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The Full Package - Sunday


"The Full Package - Sunday"

[This is the first chapter in "The Full Package", but if you want to know how Dave and Lisa originally met as well as understand how they ended up on this trip with their sister, you should go back to read "The Full Package -- Prologue".

WARNING: This is a long story. Period. If you don't like long stories, please don't read a little, get frustrated, then punish the story with a bad rating and a comment about how long it is. For those of you like character build-up, a reasonable amount of realism, and some mystery, I think it will be worth your time.]


Glumly watching their swaying feminine curves ahead of him, Dave had to admit that there could be worse things than having to go on vacation with two beautiful, if demanding, women. His wife had matured gracefully and at thirty-eight was still relatively slim, with long legs, a full but firm ass that constantly caught men's attention, and a beautiful face only slightly lined from the stress of her career. Her tight pant-suit showed off her best features while still giving her a very professional appearance, as usual.

Cody was a younger version of her sister, with the only differences being somewhat fuller breasts, a perky nose on an elfin face, and an even more athletic body. The constant movement of the hem of her short skirt called attention to her fantastic legs and Dave could see many men doing an obvious double-take as she walked by. Cody worked out religiously and her perfect form showed the results.

Yes, Dave thought, there could be worse things than seeing these two on the beach in bikinis all week.

He was still a bit angry over his wife's last-minute decision to invite her sister on what was supposed to be a romantic get-away for the two of them, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it except make himself even more miserable. He just hoped for at least a little alone time with Lisa to see if they stood a chance to renew their sagging relationship.

The airport was a madhouse as it was a Friday in June and everybody and their dog were going on vacation. Just when they finally made it past baggage check-in and security, just minutes from take off, Lisa's cell phone rang. According to her caller id, it was a partner at her law firm, and even as the three rushed down the loading ramp - Cody and Dave yelling at her not to take the call - Lisa pushed the "accept" button, changing all of their lives forever.

Lisa had just enough time before the door closed and the plane began to taxi to find out that the firm's highest-dollar client, a chemical company, was being sued for an "airborne toxic event" and that they had just been served. The partner who called would contact her with more details when she landed, but Dave knew that they would want her back as soon as possible.

"What about our romantic vacation?" asked Dave, when she explained the situation. "First you had to invite your sister, and now you may cancel the whole vacation -- don't you even care about our relationship?" He knew he sounded whiny -- and maybe a little dramatic - but this was classic Lisa and he couldn't hold his tongue.

"Look," she replied, "I can't control everything! He said it was an emergency!"

Dave just looked at her, remembering all the other 'emergencies' that always seemed to interrupt their lives.

"What?! Do you think I'd rather work than hang out on the beach?" Lisa continued, glaring.

Dave took a deep breath, tempted to respond, but he bit his lip and looked away, shaking his head. There was no way he could win, of course, and he knew it wasn't really her fault. He couldn't help but think, though, that she had allowed herself to get into this situation -- both with her sister as well as with the evolution of her job.

As soon as the plane leveled out Lisa got up to use the restroom, passing Cody's hopeful smile with a tight-lipped shake of her head. Cody took the opportunity to move up and sit next to he brother-in-law.

Gently touching her fingers to the back of his hand, she asked "Are you alright?"

Before he could respond, Cody slid her fingers around to his palm, holding his hand in hers. "I wanted to tell you that I'm really sorry about all this." She looked down for a moment. "I was feeling pretty low when Lisa offered this trip and... well, I couldn't help but want to come."

She looked up into his eyes. "I swear that as soon as I knew this was supposed to be your great 'reconnection' trip, I tried to beg off. I even called to cancel the room and the flight". Dave raised his eyebrows, curious now. "Lisa wouldn't hear of it, though, and she called back later to re-confirm. She said you would be fine with it, but I knew when I saw you that you were disappointed..."

Dave tried to think of something to say, to deny it, but it was all too obvious, and now he felt awful.

"In any case," Cody went on, "I promise that you'll have as much privacy and quality time as I can give you." She smiled and squeezed his hand, "You'll see -- we'll make the best of it and you two will be lovey-dovey again in no-time". Dave gave her a wry look, but didn't have the heart to tell her of the potential cancellation of their trip.

Lisa appeared suddenly, back from the restroom.

"Dave and I were just talking about how cool the hotel seemed from the brochure," Cody said cheerfully as she removed her hand from Dave's and stood up. Lisa cocked an eyebrow doubtfully before glancing down at Dave's hand still lying on the armrest. She looked pensive for a moment but then seemed to shrug it off.

"As long as it has a piña colada waiting, I'll be satisfied," Lisa sighed and attempted a smile before she sat down and pulled out a magazine.

Cody winked at Dave and headed back to her seat.

The rest of the flight was spent in relative silence, Dave now feeling guiltier than ever with the thought that Cody knew he hadn't wanted her along. He couldn't help wondering, though, why his wife had been so insistent on bringing her.


When they arrived in the Cozumel airport, the tired trio made an unpleasant discovery - one of their bags had been lost somehow and a quick check revealed that it was one of Cody's, which she angrily announced had contained her swimming suits, sandals, and even all her underwear. After twenty minutes of arguing with the clerk, Cody was given a claim receipt and an apologetic request to check back the following morning as the airline had not yet identified which country the bag had been sent to.

As Dave arranged for a taxi, Lisa attempted to cheer up her sister. "Don't worry. You can wear my stuff until they find your bag. We're about the same size and I've got an extra suit and a few pairs of underwear that you can have."

Cody grimaced and said, "Thanks, sis, but... I've seen the grandma suits you wear now and that's just not my style -- no offense intended."

Lisa appeared taken aback at her sister's bluntness and she glanced over at Dave, her face flushing slightly. "Well, then! How do really feel?" She smiled after only a brief moment though, tickling Cody, "I guess your old grandma will just have to buy you a tiny little bikini tomorrow -- or do you wear thongs now?!" She playfully snapped her sister's panty waistband through her dress as they walked out towards the taxis. "In any case, if that's the worst that happens on this trip, we should count ourselves lucky..."


When they made it to the hotel - a very fancy resort on the beach - they were in for another unpleasant surprise. "I'm sorry, sir, but there is only one room reserved under that name," explained the frazzled young brunette behind the counter.

Dave couldn't and wouldn't believe it, but the clerk patiently showed him the notes on the computer proving that one Cody Drews had cancelled the second room two weeks before.

"But my wife re-reserved it right after that, I'm sure. Isn't that right, hon?!"

Lisa stepped up and started methodically wearing down the poor girl in her best cross-examining tone, but apparently no one had any record of her call. Even worse, almost the entire hotel had been booked by a large group and there were no other rooms to be had until the end of the week.

Feeling sorry for the young clerk as he left Lisa there to sternly negotiate some discount, he followed the bellboy to their room with a despondent Cody in tow. To her credit, she seemed to recover quickly from the double whammy of losing a suitcase and her room and by the time they got off the elevator, she was trying to cheer up her brother-in-law.

"Alright, Dave," she said, reaching up to squeeze his shoulders like he was a boxer in the ring. "We're going to think positive and we're going to have a great time. Aren't we?" She looked into his face until he gave her a reluctant smile. The bellboy was ahead of them at the door to their room and she slapped Dave's butt playfully.

"That's better! I know this has been a tough day and it's not exactly what any of us was hoping for. We ARE in paradise, though, aren't we?" She smiled at his bemused look and dropped her voice as the bellboy opened the door for them. "I promise that I'll give you two as much time together as you want, and we'll just make the best of it, alright?"

Dave grinned back in spite of himself, but could only shake his head in wonder at his sister-in-law's resiliency. He himself had just about given up any hope of having a relaxed vacation, much less a romantic one.

Dave was the first in to the room and felt a brief burst of elation as he surveyed the huge bedroom with its king-sized bed, small office area with complementary computer, and giant flat-screen television. He walked through a small alcove into the beautifully tiled bathroom where he found a wall-sized mirror, a Jacuzzi tub and a separate two-person shower. There was a small closet for the toilet, he noticed, and compared to what they had at home, four or five people could live in this bathroom.

Dave turned back to the doorway just in time to hear Cody's thrilled shout at seeing their luxurious quarters. He could only stare in wonder as she took a running jump to bounce on the huge bed, excited as a little girl. He was acutely aware of the young bellboy beside him when Cody's loose skirt flipped up over her waist to show her pale but tightly curved ass and thighs.

She seemed to notice the breeze on her exposed skin and reached back to pull her skirt down, but not before Dave glimpsed a tiny turquoise g-string pulled tight between her cheeks, dipping down to barely cover the small bulge of her feminine mound. She glanced back at them but Dave and the bellboy instinctively looked down with lightning speed and busily pulled their luggage further into the room.

When he finally looked up, Cody had rolled off the bed and was gasping in awe at the view from their windows over the beach. There was a plunge pool on their private deck and she pranced out the doors to 'ooh' and 'ah' appreciatively at the pool and the view.

Dave looked over at the young man in embarrassment, but when their eyes met, they could only grin sheepishly and exchange the universal raised-eyebrow of all men who've just shared an unexpected and forbidden view of a woman's intimate secrets.

By the time Lisa arrived at the room, Cody was wading in the plunge-pool with her skirt pulled up to her thighs, the bellboy had reluctantly left, and Dave's momentary good mood had dissipated with the belated realization that there was only one bed in the room, albeit a very large one. He was too much a realist to think for a second that he would be sharing the bed in his underwear with the two beautiful sisters; and sure enough, following on the heels of his wife was a cot -- and he could only hope it wouldn't be placed out on the deck.

After a quick tour of the facilities, Lisa was ready for the bar, and Dave couldn't blame her. He wasn't a big drinker anymore -- Lisa even less so -- but after a long flight and some unhappy surprises, they were all ready for some margaritas or whatever was available - as long as it had alcohol.


The bar was packed with people, mostly men, apparently from the same group that had ruined their chances for getting a second room. As Dave forged a path to the bar, he noticed that almost everyone seemed particularly fit, even in their 'business-casual' dress. "Looks like you're in luck!" Dave yelled near Cody's ear. She looked at him questioningly and he nodded his head towards some of the young men staring her way.

Blushing slightly, she responded "Are you kidding? They're probably all married and looking for a fling!" She went on, "You know I'm not like that." However, she kept turning her head to look at one guy or another as they neared the bar.

Dave finally managed to claim a foot of space at the bar, but all of his yelling seemed to have no effect on the busy bartender until one particularly well-dressed twenty-something man sitting a few yards further down noticed his predicament and motioned for the bartender to take care of them. When Dave handed the drinks behind him to the girls he asked the bartender how much he owed.

"It's on the house," he answered. The bartender nodded down the way to the young man who had originally got his attention. Surprised but grateful, Dave raised his drink to the man - though he was sure his good treatment had something to do with the gorgeous women behind him.

When the three had escaped with their drinks to the less-crowded balcony, he noticed the same young man approaching from behind Cody. "Thank you very much," Dave said as Cody turned to see who he was looking at. "This is the friendly soul responsible for our drinks," he explained to the girls.

"Oh, that was so nice of you!" Cody smiled at him.

"Yes, very giving," Lisa added with a touch of suspicion in her voice.

The man responded in a slight accent, "It's no problem at all. I merely saw three future friends in need and I did what I could." His self-deprecating smile was disarming, though fortunately he didn't notice Lisa rolling her eyes.

He introduced himself as Armand and told them that he was the son of the hotel owners. He asked them politely about themselves and was fairly charming in the few minutes they made small talk. Lisa made a point of mentioning the issue with the room and Armand looked very concerned and said that he would look into it as soon as he could. After a moment of awkward silence, he excused himself, explaining that the conference was for kinesiology teachers from the U.S. and that he was supposed to be making sure the guests felt welcome.

"Oh, so you were just doing your job with us?" Cody smiled and raised an eyebrow, but Dave thought she seemed genuinely disappointed. He was fairly handsome and Dave found himself feeling strangely jealous.

Armand turned and looked her in the eye for several long seconds. "It was never business from the moment I saw you. I also assure you that each of the many moments that I hope to see you during your stay will be a pleasure to me." He took her hand and gave a slight bow. Dave thought he was going to kiss her hand, but at the last moment he smiled and turned to walk back inside.

Cody remained staring after him, but Lisa quickly spoke up, "I hope you didn't fall for any of that hokey crap!"

Turning back to her sister, Cody knitted her brows and asked, "What are you talking about?" She took another drink and added, "He seemed very sweet to me." She walked down the steps to the beach, effectively ending the discussion.

"He did help us out with the drinks..." Dave shrugged. Lisa glared at him and followed her sister.

Dave had always thought of Cody as fairly asexual -- not because she wasn't very good looking but because she just seemed so incredibly naïve. He wondered if it was just because they were brother and sister -- more or less - and that's the way she behaved around him. Lisa had assured him, though, that Cody had always been oblivious to flirtation and to the effect her great body and beautiful face had on guys. She also didn't seem to stay in relationships long and Lisa had hinted that she might still be a virgin at twenty-five.

His wife's asexuality, on the other hand, was a fairly recent thing and probably due to their respective stresses and the length of their marriage, he ruefully admitted to himself. She had not been that way when they dated; nor for the first part of their marriage. After that memorable meeting at the beach house, there had been some fairly wild experimentation those first couple of years, but that had definitely died down. The contrast just made the current situation that much more frustrating, he realized.

He was afraid it was going to be a long week.

A squeeze on his arm broke him out of his reverie. "Hey, I know that you're mad about how things turned out," his wife remarked, as if reading his thoughts. Cody didn't seem to be paying attention as they walked down the beach but Lisa leaned closer to him.

"We've really got to watch out for her -- I think she's very depressed." She looked up into his eyes. "I know we've got some issues, but please try to set them aside -- just for this week. Let's try to make the best of this, ok?"

Dave wasn't sure where to begin to answer her. Didn't she realize that 'this week' was a symptom of their 'issues'? Cody didn't seem all that depressed to him, and after what she told him on the plane, he wondered where Lisa's priorities really were.

He was saved from possibly regretting his response by a shout from Cody who had walked further ahead to where the waves hit the beach. Thinking she had stepped on a jelly fish or something, Dave and Lisa ran down to the water only to discover that she had simply found a large conch shell and was of course quite jubilant about it. They exchanged a glance and downed the rest of their drinks before taking off their shoes to join Cody in splashing through the warm Caribbean surf.


Back in the room, Cody was the first into the shower as Dave and Lisa began to unpack. Lisa seemed unwilling to restart any discussion of their circumstances and merely noted that she needed to call in to work in the morning to "assess the situation". For his part, Dave knew that the trip and its success or failure had long ago been taken out of his control, so he was quite willing to avoid any arguments and was just looking forward to getting some sleep -- albeit alone on his cot.

Lisa soon joined Cody in the bathroom while Dave flipped through the channels on the huge television. He looked up when the bathroom door opened to see Cody nonchalantly walk out in a towel. Apparently the hotel had decided to skimp on its bath towels and Cody had to strategically position the small towel they did have for maximum effect -- it barely covered the nipples of her breasts and the bottom stopped just short of the tops of her thighs.

Dave immediately looked away, but it seemed that Cody couldn't care less as she casually walked past him and around the bed to access the drawers her sister had claimed. He tried not to watch as she bent over to open the bottom drawer of panties, but some fiendish devil of circumstance had placed a large wall mirror next to the television - directly opposite the drawers Cody was rummaging in.

Before he could force himself to look away, his instinct-driven pupils had riveted to just below the hem of the towel, to the darker 'v' formed by Cody's creamy thighs rising to meet and flow into the tight curve of her ass cheeks. He could quite clearly see the lower half of her protruding lips - full, pink and still glistening from her recent shower - with only a few wispy dark hairs emerging from where her thighs squeezed the lips together.

Embarrassed and afraid that she would at any moment lift her head and catch him red-handed - quickly ratting his perverted-self out to his wife, he jumped off the couch where he sat to stand staring out the glass door at the beach beyond the deck. He was glad to be facing away from her now, as his body had instinctively reacted to the site of her bare young pussy and a growing erection was causing a noticeable bulge in his shorts.

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