tagLoving WivesThe Gambler Ch. 03

The Gambler Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

Susan was feeding little Andy strained carrots when the door bell rang. She looked at the clock, nine already, Diamano was certainly punctual. She wiped the overflow off of little Andy's face and then got up to answer the door. She opened the door to find Diamano, Henry and Gloria waiting and she held the door open for them. Once inside Susan closed the door behind them and followed them into the living room and said, "I'm feeding the baby. It should only take a few more minutes."

Diamano said, "Gloria." And Gloria said "I'll take over honey" and she headed for the kitchen.

Diamano pointed to the couch and Susan dutifully sat down. Diamano got right to the point, "How do you plan on taking care of your debt to me?"

Susan had expected the question, but she wasn't used to Diamano's direct manner; she had an answer for him, of sorts, but hesitated to give it because she didn't think it would satisfy him. She thought back to the previous day, Diamano and his crew (as she'd come to think of them) had no sooner gone than the phone rang. It was Tony, one of the guys from her first day as a paid whore, and he wanted to know if he and a couple of friends could come over. She had glanced at the clock and seen that she had plenty of time before her husband got home from work and she had said yes. Their visit had been brief, but profitable; she had sucked the cocks of the four men and then had fucked them, and had collected $600 for her time. After they had gone she had remembered what Andy, the young black man had said about helping her if she decided to sell her body on a steady basis. She had looked up his number and called him and asked him if he was still willing to help her. She had explained her situation and her need to make two grand and he'd told her that he would see what he could do, "You know what this makes me, don't you?"

When she had said no, Andy had laughed and said, "It means that I'm your business agent, your pimp, and that I'm working on commission. Don't worry, I'll be gentle" and he'd hung up. He'd called back an hour later, "I got you something. It will get you a grand, but I don't know if you are going to want to do it."

"What do you mean?" Susan had asked.

Andy said, "It's a stag party and there could be as many as twelve dudes there. Do you think you are up to it?"

Susan had taken several moments to think about it saying, "I have no choice, I have to do it."

Andy had said he'd set it up and get back to her.

"Well?" Diamano's voice broke into her train of thought.

Susan looked up from her hands and said, "I can give you $200 now and I'll have a grand to give you by the end of the week. That will leave $800 and I'll get that to you by the end of the following week."

"Wrong!" Diamano said, "The interest on your debt is twenty percent per week. That means another $360 gets added on this Friday. If you pay the grand before Friday it will still be twenty percent on the remaining balance, which brings your debt to $960. Henry and I are both going to fuck you again today, primarily as an object lesson to show you what you have to look forward to if you don't pay according to the schedule that you just set for yourself. If you don't meet that schedule you are going to spend a lot of time on your back with your clothes off. Do you understand me?"

Susan nodded her head yes and Diamano said, "Good! Today's session will knock off another $200 so you are only looking at $1600 which should pose no problem for you if you follow your schedule." He got up; "Shall we move to the bedroom?"


As Susan changed the sheets yet again she wondered if she should buy several more sets. If today was any indication she probably should. Both Henry and Diamano were in fine form and they had fucked her for over an hour. Both of them had fucked her twice and as much as she hated to admit it, even to herself, she had loved every bit of it and had even hoped that they could have gone a third time.

When this play for pay thing of hers had started it was because of desperation, but the more she screwed, the more she came to like it, and if she ever got her ass out of debt she didn't think she could ever go back to being a one man woman. What that would do to her marriage she could not imagine any more than she could imagine what would happen if Brian ever found out about her gambling. There was no way she could ever let her husband find out about her gambling. Brian's straight-laced upbringing would have him looking at her as a handmaiden of the devil. He would accept her as a whore easier than he would accept her as a gambler, or so she believed. She could be wrong, but could she chance finding out? No, she didn't think so.

She also wondered about the curious conversation she had had with the woman Gloria as Diamano and his crew were leaving. Gloria had hung back a little and as soon as Diamano and Henry were out of earshot she'd said, "Make sure you meet that schedule honey. They don't want you to and they are hoping that you don't. They have plans for you and you're not going to like them" and then she'd hurried of to catch up with Diamano.

They had plans for her? What possibly could that mean?

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