tagGroup SexThe Fishing Trip Ch. 02

The Fishing Trip Ch. 02


Editor's note: story contains bisexual/gay male sexual situations.

Chapter Two: The Fellows Leave for Their Fishing Trip

"Honey, Bobby is here," Christy says as she comes into the garage looking a little disheveled after our romp in bed.

"All right tell him I am almost ready to go. I just have to get my tackle box and fishing rod."

"What are you wearing those old sweat pants for? Why don't you wear those new jeans I bought for you?"

"You know it is a ten hour drive and it is more relaxing to sleep in sweat pants then jeans. It is the same thing I wear every year. You know we drive at night since it is such a boring drive and take turns driving. I bet Bobby has sweats on too."

"Hey Bud, how's it going?" Bobby said as he came into the garage wearing his old sweats.

"Hey Bobby get me out of here I am getting twenty questions from Christy and she is driving me wild! And tell her why we wear sweats while driving."

"Because it is more comfortable and easier to take a piss alongside the road if we have to. Why is your hair all messed up?" Bobby laughs.

"I knew there was more to it than just comfort. And I just woke up from a short nap." Christy said as she laughs and looks over Bobby. Bobby looked at me and rolled his as eyes he knew all about our good-bye sex and could imagine what happened to mess up her hair.

"Why are you two looking that way at each other and where is Lisa I thought she was coming over with you?" Christy asked.

"She said to tell you she will be here in about an hour. She had to do a little shopping for something or other."

Bobby and I have been the best of friends ever since we were six years old and Bobby moved in next door. We went to grade school and high school together and were roommates in college. Christy and Lisa, Bobby's wife, were also college roommates. Our friendship has never wavered over the last twenty years and I expect it will go on until one of us leaves this world.

"Come on Bobby let's get going there are a lot of fish waiting for us to catch." I said.

"All right, were off!" Bobby said as he opened his truck door.

I said "See you in a week," as I loaded up my stuff in Bobby's truck and started to climb into the front seat.

"No good-bye kiss from my favorite guys?" Christy said.

"Sorry, just too excited to get going I guess," I said as I climbed back out and kissed her. Christy stuck her tongue in my mouth and rubbed up against my crotch while winking at Bobby. "You're next Tiger!" she laughed and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"That's it?" Bobby said a little disappointed.

"What would Lisa say if she saw me kiss you like I did my hubby?"

"I would say go ahead and give him a good kiss," Lisa said as she walked into the garage. "And why is your hair all messed up?" Lisa said with a grin.

Lisa has the most beautiful auburn hair and just a hint of freckles on her nose. She is 5'8" and has a body that just won't stop. Her breasts are full and her waist is thin and Bobby knows if I wasn't so in love with Christy that I would try to fuck her. We have shared our desire for each other's wives ever since we started dating them in college but out of respect for each other we have never tried anything. Lisa gives Bobby a good-bye kiss and a little rub on his cock and then gives me the same kiss but unfortunately no rub.

"We better get going," I say, "before we can't get out of here."

Everybody laughs and Bobby and I get in his truck start the engine and drive off waving as we drive down the street.

"Are you going to take the usual route," I inquire.

"Yah, I thought so it is almost dark and that road will be quiet."

"Why do we wear sweats? Do you think they have any idea?" I say reaching over and touching Bobby's cock.

"Surprisingly I don't think they have a clue," Bobby laughs.

"It will be dark in a few minutes and then I am going to suck your cock and make you cum in my mouth," I say rubbing Bobby's cock through his sweats. I can feel him start to get hard and I can't wait to feel his hard cock in my mouth. Bobby and I have been sucking each other for as long as I can remember and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy eating pussy. The main reason for our fishing trips is to spend a week together sucking each other as often as we can. Neither Bobby nor I are gay or even bi-sexual for that matter as neither one of us has ever been with any other man just with each other. We made a pack while in college to be cock sucking friends forever but just exclusively with each other.

"It has been three hundred and fifty-eight days since I swallowed your load and I am going to eat your cum at least twenty-five times in the next week." I say as I slide my hand inside his sweats and grab his hardening cock. Bobby lifts his ass so I can slide his sweats down and when I do his hard cock pops out and hits his stomach. It is dark now and no one can see us so I lean down and take Bobby's cock in my mouth. I slowly slide my mouth down his shaft enjoying the taste and smell that I have been longing for the last year. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth, the texture and shape of his cock head and the vein underneath that sticks out when he gets really hard. I slowly move my head up and down savoring the pleasure of sucking him. I twirl my tongue around his head and press my tongue in his slit to taste his pre-cum. I am getting really hard from sucking him and can't wait to we get to the fishing lodge so we can sixty-nine, my favorite. Feeling him suck me as I suck him is one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life.

"You keep that up and I am going to cum before you know it."

"Good! I want to eat your cum and swallow it," I say as I begin to suck him with almost uncontrollable desire. Moving my mouth up and down his rock hard shaft I suck his cock all the way back into my throat. Christy is not the only one who can deep throat and I have to thank her for teaching me so much about cock sucking. I can feel Bobby getting ready to cum and I suck faster and harder.

"I am going to cum Buddy are you ready?"

I don't say anything but just keep sucking as fast as I can. I can feel his cock start to pulsate and know I am about to get a good load of his incredible cum. The end of his cock spurts and his hot cum hits the back of my throat. I swallow as fast as I can as spurt after spurt shoots into my mouth. I love the taste of his cum more than my own and I eagerly swallow it all. Bobby lifts his hips and rams his cock into my mouth and moans with pleasure. I keep swallowing until the last drop is milked from his cock. I lick his cock head all around making sure I get every drop and then suck him up and down several more times because I am so reluctant to stop.

"You have to stop buddy or I am going to crash the truck."

I reluctantly release his cock from my mouth and smile at him as I lick my lips.

"That is just a sampling of what the next seven days are going to be like. I hope you are ready," I say gently rubbing his cock and taking a last final lick.

"I can't wait to return the favor when it is your turn to drive," Bobby says as he reaches over and rubs my swollen cock.

Neither can I," I say and smile in anticipation. "Pull over whenever you are ready because I am ready to feel your mouth on my cock."

Bobby pulls over to the side of the road and we change places. Before I am even back out on the road Bobby has his hand in my pants rubbing my rock hard dick.

"I am going to return the favor and swallow your load just like you swallowed mine."

"Go for it Bobby, I'm in heat and have one giant load of cum just waiting for you," I said pulling my sweats down releasing my swollen cock.

"I thought you just fucked Christy, how can you be ready already?"

"You know I love to fuck Christy, but having you suck my cock is a whole different pleasure and I have waited almost a year to feel your mouth on me, so quit jabbering and start sucking," I say as I slide the seat back further to give Bobby better access.

Bobby leans down and slowly licks my cock from top to bottom. He is an expert cocksucker almost as good as Christy. Actually he is better than Christy in his own way. They each have their own style and I can't get enough of either. I just wish Bobby and I did not have to wait a year between cock sucking sessions. Being roommates in college was the best. Hardly a day went by when we did not suck each other off. Almost every morning one of us would wake the other by going down on him and then we would finish up in a hot lust filled sixty-nine almost always cumming simultaneously. We got together a few times since we graduated, but it has been hard since both of us got married right after college. That is why we created our fishing trip so we could have a week of just cock sucking.

I tried to concentrate on driving as Bobby sucked me with gusto. His mouth moved up and down my cock while he twirled his tongue around me. He would slide his lips up to the top and then suck on just the head before he slid his mouth back down taking me all the way in. He cupped my balls with his right hand as he sucked me and gently rubbed them in his fingers. Even though I had cum only a couple of hours ago I knew with his expert sucking technique I wouldn't last long. Bobby moaned around my cock and bobbed his head up and down obviously enjoying sucking me as much as I had enjoyed sucking him.

"Cum in my mouth will you Bud," he said before sliding his mouth back down my cock. "I want to taste that incredible cum of yours and I can't wait much longer."

"Ok, Bobby here it comes, enjoy!"

Bobby began to suck me as fast as he could swallowing me as far back in his mouth as he could. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode and pushed up against his mouth. I started to shoot a big load into his mouth and just kept on spurting. Bobby swallowed every dropped never stopping until I was completely spent.

"That was really good buddy, thanks."

"All my pleasure," I said. Bobby took me back into his mouth and sucked me several times more letting me soften in his mouth.

"It wasn't all your pleasure, I really enjoyed it too," Bobby said as he licked his lips. "Let's hurry and get there I want to sixty-nine with you and eat you again before we go to sleep."

"We still have a long way to go and I plan on keeping you awake any way I have to. So, whenever you are ready to switch places just let me know," I laughed as I reached over and stroked his hardening cock.

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