The Freshman Ch. 14


Again and again the belt made contact with Jason's bare skin, as the color in his bottom approached the dark shade she desired. His groans became sobs and finally he was starting to cry properly. He was humiliated to be crying like a baby in front of his girlfriend, but the blows continued to land, showing no sign of abating. Cecilia paused...

"It's OK for you to cry, Jason. I want you to cry. I know it hurts, and a good cry'll be good for you."

As she delivered her final cruel blows, Jason, now that he had her permission to cry, did not hold back. His body shook from sobs and his tears stained the bedspread under his face.

Finally she stopped. She was covered with sweat, burning with sexual desire, and breathing heavily from her efforts. Her lover's bottom was deep red, very swollen, and punctuated with dark marks and blisters. She looked at the solid mass of welts with deep satisfaction. He had just endured a punishment that was much more severe than the first belt-whipping, but still he remained submissively on his elbows and knees, waiting for her next command.

She let him cry for a bit, but finally took his hand and guided him off the bed. She pushed him to his knees and let him put his arms around her waist. He buried his face into her skirt while she stroked his hair and comforted him.

"It's OK, mi cariño, it's OK. You were very brave, and I'm very proud of you."

Jason sniffed. "You're not mad at me anymore?"

"No, I'm not mad. How could I stay mad at you? I had to punish you, but that's because I love you. I know what you need, and I'm gonna give it to you, just 'cause I love you so much."

She left him on his knees, with his arms desperately locked around her, until his crying died down. As his tears moistened her skirt, Cecilia suddenly remembered Jason's next modeling session for the art department on Monday. That was less than 48 hours away. His backside still would be bruised and marked up, but she planned to insist he pose. On this occasion the world would know he had been disciplined, and he would understand that crossing her, in any way, would come at a very heavy price.

Once his crying died down, the young woman took her lover's hands and guided him to stand up. Now she planned to reward him, and herself, with a session of sex. However, because Cecilia felt the need to continue dominating her boyfriend, she decided to tie his hands to deny him any active participation in their lovemaking. He would remain at her mercy and she would decide the details of the afternoon session of intimacy.

She pulled out a piece of soft rope from a drawer and ordered him to lie on his back on the bed. Quickly she tied his hands together and secured the rope to the headstand. She removed her skirt and the wet thong underneath. She positioned herself over his face, holding the back of the bed to steady herself while he performed his duty to arouse her with his tongue. It was an awkward position, made even more so because his hands were tied, but he struggled to bring her to orgasm. Finally, once the first orgasm was completed, she began massaging his chest and legs, slowly working her way towards his penis. As she gently massaged him into a desperate erotic frenzy, she admonished him...

"I love you. I love you so much, even if you are such a naughty boy. So, are you a bad boy?"

"Y...Yes, Cecilia...I...I'm bad."

"...and what happens to naughty boys?"

"Uh...I...naughty boys get punished."

"That's right. They get punished on the naked bottom. On the bare, naked bottom, 'cause that's the only way to do it."

"Uh...Uh...Yes, on the naked bottom...uh..."

"I'm gonna spank that bare ass of yours plenty, Jason. You belong to me, and your cute ass belongs to me, and I'm gonna spank it good. Isn't that what you need? To have your bare ass whipped?"

Cecilia's words struck fear into Jason's soul, even as his body was reacting to her kindness and caresses. His emotions were almost overwhelmed from the combination of extreme pleasure, the fierce pain still burning in his bottom, and the knowledge that his future was to submit to plenty of similar punishments. He was swept up in his desire to submit to her, to make a promise to both her and to himself.

" ass whipped."

"You're mine, cariño. Mine to love...mine to discipline..."

" you...I'm yours..."

With that, the young woman worked her lover's body into desperation. He needed her so badly. She pushed a condom onto his erection and lowered herself over him. As her body weight pressed down on his hips, the pain from the pressure on his bottom seared into Jason's body. And yet, the ongoing physical pain, his helplessness, the fear of the punishments yet to come, and Cecilia's announcement that she loved him, drove him into a wild sexual frenzy. He desperately pushed up into his lover, trying to get as far into her as possible. She leaned down to kiss him, but then sat upright enjoying the feeling of being on top of him, but having his organ pulsating inside her body.

Finally they finished and she lifted off of him. She pulled the condom off his penis and gently wiped it clean. Then, without untying his hands, she ordered him to flip onto his stomach so she could caress his back and study his punished bottom. The punished area was hot to the touch, covered with severe welts, and very swollen. It was likely he would have marks and bruises well into the following week.

Jason lay quietly as Cecilia gently massaged his back and stroked his hair. As much as he wanted to be untied, he dared not ask her to loosen the ropes. She would untie him when she felt like it, not when he wanted. Until she decided otherwise, he would lie on her bed, helpless and naked, on his stomach with his hands immobilized over his head.

Finally he fell asleep and Cecilia untied the rope. She then took off her blouse and lay beside him as she continued to stroke his hair and study the result of her efforts on his bottom.

Yes, he was hers and she loved him for it. Each time she punished him, each time he cried in her arms, each time he knelt and acknowledged her as his mistress, her love for him would only increase and intensify. She loved him, precisely because he belonged to her.

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