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The Free For All


Disclaimer: while the story does take place in a high school, high schools in this fictional world begins at 18. That means that everyone in this story is over 18. The story is completely fictitious, and any resemblances in the real world are coincidental.


This story really began when I was sitting up way too late reading up on something completely different, and stumbling across an article about a volunteer organization in Switzerland who were organizing sexual therapy for disabled persons. I remember, at the time, a spokesperson for a disability organization called it "degrading"; at the same time, the persons who were actually receiving the benefits reported various positive effects. A follow up study showed that the recipients of the service felt more confident, less stressed, were in a better mood and their depressions, where applicable, were either less severe or completely gone. All for a little sex.

I handed in a paper on the subject a week later for an English assignment and received an A.

Now, to give you an idea about who I am, my name is Alice Grice, and I'm a 19-year-old sophomore at Green High School. I love to discuss things - especially causes I'm passionate about - and I generally get good grades. Oh, and I was, then, still a virgin. Not because I really cared about that: it's just that I never really knew how to go forward with it without being branded by everyone around me.

A few days after handing in the assignment, I woke before my alarm clock rang. I had always been an early riser, so this was not really unusual for me. I stretched in my bed, feeling the sheets caress my skin. I have always thought that the best feeling in the world is waking up. Before the day's stress gets to you: just you and some very, very soft sheets. My hand wandered down to my crotch, and I started to finger myself slowly. Before long, however, the alarm did ring and I stopped immediately with a soft groan. I rose and made my way over the tall standing mirror placed in the corner of my room. I looked at my naked body with a smile. Lately, I had gotten really happy with my body. I was rather tall at 5'7", and my 30D breasts gave me some curves at least. I sat down at my makeup table and began curling my hair. A knock rapped on the door.

"Are you decent?" my mother asked.

"I never am," I replied.

She sighed. "Hurry up and get dressed, you can't be late again".

I had this uncanny ability to always be late, no matter when I woke or what I did. Something always took longer than planned. I sighed, applied some final makeup and got dressed in a bra, a loose-fitting top, a pair of plain panties and my favorite jeans. Downstairs, I received a plate with a grilled cheese sandwich. "Eat! We need to go!", my mother urged me on. I left the plate on the counter and ate the sandwich as we walked to the car.

At school, I ran into Emma, my best friend. "Hey," she whispered, "have you heard about Jenni?"

"Uhm, no," I replied.

"Apparently she slept with 3 guys this weekend!"

"Good for her!" I replied with a smile.

"Not really. It will tarnish her repu—"

"Seriously Emma, you need to stop being so uptight. This whole guys-can't-be-virgins and girls-must-be is a really stupid idea. Besides, you should thank her. She's taking care of your share!" I added with a laugh.

Emma turned scarlet.

I really liked Jenni, so I don't know why Emma thought it was a good idea to trash-talk her with me. She probably thought I would be disgusted by it, but to be fair: sure, Jenni was a bit promiscuous, and I was still a virgin, but I didn't really find sex disgusting - and definitely not sinful.

As the day dragged on, I heard the same rumour being repeated about twenty times. When it was finally time for history, the only class I had Jenni in, I made sure to sit next to her.

"So I heard you're the social pariah today," I said with a grin.

"You have no idea. You know I only did it to be nice?"

I must have had a perplexed look on my face, as she continued.

"You know Steve, Dan and Jonathan?"


"Yeah. Those were the ones I slept with."

I now most definitely felt perplexed.

"The geeks?"

She shrugged. "Yeah."


"I got sick and tired of them being bullied for being virgins, so I decided I'd help them."

"Wow. That's actually pretty cool."

"Yeah, thanks. They guys seems to agree with you. There's about a hundred guys who's asked for the same service today."


"Yeah, some are obviously just wanting to get some easy sex, but others seem to really need it. Maybe I should make it my thing."

I thought back to the article I had read, and remembered how much good sex actually could do.

"Count me in," I said, with a feeling of dread and nervosity.

She laughed.

"I'm not kidding," I said again in a confident tone. "Count me in. I think you're doing a great thing, and I want to be a part of it."

She looked surprised.

"I'm so sick and tired of this double standard, and it must be rough being a guy. We can be called sluts, but at least we choose how to act. They guys don't really have a choice when they're unwillingly still virgins, you know," I continued. "Besides, people need intimacy. We could set an example, perhaps convince other girls - and guys - to do the same, and start promoting a more positive image of sex than our current repressed view. I mean, sex is supposed to be enjoyable, right? Then why place all this stupid stigma around it?"

"Come to my place after school. The poolhouse," she said with a mischievous grin.

I texted my mother that I would be late and took the short walk to Jenni's place. She met me at her driveway. Jenni looked absolutely stunning. Her red, curled hair was glowing in the afternoon sun, and she was wearing a thin sundress that really accentuated her curves. Her nipples poked out of the thin, almost transparent material, and I realized instantly she was not wearing underwear.

"Are you sure about this?" she asked.

"Not at all. I'm feeling insanely conflicted, actually," I replied. "But I'm sure I really want to."

Jenni laughed, a silvery, soft laugh that made me feel happy. "I'm having the same feelings. Come on then - they're waiting. And thanks, I don't think I could handle two guys today."

All of a sudden it got real. "There's two here? Now? Wait, we're doing it now?"

"Yeah, what did you think? That we would just be planning?"

Panic rushed over me, but Jenni just smiled at me confidently and turned around. I wanted to run. I was definitely not ready. Sure, I knew what sex was and I thought I had quite a good grasp on how it would feel, but still. This was going very fast. I started to object to Jenni's back, but quickly stopped myself. If I truly wanted to make a difference, I couldn't just give up. This was an important question for me. First, it was about sexual freedom, for the right of a woman to be just as promiscuous as any man. Secondly, it was about promoting a positive image of sex. Thirdly, it was about combatting depression and anxiety, which was a side-effect of people not receiving enough intimacy. And last but not least, it was also a way to downplay the stupid virginity-jokes most guys in school regularly received. Besides, and maybe most importantly: why not? It was only sex. A physical activity, that was even supposed to feel good. And now I could do it for a good cause. I sighed and followed her.

Rob and Johnny, two guys from our history class, were sitting inside the pool house. They were both looking awkward. Rob was fat, with beady eyes, and Johnny had the biggest acne-problem I had ever seen. I felt relief wash over me. If they had been hot, it would only have felt wrong. I did this to help people, and this was the perfect start. Jenni must have known that was how I would react, because she winked at me.

"So, is it okay if Alice takes one of you?" Jenni asked with a sly smile.

Both guys nodded, jaws dropped when they saw me. While Jenni was known as something of a 'school slut', I was known as the socially conscious straight-A student that had never even had a boyfriend.

Jenni leaned over towards me and whispered in my ear.

"Just follow my lead."

With that, she reached out and put on some music. She started dancing to it, seductively swaying her hips, and I tried to mimic her, feeling slightly foolish. The guys' excited look calmed my concerns, however. At least they didn't think I looked foolish. I felt I was starting to get wet. Jenni moved closer towards me.

"I think Alice is wearing way too much clothes, don't you?", she asked the guys with a wink. The dumbstruck boys just nodded. "Take off your pants first," she whispered and pushed me down into a cushion char. She grinded against me as she unbuttoned my pants and slid the jeans down my legs. Now, as anyone here probably knows, taking skinny jeans off is very rarely sexy. I think she managed though, as the boys' eyes seemed to be about to pop out of their skulls.

I loved the feeling. I truly felt worshipped, like I was some Messiah sweeping down to save them from the terror of virginity, and they were my loyal subjects, reacting to everything I did. I rose, now clad in only panties, top and bra, and had an idea. I leaned over towards Jenni and kissed her on her lips. She returned the kiss. Right then, I started to feel a fire inside me. It spread from my loins and soon emanated through my entire body. For a second, I forgot why I was there and just wanted to feel Jenni close to me, to bury myself against her skin, to kiss her until our lips chafed...

I barely felt her slide the top over my head, and I only faintly noticed myself reaching behind her head, untying her dress. "Which one," Jenni whispered, holding her dress over her breasts as I licked the nape of her neck. "Rob," I said without hesitation. He looked at me with fascination, and that in turn made me feel ecstatic. I was not at all attracted to him, and that only made me feel better. I felt like I guess rich people do when they donate money to charity.

Jenni's dress fell to the floor, and she was now standing in the middle of the pool house completely naked, stretching her arms up in a sensual manner as if challenging the guys to look at her. I felt jealous. All of a sudden, the boys' gazes turned to her. I didn't want to be ignored, so I quickly and unceremoniously climbed out of my panties and clumsily unhooked my bra. I got down on my knees and crawled over to Rob. Jenni, meanwhile, unzipped Johnny's pants and withdrew his penis. It didn't look very large compared to some images I had seen. It was rock hard, however, and it looked like it pulsated. I must have frozen for a few seconds, because when I looked back at Rob, his was out as well, and he was stroking it furiously. He had taken off his shirt, and his fat were hanging down the sides of his body in layers. His tits were probably larger than mine. I did not feel repulsed however - right now his soft body turned me on. The light of the afternoon sun shining through the skylight bathed him in a soft, yellow glow.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked uncertainly in a soft whisper.

"Can you... can you suck it?" he asked.

I had never done it, of course, but I had seen it in a movie or two, although not explicit. I gently engulfed it with my lips, making sure to moisturize my lips before, and carefully, slowly, slid my mouth down his cock. I licked the shaft with my tongue, teasing him. As I licked the glans, it tasted salt, mingled with sweat and some unknown taste I had never felt before. "Faster", he groaned. I increased my pace. "I'm, I'm going to cum", he said. As I said - this was my first blowjob, and as such I did not really understand why he told me. I kept blowing him, and all of a sudden felt an explosion in my mouth. Cascades of thick liquid with a salty character spurted against the back of my mouth. I felt it run down my throat, and panicked, as I was about to cough. I contemplated spitting it out, but I didn't dare ruin Jenni's sofa. In the midst of the confusion, I accidentally swallowed some. The semen slowly floated down my throat, almost sticking to it at times. It tasted salty - slightly reminiscent of oysters - but I did not mind it at all. I kind of liked it, even. I swallowed the rest of the sperm I had in my mouth, and carefully licked his penis clean. Rob looked embarrassed, but satisfied.

Next to us, Jenni was being pounded doggy style by Johnny, who seemed to have a bit more self-control than Rob. I got increasingly aroused by the sight of Jenni's small boobs swinging wildly, her ass pounding against Johnny's thighs as he slammed into her, and when she began to moan, I just couldn't take it anymore.

I climbed up onto Rob's lap and guided his hand towards my tits. He started to paw at them, kneading them hard, which was exactly what I needed right then. I reached down and started to circle my clit with my index finger. Rob's cock was right underneath my pussy, and I could feel it slightly twitching as I started to gyrate, caressing it with my wet pussy lips. I started to moan, feeling the orgasm building within me.

Jenni was way ahead of me, moaning as if she was about to come just an arm's length away from me. Overcome by a sudden impulse, I leaned down and started to make out with her. As I started to touch her boob, softly pinching her nipple. I felt Rob's cock starting to grow, slowly pushing its way inside of me. I reached down and took hold of it with the hand I had used to finger myself, and guided him inside while simultaneously pulling Jenni's nipple harder and harder. I could feel my pussy expanding, clenching his cock.

This was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. His throbbing penis started to move, slightly in and out. I leaned into him, and felt embraced by his large, soft body. It was nothing disgusting with it. It was beautiful, in its own way. I leaned into it for a while, feeling his body move as I moved in tandem with him.

I needed it to go faster.



I started bouncing up and down on him, letting him enter me fully. I heard Jenni cum next to me and stopped moving for a second, staring into her eyes as she climaxed. It felt as if Rob's cock had grown even larger, as he lifted my thighs up slightly and started to slam his cock inside me, now reaching even deeper than before. I moaned loudly by now, and caressed my own breast as I guided my other hand back down to my clitoris and started rubbing furiously. My entire body was on fire. And then - explosions. Everything went silent around me. My whole body shook. I think I screamed, but I am not entirely sure.

My pussy twitched uncontrollably, and that was all that was needed to send Rob over the edge. His cock twitched inside me as I collapsed on top of his large body, and I could feel his cum spurting inside me. It was a wondrous feeling. I sat there for a few seconds, completely still, and felt his semen start to leak out of my pussy. I heard a click, as I raised my head and saw Jenni taking a selfie of the group.

I was suddenly overcome with a rush of suppressed feelings. I felt shame, regret and terror. What had I done? Everyone would be talking about me now. I lost my virginity next to Jenni, while we were both being fucked by some of the ugliest guys' in school. Emma would not even speak to me.

Jenni pulled me up and held me steady as I stood on my weak knees, sperm running down the insides of my thighs. "Guys, you're welcome. Now let yourselves out."

The guys thanked us nervously, picked up their scattered clothes and scrambled outside as Jenni led me to the shower. By now, I was crying.

"Don't worry, Alice," she said and hugged me tightly, stroking my back. "This was just the first time. Trust me, everyone cries at first. it's just because this stupid society keeps telling us that virginity is something to guard. Fuck that. It's something to escape. Embrace your freedom."

I felt myself calm down as she spoke. I was so glad we had done this together, when I really thought about it. I loved how she comforted me right now, and couldn't imagine going through it on my own. She planted a wet kiss on my lips.

"However, be sure to make them use condoms next time."

"I'm on birth control," I mumbled.

"Doesn't matter. Always condom. That's the first rule of our new organization."


"The Free For All - Making sure that everyone gets the intimacy they deserve!" she said with a laugh.

"You still in?"

I felt my grin widen.

Of course I was.

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