tagMatureThe Game

The Game


I was running late, over two hours late! I pulled open the door to the bar and stepped inside. The place was already busy with business people who were visiting the hotel for various conferences and meetings or for drinks after work. The band was on stage playing some classic rock music and there were people on the dance floor gyrating to the beat. The lights were dim and there was smoke in the air as I made my way toward the bar.

I ordered a 7 and 7 and noticed her on the dance floor. She looked stunning in a red dress that clung to every curve of her 5'11" body. Her large full breasts were also visibly without restraint as she moved they were bouncing seductively. Every time she twirled the dress flared out and you could see the tops of her stockings and could tell she was wearing a white garter belt. She was wearing a pair of stockings that had the seam running up the back of them. She was also wearing a pair of red 5" high-heeled shoes that laced up her muscular calves. Her brunette hair was swirling around as she danced, she was the best looking woman in the place and she was attracting attention from all the men in the bar.

My being late put me visibly way behind in the game.

My wife Jane and I play this little game we call "Catch and Release." We both go into a bar separately and work the crowd as if we were single and looking to "hook-up." Generally we are there at the same time and enter separately but today I got held up at work and she had a two hour plus head start and she was making damn good use of the time.

I immediately looked around the bar for women who looked like they were also looking for some company. The pickings tonight were very slim and I waited and watched.

The guy sitting next to me at the bar said, "Damn that chick on the dance floor in the red dress is fantastic. What I wouldn't give to fuck a babe like that." I replied, "Yah, it looks like some lucky bastard will get the opportunity tonight to do just that the way she looks."

He then said, "No doubt she is looking for some cock tonight."

Jane and I have played this game before but I have never heard the comments from the guys until now. I was always too busy flirting with some "lonely female."

The band changed songs and next played a song from "Dirty Dancing" and I knew this was trouble because Jane loved the movie and the dancing.

She grabbed hold of the guy she was dancing with and pulled him tight to her and started the swaying and grinding that was part of the dance. The guy she was with wrapped his arms around her and put both hands on her ass. She was grinding her hips to the music and had her knee pushed in-between his legs touching his crotch. She slid down his body and had her face at his crotch height. It was evident he had a hard on from the tent in his pants. He put his hands on her shoulders and was pumping his crotch at her face.

He looked over at what must have been his buddies and smiled a shit eaten grin and gave them a thumbs up. This brought a cheer from his buddies. She slid back up and was grinding away on him; he had his hands on her sides now and was halfway holding her breasts.

The song ended and her partner went to his buddies with high fives all around and she walked toward the bar. She stood next to me and ordered a drink. She said, "Your late and the score is one to nothing babe. You better get busy."

She got her drink and went to the table with her dance partner and his buddies. I watched her ass, which had an exaggerated swagger to it all the way to the table. She knew I was watching and that I was probably burning holes right through her dress.

You see the point of the game is to see which one of us can "Catch" the most of the opposite sex and know that if we wanted to we could fuck them. When you have reached that point in the game you get one point. We then release them and find another one to "Catch and Release."

We have had many a hot fuck session after playing the game in fact most of the time we do not even make it home before fucking each others brains out.

Jane was back at the table and sitting amongst eight guys and she was playing it to the hilt. The guys were all paying attention to just her and they were buying her drinks faster than she could drink them and I could tell she was feeling the effects of the alcohol already. Since I was late I had no idea how many she had before I got there.

I found an attractive blonde who was sitting at the bar alone and sat down next to her. She was beautiful and had on a dress that was cut way below what most people would consider decent for a lady. She was also not wearing a bra as when she moved you could nearly see her nipples. She was fighting off guys like flies. I sat down next to her and did not say a word to her. She finally asked me, "How are you tonight?"

I am what has been considered a good-looking guy and stay in shape. I have my fair share of women who flirt with me and have no problem usually keeping up with Jane in our little game.

I looked over at her and said, "I am fine and how are you?"

She said, "Actually I am glad you sat next to me because I think these guys think we are together and they are leaving me alone." I said, "I am glad to be of assistance in your time of need."

We just sat and talked and the guys did leave her alone.

I turned and looked over at Jane and the table of guys she was setting with. One of the guys had his arm around her shoulders and was rubbing her arm and the guy on the other side had his hand on her knee or actually what you would consider her thigh. He was touching the tops of her stockings and I am sure had a little skin on his hand also. She was I am sure in heaven as she had the undivided attention of eight men and I am sure she was winning the game tonight as without a doubt all eight of them would fuck her in a heartbeat.

I found out the blondes name was Jill and she was in town for a business meeting. She was married and her husband was also in business management in Boston. I asked her, "Would your husband mind you sitting in a bar full of guys looking as gorgeous as you do tonight?" She replied, "He encourages me to visit bars like this and when I get back to my room I call him and tell him about all of the guys who hit on me. It leads to some great phone sex when we are apart."

I was kind of taken back by her candid talk of her sex life as up to this point it had been merely small talk. I replied, "I understand a lot of men enjoy the thought of other men lusting after their wives. Do you ever get tempted to take it further than just flirting."

She said, "Sometimes it is difficult to say no because let's face it not all men are pigs and some of them have some manners."

I glanced back over to Jane's table and she was not there. I scanned the dance floor and there she was dancing with two of the guys at the same time. They had her sandwiched between them grinding and grabbing all over her body. The guy behind her was rubbing her ass as she was swaying to the music and the guy in front of her had his hands not directly on her tits but close enough that he was getting a good feel and he was grinding his crotch into her leg.

About that time the guy behind her put his hands on the outside of her legs and was slowly working his way up her dress. I could not believe she was letting him do this. The game had always involved flirting but never this much physical contact. He had now worked his hand all the way under her dress and had his hands on her ass. Her dress was high enough that anyone paying attention could tell she had on a pair of thong panties and half of her ass was visible under her dress. The guy had his hands on her bare ass. He looked over to the table of his buddies and gave a nod to them. One of them got up and came out to the dance floor and replaced his buddy and put his hands on her ass. The guy in front now had his hands on her hips and was hanging on as she kept dancing. He had his thumbs placed so that I am sure they were very near her pussy. These guys were working her into a frenzy I was sure or she would not let it go this far.

I was in shock and thought I had better go cut in or put a stop to this. I then noticed that my cock was rock hard watching the exhibition my wife and her eight friends were putting on. I had never seen another man's hands so close to or actually touching my wife's nearly naked body.

Jill then broke my trance and said, "A penny for your thoughts." I replied, "I am not even sure what my own thoughts are right now." She said, "Would you like to dance?" I replied, "Sure, next song we'll go out."

The band finished the song and Jane and her buddies went back to the table. I thought, well at least they will stop groping my wife.

The next song was a slow song so I held out my hand to Jill and we went to the floor. She felt and smelled wonderful. She just held herself against me and her tits were pushed against my chest. She evidently also could feel my cock as she said, "You must really like dancing?" I replied, "I enjoy dancing when I have such a beautiful partner." She then reached between us and felt my dick and rubbed it through my pants. She gave it a squeeze and rubbed from my balls to the head of my cock. I asked her, "Is this part of what your husband wants you to do also?" She said, "No, that is the first time I have ever done that with anyone but him." I asked, "Will you tell him you did that or just let that part go?" She said, "I will tell him and it will probably make it the best phone sex we have ever had."

I looked over and Jane was watching and she winked at me. She knew I had scored 1 point at least. I reached behind Jill and put my hands on her ass to show Jane what is good for the gander is also good for the goose. Jill had no underwear on at all. There was no waistband to be felt of panties nor lines. Her ass felt great through the silk material of her dress. Her ass was firm and tight. I said, "You must work out a lot?" She said, "I try to keep in shape you know we all have to fight gravity."

I glanced back over to Jane's table and one of the guys had his hand on her thigh and his hand was resting against her panty-clad pussy. She had also unbuttoned another button on her dress. It was before that already unbuttoned to the middle of her beautiful cleavage and was now below her tits. As she was talking and laughing she leaned forward in an exaggerated way knowing I was looking and you could see her tits hanging inside her dress and her nipples were visible. Three of the guys were sitting with their backs to me and had a much closer view of what I had just seen. Under the table I could see Jane now had her legs spread farther apart and the one guy had is hand flat on her pussy. I could tell he was rubbing her pussy through her panties and her eyes were getting that all to familiar look of I want to fuck.

The other guy now was completely confident that they had a good thing going and he had his hand inside her dress and was holding her tit and looked like he was squeezing her nipple. I glanced back under the table and the guy who had his hand on her pussy now had her panties to one side and it was evident he had his finger in her pussy. Her head was laid back on the back of the booth seat and her eyes were closed and she was just letting them do as they pleased.

What shocked me even more was that Jane had pulled out the cock of the guy who was finger fucking her and was stroking his cock under the table.

This was going way past the rules of the game and I was hard as a rock watching my beautiful wife getting groped in public and have another man's cock in her hand.

The song ended and Jill and I made our way back to the bar. We sat down at the bar and she put her hand on my thigh where she was actually resting against my cock. She said, "You are a great dancer thank-you for helping me pass the time and keeping the wolves off of me." I said, "You are welcome and thank-you." She then said, "I better get to my room and call my husband. You asked me earlier if I had ever been tempted and I said yes. Tonight is one of those nights so I better go before I decide to take you up to my room and fuck your brains out." With that she gave my cock a squeeze and kissed me on the cheek and left. I watched her disappear through the crowd.

I looked over to Jane's table and she was not there. I looked out on the dance floor and she was not there either. My mind was reeling. As many drinks as she had and the look that was in her eyes I thought my God she is somewhere fucking these guys. There were two of them not at the table. The two that were groping her were gone.

I got up from the bar and started to look for her. Finally I went down the hall to where the restrooms were and there she was leaning against the wall with one leg propped up against it. The two guys from the table were with her. Her dress buttoned all the way down the front of it and it was completely unbuttoned. One had his hand on her crotch and without a doubt his fingers in her pussy. The other had his hands on her tits and they were outside of her dress now and he was massaging them and pinching her nipples. She had her head against the wall and her eyes closed. She also had a cock in each hand and was stroking them as she was being felt up and finger fucked by their owners. Anyone who had walked by to go to the restroom could see this going on. As I walked by I could smell the familiar smell of her wet excited pussy.

I walked past them and when I did she heard someone walking by and opened her eyes. You could tell she was a little shocked she had been caught. I walked on by and went to the men's room. I looked in the mirror and my mind was thinking what are you doing? Your wife is outside this door half naked and she is being groped and finger fucked by two complete strangers and you have a hard cock. Was I enjoying this? Was I mad that she had taken the game so far? I was not sure. I splashed water on my face and started to dry it off when the two guys came into the restroom.

The one guy said, "Damn that bitch is so fucking drunk and so fucking horny that we need to get her to the room. She will fuck all of us right now." The other guy said, "Her pussy is soaking wet and feels tight as hell." He then stuck his fingers under his nose and said, "She smells great too I cannot wait to put my tongue inside her pussy."

I went out the door and Jane was still there. I said, "What the hell are you doing? The game has never gone this far. We need to go before these guys gang fuck you. Is that what you want?" She said, "Feel my pussy" I reached into her still unbuttoned dress and she had removed her panties and she was drenched. She said, "Let's go I want to fuck you right now" She reached out and said, "Apparently you enjoyed watching." as she grabbed my cock.

I grabbed her arm to help steady her and pulled her dress together and we made our way through the crowd to the door.

When we got to the car she peeled off her dress and bent over the trunk and said, "Fuck me here and now I have to get your cock in my pussy." I unzipped my pants and let my raging hard on slip into the night air. I did not bother with slowly inserting my cock I just lunged forward and buried it inside her wet slit and thrust in and out. It was not making love or even fucking it was almost like rape. I reached around and grabbed her swinging tits and pinched her nipples hard. She let out a yelp when I pinched them. I looked over and another couple was walking by to their car and the women said, "Get a room."

Jane started to shake with an orgasm. She was now bent over the truck of our car with high heels and a garter belt on and nothing else and I was pounding into her for all I was worth. The amazing part was we were in a public parking lot and neither one of us cared who saw.

She said, "YES, YES Fuck me hard I am CUUUUMMMMING" She convulsed and jerked in an orgasm and I unloaded the biggest load of my life into her.

I pulled out of her and she stood up naked in a public parking lot and reached between her legs and scooped up the cum that was beginning to run down her leg and stuck it in her mouth. She said, "That is the only thing I hate about you filling my pussy with your cum is I do not get to taste it."

She strutted to the car door as if she was fully clothed and I opened it and let her in. I walked behind the car to get her dress and noticed the car behind us. It was the couple that had walked by as we were fucking. and she was now naked and her tits were bouncing in his face as she sat on his lap and was fucking him. I had to smile, the guy could see me smiling so I gave him a thumbs up and he grinned back at me.

I got in the car and Jane had her hand in her pussy. She said, "I believe I won tonight's game. I could have had those eight guys and probably every guy in the bar." I told her, "There is no doubt the score was many to one tonight but, what I am glad of is that I was the one who got to fuck you." She said, "Let's go home lover." She leaned over in the seat and sucked my cock into her mouth. She pulled off and said, "Let's play another game going home. I bet I can make you cum in my mouth before we get home."

She won that bet too!

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In reality

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