The Game Ch. 06 Pt. 02

bySara and Ron©

"Ready for more cock you slut?" Rachel asked Molee.

"Oh God," was Molee's reply both excited and exhausted.

This time Rachel pressed close into Ron's back letting him feel her breasts pushed gently into his back. I wondered if her hard nipples had escaped his notice. Her left hand lubricated Ron's cock as she also gently raked the fingernails of her right hand down his back and across his ass cheeks.

Rachel leaned in to Ron's ear and whispered to him in a sultry voice, "I bet you never thought my hands would be on your cock did you?"

Ron groaned at her teasing words as she used her left hand to stroke his cock and her right to massage his balls. Tim and I watched intently and I noticed Tim's cock slowly coming back to life. "Jesus he is a machine." I thought.

My own pussy was on fire with desire. Michelle must have been dying. This time Rachel slowly pushed Ron into Molee not letting him fuck her with the wild abandon that Tim did. I could hear the slurping sounds as my boyfriend fucked Molee's pussy that was wet and sloppy from Tim's fuck. I glanced at Michelle who had spread her legs on her barstool. Her pussy was slick and oozing with her own juices, but I had to give her credit. She did not touch herself as she must have been dying to do. I suddenly felt Tim's fingers touch my own swollen clitoris.

His cock stood out of his lap, hard and thick. My own hand found him and stroked his hard shaft that was slick with a mixture of cum.

I rolled my hips forward slowly letting him access my wet pussy. His fingers entered me and I squeezed his fingers with my pussy enjoying the feeling in my hot cunt. I jacked Tim off as he finger fucked me; each of us using the other for relief from the sexual tension of the moment.

Rachel glanced back at me grinning as she continued to fuck Molee with Ron. That was the only way to describe it. Ron was nothing more than a biological prop in the fantasy that Rachel was playing out for Molee.

Tim slowly pushed me forward and off the couch and positioned himself under me. He then pulled me back to sit on his lap. I got the idea and slowly impaled myself on his mammoth cock. Rachel stared at me intently as Tim's cock slid deeply inside of me. His thick cock spread my pussy widely open more than I ever thought possible. It was divine to feel that thick cock fucking me as I began grinding up and down on him. When he finally ploughed fully into me I cried out my own pleasure.

Rachel never took her eyes off of me as Tim fucked me. She continued to massage Ron's balls with her right hand as my boyfriend fucked the blindfolded slut on the couch. Rachel had to be horny as hell because her left hand found her own clit and she began masturbating in time to Tim's urgent thrusts into me.

I forgot all about the insanity of the moment and lost myself in the pleasure of the cock inside of me and the "dirtiness" of Rachel watching. I could vaguely hear Ron grunting in familiar sounds that I recognized as a signal of his impending orgasm. I wanted to cum with him. I ground myself harder on Tim's cock and lightly began spanking my own clit. Rachel was biting her bottom lip as she watched me fuck Tim and helped Ron fuck Molee.

Michelle was moaning as well, but she was not masturbating.

I knew Ron was cumming when I heard the familiar, "God Yes!" escape his mouth.

"Fuck her baby." I screamed out and was rewarded with another grunt from Ron.

I was close and slammed my wet pussy down on Tim's cock hard and fast. The orgasm ripped through me powerfully. I cried out in the joy of pleasure I was feeling and it was as if Ron and I were engaged in mutual masturbation only using other people instead of toys.

My pussy exploded in an ejaculatory gush as I came on Tim's cock and felt him empty himself into me. I heard Ron cry out and knew Molee was feeling the thick hot spray that only Ron could deliver to her. The thought made my pussy spasm again around Tim's dick.

Rachel was flushed with excitement of our mutual orgasms and I could see her breathing heavy. A thin film of sweat covered her and she looked much like Michelle who had witnessed but not participated in this orgy of pleasure.

I slid slowly off of Tim as his cock wilted. I was panting and Ron pulled slowly out of Molee with an audible "Plop" that demonstrated how full of cum she was.

Ron came and kissed me gently and gave me a tight hug before moving me back to the couch where we could recover. Tim had made a trip to the bathroom.

I was slowly recovering and Rachel turned her focus back to Molee.

Molee was groaning as she began to slowly recover from her multiple orgasms. Rachel pushed her legs up gently until her knees were almost touching her chest. Her pussy gaped wide oozing copious amounts of cum. Her position allowed the cum to gently drip our of her pussy, but it didn't slide out of her. Instead it oozed and stuck to her outer lips that had been mercilessly fucked by both Ron and Tim..

"Did you like that slut?", Rachel asked in a stern voice.

"Yes Mistress." Molee said breathlessly.

Rachel stood slowly holding Molee in her pretzel like position on the couch. Then she pulled her gently down onto the seat cushions until her head was flat on the seat facing the ceiling and her pussy was pointing straight up in the air. Then Rachel deftly slid onto the couch straddling Molee's face and holding her legs tightly on each side of her body. She was facing us and grinning radiantly.

"Eat me till I cum you slut.", Rachel said sternly and she sighed as Molee's tongue found her clitoris at the tip of her shaved pussy.

Rachel began grinding her hips slowly on Molee's face with her own only inches away from Molee's gaping cunt.

"God I can smell your fucked pussy", Rachel moaned as she rode Molee's face closer and closer to orgasm.

Molee was licking my niece faster sensing her mistress was on the verge. Rachel's hips rocked back and forth hard on Molee's face. I could see Rachel's orgasm growing in her facial expressions as her face and tits flushed red with pleasure.

"Oh God," Rachel cried out in pleasure. "Oh God, Oh fuck, Oh God…. Lick my clit just like that."

Then Rachel let go and came. She went silent and shook with pleasure until she could hold herself in the moment no longer and let go in a pleasurable scream of "YESSSSSSSS OH YESSSSSSS"

She pulled Molee's legs tighter into her body as she came and ground her pussy hard down on Molee's face as her orgasm shivered through her body.

Then she slowly relaxed as her orgasm crested and she rode her wave of pleasure down the other side of the mountain of release.

Molee's cunt was now dripping with her own juices as well as the pint of Ron and Tim that was inside of her. As Rachel once again came back to reality she looked up at Ron and I smiling radiantly and then to Michelle who was in hell on her barstool.

Then she leaned down and buried her own tongue in the mess that was Molee's cunt. She licked her from her clit to her asshole and when she withdrew her tongue and chin was covered in a mixture of cum from both man and woman. A thick strand of cum mix stretched between Molee's gaping hole and the tip of Rachel's tongue. Rachel lifted her tongue higher until the elastic strand of cum broke and then licked her lips.

She grinned at Michelle and said, "Mmmmm it's so good. I bet you would love it."

Michelle who was completely out of control at this point said, "God yes."

Rachel only smiled and slowly dismounted Molee and walked to Michelle. Molee collapsed and slipped her blindfold off, apparently ready to let her fantasy go for the moment. We all stared silently as Rachel leaned in and kissed Michelle deeply on the mouth letting her taste what was only a moment before inside of Molee.

Michelle kissed back hard wanting her own release from any source she could get it.

Tim had returned from the bathroom at some point and stood behind the couch, watching and stroking his cock. Ron's dick was also hard again and glistening from Molee's juicy pussy.

Rachel parted from Michelle and walked to Tim and took his hand and led him to Michelle. Michelle didn't move but was obviously ready to attack Tim as soon as Rachel let her.

Rachel then came to Ron and I and said, "Mind if I borrow him again Aunt Sara?"

I could only nod and she took Ron by the hand and led him back to Michelle also. Then she slowly went to Molee and helped her up from the couch. She hugged her gently and said, "Thank you for letting me be your mistress. You were wonderful."

Molee grinned and said, "You were awesome."

"Well I think it's time you got to see this fantasy from the other side." Rachel said mischievously.

Molee stood on uncertain legs as Rachel led her also back to Michelle.

Then Rachel slowly stood behind Michelle and began to gently rub her shoulders. She then leaned down and whispered something in her ear.

Michelle bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as Rachel spoke something too soft for me to hear. Michelle only nodded slightly. But then Rachel used her right hand to grab a fist full of Michelle's hair. She pulled hard snapping Michelle's face skyward. Michelle grimaced in slight pain, but also in tremendous excitement.

"Say it bitch.", Rachel spat mercilessly.

Michelle hesitated and shifted her gaze from Tim, to Ron, and then to Molee. Then I saw something cross Michelle's face that I would never have believed. It was resignation.

Then Michelle's lips parted and I heard her rasp in a whisper, "Fuck me."

Rachel shook her head as Tim began to step forward. She smiled at Molee and beckoned her to replace Rachel's hand with her own. Molee stepped forward getting the idea and pulled Michelle's hair back fiercely. Rachel grinned and stood in front of Michelle and said, "Now say it!"

Michelle was panting in lust and from the tingling in her scalp she must surely feel. Beads of sweat dotted her upper lip. Her mouth opened again but this time she cried out, "GANG BANG ME PLEASE! Fuck me like the dirty whore I am."

With that she reached out and found a cock in each of her hands and drew them both toward her mouth. Tim and Ron leaned into her and she took both heads in her mouth, licking each with her velvet tongue.

Both men shivered in pleasure. Molee was enjoying her new role as well and her fingers found Michelle's tits and massaged her nipples until they were as erect as pencil erasers.

"Take that slut to the couch and fuck her till she begs you to stop." Rachel commanded.

Ron, Tim, and Molee were happy to oblige. Tim sat on the couch and Michelle immediately straddled his lap impaling herself on his huge cock. It slipped easily inside of her in one swift motion and Michelle grunted in pleasure. Ron took up a position behind the couch and Michelle leaned over to suck his cock. Molee kneeled behind Michelle and spanked her ass with one hand while sliding two lubricated fingers up her ass with her other.

Rachel smiled and took a seat next to me on the couch across from the orgy. There was no other way to describe the scene before me. I was amazed.

Rachel was grinning watching me watch Michelle get gang banged by Tim, Ron and Molee. "Well that was fun." She said smiling.

I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of the situation and grinned back at her.

"So are you going to watch or play?", Rachel asked me.

I smiled enjoying our sudden and surprising camaraderie. "Watch I think." I replied.

"Cool, let's get drinks then." She replied and hopped off naked to the bar and returned with two vodka tonics.

I took my own drink and sipped heavily enjoying the taste of alcohol. Rachel did similarly as we sat and watched Michelle really getting fucked. Ron and Tim had switched places and Michelle was on her knees leaning over the edge of the couch.

Ron fucked her doggie style while she sucked Tim's dick. Molee lay on her back licking Michelle's nipples as she grunted in animalistic pleasure at Ron's thrusting.

It was like watching a 3D porno movie with a girlfriend in a weird way. Every now and then Rachel would whisper some observation to me like, "Man she loves it like that." Or "Wow I can't believe he is not gagging her with his cock."

For my part, I was in the spirit of the moment and really enjoying the ‘event'. Rachel and I laughed when Tim finally exploded on Michelle's face surprising her slightly. She was a trooper however, and easily took his spurting cock back into her mouth.

Ron was fucking her doggie style while Molee rubbed her clit with her fingers and licked her nipples. She was bent over the back of the couch and Ron was thrusting hard into her. I could hear the slap of Ron's body against Michelle's ass as he fucked her.

I could hear Michelle cumming as her grunting increased and finally she moaned in pleasure.

Ron pulled out of her, grabbed his cock, and jacked off on her ass as Molee slid three fingers up Michelle's wet oozing pussy.

Then, as Michelle collapsed on her forearms with her ass straight up in the air, Molee traced the stripe of white semen across her left ass cheek with her finger and brought it to Michelle's mouth. Michelle sucked her finger clean and smiled.

Michelle rolled over and collapsed on the floor smiling. She looked over to Rachel and I and smiled. "Damn Rachel that was the best fuck I think I have ever had."

Rachel laughed and said, "You're welcome."

Ron and Tim were stood and went to the bar to get a drink. Clearly they were done for a few minutes. Molee, however, was still enjoying the role of the mistress said, "Michelle you are still mine and I think you need to clean me up before I let you stop being my slave."

With that Molee straddled Michelle's face and lowered her wet dripping pussy onto Michelle's mouth. Michelle moaned and then buried her tongue into the cum filled mess of Molee's shaved pussy. Michelle spread her legs and Molee bowed down and proceeded to lick Michelle as they joined in the messiest 69 on record.

I watched Rachel watch the two of them. Her upper lip had beads of sweat on them and I wondered if she was aroused at the sight of two well fucked women licking each other.

My own pussy was oozing also. Tim's cum still coated my thighs and pussy lips and I was starting to ooze. I whispered to Rachel, "Time for me to clean up. Think I am going for a swim to cool off."

Rachel grinned at me and said, "Good idea; let's go."


I loved the way my body felt when I swam naked. There was something freeing, erotic, and wonderful as my nude body sliced through the warm water of Ron's pool. It was like every nerve in my body (and especially my clit) was being gently massaged by slippery, wet, soft hands when I dove into the pool and swam underwater to the other end.

When I surfaced I took a deep breath and I felt totally refreshed and relaxed. Rachel surfaced next to me three seconds later.

For a moment we both just leaned against the edge of the pool enjoying the stars above us, and the moment of utter relaxation.

"Enjoying yourself?", I asked Rachel as she leaned against the pool edge.

Rachel turned to me smiling and said, "Yeah, pretty crazy though."

"Yeah, it has been a strange night to say the least. You sure you are okay?", I asked wondering if Rachel was feeling any regrets now that the heat of the moment had passed.

Rachel just smiled and said, "Yeah I'm fine. I never thought I would do some of the things I did tonight, but I just decided to let tonight be tonight and go with it; you know?"

I considered her words for a moment and said, "Yeah I know. I just don't want you to regret it later. I got to give you credit though, for all the new experiences you had tonight, I think you seemed to definitely get into the spirit of things."

Rachel laughed and said, "Well I knew after our talk what I was getting into so I thought about what the most outrageous thing I might be involved in and resigned myself to enjoy it. But I got to tell you I was a little surprised at how easy it was to enjoy the whole experience."

I was curious now. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I thought I would be grossed out by being with another girl, but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. In some ways it was very cool. Guess I am a closet lesbo." Rachel said laughing.

I laughed and said, "Don't get too caught up in labels hun."

"So what about you Aunt Sara? Are you okay with all this? I know you worry that you are exposing me to something horrible sometimes."

I thought about it for a minute and said, "I'm okay Rachel. I know you are not a child; I just worry that you might not be ready for some of the things you may see or experience here."

Rachel laughed hard at that and said, "Yeah you mean like dyking out on some strange girl after two guys fuck her all while your aunt watches and gets fucked by some guy with an elephant trunk for a dick. I mean when exactly are you ready for that?"

I laughed myself knowing she had a point.

After a few more minutes in the pool we decided to call it a night. When we returned to the basement, Michelle was fully engaged in round two. Ron was fucking her slowly from behind while Molee and Tim were engaged in 69 in front of the television.

Rachel and I grinned at each other as we slipped subtly through the room and up the stairs. I knew we would get no sleep in the basement so I took Rachel to Ron's master bedroom and said, "We can crash up here until they are done and then you can sleep in the basement bedroom."

"Cool." Rachel replied climbing on the king sized bed.

I slipped into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and when I returned, Rachel had snuggled deeply under the covers and was fast approaching sleep.

I climbed in next to her and flicked off the lights. I lay on my side facing her and after a second or two, she slid slowly toward me and snuggled her back into my chest.

"Mmmm you're warm", she said pressing closer to me yet.

I draped my arm over her and pulled her to me and kissed the back of her head and said, "Go to sleep; its been a long night."

"Aunt Sara, can I ask you a question?", she mumbled.

"Sure Rach."

"Did you like watching me tonight? I mean did it turn you on?", she whispered.

I did not know exactly how to respond and then went with my gut which was to be honest. "Yeah it was a little weird at first, but definitely a turn on."

Rachel rolled into me until she faced me. Our breasts were pressed together and our legs intertwined. "I am so glad. I came so hard when I was on top of Molee and watching you watch me. I have never felt so naked and horny as I did then. It felt so good."

Rachel's breathing was a little erratic and so was mine. I felt Rachel's hand tentatively stroking my hip. I bit my bottom lip nervously not daring to speak or move.

My nipples hardened at her touch and I wondered if she could tell. Her own nipples felt like hard pebbles against my skin. Then I felt the warmth of her lips on mine. She kissed me gently at first and then with an ever so gentle flick of the tongue across mine.

I could not move. I was frozen in both desire and fear of what I knew she was silently proposing.

Then her hand was between my legs, gently stroking me. Involuntarily my legs parted and gave her access to my pussy.

She sighed as her finger gently pushed into me. Slow and deep she explored my well fucked pussy. I was tingling all over at the sexual tension. My hips began to rock back and forth in time with her slow penetration of me.

She kissed me again and I could feel my body climbing toward orgasm. Then her thumb was on my clit. Oh God how good it felt. I rocked harder wanting her deeper inside of me. She obliged me by pushing two then three fingers hard into me. I came suddenly and without warning. My body convulsed clenching Rachel's fingers in a vice grip of muscular contraction.

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