tagNovels and NovellasThe Freshman Ch. 14

The Freshman Ch. 14


Chapter 14 - Jason's second punishment

As the semester progressed, Cecilia quietly tightened her control over Jason. In some ways she wanted to change him, especially how he appeared and what he did in public. She wanted him to become conservative in his appearance instead of "trendy", to look dignified and not look like a kid. By the middle of October it always was Cecilia who decided how he should dress, even with casual clothing. There was another expensive trip to her favorite men's store for more clothes, this time for a wardrobe of casual items. The shopping trip was followed by a trek to a clothing donation center, where Jason surrendered the trendy clothing he had bought just a few months earlier in anticipation of partying on campus.

As for their dates, Cecilia decided what they did, period. The couple didn't even pretend that Jason had any say in what constituted entertainment, although it was he who always bought the tickets and was responsible for making travel and dinner arrangements. Cecilia liked formal evenings that required dressing up, elegant classical concerts and theater productions, and quiet fancy restaurants. Jason quickly became familiar with Chicago's "high culture" and over time became used to, and finally began to like, his girlfriend's taste in music. He became separated from casual college culture and over time his familiarity with popular music began to fade. As for the partying he had been expecting prior to coming to college, well, for him there was no partying apart from formal university events. There were no rowdy concerts, and certainly no fraternity parties. The only exceptions were a couple of Tri-Alpha events. However, any time Jason went to the Tri Alpha House, Cecilia chaperoned him.

Another important goal in the Dominican's life was to ensure her boyfriend's body remained as healthy as possible. Jason's body was Cecilia's prized possession and her most important source of physical pleasure. As a result, it needed to be kept in top condition. She began monitoring her boyfriend's workouts to make sure he was exercising vigorously but not over-exerting himself. At night she checked in on him to make sure he was getting enough sleep. As the weather got colder, she checked to make sure he was dressed appropriately to go to class. She periodically went through his medicines and strictly prohibited him from going anywhere he could get alcohol.

Over time she even began monitoring what he ate on campus, pushing him to eat more vegetables and fruit, less meat, and eliminate fried food and desserts altogether. Shortly after the Tri-Alpha 10-K race, she began controlling his food choices in the cafeteria and told him what he could and could not select. Even though she continued to eat with the other RA's, she made sure that Jason dined within her sight in the cafeteria and showed her his tray before sitting down. Whenever he chose something that did not meet her approval, she unceremoniously picked up the offending food item and pitched it in the trash.

In other ways she dominated him by encouraging him to do things he wanted to do anyway, the most obvious example being his constant nudity. The RA took advantage of Jason's desire to be naked by encouraging him to always have his clothing off, partly as a constant reminder of his submission to her. By the end of their second month together Jason knew that Cecilia expected him to be naked at all times while in his room, whether she was with him or not. Even when he had his friends over, Jason felt that he was prohibited from getting dressed. He explained to the others that he was fully committed to the naturist lifestyle and that wearing clothing when it was not necessary went against his values. That was becoming increasingly true, but the thought of Cecilia's disapproval, or worse, her belt, was the main reason he decided never to cover himself unless he was going out.

Apart from the diet restrictions and encouraging him to keep himself uncovered as much as possible, Cecilia took control of Jason's life in other ways. She insisted that he make any part of his body available to her whenever she wanted. Any time she wanted to uncover or touch any part of him she was free to do so. She became fascinated with his bottom and loved having him lie over her lap. Occasionally she spanked him, but usually she simply made him lie quietly, as her hand explored his buttocks and the back of his scrotum. Other times she explored his testicles or penis from the front, making him lie perfectly still on his back as she gently fondled his private area. She was fascinated with every detail and watching him become erect. Other times she put on a medical glove, and, forcing him to lie over her lap, pushed her finger deep into his bottom to explore his intestines and prostate gland. Penetrating him, the thought she could reach so deeply inside and explore his body from within, totally fascinated her.

She photographed him constantly, both in her room and in the studio at the art department. Apart from her own photos, Cecilia also collected photos taken by her friend Suzanne Foster. At his girlfriend's urging, Jason found himself modeling for Suzanne on a regular basis, always nude, and at times posing for some very provocative pictures. Suzanne's photos were very good and many ended up on display in local gallery exhibits. Over time Jason's bare figure became a fixture around the Chicago artistic community.

By the end of their second month together, Jason's submission during their sexual encounters was so complete that it was routine. Almost every night he knelt with his face between her legs, sensuously caressing her clitoris and labia with his tongue and lips. She trained him to improve his technique and prolong her orgasms. There were the nightly massages, which became longer and better as he learned from experience to become better at relaxing her muscles.


The final weekend before Halloween there was an incident that allowed Cecilia to punish her boyfriend and tighten her control over him even more.

Throughout the semester Jason and Ken secretly had thought about getting tattoos. It seemed that most of the other guys in the dorm were getting them. It was something cool and in fashion, so, why not? For several weeks they hovered outside the display window of the area's best tattoo studio, working up the courage to get their bodies marked up. Finally, on a chilly Saturday morning they nerved themselves to actually go in, made an appointment for later in the day, and began studying designs displayed along the wall to make final selections.

As the two freshmen stood inside near the window, Cecilia walked past the studio, returning from an off-campus bookstore. As usual, she was weighted down with an armload of books. She was in a foul mood, because she had wanted Jason to help her and had attempted to call him several times during the morning. She would have to have a talk with him and...what the fuck was this? So there was Jason, with that idiot friend of his Ken, standing inside a tattoo studio. She could tell by their expressions the two freshmen were seriously looking at designs, not just glancing out of curiosity.

Cecilia walked into the studio, quietly sneaking up behind the two young men. They did not notice her and continued cheerfully chatting about tattoos some of the other guys on the floor had recently gotten. Jason then turned around, and had the shock of his life as he nearly bumped right into his girlfriend. She did not have a pleasant expression on her face. He knew right away that he was in trouble.

"Take my books, Jason," she began in a very cold voice. "They're heavy and I'm sick of carrying 'em."

Jason began sweating heavily, but immediately took the books. He was afraid to look at Ken, who seemed very nervous.

"OK, whose idea was it to do this stupid shit?"

Jason answered: "It kinda...was both our ideas...I mean...like, you know...all the other guys are doing it...and we thought it would be cool..."

"Too cool to tell me about it, is that it? Or, maybe 'cause you know what I think about this shit! It's shit, Jason, that's all it is, shit! You wanna see tattoos, you go to New Jersey and look at my brother! He's a fuckin' freak, but oh, he think's he's so cool, with all that ink shit all over his body! That's what you want, to look like a fuckin' gang-banger?"

Everyone in the studio was looking at them, wondering how Jason was going to respond. He was horribly embarrassed, but had nothing to say. He quietly carried Cecilia's books out the door, as she and Ken trailed behind. Ken too, was horribly embarrassed by Cecilia's outburst and Jason's non-response, and felt he never could return to this store. That was too bad, he thought to himself, because they did have the best tattoo designs near campus.

Cecilia slapped Jason hard across the back of the head once they were on the street, right in front of his friend. He flinched at the force of the blow and struggled not to drop the stack of books in his hands.

"There's a lot more of that comin' when we get back to my room! I'm gonna teach you, and I'm gonna teach you good!"

Ken's heart jumped in his throat upon hearing Cecilia's comment. Was it possible...?

Jason was miserable as they trailed across the campus, partly from regret of having so thoroughly upset his girlfriend, partly from being so humiliated in front of Ken, and partly from the public embarrassment of the ugly encounter in the tattoo studio. He knew that punishment from Cecilia's belt awaited him at the end of the walk and was horrified that Ken was fully aware of what was about to happen. He was mad at himself for having gotten caught up in the stupid tattoo craze, knowing ahead of time that Cecilia would disapprove. He had not told her precisely because he knew she would stop him. Because of his attempt to deceive her, he was facing punishment, and pursuing a tattoo now was the furthest thing from his mind.

There was more humiliation coming. As soon as they were back in Cecilia's room, she closed the door. The Dominican ordered her boyfriend to neatly stack the books on her desk. With Ken watching, she gave him a long lecture about the need to respect his body and the need to respect the relationship by asking her permission to do anything major such as getting a tattoo. Finally she concluded with a question:

"Now, I wanna know how come you didn't say nothin' before you and Ken went over there to that fuckin' ink studio!"

"I...I...don't know...I just forgot..."

"That's shit, Jason...shit! You fuckin' knew I wasn't gonna let you do it, that's why you didn't say nothin'. You didn't fuckin' forget! So right now you're lyin' to me, ain't that true?"

Jason said nothing, but a tear ran down his cheek.

"Well, ain't it?!"


A sharp SMACK interrupted Jason's answer. Cecilia slapped him hard across the face, as Ken looked on in total shock.

"Jason, how many times do I have to tell you I don't want you sayin' 'yeah' when I ask you somethin'? How many times? And you're still doin' it!"

Tears rolled down Jason's cheeks as he struggled to answer, this time truthfully.

"I just thought that if...I just did it, you wouldn't mind, you know..."

"No, I don't know, Jason, I don't know! I'll tell you this, if you'd gotten a fuckin' tattoo I would've left you, 'cause I don't want no fuckin' gang-banger tattoo shit in my life! Get it? No fuckin' gang-banger shit! I don't wanna see that shit on you! So you're fuckin' lucky I caught you when I did!"

The vehemence of Cecilia's remarks frightened both young men. As usual when she was upset, the rough accent and crude grammar from her childhood surfaced in her voice. Jason and Ken had no way of knowing that, like Rap music, the sight of tattoos brought forth many ugly memories from the Dominican's prior life in that awful New Jersey housing project. What was clear, however, was that her temper was rising, much to Jason's dismay. Sweat trickled down his body and the skin on his bottom tingled slightly from the anticipation of knowing a severe punishment was only minutes away.

Cecilia turned to Ken. "I want you outta here, unless you want me to whip your ass too. And I don't wanna see no tattoos on you neither! You get a tattoo, and I'll fuck you up! Get it? I'll fuck you up if you get a tattoo!"

Ken, wide eyed and scared, nodded.

"Now go study. I'm checkin' on you later, and don't you let me catch you doin' nothin' except studyin' in your room!"

With that, Ken withdrew from the RA's room. Jason was scared to see him go. At first he had been horribly embarrassed at the thought of his friend seeing him reprimanded by his girlfriend, and had wished that he had not been present. However, now it was obvious he was facing a truly vicious whipping. Jason was thinking that Cecilia might have restrained herself had there been a witness in the room. With Ken gone, there was nothing to keep her from whipping to her heart's content.

Jason knew what her next order would be. Sure enough:

"I want your clothes off, Jason, everything. Put your stuff on a hanger and hang it up in my closet."

Jason quickly, but very reluctantly, stripped. Following orders, he hung his jacket on a hanger, before taking off his shirt and pants and placing them on two other hangers. As usual, he was not wearing underwear. He sadly slipped off his socks, folded them, and stuffed them into his shoes. He stood at attention, feeling totally exposed as Cecilia's dark eyes glared at him. Cecilia's next words left no doubt over what was about to happen.

"The belt's hangin' on the side of the closet, next to my sweatsuit. Get it, then I want you on your knees in front of me."

Cecilia realized how much she really did have Jason under her control when he meekly complied and got on his knees. She took the belt and menacingly tapped it in her hand as he remained kneeling in front of her. She tapped it in her hand as she enjoyed his terrified expression, but finally ordered her boyfriend to get on his elbows and knees at the foot of her bed. She instructed him to scoot closer and hang his feet over the edge, allowing her unrestricted access to his bottom from both sides. She ordered him to spread his knees and arch his back. When he complied his buttocks were stretched tight with his anus and testicles fully exposed. She reached forward and ominously surrounded a testicle with the tips of her fingernails, letting him know that all she had to do was apply a little pressure...

"I ought to give you a couple of good smacks on your balls...that'd teach you."

Jason was terrified. His position would allow her to easily strike his testicles with the belt quite severely, if she so desired. He dared not move, desperately hoping she would not carry through with the threat. He was sweating and the skin on his tightly stretched bottom was moist, a perfect target for the heavy leather strap doubled in his girlfriend's hand.

She tapped the belt below the base of his bottom, touching his balls and scaring him even more. Although his gaze was directed down at the patch of bedspread under his face, his other senses were carefully tuned to what was going on behind him. He listened to her footsteps as she positioned herself and tried to sense where the belt would actually land.

As she contemplated the unmarked bottom in front of her, a feeling of immense happiness swept through the young woman, partly replacing her anger at her boyfriend's stupidity. She was intensely aroused, much more so than the first time she punished the freshman. The sight of his attractive naked bottom, spread and submissively presented for punishment, was the fulfillment of everything she had hoped for in her fantasies. Together with her extreme arousal came a feeling of intense love for her boyfriend. Deep down in her soul Cecilia was grateful that Jason was submitting so completely and allowing her to punish him as she saw fit. He was not questioning her authority nor trying to negotiate a less severe punishment. The only thing that mattered was the fact he had offended her and now was willing to redeem himself by accepting her discipline. For that she loved him and was determined to show him how much she loved him once the belt whipping was over.

However, before the redemption and gesture of love had to come the punishment he so richly deserved. Jason had to be taught never to lie to the Dominican or keep any secrets from her. Most of all, he had to understand that under no circumstances was he ever to try to do anything behind her back again. A tattoo...and without her permission...what on earth was he thinking?

CRACK! Cecilia struck hard, and struck well, at the base of Jason's left bottom-cheek. A white rectangle quickly turned a deep pink at the base of the upturned bottom. Jason winced as the pain mounted from the first out of many blows he could expect to receive over the next half-hour. He gasped and struggled to stay in position as he felt the belt touch the spot just above the stinging welt from the first swat.

CRACK! A perfect swing, into which Cecilia put her entire body, delivered the second vicious swat to mark the young man's helpless backside. Tears formed in his eyes, and, even as the pain from the second swat mounted, a third ferocious CRACK signaled a third welt that slightly overlapped the top of the second one. Jason groaned and gasped as he fought to hold back the tears. He couldn't believe that a simple spanking from a belt could hurt this much.

Cecilia switched sides and studied the burning reddish area marking the base of Jason's left bottom cheek. The color from her exertions impressed her. Undoubtedly Jason was in a lot of pain right now. Good. There was a lot more pain coming his way. Cecilia positioned herself to deliver three back-handed swats against her boyfriend's right bottom cheek. She took a deep breath and snapped her arm and shoulder into another savage blow, this time delivered against his vulnerable right side. CRACK!

CRACK!...CRACK!... Cecilia struck two more blows, full force, to add color to the right side of Jason's bare bottom. She stepped back to admire the result of her efforts, a solid strip of pure pain covering the lower portion of his bottom.

CRACK!... CRACK!... CRACK!... CRACK!... CRACK!... Slowly, spacing the blows 15 seconds apart, Cecilia delivered five swats against the middle part of Jason's tender backside. Striking across the middle part of his bottom there was no danger of smacking his testicles, so she felt no hesitation to hit hard across both sides at once. He groaned and shifted as the pain continued to mount, but tried as hard as he could to stay in position. He knew he deserved this, a proper punishment for having tried to do something behind the back of his lover. He had offended her and the least he could do was submit to her discipline.

CRACK!... CRACK!... CRACK!... CRACK!... CRACK!... Cecilia laid several swats to the upper part of Jason's right bottom-cheek and some to his left bottom-cheek before returning to the tender area at the base of his backside. By then Jason was quietly crying, his body shaking from suppressed sobs. She started again below the lowest part of his bottom, delivering several strokes against the upper part of his right thigh and slowly working her way up the right side of his already marked buttock. Her goal was to make his entire bottom a solid deep red, laying row after row of welts until she had the color she wanted.

She also wanted to get him to cry. Making Jason suffer to the point he was crying uncontrollably would be important for her plans for their relationship. He needed to truly understand that his body belonged to her and was hers to do with as she pleased. Right now it was her desire to flog him, and it was his duty to unconditionally present his body for that flogging. Had she wanted to flog him until he bled, it would have been his responsibility to stay in position and allow her to do so.

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