tagGroup SexThe Full Force of the Law

The Full Force of the Law


Kate knew as soon as she swung the car to the left that she had turned too soon. It was late, dark and she wasn't entirely sure where she was. It wasn't a road at all she soon realised, more of a track. Glancing in the rear view mirror, she felt a stab of fear pierce her chest as she realised the lights from the car behind back up there on the road had followed her. The relief when they turned into flashing blue ones made her feel even more foolish than she already did.

"Shit," she said out loud, "shit, shit, shit!"

She pulled over at the end of the track, a boarded up house in front of her the only thing here apart from woods and trees, and waited for the inevitable approach to her car.

"Could you step out of the car Madam?" he asked loudly through the closed car window.

As she opened the door, she realised this wasn't your average policeman. Firstly there were thick motorcycle leathers where she had expected regulation trousers to be. And secondly, as he removed his bike helmet, he was breathtakingly attractive and she kicked herself as a sharp intake of breath gave away her observations.

"Hello" he smiled. "Wondered if you realised one of your rear brake lights isn't working?"

Indignantly she nearly said "Tell me that's not the reason you scared the shit out of me?" but decided against it.

"And," he went on "you obviously didn't see the sign back there which said Construction Vehicles Only?"

"No, sorry" she hung her head in mock shame and then added

"Construction? Where's the building site?"

He gestured at the house in front. "Demotion in fact, not construction. One of ours, an ex-PPZ."

She looked at him blankly for he might as well be speaking Japanese.

"Police Protection Zone" he explained "or otherwise known as a safehouse. Only this one's not exactly safe these days. Until its flattened, it's a regular thing, a nightly check for squatters and dealers. And occasionally we get to come down here and rescue the odd damsel in distress".

He grinned at the blatantly cheesy comment, she blushed at it and then realised. Us? It took just a few seconds for that to sink in. She swung her head to the right and sitting silently behind her car in the semi-darkness was a second officer on a second motorbike. The lights behind never did belong to a car. They belonged to two police motorcyclists riding alongside each other. He stepped forward as if summoned by the words of his colleague and removed his crash helmet.

"Hello", he flashed a smile. Lovely evening?"

"Stunning" she stuttered in reply and a flicker of something spread across his face at the compliment.

Oh God she thought. This can't be happening. Come on, this actually doesn't happen outside of a movie screen. Two damn sexy police officers, in motorcycle leathers, on a track in the middle of nowhere, behaving in a highly unprofessional manner I am thoroughly enjoying. Okay, who set me up?

She raced through her list of friends, family, colleagues, practical jokers and came to the rapid conclusion that it couldn't have been any of them. Nobody knew she was coming out here tonight. It was just a standard booking. She had left a slip of paper by the phone at home with the name and phone number of the client as she always did. Living alone she knew if she didn't make it back then someone would know where to start looking.

She didn't want to go tonight at first. Some days a woman who does what she does for a living just doesn't feel like it. But she thought about the money and how she usually enjoyed it when she got there. Don't get the wrong idea. Kate sell things... not herself. She's a representative, a party organiser. Several times a week she goes to a complete stranger's home and demonstrates the latest lingerie lines and the best sex toys on the market. She sells a lot and makes a lot of money. She loves what she does but preparation is vital. Put simply, to sell sex, you have to feel it. Tonight she showered, and smothered on an expensive body lotion. Wafts of designer scent would drift upwards during the evening, fuelled by her increased skin temperature. In front of the mirror she stepped into bright turquoise blue knickers in pure silk with tie sides. They glided onto her silky smooth hairless skin with ease. And then slowly she began to pull together and fasten the hooks and eyes of a beautiful silk basque, black except for a strip of matching bright turquoise blue behind the hooks and eyes. When it was done up, you could only just see the blue, and it seemed to her as if it tantalisingly whispered unhook me to anyone who glimpsed it. Finally she clipped a pair of lace-topped barely black stockings to the suspenders which dangled from the bottom of the basque and looked at her reflection. That was better. The basque cinched in her waist and pushed up her breasts so that they jiggled around on the top and gave her a cleavage to rival anyone's. She ran her hand across the lingerie and across her body. The sensual feel of the silk, warm now from her skin, always turned her on. Focus, she told herself. There's a job to do. And always, always, leave the house hungry.

And so it was tonight she left home in ordinary clothes on top - a skirt, a black t-shirt with the company's logo on the front, a short black velvet jacket and high heels. Underneath was a different story. She was dressed to kill. From zero to on fire with the help of a little undercover secret and nobody knew about it except for Kate. It worked. She really enjoyed it tonight, the women were great, the sales were pretty good and she left aiming for home and an opportunity to scratch the itch which had started several hours before. She loaded the CD player but the rhythm of the music which filled the car served only to have her rocking and squirming around in the driver's seat far more than was actually necessary to drive the car in a straight line.

It took a few seconds for her to remember that she was still standing on a dead-end track and these were not actually strippers or set-your-friends-up immitation police officers from the internet. These two were for real, and even if it was quite surreal, there was clearly an intense mutual attraction going on. She was always amazed at it. Human attraction. It was maddening, magical and addictive. Subconscious, chemical and animal.

"Where have you been tonight?" Officer 1 asked. He was smiling, bemused by her expression at the sudden jolt back to earth.

"A...friend's party" was her faltered response.

"What's in the case?" he asked, gesturing to the front seat.

Damn. She was hoping he wouldn't ask that. She muttered a reply about her job, pointing at her t-shirt, but it was barely comprehensible.

He leaned in across the driver's seat to reach the case and gave her a glorious view of his neat, tight arse encased in leather underneath an almost flashing neon sign on his back - POLICE - in case she had forgotten. He pulled it out of the car, looked inside and then without a word he handed it to Officer 2 who glanced inside, raised his eyebrows and then shot her a smile which liquified her in seconds.

"Well, well, well, what have we got here?" he said and she thought surely they don't actually say that?

But he was playing a part here, by now that was clear, and she was stepping into character pretty well herself. He held up a platinum vibrator, sleek, smooth and glinting in the half-light. Platinum Pete he was known as. A best-seller. Good Choice she thought! In his other hand he brandished a bottle of the company's best selling lubricant at her - champagne and strawberry flavour - and tucked them into his fluorescent jacket. Her mouth fell open in surprise and he mouthed back "Evidence..."

Picking up the policeman's dress-up outfit he said "Did you know, it's a very serious offence impersonating a police officer? It seems that you have been very bad indeed tonight..."

Surely they don't actually say that either? she thought again and then as he reached into the case, brushing her breasts deliberately as he bent down, she suddenly acknowledged that this was fast turning into the most thrilling game she had ever played.

She let out a whimper of excitement and consent and he carried on, in a mocking tone, "Surely, you don't actually call these a pair of handcuffs?" brandishing the pink furry 'lovecuffs' high in the air in his left hand. "Of course, these are a pair of handcuffs" he continued, holding up the pair he had pulled from his belt in his right hand. Shiny, smooth, hard steel glinted back at her.

She dropped her gaze from his hands to his eyes and locked it there.

"Hands out in front of you" he commanded. He clamped the steel shut around her wrists and held them in the middle.

"I'm arresting you for causing an erection."

She laughed out loud.

He looked at his colleague, grinned and continued

"...you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention now something you later rely on in there" and pointed to the boarded up house. "You have the right to remain silent... but I think that's highly unlikely."

She swallowed hard. Any minute now she might faint. Surges of excitement wrestled with her fear.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked, her usually loud, confident voice reduced to a breathless whimper.

She could play back as hard as they could.

Officer 2 spoke. "We're going to move into the building and then we're going to discuss which kind of fixed penalty you should receive for such a serious offence."

They stood staring at each for a few moments while Officer 1 spoke into his radio behind Kate. She overheard "attended our last incident.... motoring offences... fixed penalty notice.... off duty now".

This is complete madness she thought.

Her blood should have run cold, instead it pulsed with fire through her veins.

She looked at them, half hoping to see evil or aggression, some kind of reason to run. Instead she saw pure lust, and anticipation.

A look passed between them which said 'leave now if you want to.'

Nobody moved. Her fear evaporated as she realised she wasn't about to die here, she was about to feel more alive than she had ever felt before.

Officers 1 and 2 led their bikes, and Kate, under the canopy to the side of the house. Officer 1 unlocked the steel door protecting the house and flicked on a dim light inside revealing a living room fully furnished and looking as if the residents had fled suddenly. It made Kate wonder what the final chapter of this safehouse had been. She was about to go inside when Officer 1 stopped her. "Not just yet," he said and climbed astride his motorbike. "Get on in front of me." She did exactly what he said and swung her leg across the bike, feeling a rush of air run up the inside of her thighs. Not for the first time tonight, something deep inside throbbed with sheer thrill. His head appeared on her shoulder and he began to kiss her neck. He was dark haired, strong, with chiselled features and designer stubble. His chest pressed against her back through the crackling material of his fluorescent jacket and his hands slid around her waist and down the front of her thighs. His fingers came to rest on the smooth round knobs of the suspenders.

"Did you know we were coming?"

"Always hoped you would" she smiled.

He slid off the back of the bike and pulled her backwards towards him until she lay on her front along the bike, her face against the leather of the seat and her hands outstretched and cuffed in front of her, resting on the centre of the handlebars. He pulled her skirt up around her waist and undid the side ties of her knickers. It wasn't long before she felt his breath between her legs, spreading her cheeks wide and thrusting his tongue between them. She gasped at his passion and at the sensation of his wet mouth against her body. His nose nestled into her but his tongue couldn't quite reach her clitoris. He thrust first one and then two fingers inside of her.

The sensation of having her pussy licked by this authoritative stranger and being fucked with his fingers at the same time, made her want to come instantly. She bit the seat hard, she wanted to wait.

Officer 2 had taken a seat on the second parallel parked bike. He was older, 10 years or more than Officer 1, gorgeous, with messy dark blonde hair and dark eyes that screamed "I want you, suck me now" as he unzipped his leather trousers and looked at Kate with a pleading smile. He pulled out his cock, which was almost as perfect as he was, and leaned towards her mouth. She took him deeply and an "uhhhh" escaped involuntarily from his mouth. Something else was going to be escaping from her soon if Officer 1 carried on doing what he was doing to her pussy. As if he had read her mind he stopped and moved to the front of the bike. For a minute or two he watched her covering Officer 2's cock with saliva and moving up and down on him with her mouth. It was then that he pulled at her, indicating that she should get off the bike and follow him into the building as a matter of urgency with Officer 2 following and kicking the door shut behind him.

They stood for a moment in the dim light. She waited for them to take the lead. They waited for her. She peeled her t-shirt over her head, unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it on the floor.

"Nice perk of the job" Officer 2 said, his eyes settling over her professional looking underwear.

He unhooked 3 of the hooks and eyes, allowing her breasts to spill further over the top and then admiringly decided to leave the basque with the suspenders intact.

They both unzipped their jackets and discarded them on the floor. Officer 1 had the "evidence" confiscated from earlier and these too were tossed onto the pile of clothes.

In those few moments they stood very still together, and Kate gazed at them in white short sleeved shirts, black stab vests and black leather trousers. Two intensely attractive men, proud and powerful authority figures, in uniform, with handcuffs, driven from their duty by lust, surely every woman's fantasy... and they were both beginning to undress in front of her. Kate thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Never again would she be able to convincingly tell her customers that a policeman's dress-up outfit would make their old man seem just like the real thing.

She sat down on the edge of the sofa, her hands in their restraints over her head, resting on the back and Officer 1 knelt on the floor in front of her. With a hand on each of her knees he pushed her legs slowly apart and sank his head towards her. He stroked his stubbly face across her shaven skin and let his tongue wander into the folds of her pussy. He circled her clit with his mouth, just to the side, just too high or just too low. Most guys know exactly where to aim for and are expert at moving in straight away. This guy was an expert in the art of tease. He knew exactly where it was alright but he knew that not touching it would drive her insane. She squirmed and wriggled and pushed a bit.

Come On.

She groaned in desperation for him to stroke her swollen prized bud with his tongue. As she wriggled towards him, he wriggled away slightly.

Please just a flick of your tongue.

She could feel his mouth spreading into a smile now.

"Bastard" she yelled. And yet, the brazenness of him, making her wait, holding out on her, made her actually want him more.

"You're forgetting we're here to punish you" he reminded her "...and the punishment should always fit the crime."

A reversal of places on the sofa and a reversal of roles gave her a chance now to exact some revenge. She could feel Officer 1 behind her, his hands on her arse, but she couldn't see him. As Officer 2 settled himself on the sofa she reached down with her handcuffed wrists to the bottle discarded on the floor earlier. With a little difficulty, she poured a palmful of the liquid, which she'd found out long ago tasted nothing like champagne and strawberries, and drank it up into her mouth. A few seconds of warming later and she bent her head towards Officer 2. Resting her lips against the head of his cock, she slowly pushed against him and let him enter her lubricant filled mouth. He cried out at the warm wetness he had not expected, throwing his head back onto the back of the sofa. Ah, revenge, like the champagne and strawberries, was so sweet.

She swallowed a little, swirled the remaining liquid around him and then gripped him firmly and allowed him the pleasure of her expertease.

"Oh, you're good" he groaned and as something spread across her face at the compliment, she moved a little faster and sucked a little harder.

Behind her, Officer 1's hand had located the discarded "evidence" on the floor. She felt the cool sensation of liquid lubricant across the cheeks of her arse and his fingers sliding around. They slipped downwards and finally, achingly, made contact with her clit. She managed "ohhhhhhhhhhh", which was no mean feat with a mouthful of Officer 2's cock. That in turn made him groan and soon Kate and her coppers were making loud noises of encouragement. She should have expected it but engrossed as she was, she didn't hear him turn it on. The tip of Platinum Pete was entering her pussy and the sensual feel of the whole thing suddenly inside of her was only bettered by Officer 1's fingers making contact with her throbbing clitoris. She thrust back against the vibrator and Officer 1 held onto it a little tighter. The groans escaping from her throat sent Officer 2's head backwards against the sofa again.

"Tempting as it is to let you come right now" Officer 1 breathed from behind her, "I think there's so much more of you to appreciate yet" and he removed all contact with her body. A few seconds later he approached her with a key and removed the restraints from her wrists.

"I think the lady is unlikely to try and escape now" he said to his colleague.

"I'm not going anywhere" she smiled reassuringly at him and rubbed at her wrists, feeling suddenly very free, in more ways than one.

"Now...." asked Officer 2 in quite possibly the sexiest way Kate had ever heard,

"what do you want...?"

There was no question about it and it took her a millisecond to reply.

"I want you to fuck me..... and I want you to fuck me NOW."

She climbed astride him on the sofa and lowered herself onto his hard cock. The penetration of his hot flesh into her body was so much better than Platinum Pete. He grabbed her waist and thrust upwards into her and she pushed down onto him. She couldn't get him any deeper if she tried but fuck she'd keep trying. Officer 1 stood in front of her, behind the sofa. She leant forward and made contact with his cock for the first time. He was longer and thinner than Officer 2 but as she buried her head in his groin he smelled exquisite - musky and masculine... and he tasted even better. A drop of liquid excitement glistened on the tip of his cock and she licked it away with her tongue. Officer 2's tongue had discovered her breasts spilling over her basque and jiggling around in front of his face and soon he was licking and biting at her nipples. The harder he drove his cock into her, the more she groaned and she had to remember not to bite down on Officer 1's cock.

As if he sensed his colleague's frustration, Officer 2 pushed Kate gently off him and down from the sofa until she was kneeling on all fours on the floor in front of him again. Officer 1 came round behind her and made her gasp as he rubbed his soaking fingers from her clit back up to her arse before filling her pussy to the hilt with his long cock. "Fuck me harder" she commanded, and he did.

She heard Platinum Pete buzz into life.

What the hell was he going to do with that?

He wouldn't, would he?

He wasn't going to.....?

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