tagBDSMThe Foundation Ch. 18

The Foundation Ch. 18



The Dawn of Cindy Moundlicker

Rosa stepped out into the pale daylight of the courtyard. It was a cool day, with grey clouds and a fresh breeze running through the prison. The threat of rain, however, would not dampen the anticipation of the crowd that she knew would be waiting for her in the town square. She was about to complete her descent to a depraved and shameless sex slave, with Pamela inflicting a series of degrading and humiliating tortures that would end all hope of a return to her former life.

Six women in uniform stood in the courtyard, surveying Rosa as she stood naked before them. One of the women was holding a video recorder, so that the day's cruelties would be preserved for future entertainment, probably for Pamela and Daphne to enjoy as they lounged by the pool in their new house on the edge of Houston. The young woman holding the camera was her tormentor from the previous week, Henderson. She moved closer, grinning with delight into the viewer as she filmed Rosa.

"Now, slave. Let everyone see your pussy. Display." Henderson gazed into the viewfinder. "A little wider please, Miss Ortiz." Her feet shuffled in the gravel as she sank lower. "I would like to see you play with those magnificent tits. That's good. Show everyone what you are. What are you?"

"I'm a slut whore who wants her arse raped."

"Well, I think we'll be able to oblige you today. Your carriage awaits."

Two women stepped aside to reveal Rosa's vehicle for the day's parade, a device on wheels with foot clamps above her head and two planks for her buttocks. Rosa was to be paraded through the town with her vagina and anus on display and her ankles strapped above her shoulders.

"Wendy, are you getting all this?" Tanya asked.

"Every second. Come on, bitch, get up on your saddle and let's ride into town."

The others backed away as Wendy circled the device to capture Rosa as she mounted her 'ride' for the day. She snapped her fingers for the prisoner to look at the camera as she was fastened by the ankles with her hands chained to a bar below her back.

"How does it feel to be a sex slave?" Wendy asked, but there was no answer. "Ready to get your arse ravaged for the next fifteen years. Imagine. Five thousand days of this." Rosa turned away, but Tanya grasped her head to face the lens.

"You can have no shame now, fuckmeat," Tanya told her. "Your arsehole and your pussy belong to The Foundation. Now you're just a naked sex slave, our sex slave, and you're about to perform for us. You'll be the star of the show."

Tanya began once more to lecture her students while they stood over Rosa, examining the mechanism of her bondage device. Tanya explained the features of 'the yoke' and how each one degraded and tormented the prisoner, using Rosa to demonstrate the full range of suffering available to a callous guard. One of the women lifted Rosa's buttock for a clearer view of the wrist fetters. She dug her flesh into Rosa's flesh as she tried to lift her higher, forcing a muted groan from the prisoner. Their eyes met, but the student guard continued her study of the cuffs.

Everyone turned to the door at the far end of the yard as Pamela appeared in her new uniform. Black boots reaching to the knees were complemented by dark blue tight leggings that accentuated Pamela's strong legs and her plump backside, developed courtesy of Dr Cartwright's scorpion venom. The white blouse covered her ample bosom, and the cap and sunglasses offered an image of sexual authority. Carmel had almost copied the porn film version for The Foundation's new uniform.

"Miss Clayton is modeling the new outfit that we will all be wearing when we move to Houston. She will now take the subject into the town square, where the torture event will occur."

The students left Pamela alone in the yard with Rosa. The guard circled the former sheriff, enjoying a close examination of her bonds and the wounds that still decorated her rump, back and thighs. She slipped a bright red gag into her mouth and employed her baton for a few moments of anal torture before tightening the cuffs and drawing the ankles even higher above Rosa's head.

"You told me, the day you nearly killed Pandora Kinky, you were the law in this county, and you could do anything. Well, now your time has come. Have you heard of the word schadenfreude? I doubt it. It's a German word meaning taking pleasure from the misfortune of others. Well, Rosa, I have to tell you that my knickers are soaked from schadenfreude right now. We're going to take you lower than you ever thought possible. Your savage beatings cannot compare to the suffering that awaits you over the next fortnight. Be strong, be very strong. You'll need it. Do you like your new name? I chose it myself. Cindy Moundlicker. Daphne loves it, because you were so good at licking her pussy, but now I'm the one eating her every night."

Rosa was hauled through the prison on her indecent trolley and attached to the back of a van for the perilous journey along the dirt road leading from the prison until Pamela drew to a halt at the end of Lampeter Street, the main road leading into the town square. The procession had already begun as Pamela rolled Rosa through the outskirts of town. Ahead, the guards were strolling along the road, waving to the crowd as they led the bondage whores by their leashes, delivering the occasional strike to the applause of the crowd.

"Everyone is going to enjoy looking at your enormous pussy. It must be so degrading to have your naked body on display. You're no more than an animal now, my pet, to be used as a sex slave for abuse and humiliating bondage torture. Shall we let everyone know you're nothing but a depraved slut who loves humiliation and sadistic sex. I am going to release your hands and you will either be playing with your holes or fondling your breasts. If for one second you are not pawing your body with your hands ..." Pamela only smiled, but it was enough.

The bonds around her hands were loosened and Rosa immediately began to massage her breasts, even though the scorpion venom still left them feeling tender. The crowd was thickening now as they approached the town square where Rosa could see the flags and the pennants flying from the bandstand in the middle of the rose garden. Pamela was waving to the crowd and exchanged a few shouted words with some of the locals.

"Oh, it's Mr and Mrs Harkins. I really must go over to say goodbye."

Rosa's cart came to a halt in the road while Pamela chatted with the Harkins. She heard them approach.

"Come over and have a look."

"So this is one of your convicts."

Rosa began to forcefully stroke her lips, drawing them apart to force her fingers into the flesh.

"Oh my, Miss Clayton, such a scene. Is there any hope for this sinner?"

"Sadly, I am not optimistic, Mrs Harkins, but I can assure you that I will leave no stone unturned."

"We don't deserve you, Miss Clayton." Pamela offered a smile of gratitude for her kind words.

"Be careful Miss," commented Mr Harkins. "This one here might start a fire if she rubs any harder."

"Yes, I have to say that she is one of our most ... corrupt convicts." A touch of her button produced a shock through Rosa's anus, a squeal and a more frenzied rubbing of the genitals. "There is very little that she will not do or say, which explains why she is wearing a gag. The language, Mr Harkins, the language." Pamela shook her head to express her disappointment at the sordid performance of the naked prisoner.

"There'll be quite a shine on that young lady's privates by the time she's finished her polishing."

"I'm surprised that you don't recognise our guest." The Harkins exchanged a glance.

"I'm sorry Miss Clayton, but I've not been associating with whores, at least not this week." All three laughed at Mr Harkin's joke.

"Take a good look. She's someone you know, or thought you knew, quite well. Someone who betrayed your trust, and the trust of everyone in Harmon County."

"Good grief. It is her, it's Sheriff Ortiz."

"Former sheriff, Mrs Harkins. Actually, we've decided to change her name to Cindy Moundlicker. We think it suits her."

Mrs Harkins leant down into Rosa's face.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Trying to sell drugs to our children."

"Why confine yourself to words, Mrs Harkins." Pamela handed the irate Town Councillor an electric baton to strike Rosa on the thighs, the genitals and, in one last gesture of righteous indignation, thrust the baton into her exposed anus. Rosa shuddered from the pain, rocking the trolley in agony until Pamela removed the plug.

"They'll be plenty of time for that over the next few days."

Pamela pushed Rosa into the town square, where she saw the bunting in royal blue and white surrounding the small stage. Even from the other side of the square she could see there was only one set of stocks on the stage. She was to be the star of the show.

As they rolled towards the stage a handful of local women recognized the naked woman bound into the trolley. They drew near to shout obscenities and threats as she passed. More and more people left the roadside to assail Rosa who, tormented by the buzzer in Pamela's pocket, was still fervently masturbating. It was only a matter of time before the words became blows. A punch to the mouth was followed by a fist into her anus. The crowd then decided to shower her in spit as she approached the gates.

Pamela slowed almost to a halt through the park to allow the crowd to vent their anger. It was a painful and demeaning three minutes before Rosa ended her journey to a chorus of jeers. She was brought onto the stage and placed in the stocks, covered in spit and sporting a couple of bruises on each cheek. Pamela eventually quietened the agitated crowd.

"People of Harmon, on behalf of The Foundation I would like to thank you for coming here today to send us on our way to Houston. We leave behind precious memories of your support over the past two years, and we can assure you that Harmon will remain forever a part of The Foundation." Cheers rang out across the assembly filling the lawn. Pamela turned to Rosa. "We believe that now is the right time to send a message across the great state of Texas and, we hope, across our blessed United States. We have decided to conclude this wonderful event with "One Hundred and Twenty Hours of Sodomy" for the people of Harmon. Our star will be someone you thought you knew. Now she has changed her name. She wants to be known as Cindy Moundlicker." Shouts of abuse and beer cans greeted Rosa's introduction. "Cindy has decided that she wants to become a hardcore porn star, making lots of money by selling her body. However, we feel that Cindy's outrageous lust can be used to serve others rather than gratify herself."

A small middle aged woman with greying hair and a long green skirt walked onto the stage, her handbag close by her side. She shook hands with Pamela and announced into the microphone that she had asked Miss De Bois to allow the people of Harmon to set an example that would inspire others to take a stand against drugs. Therefore, to demonstrate their determination to combat drugs on their streets and in their schools, they were going to bugger their former sheriff for one hundred and twenty hours, or ten days. Pamela turned to look at Rosa in her fetters. Her blank expression did not change, but her legs quivered at the news of the dismal ordeal that lay ahead for Cindy Moundlicker.

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