tagLoving WivesThe Game Ch. 02

The Game Ch. 02


After Jane had sucked my cock in the car she had passed out and had gone to sleep. When we got home I carried her to bed and covered her up so she could sleep it off.

The morning arrived and I woke up first. Jane was still sound asleep still in the garter belt and stockings that she had on last night. I got out of bed and went in to take a shower. As I was in the shower my mind went back to last night and the sight of Jane in that hallway with a cock in each hand and half naked being finger fucked and groped. I started soaping my body and my cock was hard as it had ever been.

I got out of the shower and put on a robe to go to the kitchen to get some coffee and something to eat. As I was fixing some breakfast I heard the shower in the bedroom turn on. Jane had apparently wakened up and was cleaning up.

I was sitting at the table eating when she walked in. She had a very short silk robe wrapped around her and her long hair was still wet from the shower. She did not say a word and went to the coffee pot. She poured herself a cup and came to the table to sit down. You could tell she did not know what to say and was apparently waiting for me to say something. I sat quietly eating my breakfast; I was not going to be the first one to speak this morning.

She then spoke in a very quiet voice, "I think we need to talk about last night or at least the parts I remember."

I very quietly replied, "Why? Do you think things went a little far?" She replied, "I know they went farther than ever before and if I made you mad I am sorry. I just had too much to drink and they were so attentive I lost track of who and where I was." She started to cry.

I said, "I could not believe when I walked into that hallway and there you were half naked in a public place being finger fucked and a cock in each hand."

She was sobbing, "I know, I know, I was out of my mind with lust and alcohol."

I asked, "If I had not been there would you have fucked those guys?"

She was crying and sat and thought for a minute. She then said what caused me to wince, "I don't know for sure."

I said, "Do you want to fuck other men?" She said, "No, or at least I did not think so. It was all just so exciting. I have not had a strange cock in my hand since you and I got married and I have not had another man touch me sexually since then either."

I got up and walked to the sink to clean up the breakfast mess I had made. Jane got up and spun me around and wrapped her arms around me. That is when we both knew my body had betrayed me. My cock was as hard as a bar of steel. She did not say a word just dropped to her knees, opened my robe and put my hard cock into her mouth. Her warm wet mouth felt wonderful as she cupped my balls in her hand and swallowed even more of me. She then wrapped her hand around it and started to pump it and I could feel her saliva running down my cock giving her some lubrication. She was swallowing as much of it as she could on each down stroke and the head of my cock was hitting the back of her throat each time.

I stood her up and lifted her onto the kitchen bar. I opened her robe and immediately sucked one of her big full breasts into my mouth. Her nipples were already hard from excitement before I even got a tongue on them. I squeezed her big full tits together and sucked both nipples into my mouth at the same time, which brought a moan from her lips. I started kissing down her firm tight belly to the top of her cleanly shaven pussy. She leaned back on the counter holding herself up with her hands and let her head roll back. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top of it. I put a finger in her pussy and her juices were already flowing. I applied my tongue to her clit and as soon as I hit it she moaned and laid all the way back onto the bar. I sucked her hard little bud into my mouth and was lashing it with my tongue. I reached my finger inside her even further and found her rough little g spot and massaged it while I was sucking on her clit. She said, "OH GOD, YES." I always know when I have it right when I hear this. She started to tremble. I looked up and she had both hands full of her tits and was pinching her hard nips. She then jerked and "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" and she came on my mouth and tongue flooding me with the sweet sensation of her juices. I then spun her around on the bar top and climbed up with her and stuck just the head of my cock into her pussy. She arched her back wanting more and was trying to suck my dick into her. I pulled out and just rested my cock on her slit. I reached down and grabbed my cock and slapped it against her hard little clit. This caused her to moan again and she said hoarsely, "Fuck me!" I inserted my cock with no teasing this time and sunk into her until our groins were meshed together. She started twisting and grinding on my cock and then wrapped those beautiful long legs around my waist to hold me there. I began to piston in and out of her as her pussy muscles were sucking my cock. I stroked in and out several times and I could feel the cum rising in my balls. I climbed off of her and said, "Last night you wanted my cum in your mouth so get ready." I walked to the head of the bar to her face and she leaned her head back over the bar edge so that she was hanging upside down and opened her mouth. In this position she swallowed nearly all of me. As soon as I felt my cock hit the back of her throat I let loose. She slightly gagged but swallowed the entire load as it shot down her throat.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she laid her head back on the bar top. I stood there catching my breath and she said demurely, "I guess I am not in too much trouble?" I replied, "Not too much but, we are going to have some rules about how far our game goes." She quietly replied, "I understand."

The rest of that day and the next week went pretty much normal with the exception that Jane was coming to me for sex nearly everyday and sometimes twice a day. We made love in all different rooms including the shower twice that week. This was definitely different because before the weekends adventure it was once every week or two. We had fallen into the married couples routine of work and household duties and at night just went to sleep.

Saturday rolled around again and I was up early to get started on the day. I jumped into the shower and right behind me was Jane. She grabbed the soap and started to soap my back and butt. She slid her hands around to my stiffening cock and started to stroke it. She whispered in my ear, "Can we go out to play tonight?" How could I argue while she had my dick in her hand and was stroking it? I replied, "Yes but, we have to set some ground rules." With that she was really stroking my cock and I shot my load in the shower. We finished washing up and got out to towel each other off. Jane left the bathroom and went into the kitchen naked. This was a first her walking around the house in a who cares naked fashion. I went into the kitchen and said, "Are we feeling a little bold today walking around naked where the neighbors can see." She replied matter of factly, "If they do not have anything better to do then let them look." She then said, "What are the ground rules going to be?"

I said,

"Number 1, no fucking." "Number 2, we go out of town so that we do not get embarrassed with friends or work associates." "Number 3, we stay in sight of each other so nobody gets hurt and the other knows what is going on at all times."

Jane asked, "Is that all?" I replied with a inquisitive tone, "Is that enough or do you want to add some?" She shrugged and said, "I think that probably covers it." Then excitedly she said, "I know where we can go where there will be a lot of tight assed cowboys and cowgirls in Wranglers."

The rest of the day went fairly normal other than anticipation and excitement that was building in each of us and the fact that Jane ran around the house all day mostly naked.

About 5 o'clock she said. "I am going to get ready for tonight you better too and if you want to fit in you should wear your boots and jeans."

She went in to take a shower and I got dressed. I wore the tightest fitting jeans I had and a pair of roper boots. I then went to the family room to watch some TV while Jane finished getting ready.

When she walked around the corner my jaw hit the floor. I think I stuttered, "So I see you are not going to play fair tonight." She had on a very short denim skirt that she had fashioned out of a skirt that used to be longer. She had on a loose denim shirt that she had unbuttoned clear to the knot that she had tied in it just under her tits and her tits were roaming free. She had on a pair of red cowboy boots that came up three quarters of the way on her calves. Her hair was fluffed out in the big hair rodeo style and she was gorgeous to say the least.

She seductively said, "Who is not playing fair? With those tight ass jeans and the bulge in your crotch you will be the hit of every cowgirl there."

She said, "We better get going it is about an hour drive."

When I opened the door to let her in the car she could not keep the skirt pulled down and she had no panties on her cleanly shaven pussy. I swallowed hard and wondered what tonight was going to bring.

On the way there we talked very little there was electricity in the air. She did say, "When we get there you go in first and I will follow you."

We found a parking place and I leaned over and kissed her and said, "I Love You." She winked at me and said, "I Love You too. See you inside."

The place was packed and there were a lot of cars and pickups in the parking lot. I walked in the front door and had to stop to let my eyes adjust to the darkness of the place. Once I could see I picked my way toward the bar and ordered a beer. I sat facing the door so I could see when Jane came in.

About 10 minutes later Jane walked through the door. Like me she had to let her eyes adjust. While she was standing there I noticed several guys who were apparently watching the door for "new meat". When Jane walked in there was a lot of rib poking and nodding toward the door.

Jane has a style that when she enters a room says, "I own the fucking place" kind of attitude. She took that attitude and strutted to the bar and sat about four seats down from me. She ordered a red beer from the bartender and immediately a tall good looking cowboy slide some money to the bartender and said, "I'll get that." Jane turned around and said, "Why thank-you." Her beer arrived and the cowboy said, "Would you like to join me and my friends at our table?" She replied rather seductively, "Sure why not."

She got up from the bar and went with him to their table. There were three other guys at the table and as gentlemen do they all stood up when she arrived. You could tell they were making introductions as they each shook her hand. They were sitting in a half moon booth and they let Jane slide in and there were 2 guys on each side of her. They started chatting and drinking their beers.

I looked around the bar for any lonely ladies and there did not seem to be many. That is probably why Jane got pounced on so quickly. That and the fact of the way she looked and was dressed did not hurt.

I sat at the bar and kept drinking beer and watching the table Jane was at. They were also on their fourth beer when the band started to play.

The dance floor filled up quickly and one of the cowboys offered Jane his hand and apparently was asking her to dance. Jane slid out of the booth and in doing so gave her cowboy a shot of her naked pussy. When she stood up the skirt had bunched up and the bottom of her ass cheeks was showing. She reached down for the hem and pulled her skirt down like it was no big deal. The two guys sitting next to me saw the show also. One of them poked the other and said, "Holy Shit did you see what I saw?" The other guy replied, "Yah, I saw it. She has a fine tight ass." The other guy said, "Damn man you must have missed the shaved beaver shot. She has a damn fine looking pussy also."

Jane and her cowboy went to the dance floor and with the crowded floor I had a hard time keeping her spotted so I moved to a different location where I could better see the floor and the table. As I was moving to my new vantage point I felt a pinch on my ass. I turned around and a very good-looking blonde was looking over her shoulder and grinning at me as she walked away.

I sat down at a table next to the floor and spotted Jane dancing with her cowboy of the moment. They were 2 stepping to a George Strait song and nothing abnormal was going on yet. The band then slowed it down and played a slow dance song. The cowboy pulled Jane close into him and they started to dance. He had his hands on her hips and they were talking. They were mostly hugging and swaying to the song. His hands had traversed to her butt. Her tits were pressed up against him and there was no room between them.

The song ended and they walked off the dance floor past me. As they passed Jane winked at me and I noticed the cowboy had a hard on. His jeans were so tight it was evident to anyone looking at him. The band started a new song and when they got back to the table another cowboy asked Jane to dance. She bent over the table and her blouse fell open and her tits were visible to all of them at the table and anyone behind her could see her ass cheeks sticking out form under her skirt. She took a big drink from her beer and sat it back down.

Her new cowboy and her were hitting the floor to a quickstep song and her un-restrained tits were seductively bouncing and swaying to the beat of the music. The quick turns were allowing her blouse to open up even further and you could see most of her tits. The fabric just covered her nipples.

My dick was hurting and straining to get out of these tight jeans. I could feel moisture as I am sure pre-cum was leaking from the head of my dick.

The next song again was a slow dance song and this cowboy was a little more brazen and had his hands lower on her ass and was slightly raising the hem of her skirt with his fingers on my wife's bare ass. His buddies at the table were having a great time watching their buddy getting a feel. I then noticed one of Jane's hands was on his ass and the other was between them no doubt rubbing his dick through his pants.

The song ended and they went past me again to their table and sat down. There was another round of drinks waiting and Jane nearly swallowed hers in one gulp. The guys ordered another round.

I knew I was again going to lose this game, as I was too enthralled in watching my beautiful wife in action. I also knew if I stood up my hard cock and wet spot would show.

The guys on either side of Jane were now almost sitting on top of her. One had his hand on her knee and the other more brazen cowboy had his hand on her thigh. She all of a sudden started to get up and they were getting ready to let her out and she said, "Don't bother." She stood up in the booth and stepped onto the table and walked across it to the floor. In doing this all of the guys were looking up her skirt and saw her naked pussy and ass. She was headed to the restroom and winked at me as she walked by. I let her walk by and looked at the table of guys and they were high fiving each other. I let her get to the restroom before I got up and headed that direction.

When she came out she reached for my cock and gave me a big deep kiss and said in a husky voice, "I guess you are too busy enjoying the show to play the game." I reached into her blouse and pinched her nipple that was already hard from excitement. She said, "I am so wet I had to go to the restroom to dry off my pussy before I left a wet spot on my seat." I reached down to her pussy and easily slid a finger in her slit.

She said excitedly, "I have an idea. Why don't you come to the table? I will tell them I met you and asked you to join us." I replied, "Sure, why not."

When we got back to the table Jane introduced me to Ron, Shane and Will. Ron was the brazen one who had been feeling my wife's ass and thigh and Will was the one who had his hand on her knee. They stood up and let Jane back into the booth and I sat on the outside of the booth. I said let me order another round as I am the new comer to the party.

There was a little small talk with me to be polite but during the small talk hands were again roaming on my wife's legs and thighs. Soon all attention turned back to Jane. Ron then suggested a little game of his own. "Bounce the quarter!" He said enthusiastically. Who ever bounces a quarter and it lands in the glass gets a kiss from our only female party member. Jane said, "Ok, but what do I get if you miss?" Ron then said, "We will buy you another drink." Jane said, "Sounds good to me are you guys in?" looking at Shane and me. We both responded with a "Yes."

Jane looked at me and said, "Ok, you are on the end you go first." I dug into my pocket and got a quarter out and bounced it on the table and could not believe it went in the glass. Jane got on her knees and bent across Will to give me my kiss. Ron and Shane who were on the other side had to have gotten an eye full of ass and pussy. I looked at them and their eyes were the size of half dollars and they were staring at her ass. As she bent towards me she gave me a shot of her tits hanging in her blouse. Will simply had a whole lot of tits hanging in his face. She ran her tongue down my throat and gave a deep passionate kiss that lasted awhile as she knew she was driving the guys behind her nuts. She kind of jerked and pulled away from me and I saw why. Ron had his hand on her ass and probably her pussy. I could not tell from my angle. She went back to her seat and looked at Ron and said, "Did you like what you felt?" He responded quickly and enthusiastically with a "Damn right I did."

Will was next and he missed the glass so he caught the waitress and ordered Jane another red beer. Ron was then the next and he made it in the glass. I figured he would as he recommended the game. Jane reached over and gave him the same kiss I got. When she leaned over her ass was showing under her dress and her dress had ridden up so far that her pussy was now clearly visible. Will reached over and slid his hand between her legs and inserted a finger in her pussy. She jumped slightly and turned and said, "Will! Are you taking liberties with me while I am intoxicated and kissing Ron?" Will responded with "I could not help it. It is so beautiful I had to touch it." Shane then bounced his quarter and he too made it. Jane said, "I think I have been hustled here." She again got on her knees and bent over to kiss Shane. This time Will and I had the view of her naked ass and pussy. Her pussy was so wet it was glistening. I looked over to see her kissing Shane and her tits had fallen out of her shirt and Ron was sucking on one of them. Will reached over and stuck a finger in her pussy and massaged her clit. This time she was expecting it and did not jump but gave Shane and exceptionally long kiss.

My cock was nearly ready to break trying to get out of my jeans and I felt like I was going to cum just from watching this display. She sat back down and said, "My, My, what is a girl to do with four horny men. Will reached over and started massaging her clit again and Ron reached inside her shirt and was pinching her nipples. Jane reached over and unzipped Will's pants and pulled his cock out of his pants. I was sitting next to Will and could not believe my wife had this strangers cock in her hand. Will was large too, probably 8 or 9 inches in length. She had done the same to Ron. She was sitting in a public bar with a cock in each hand and was being finger fucked and nearly had her tits on display. I was glad it was a dark corner of the bar.

Suddenly Jane slipped under the table and disappeared only to reappear with her head in Will's lap. She opened her mouth and sucked as much as possible of his cock into her mouth. She had her hand wrapped around it stroking and sucking it. I had never seen my wife with another man much less her giving a blowjob to a complete stranger. I watched as her mouth moved up and down on his cock and I knew exactly what he was feeling. Will leaned his head back against the booth seat and very quickly started to cum. He said, "Baby you are going to make me cum!" Jane did not slow down and Will groaned and shot a load into her mouth. She swallowed all of it. She disappeared again and all I could see was Ron sliding down in his seat. I knew that Jane had moved on to him and he was receiving the pleasure of her mouth. Ron also quickly came in her mouth with a groan. His hands must have been on her head, as I could not see them. Next Shane was adjusting himself and it was his turn to feel her velvet mouth and tongue on his cock. Shane also did not last long and shot his load in her mouth.

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