Steffi closed her mouth, expelling my cum which ran down Mila's anus and the inside of her pussy lips onto the towel below. Steffi seemed stunned after opening her mouth again.

As my orgasm subsided, I drove my spent cock three times into Mila's gaping hole, collecting rogue sperm and forcing it into Steffi's dirty mouth, sucking the shaft clean. Each re-entry caused Mila to shudder and gasp. Her right cheek was smeared with ropes of goo as she sucked my sticky shaft.

Steffi wiped the sperm on her cheeks into her mouth and gobbled it down before performing a rim job clean-up on Mila's gape. I scooped out slime from deep inside and offered it to Steffi, who was now, resigned to the task of ATM, or arse-to-mouth. Once she got into it, Steffi was first-rate filth and exceeded my wildest expectation.

When I was satisfied,I stood up and back away. Steffi and Mila stood up, embraced and kissed before hugging me.

"How was that, girls?" I asked, wiping sweat from my brow.

"Intense!" Replied Mila, "But so good!"

"Ja," Agreed Steffi, "I am sore, but in a gut way."

We took a final swim, poured a few drinks and sat on the beach facing the west, watching the sun fade over the horizon.

"I could stay here forever," Sighed Mila, resting her head on my shoulder as the three of us watched the sun disappear below the horizon as the water gently lapped against our feet.

Steffi concurred. The place was magical, and the company riotously sexy. However, my leave was ending, and while I was reluctant to return to the capital, I had to get back to work.

"Where would you like me to take you tomorrow?" I asked with a tinge of disappointment.

"Our next stop is Jurien Bay," Mila replied.

"Cool, that's on my way," I said, "When you get to Perth, give me a call, and I'll happily put you up at my place."