tagMatureThe Garbage Bag Kid

The Garbage Bag Kid

byGrey Eagle 286©

I was concentrating on the road ahead as I drove my 'toy hauler' Motor Home through the stormy weather. The speed limit was 55 but I was only doing 35 because of the weather. I saw something black alongside the road ahead. It appeared to be moving so I lifted my foot off the accelerator. It was someone on the side of the road. I slowed more and saw the person turn to look at me. He was apparently clad in a black garbage bag.

I saw a white face and a white hand shield the eyes from my bright high beams. I sighed; I knew I had to offer him some shelter from this storm. He was in a bad spot with the lightning crashing all around us. I slowed and stopped by him. I hurried back to open the door. "Come on in out of the storm buddy." I yelled. He scurried towards the door as I checked to see that the steps were down.. As he entered I saw huge blue eyes and a dirty face. I slammed the door shut and locked it again.

"Come on back here." I pulled him to the small bathroom. "Here are some towels, try and dry off while I pull us a little further off the road. OK?"

The guys head nodded as he pulled the black plastic garbage bag he was using for shelter off over his head. I ran back and very slowly drove us further to the side of the road, I wasn't happy with this because the side of the road sloped down into a half full drainage ditch. I was afraid we would slide into it, and I was only half way off of the road, not good.

I turned and yelled, "Hey!" He looked at me. I yelled, "Sit down, I need to drive to a spot where I can get off the road." He waved and turned to sit in the dinette. I was please to see him sit on one of the towels.

About two miles down the road I saw a closed gas station and pulled in and stopped. I walked back and told my passenger he could get up and finish drying off now. He stood and I realized he was very short. The long light colored hair hung down over the face as he vigorously rubbed his hair dry. He threw his head back flipping the long hair off of his face. Damn! The guy was a dirty faced little girl with beautiful blue eyes!

She looked up at me, "Thanks a lot Mister, I thought I was going to blow away out there." She appeared to be about 12 to 14 years old, soaked to the skin and shivering. Even so, she was able to smile at me. A tough kid, I thought. I turned and opened a closet and found the old pair of my ex-wife's sweats. I handed them to the child and said, "Here sweetie, see if you can fit into these. If you want to you can shower off some of the dirt, the water will be cold because the water heater hasn't been on all day."

"Thanks Mister, I'll hurry." She shut the door behind her. I shrugged and got out a mop and dried the wet floor. Then I turned on the generator and put two cups of water in the microwave. I tapped on the bathroom door, "Hot coffee or hot soup?"

"Soup please, Mister."

"OK! You finding everything you need?"

"Thank you Mister. I'm fine. I'll be right out."

I took both cups out and found a bowl and opened a can of chicken noodle soup, poured it in the bowl and nuked it. I fixed my coffee and sat in the dinette. The microwave dinged and I got the soup out and put it on the table as the bathroom door opened.

The girl sat and grinned at the bowl of soup. I realized I hadn't put out a spoon and grabbed one out of a drawer. I turned to give it to her and saw she had the bowl to her lips and was drinking it down. She lowered the bowl and smiled at me. "Thank you again. Mister, My name is Katie, Katherine Ann Mc Coy."

I extended my hand and she took it. I said, "I am Mike Flynn. Welcome to my part time home and part time shop."

She said, "Mister Flynn, All I seem to be able to say to you is 'Thank you.' You are a very nice man. Thank you again."

As I watched her I realized that she was somewhat older than I had thought at first. I saw her glance into the soup bowl and asked, Are you still hungry, when did you eat last?"

"The day before yesterday."

"How about I fix you a couple of White Castle Hamburgers?"

"I have never had one, Mister Flynn, but it sounds good."

"Girl, please call me Mike, I keep looking around for my father."

She giggled, "OK, Mike. I'll do that."

"If you don't I will start calling you 'the garbage bag kid'."

I zapped the two little burgers in the microwave and turned to Katie, "While they are cooking, why don't you tell me what you are doing out here in a thunder storm in the middle of nowhere. How did you get here and where are you going?" I put the White Castles in front of her and opened the refrigerator to get some mustard and turned to find the burgers were gone. I laughed, "Do you want a couple more?" She was still chewing and she happily nodded yes.

When she was finished she insisted she was going to wash the dishes before we talked. She did a fine job and then cleaned up the bathroom too. She sat down and looked at me. "I will tell you the truth. I am running away from home in Georgia. I am from a little place near the Okefenokee Swamp. My mom died about two weeks ago. My step dad and his brother keep saying that as the woman of the house I have to fuck them whenever they want it. I have to fight them off every day until they get too drunk to do anything. I had to give them hand sex to keep them away and they wanted more. I couldn't take it any longer. I took my old bike and started out the other night when they passed out, I didn't make it but about ten miles when it blew a tire. I hitched a ride, slept in a barn, then walked on this morning. I was going to try and find some work at places along the road but the women ran me off. They called me a bunch of nasty names so I kept on walkin'."

"Where are you trying to go?"

"Mike, I don't really know. I guess I need to find a job and somewhere to stay. I'll haft'a keep on lookin'."

Mike looked at her, "How old are you?"


"Did you finish High School?"

"Yes, Sir, I sure did. I have my Birth Certificate, my Diploma and SSI and Drivers License in a plastic bag over there, want to see them?"

I picked up my cell phone. I pressed a speed dial and then listened to the ring. The phone was in 'speaker' mode and a sweet recorded voice said, 'Oklawaha Tall Oaks RV Park. Our office hours are 8 AM to 9PM, seven day' I broke in to the recorded message. "Hey Nancy, this is Mike, can you hear me?"

The voice came back, "No, Dummy I can't hear you at all."

"Sis, I need your help, did you fill Mary's job yet?"

"No, Sweetie, no prospects either."

"Great, I have the job filled. We'll be there in a couple of hours if the weather let's up."

"It's as clear as a bell here. I'll run over and turn your air on. Bye bye!"

I turned and looked at Katie and grinned. "My sister and I own a RV park. We need a helper. It doesn't pay much but we have a nice park model home you can live in free and there is bus service that goes from the Park to the College in the morning and afternoon. There are several Malls on that route."

"What do I have to do?"

"Everything! You will learn to run the little store and check campers in and out, mow the yard, and do my dishes and make up my bed."

"Is that the home you live in?"

"No, where I stay while I am not on the road, which is not very often these days, is next door. This motor home connects with the mobile home where I live by an enclosed walkway. You won't see me much because I am on the road most of the time. I work out of the back of this thing." Katie turned and looked at me.

"This is called a 'toy hauler' because it is a comfortable home for 2 to 4 people with the back part being an 8x10 room so you can carry 'toys', motorcycles, 4-wheeiers and stuff. I have a miniature machine shop back there. I repair Medical robots and Miniature Medical Remote instruments and tiny television cameras for use by medical professionals. If I don't have a part sometimes I can build one. And you really don't have to clean up after me. I was only teasing you."

Katie said, 'You fix all those things? You must be pretty smart, right?"

I glanced at her, "No, probably not any smarter than you are. I graduated from college but I use very little of what I learned there in my work. However the education did teach me how to think and how to use my brain to solve problems."

"Mike, I would love to go to college and make something of myself."

I turned and looked at her, "If you really want that I will help you, I promise."

"Really? You would?"

"Sure I would, I had a little help along the way, and I haven't forgotten it. I never will."

"Your sister, Nancy, sounds nice. I hope she likes me."

"Don't worry, she will like you, just be completely honest with her and she'll help you. She can't stand a liar. She will tolerate a few honest mistakes, but never lie about it and try to shift the blame. Nancy lost her husband in Iraq. She has a 14 year old daughter by him, Debbie, who is the light of her life. Debbie is a sweetheart, smart as a whip too."

"I will tell you right now that before she got married, Nancy was a fashion consultant. She is an expert on Lady's wear, Fashion, Cosmetics and hair dressing. She insists her female help look fashionable and sharp at all times. She will get your work outfits for you, and you have to keep everything neat and clean. She is not a bitch about it but if you are wearing something wrinkled in the morning she will send you home to change."

"She should, how an employee looks shows how well the business is being run."

We pulled in at 10:30 and I circled around and pulled in alongside the mobile home on the concrete slab adjacent to the house. Marks on the pavement and on the side of the house helped me align the RV with the accordion-like door that extended from the house and locked the two together. I shut the motor home down and then led Katie through the exit door and into the house.

Nancy and Debbie were waiting in the house. Nancy hugged Katie then stood back and carefully looked her over. Nancy said, "Oh you poor thing, did he throw you in a hog pond when he kidnapped you. I can see through the dirt that you are beautiful. Debbie, honey, run a hot bath with bath oils and powders for this poor girl. Go to our place and get some shampoo and conditioner and bring that new gown and robe set from the hall closet too." Debbie made two or three more trips to Nancy's house for other things while I hooked the motor home to the house, power, sewer, and water. I put two frozen steaks in a hot cast iron skillet. I threw together a salad with fresh tomatoes and veggies Nancy had brought over. I put four frozen yeast rolls on a baking sheet and turned on my toaster oven on at 400 degrees. I zapped a couple of frozen twice baked potatoes in the microwave. After 5 minutes, I put the potatoes on the baking sheet with the rolls. They would all be done at the same time.

Nancy and Debbie had already eaten. The steaks were just right when Nancy, Debbie, and Katie came out. I took one look at Katie and almost dropped the baking pan with everything on it. Katie was stunning, really beautiful with just a slight touch of pale pink lipstick. I stood staring until the heat of the pan penetrated the oven mitt I wore. Nancy giggled at me. She took Deb by the hand and said, "We are going now, enjoy your meal. We will see you in the morning Mike, sweet dreams Katie, Honey."

The meal was very good, Katie loved it, she was surprised I cooked so well. She grinned when we were finished, "Mister Mike, that was the best meal of my life. My belly is completely full."

She helped me clean up. We agreed that we would finish cleaning and wash the dishes in the morning. I showed Katie her room and turned to go to my bedroom. Katie softly said, "Mike, I need to give you a little 'Good Night kiss'. You have been so nice and sweet to me today, Thank you again."She pulled my head down and planted a firm but soft kiss on my lips. She slipped into her room.

I undressed, took a quick shower and slipped into my bed. Sleep didn't come. I couldn't get Katie out of my mind. When I closed my eyes, in my mind I saw her walking out of the bathroom after her shower wearing Nancy's robe. Wow! Instant hard on! Then I heard a faint noise and I sensed a movement at the door. I heard Katie whisper, "Mike, I feel lost, scared and lonely, can I sleep with you?"

What could I say? I said, "Sure, Honey." I felt her warm little body slip in beside me, she snuggled up to my side, her head on my shoulder. I pulled her a little closer and turned my head a bit, pressing my lips to her forehead. She sighed and I felt the tension leave her body. Her breath was regular and soft on my chest.

The next thing I knew was that I had to pee and my hard cock was pressed against the ass of the sweet little body I had my arm around. I carefully removed my hand from the soft breast it held and moved away from her. She murmured "NO, please don't leave me." I looked at her lovely face in the dim light. She was still asleep. I peed and slipped back in bed with Katie and cuddled against her back. She sighed and pushed back against me. She took my hand and moved it under her arm and across her chest. Her little hand held my hand over her breast. She shivered for a second, then let her breath out, "Mmmmmm." And I felt her relax again. I felt her nipple grow under my still fingers. I closed my eyes and relaxed, thinking of how wonderful this felt. It was total bliss for me.

Then the room was lighter and she was gone! I heard the toilet flush. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. She slipped back in bed with me and was very still. I didn't feel her against me. I slowly opened one eye. She was on her side watching me. She smiled softly and gently held my face with her hands, her lips pressed softly to mine. She whispered, "Good morning Mike, that was the best sleep I can ever remember."

I looked at my clock, "Hey, it is only 6:45 Saturday morning, I'll turn over and you can hug my back if you want to." I turned away from her and felt her scoot up against my back. Her arm moved over my side and gently but firmly pulled our bodies together. I was half asleep when I felt her small warm hand slip down and rest across my hip. I was half dozing and half awake when I felt a warm hand grasp my partly erect cock. The hand slowly and very gently stoked my cock. I vaguely thought that if I woke up it would stop. It felt good and I didn't want it to stop. Then a thought entered my mind -- Katie! I snapped awake and reached down and softly grasped the hand.

Katie sobbed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up, this is the only way I have to repay your kindness to me. I just wanted to give you a little pleasure." I pulled her body up to me and hugged her to my body.

"Little girl, that was wonderful, but you don't owe me a thing. You need to be careful, I thought it was a dream, a dream I have had off and on all night. The way it usually ends I turn you over and make love to you."

Katie giggled, "Can we please finish your dream?"

"What? You want me to make love to you?"

"Yes, I really do want that, but only from you. If I get pregnant, I want you to be the daddy."

"Hey girl, I'm too old for you, I'm old enough to be your father."

"No! You would have to be at least 37 to be my father, Nancy told me you are 33 years old." I watched her sweet lips moving as she spoke. They were like a magnet for my lips. I couldn't resist them and our lips pressed tenderly together. Our lips parted and our tongues met inside her mouth. Her mouth was sweet and fresh tasting. Her slim arms slowly slipped around my neck. She pulled me more tightly to her mouth. My arms slid around her body. Her skin was warm velvet. My hands delicately caressed her skin. One hand drifted down over her softly curved hip and then around the globe of her ass. What? She was completely nude! I lifted a little and flipped back the sheet that covered us. God! She was the most beautiful and sexy thing I had ever seen. My cock was like steel and a small hand was holding it tenderly.

Damn, she was irresistible. I had never felt quite so powerful an urge to mate with any woman as I did with this little girl! There was an overpowering need to protect her and care for her. The bond I felt with her was easily the strongest emotion I had ever felt. I pulled her closer and gently kissed her again. Her blue eyes watched mine. "Mike, I think I love you. I need you and want you. I know I am a piece of garbage you found along the road, but you found me and I will belong to you forever."

I kissed her again and whispered, "I think I know that Katie, my Katie."

I heard a knocking on the Front door, Nancy's voice yelled, "Are you guys up yet, we have breakfast for you at my place."

I answered, "We'll be over in a few minutes."

"OK. Hun, I am leaving some things for Katie to wear just inside the door. Bye."

Katie giggled, "Do you think she knows we are in bed together?"

"Probably, Nancy is wiz at reading people. I don't think either of us was trying to hide our feelings. I wasn't aware of what I was feeling for you then."

"I know, Mike, I couldn't sleep, I was exhausted but I couldn't sleep, all I could do was think of you. After I was in your bed it was like I was where I belonged and I was asleep before I knew it."

"I am glad Nancy interrupted us. We need to get to know each other a little better before we go overboard. I really don't think it will change anything negatively. I believe that the way I feel will only get stronger.

Katie jumped up. "I know it will for me. I am going to go get those clothes and get dressed."

I looked at her, "Katie, you have on what I know will be my favorite outfit."

She looked down and giggled, "You are the first man to see me like this. I'll only wear it for you."

"Sugar you look delicious, I can hardly wait."

"Mmmmmm! Mikey you look good enough to eat too! I almost tasted you a little while ago." She held up her right hand and held up the thumb and forefinger about a half an inch apart. "I was that close." She giggled and skipped through the door.

Katie looked really nice when she came out, she had on white jeans and a cute blue top that matched her eyes. She had brushed her hair into a ponytail. My heart jumped at the sight of her. She posed and said, "How do I look?"

I took her hand and pulled her to me for a quick kiss, and we hurried to Nancy's place. Debbie opened the door and smiled at Katie, she grinned, "Katie, my old jeans fit you perfectly, I outgrew them a year ago. You are so tiny and sweet. Momma come look at Katie!"

We had a delightful breakfast and Nancy informed me that she needed my debit card because they were taking Katie shopping at the mall. Nancy said, "I hope it is loaded, this poor girl needs everything. How much is in this account?"

"I would safely say it will handle what you need for her. When it gets too low the bank automatically puts some more in it."

Debbie took Katie to see if she had other things that were too small for her that could fit Katie. When they were gone Nancy looked at me, "What did you do to that girl last night, She is radiant this morning."

"I did nothing more than kiss her. She jumped in bed my last night, she was crying that she was scared and lost, I couldn't help it. I had to comfort her. She snuggled right up to me and spent the night in my bed. That girl is the sweetest thing I have ever met. She is very smart too. She grasps new things right away. Did you notice that her Georgia Country accent is just about totally gone this morning. I think she is subconsciously imitating the way we talk. She just looks at me and I get week in my knees. God, I don't like to let her out of my sight, I looked at Nancy, "What is this, I am feeling very edgy because I can't see her? I desperately need to see her."

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