tagMatureThe Fourteenth

The Fourteenth


She stares out the window of her car at the city around her. She sees it filled with red balloons, chocolate boxes, jewelry glittering in all the windows. She watches as bouquet after bouquet gets sent out of flower shops. She watches as lovers unite and giggle at each other on the street. Banners of affections displayed for all to see.

She sighs deeply as she thinks about the day, one of her favorite days of the year. Valentine's day! It's a day to for people to express their love, desire and passion for one another. A day that is often mislead as a day of flowers, jewelry and red things. Nevertheless, she knows what she wants, and the trinkets of affection as all in good fun, but her idea for Valentine's Day is so much more.

As she pulls up to her house, she fills the counters of her kitchen with bags of groceries. She starts in with the traditional Valentine's Day tasks. She begins to cook a dinner for two, filling her house with rich aromas of fresh herbs and spices. She is ready for the evening but decides to change into something more comfortable and a lot less. Something in red, it is Valentine's Day after all.

She comes back to the kitchen and sees her masterpiece coming to a finish, so she finishes up around the house. Lighting candles in the hallway of her foyer and leading down to the dining room. Candles staggered around the table and cabinets. She places a fresh bouquet of flowers in the center of the table giving off a fresh floral scent to the room. She turns on soft music, to play in the background.

The doorbell rings and excitement bursts through her chest as she makes her way to the door. She presses her clothes against her body, smoothing out any wrinkles, messes with her hair, straightens up and takes a deep breath in as she opens the door slowly and calmly. Smiling she looks at him standing tall and masculine in front of her. His eyes catching hers instantly, making her breath pick up instantly at the site of his deep beautiful blue eyes. He steps forward gently sliding his hands around her waist, leans towards her, kissing her softly on the cheek, his eyes never leaving hers.

As he steps back, he looks at her as if for the first time. Her hair is long brown and shiny. It dances gently around her as she moves. She has light brown eyes that are glistening against the flickering light. He notices her lips, full and plump, soft and kissable. He wants to touch them with his, but he resists. He breathes in the scent of her favorite perfume, inhaling Chanel deep inside his lungs. He moves his eyes down around her body. He enjoys staring at the bold red satin hugging her curves. The sleeveless dress has a sweetheart cut around her breasts, showing just enough for him to crave more. The fabric forms around her waist, showing the little that is there as it bumps outward at her hips and curving around her backside. The dress ends right before her knees. As his eyes glide across the smooth skin of her legs to her heals, he looks back up before she can realize that he was caressing every inch of her with his eyes.

He drops his hand from her waist and grabs her wrist as he interlocks his fingers with hers. She gestures him inside the house. As he enters, the scent of dinner makes him more aware of the hunger inside him. Not knowing which he is hungrier for, her or the food.

She brings him into the dining room as he notices the flicker of the candles, the scent of the flowers filling the air and the tall glass of wine she hands him. As she places a plate in front of him, he looks over the food, knowing she made it for him because it's his favorite. He looks up and smiles at her tenderly. His smile fills her heart and almost makes it stop.

After dinner and a couple glasses of wine they move out of the dining room and settle down in the living room. They continue talking and laughing about all the events of their lives. She hears a song playing in the background that she loves and she jumps off the couch and hurries to turn it up. She grabs his hands and pulls him to his feet. They dance together in the living room as the rock back and forth in tune with the music, laughing and dancing. The music quickly changes from a fast upbeat tempo to a slow almost erotic tune.

He pulls her in closer, as they sway to the sounds singing around them. Their bodies so close, heat rising between them. She slides her hands up his hard chest, feeling the muscles under his shirt. Wrapping her hands around his neck as she moves up towards his lips. Stopping right before her lips touch his, she can smell his cologne, it intoxicates her senses and she doesn't move. He moves into her kiss and their lips touch. Sending shivers of passion through her body. His soft lips sliding across hers, she inhales his breath as his mouth opens more and their tongues touch lightly and slowly. Sliding over each other as their desires inside builds into uncontrollable urges. Her hand moving across his cheek to the back of his head, pulling him closer with her fingers mixed in his hair. Her other hand pulling and grabbing at him as he tangles his hand in her hair bringing her head to a tilt as he begins to kiss down her neck sending shivers through her.

She pushes him back just enough to get her hands between them so she can unbutton his shirt, as they kiss passionately, never stopping. She runs her hands up his chest, sliding her hands into the top of shirt pulling it back and off him, as it falls to the ground. His white tee under his shirt, hugs every ripple of his chest. She tugs it upward and over his head throwing it to the floor. Leaving his bare chest exposed. She kisses down his neck, moving down slowly, passionately. She presses her hands against him as she sets her lips on his nipples, flicking lightly with her tongue. He squirms and shivers as her hands move to his back pulling him forward. Sucking each nipple one at a time. Feeling it harden in her mouth, feeling his bulge grow against her.

He tries to wait but her teasing is growing to intense for him. He swiftly bends down and with one fast motion he swings his hands under her legs and picks her up off the ground. Carrying her to her bedroom and stops right before the bed and tenderly lets her down. He leans forward kissing her, running his hand through her hair and pulling her closer. He moves one hand back and quickly unzips her dress, moving back to watch as it drops to the floor. Her breasts start to spill out softly in front of him. He looks to the floor seeing the satin wrapped around her ankles. She moves back slowly stepping each heel out of dress one heel at a time. He notices for the first time that she wore nothing under that bold red dress of hers. He stares at her naked glistening body in front of him. She looks so soft, silky and his urges to take her become uncontrollable now.

He wraps his hands around her and brings her back towards the bed behind her. They fall into the bed as he kisses her feverishly. She begins breathing heavy with each kiss intensely arousing her. Her chest begins heaving in and out as he moves down kissing and nibbling at her skin. Grabbing each breast in his hands, swallowing each nipple one at a time into his watering mouth. Sucking hard and strong. She squirms under him, feeling her nipples harden so tight she grabs the back of his head trying to pull him back. He is too strong for her, so she has no success. She moves around squirming even more for his hold to release. He starts shaking her breasts in his mouth and lets go, moving his tongue down across her belly, stopping right above her clit. Looking up at her as she stares down at him. He slowly moves his tongue over her soft bare clit. Then he engulfs himself in her hot pussy ferociously. He watches as she falls back against the bed and moans loudly as he continues to slip his tongue around and around. Making her legs shake with every brush of his tongue inside her. Tasting her in his mouth, he can feel his cock get harder in his pants. Feeling constrained he gets up and pulls at his pants and within seconds he is back on top of her naked and hard.

She watches as he pulls down his pants and moves back on top of her. Seeing his massive hard cock rock back and forth as he slides back on top of her makes her body heat up even hotter. She slides her hands on his arms and pushes him back up so that he is on his knees staring at her. He wants to grab at her but he wonders what she is thinking, so he lets her continue. She flips around and gets on her knees. Before she can do anything else, he is already right behind her. Grabbing her waist and his rock-hard dick is already starting to penetrate her opening. She moans in anticipation, moving back slowly. But he has other ideas. He grabs strong and pushes hard inside her. She screams out in pleasure. He rocks back and forth, sliding in and out, harder and harder with each thrust. She screams loudly while he grabs her ass so hard as he pulls her back and forth into him with great force. He leans forward with one hand on her shoulder as his cock goes deep inside of her. Feeling her wet and hot around his throbbing member. He grabs her hair and pulls her towards him, her head tilting up cutting off the screams in her throat.

Their bodies hot, sweaty, and shaking with intense pleasure. As time passes, the intense passion doesn't falter. They rock back and forth over and over. Bringing each other to the point they can't handle anymore, but then slow to enjoy it longer, neither one wanting it to ever end.

He feels his cock ready to explode as he leans back, watching it glide in and out of her pussy. She turns slightly and looks right at him locking his eyes with hers. He feels his body quiver at the sight of the pleasure in her face, screaming in her eyes. With both hands he grabs her hips strong. Pulling her forcefully against him. Her opening is warm and inviting, swallowing his entire cock as she moans loudly. She grabs the blanket in her hand, twisting it as she starts to explode into an uncontrollable orgasm. She feels her body shake against his body, as he leans his head back and groans loud and thrusts forward as he fills her with his hot cum. Her insides tingle and throb as he shakes and quivers with each slowing thrust of himself into her. He slows to a stop and leans to the side and falls onto the bed beside her. She turns around, brings her hands to his face and kisses him with more passion. He wraps her into his arms and they lay silently with each other as they fall asleep naked in each other's arms.

Never noticing the sun lighting the room around them.

Her last thoughts before she falls into a deep sleep were... what a perfect ending to her Valentine's Day.

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