tagGroup SexThe Fishing Trip Ch. 01

The Fishing Trip Ch. 01


Chapter One: Christy Says Good-bye to Her Husband.

"What are you doing?" Christy asked me as she came into the garage.

"Getting ready to go fishing with Bobby."

"Is it that time of year already?"

"Yes, the first week of September the same as it has been the last 4 years. You ask me this every year. Are you jealous of our time together?" I said.

"You know I am!" Christy pouted.

"Why? It is only a week and then you and Lisa come up the second week to be with us."

"I know but I miss you."

"You miss me or you miss my cock?" I teased.

"Both of course but mostly your cock!" she said with a giggle and proceeded to rub my cock through my blue jeans.

"I will definitely miss eating your pussy that is for sure, but now I have to finish getting ready."

"Spoil sport! How about a little good-bye sex?"

"OK! But give me a few minutes to finish up here."

"See you in the bedroom!!" Christy said as she winked and shook her ass at me.

I watch her walk away and know I am lucky man. She looks really great in a pair of jeans. Christy and I have been married for four years. We got married right out of college. She has always taken great care of herself and has a great body, the most incredible ass and tits. I rush to get finished as my cock is starting to grow in anticipation. The last fuck before I go fishing is always one great time.

By the time I reach the bedroom I have one major hard-on. When I walk in Christy is lying on the bed naked with her legs spread. I can see her pussy and it is glistening with her wetness. Unlike a lot of women these days Christy does not shave her pussy and for that I am very happy. I have always liked to eat pussy and really like to rub my nose in pussy hair when I am down there.

"Come here and fuck me big boy!" Christy says with a leer.

"Not until I eat that fabulous pussy of yours." I say licking my lips and gazing at her pussy.

As I pulled my t-shirt over my head she is already undoing my jeans. She reaches her hand into my pants and starts rubbing my cock. I take a breast in each hand and twirl my fingers around her nipples making them stand out from her breasts. I lean down and take her nipple in my mouth and suck gently on it moving my tongue in circles around her nipple because I know this really turns her on.

"Wow that is some cock you got there fella! I can't wait to feel it inside me but first I am going to get you really hard."

Christy is the most incredible cocksucker I have ever known. I truly love to have my cock sucked and Christy truly loves to suck cock. Christy pulls my pants down around my knees and I step out of them.

"No skivvies? Were you anticipating this?" She says with a mock expression of shock.

"You bet! I knew I was going to get a good-bye sucking and fucking so I made it easy for you!"

"Well maybe I have changed my mind."

"OK, I will go finish up in the garage," I teased.

I bent over to pull up my pants and she pushes me down on the bed and engulfs my cock with her mouth.

"Not so fast I'm hungry and need to taste that meat of yours."

I lay back relax and let her have her way. She slowly moves her mouth down my cock licking the underside as she goes. Christy can deep throat and loves to do it and I get harder just thinking about was lies ahead. She wraps her lips around my cock and sucks as if she were sucking through a straw and slides her mouth up to the head. Twirling her tongue around my cock head she licks it and puts her tongue in my hole tasting my pre-cum.

"Ummm. That's good. You want a taste?"

I love the taste of my own cum and love it even more when she puts it on her tongue and then kisses me. She squeezes my cock and milks it getting a big glob of pre-cum on her tongue and the leans up to kiss me. I take her tongue in my mouth and taste myself.

"Is it good," she asks?

"You bet! I like it when you do that."

"I bet you would really enjoy sucking your own cock?" she says with a smirk.

"You know I would but we've tried and I just can't do it. So you will have to do all the work." I laugh.

"As if it was work!"

She kisses her way down my stomach dragging her hard nipples on me as she does. She knows that is a big turn on for me and makes sure she does it slowly yet vigorously. As her nipples rub across my cock and balls I arch my back to intensify the pleasure, but she can't wait and again engulfs my cock this time taking it all the way in. She proceeds to work her mouth up and down my cock taking it all the way into the back of her mouth.

"Turn around I want to eat your pussy while you suck me."

She eagerly spins around and straddles my face without missing a stroke on my cock. Her pussy is dripping wet and I lick it from top to bottom tasting her wetness. I could eat her pussy for hours and never grow tired of it. I push my tongue inside of her and lick her juices into my mouth. Christy has the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever eaten. I go at it as if there is no tomorrow and flick her clit with my tongue and nibble on it with my teeth. She is squirming around and rubbing her pussy all over my face getting me all wet.

"Want to taste your pussy juices?"

"Mmm" she moans around my cock.

She milks me and I can feel her sticking her tongue in my slit and loading up with my juice to share with me. She comes up to kiss me and we mix our tongues together tasting each other. While we are kissing I slide my cock inside her. I cannot believe how easy I slide inside, she is incredibly wet. I pull out and say, "Now turn around and suck me off and get a real taste of your pussy!"

Christy swings around takes my cock in her hand and licks it like an ice cream cone tasting her pussy all over my cock. She licks from top to bottom and all around making sure she gets every drop of her juices. I think she likes the taste of her pussy almost as much as I do.

"Good?" I ask.

"Mmmm," she moans as she swallows my cock deep in her mouth, rubbing her pussy on my face.

I like it when she is on top in a sixty-nine because then I can smell her ass as I lick her. I love the smell of her ass and will lick it out before I put my cock in her pussy. She gets really turned on when I eat her ass out and slides forward so I can get at it.

"Lick my ass will you baby," she moans.

"I'd love to!"

I reach up and spread her ass cheeks and look at her ass admiring her hole.

"Put your tongue in there!"

"I will just be patient. Admiring it is half the fun. "

I twirl my tongue around her opening savoring the taste and the smell. I don't know what it is about her ass but I enjoy eating it as much if not more than her pussy. I spread her cheeks even wider and push my tongue up in her ass. She moans and swallows my cock all the way into her throat. I know she likes it just by the way she sucks me. I try to match her down strokes on my cock with my tongue pushing it in as far as it will go each time she swallows me. She pushes her ass back on my tongue trying to take it all in as she sucks me faster and deeper. I know she is really getting exited and I eat her ass and stick my thumb in her pussy rubbing her clit. She starts to cum and pushes her ass onto my face. I can feel her cum washing over my chin as I eagerly gobble her ass. She pushes her ass back and lets my tongue enter her pussy and her body convulses with pleasure as I eat her pussy swallowing her cum as it runs out of her cunt. She lets my cock fall out of her mouth and sits up on my face and bucks her ass and pussy back and forth on my face screaming and crying out in pleasure. I lick her as fast as I can swallowing her pussy juice and tonguing her ass. For what seems like five minutes she rubs and shakes and moans in pleasure.

"I want you to come in my mouth!" she says leaning down and licking my cock.

"No, I want to get inside you."

"God, hurry I need your cock!"

She turns around grabs my cock and sticks into her sopping wet pussy and begins to ride me up and down.

"I am going to make you cum a bucket and fill my pussy up and then I am going to let you eat me out."

I am so close to cumming from eating her ass and pussy that I almost shoot my load just thinking about her cum drenched pussy.

"Come on cum! I want to feel you shoot inside of me," she says as she drives her pussy down on my cock.

That is all it takes. She starts ramming her pussy up and down on my cock as fast as she can, riding me harder and when she feels my cock explode inside her she cums again harder than before.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!" she cries ramming me in and out of her cum soaked cunt.

My cock explodes shooting load after load of cum deep inside her. I grab her hips and help her to fly up and down on my cock milking every last drop out of my cock. When she feels me start to slow down she pulls off my spurting cock spins around crabs it and starts sucking it getting the last few spurts and presses her soaking wet cum filled pussy on my face. I put my mouth around her cunt and swallow my cum and hers as it runs out of her pussy. The taste of my cum mixed with hers is the final ultimate pleasure and I drink it down savoring every last drop. She collapses on me with my cock still in her mouth and rubs her pussy on my face.

"Good god that was incredible! I love it when you eat me after you cum in me."

"There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than eating my own cum out of your pussy. That is the closest I can come to sucking my own cock," I say as I lick some cum still running out of her pussy. "I am not sure I can go off fishing after that all I will be thinking of is you and forget to bait my hook."

"It is only a week baby, then Lisa and I will be there and we can have hello sex!" she laughs. "If I know you I think you won't have any problem catching fish. That is why you go there after all isn't it?"

"Sure is! We catch fish, clean fish and eat fish for a week, but I better get up and get going Bobby will be here in an hour," I said as I reluctantly rolled over but not before giving her one last final lick.

"Watch it buster or I will jump your bones again and Bobby will have to wait," she moans as she gives my cock a good squeeze.

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