tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Garden Shed Opens its Door Ch. 10

The Garden Shed Opens its Door Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - Great grandfather's hoe rises again

Gary had been working all morning in his garden. The day had started cloudy but the sun had come out to brighten things up and it had been further brightened by the appearance of Melanie at his garden gate in the early afternoon. She had come in from the loke, her dress swishing around her knees and, despite having seen Gary in the all together before, had blushed at seeing him naked but for boots and hat. She had come around to ask him to do some gardening again whilst she and Harry were away. "I thought you might like a cup of coffee whilst we discuss."

"Shall I dress?"

"Harry's not at home. I don't want to put you to any trouble. No, don't bother. You are decorative enough as you are." A rather girlish giggle. It boded well.

And so a naked Gary and a clothed Melanie had walked out of his garden, across the loke and into her garden.

As always for Gary it was very pleasant sitting chatting with an attractive woman; better still as he was naked; even better if she had been too.

That Melanie soon began talking about the voyeurism trip suggested to Gary that something sexual was in the offing. How it had excited her, made her feel like a naughty schoolgirl doing something wrong with a friend.

"I do wonder if Harry would like the voyeurism?"

"Suspect so. He's a man. Men like to watch!" Replied Gary.

"Should I take him? It'd be like when we were young, going out into the dark all naked. It'd be so exciting. Sneaking into their garden and watching them fuck as we did the same. I like the idea of being on my knees, feeling the grass beneath them and sucking on Harry's cock as we watched perhaps the very same thing going on inside."

She was being very pleasantly open in her thoughts. It did not take much to give Gary an erection. He was erect!

"Perhaps soixantte-neuf."

"Indeed but did you mean inside or out in the garden!"

"Both - I suppose!"

"Gary. This is so odd. Talking to you about sex so freely and there you are sitting in my garden, stark naked with your cock pointing at the sky. Well, I've got damp knickers so I think we should do something about this but, of course, no touching and most definitely no sliding up and down my bottom this time!"

Gary smiled at the memory. "Do you want me to call if I spot anything going on down the loke?"

"Mmmm. If Harry is home I might take him: if not I might just meet you at the garden gate!"

"Shall I get great grandfather's hoe?"

He did not wait for an answer. He would like to see Melanie with that again! From Melanie and Harry's shed he walked back with it in his hand. It was just the sort of thing he loved, being naked in a garden, being erect and walking towards a welcoming, smiling and pleasantly rounded woman. She had not moved, had not taken her dress off or unbuttoned it but next to her on the garden seat was a neatly folded pair of panties.

"No touching?" asked Gary.


"Does this count?" He moved his chair well backwards and carefully extended the hoe, holding its business end and sending the rounded, rather bulbous end towards Melanie. He might have had a short, stumpy erection but it was almost as if he was extending a five foot erection - a real 'woody' one in her direction. Some men's penises when fully erect stand right up in the air, Gary's certainly did; other men stand at a rough forty-five degrees; others are as horizontal as a rule; whilst others still, despite being firm and unbending point, towards the ground, perhaps because of their weight!

For his purpose he needed to be horizontal. He extended the hoe towards Melanie and pushed its end under the material of her dress and lifted it a little exposing rather more thigh. It was a pleasant thing to do.

Melanie made a 'tchuk' sound, "I suppose not: it is very close though."

Gary pushed a little further, rubbing the smooth wood to and fro against the inside of a thigh. The thighs parted a little inside the dress. He noticed and felt a twitch to his penis. His natural desire was asserting itself. His natural desire to be within those thighs and his penis inside the woman making ready to inseminate.

"Would it be, I wonder, touching or even sexual intercourse if I wore a condom and was able to enter you and come without so much as an inch of our bare flesh touching. You could probably even roll the condom on without touching!"

"That's an interesting question Gary - the answer would be a no of course - you can't do that - but certainly it raises the question. I'm not sure this..." she tapped the wooden shaft beneath her dress, "...does not count despite you sitting five foot from me. Oooh..." her thighs opened wider, "that's nice, very big and hard."

Gary had pushed the knob a little further, towards the golden curls he knew to be under the dress, towards the soft wetness he also knew to be there. Was great grandfather's knob touching the pronounced clitoral hood he also knew to be there? He poked gently. It is what a man does to a woman - poke at her sex.

It was not just Gary's poking but Melanie's wriggling as well. She was clearly enjoying the feel of something hard between her legs. It was not so much Gary who pushed the thing in as Melanie. He felt it held, that he could not move the thing so much. Her moving hips also were an indication.

"Not really fair is it Gary? You can't feel a thing! I can! Go on, wank. I like seeing that."

With one hand he did that and with the other he moved the hoe gently inside Melanie and watched her pleasing reactions. After a time he pulled the knob from her and lifted the hoe's end upwards. Of course it lifted the dress and gave Gary a very pleasing view of thighs, fair hair and a rather open vagina - it had, after all, recently had a thick wooden dildo in it.


He lifted the hoe further into the air letting the material of the dress drop back until its end was up in the air like an enormously long penis rising high above Melanie. Perhaps at that height it might have even been visible over the top of the fence separating Melanie's garden from the next. Gary brought the hoe back, his hand moving up the shaft towards the bulbous end as he let the hoe end gradually disappear between his legs and under his seat. At just a foot remaining showing he paused. It was as if he had a really impressive albeit wooden erection sticking out from the junction of his thighs, his own little thing rather hidden by it. A man cannot have everything and nice as it looked to have a foot long cock he did not have that at all. A man cannot have everything but Gary did seem to have enough women to keep him more than happy even if he was desperately undersized in the genitalia department.

"Gary!" Melanie was shaking her head but certainly smiling.

"Gary - no!"

He had slid the hoe even further back and left just the end right next to his own organ, two stumpy cocks - a double barrelled penis! But that was not what had caused Melanie's call of disapproval. It was not even the way he was rubbing his penis against the wooden cock with his other hand - it was the fact the wooden end to the hoe, delightfully penile in shape, bulbous indeed, was very wet with Melanie and he was systematically coating his own erection with her sexual lubrication. It was wet and slippery and felt very good on his penis. It, too, was now wet and slippery.

"Gary - I don't think... that was not the idea!"

He raised a wet finger to his lips and sucked it.

"Mmmm," he said.

"Gary, I'll smack your bottom and send you home. You stop that."

"I could come over and nuzzle."

Her thighs shut within her dress. "No you can't."

But she bit her lip. It was obvious to Gary she liked the idea. Almost what could be nicer for a woman than to sit out in the warm sunshine, open her thighs and have a naked man come dog like on all fours, his erect genitalia hanging, and bring her to an oral orgasm with lapping tongue as she gently patted his head within her dress.

Gary extended the hoe once more, again up in the air but towards Melanie's head, towards her mouth.

"Gary! I'm not..." But the wooden phallus, was there right in front of her face not quite bumping against her lips but close. It was, of course, still wet from her.

Men like the idea. They like the idea of taking a dildo from a woman's sex all wet from her and moving it to her mouth, to know she is tasting her own juices, better still to rise from fucking, penis gloriously erect, the sap still aching to rise up the shaft, the knob so very wet from her and slide it between the girl's lips so she firstly tastes her own lubrication before it is followed by the hot, salty spurtings - the taste of the male!

Even better, for men, to see a woman taste another woman. Perhaps vicariously with the men offering the tasting as they rise with their wet penises from one woman to place it in a different woman's mouth. Or, indeed, to watch two women lie together soixante-neuf whilst the men rest. But, of course, never the other way around - no, not at all. Never to slip your own male lips around your friend's cock despite it dripping with his girlfriend's lovely juices, a girlfriend you have lusted over and imagined again and again fucking, and indeed nuzzling, and taste her that way. Perhaps you have not, until this evening, seen her naked, far less fucked, yet you would be appalled to taste her vicariously as he tastes your girl upon you.

More than happy to see the two girls taste each other on a dildo or, indeed, a swapped penis. Your girl tasting your friend's girl. But not to taste the other girl on him or, horror of horrors, to taste you friend, the other man directly or indirectly. Would you not be appalled that your girlfriend should want to kiss you with a mouth full of the fresh ejaculate of your friend. There is such a great inconsistency in male sexual desire!

"Go on Melanie, you know you want to!"

And of course she did. What sexually aroused woman does not want to suck a cock? Best really to have one to ride and another to suck. Two men certainly the preferred fantasy! Melanie, perhaps, was only feigning reluctance for her mouth opened and she slipped her lips over the end of great grandfather's knob as Gary held it for her.

So pleasingly erotic to see Melanie's lips spread around a cock substitute; pleasanter still, perhaps, to have seen her mouth holding a real erection and best of all for it to have been his, to feel her tongue tickling and a gentle suction.

Her eyes were closed and she was moving as if the wooden knob was real. It was a delight.

Melanie's hand came up and steadied the wooden pole - and even then she was doing it right, it was as if she was holding an erect penis, she held it carefully between thumb and forefinger as her lips moved back and forth.

Her eyes opened and she took the hoe from her mouth. It was quite obvious her focus was on Gary's very real erection.

"Do you want to suck?" He asked, standing up with the hoe moving vertically up in the air in his hand; he stepped forward with his stumpy cock pushed forward as it stood replicating the angle of the hoe high in the air.

"Oh yes, Gary, of course I want to suck, Gary, of course I want to suck your thick cock."

He took another step forward, bringing his penis close enough to reach. It felt so delightfully hard. Was he about to feel Melanie's mouth on it?

She held up the palm of her hand facing him, "But no, Gary, I'm not going to - I only suck Harry's cock. I'm keeping to the limits we - or I - set. Please Gary, just great grandfather's knob and then show me how you come. I like that! I do like to see that."

And so poor Gary had to be content with going back to his seat and once more poking at Melanie's sex with the hoe. Nice to see her unbutton her blouse and bring her full breasts out into the sunlight and have no modesty about playing with her nipples. It was disappointing not to touch but it was superb voyeurism, a delight for the keen masturbator that was Gary, and rather nice to be somewhat involved with the woman - albeit at a distance of five feet.

Melanie came quite obviously. An orgasm from Gary's remote poking at her sex. She had no qualms about letting him see her squirming and facial expressions or just how much she was squeezing her nipples.

"Nice Gary, really good. Now you come for me. Show me what you do."

Gary put the hoe aside and stood. "Can I aim?"

"As long as you don't reach!" And she opened her legs wide, drawing up her dress giving Gary, for the first time that afternoon, a clear sunlit view of the 'bull's eye,' how he would love to have his dart reach that.

Gary wanked as Melanie watched. He enjoyed her display. Her golden curls, her lovely open sex, her pronounced clitoral hood, her meaty, wet, engorged lips and soft thighs; he liked the sight of her full breasts and he liked the whole picture of partly exposed womanhood. Melanie was a fine woman. He really would have liked to fuck her!

It was a bit of a wasted orgasm, a waste of semen across the grass really. Gary would so have liked to have come within the moist opening he could see not five feet in front of him. He did not realise that in less than an hour's time he was going to be offered another equally moist opening with an urgent request for him to inseminate. He was not to know that, just across the loke in the house next to his own, Tom was, unusually, at home and he and Zoe were just starting to become very marital. Charlie had just dropped off to sleep for an afternoon nap and his mother was feeling both fertile and 'randy.' Gary was not to know he was within less than an hour of getting 'the call,' a call for his fertile testes to swing into action. Instead his hand was exciting his penis to send his fertile semen wastefully out into the open air on a hopeless mission to reach Melanie's sex. Even Gary could not ejaculate the necessary four foot six.

He did not but he came very close! His fingers moved as he stared at the delightful Melanie in her half nakedness.

"Nearly there Gary?"


"Go on show - display!"

And he did. Thumb and forefinger just behind his knob moving his mobile foreskin at speed up and down. Spurt went his penis launching a bolt of semen towards Melanie; splurt it went again sending a second bolt almost to her - it was quite close before it ran out of velocity; splatt went a third onto the grass but no further than the second and the final pulses just did not have it. It was an impressive display, a team of judges would have awarded it high points but it was not enough to win the real prize. Melanie's sex was not dripping male cream.

Melanie clapped her hands and Gary smiled a trifle sheepishly. He knew he had done well.

"You know Gary, I do like this 'sex apart,' I mean I know you'd like to have me suck you and you'd like to fuck - so would I - but there is something about just showing each other - a bit more than if you show me yours I'll show you mine. Perhaps I'm a closet exhibitionist - are you?"

Gary shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno. I like being naked. I like being naked with others but I like seeing others. More of a voyeur than an exhibitionist. I like seeing Kirstie and Vegard."

"Mmm, so did I. We must again. Would you like to see Harry and me at it?"

"Through the window?"

"Well we are hardly going to invite you into our bedroom."

"Yes, of course. But it'd have to be downstairs. It would be a bit strange being up a ladder peering through your bedroom window."

"Naked and wanking!"


"I like the idea. I like the idea perhaps of riding cowgirl and seeing faintly through the patio doors you out on the lawn, naked, erect and wanking!"

"Perhaps bring some friends or Kirstie and Vegard!"

"Gary!" But her thighs opened and closed.

He watched her walk up the garden, her dress swishing and then he had set to work on the garden. Gary was not exactly unused to gardening not simply naked but with a penis wet at the end from ejaculation. He kept his foreskin retracted to let it dry in the sun making him no doubt look as if he was without. Melanie left him to it though promising tea and cake a little after four.

Harry and Melanie had most things for gardening in their shed but not everything. Less than an hour from starting gardening he headed back to his shed to get a necessary implement - a pair of sharp loppers in fact. With his penis swinging happily from side to side Gary came down his own garden path only to hear a call from next door. It was Zoe.


"Yes, Zoe."

Her voice dropped to a whisper, "Could you pop around and, help me with something?"


"If you could. Tom's just popped around to the shops and we've just... you know and I need your semen. I think it's the right time."

Gary looked down at his hanging penis. It was not so much as twitching. Another hour and all would be well but...

"I'm not sure I can."

"Why? Have you visitors/"

"No, but..."

"Come round now."

Gary did as he was told. Normally the sight of Zoe completely naked, one thigh coyly in front of the other and the knowledge she was wet and aroused (and actually recently engaged in sexual intercourse) would have had his penis up and hard in no time. But there was not a flicker of interest.

Zoe frowned.

"I've, err, been..." stuttered Gary.

A real look of annoyance on Zoe's face.

Gary went on, "... you should have told me. Booked me in advance."

That brought a sort of smile to her face. "How long ago?"

"Not an hour."

"Oh, Tom'll be back in ten minutes. I need to be fucked by you before then." Her hand reached and held. "I need this up, hard and delivering your semen into me before he's back." Her hand was really moving, moving his foreskin over and back his soft knob, just as Gary had been doing less than an hour before. The knob had been swollen then.

It was nice enough but did not seem to be having any effect. Zoe just dropped to her knees as she popped his flaccid penis into her mouth. It was a very wet, tongue centred fellation, Zoe using all her knowledge of what men liked. Not sexual desire, as such, but desire to be pregnant - there was perhaps a connection! Her hands reached around behind him and grasped his buttocks pulling him to her and then pulling him away again, forcing him to fuck her mouth - with a limp penis.

Breathing heavily Zoe came back off his penis. Five minutes had already passed. Her tongue came out and she held Gary's limp dick upwards and licked away up the shaft paying especial attention to that bundle of nerve endings at the fraenum where the glans bifurcation joins the corona. It was as if the tip of her tongue was trying to bore into Gary, the flicking and probing urgent and enthusiastic.

It worked. Gary thickened and stood unaided. A big kiss to the plum and Zoe leapt to her feet pulling Gary into the house, through the dining room and through the double doors leading to the front lounge. She draped herself across the back of the settee, tummy against the back, legs open and bottom thrust back at Gary.

"Fuck me quickly, Gary, make a baby before Tom gets back."

But Gary did not need either the command or explanation. He knew exactly what he needed to do and his erection was inside her before she had said 'Tom.'

A 'quickie' can be nice, but by definition really it is over too quickly. Gary thought there had been too much quickness of late. Yet this was not the time to hang around and enjoy languorous intercourse, it was a time to do the job and go. But easier said than done. Gary was up but to physically 'come' was another matter. Zoe was lovely and wet, slippery, slidey wet - and he knew not just from her; Zoe was warm and welcoming; Zoe was talking as lewdly as she could to encourage; his hands were under her fondling her breasts and his thighs were bumping against a lovely soft female bottom; and, perhaps this was the extra he needed, he was engaging in sex with the clear purpose of making babies - it added a je ne sais quoi!

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