tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Garden Shed Opens its Door Ch. 13

The Garden Shed Opens its Door Ch. 13


Chapter 13 - Hotel

To go by train or to drive: that was the question. Let the train take the strain or have the convenience of the car at the other end? Gary needed to make a long trip north and was considering the options. He noted it took him past Zara's university town. When he mentioned it to her and discovered she needed to be back at the university around the date of his trip the question was settled. He offered to give her a lift.

The offer was genuine with no ulterior motive and it was, after all, Zara's suggestion, rather than his own, that they could, perhaps, stop for the night on the way. It was certainly an interesting idea. The prospect of a night in an hotel with young Zara was not exactly unpleasant - not at all! It would be nice to be able to buy her dinner; make a bit of a fuss of her; to sit over a good meal and a bottle of wine and chat. It was more than a pleasant idea. Gary relished the idea of treating her and would enjoy the conversation - Zara was always lively - and probably the jealous glances of the other men in the bar or restaurant at seeing someone of his age with such a pretty young thing at his table. Probably they would think she was his daughter... no, granddaughter probably!

Her suggestion. To be fair it was a long drive and stopping on the way was not really unnecessary particularly as, because of other commitments, he could not really get going until lunchtime and so it rather made sense.

It was not as if he had not had her in his bed at his house so being in bed with Zara would not actually be new for Gary but staying in a hotel with her would be more than a pleasant change. She had laughed when he had properly suggested separate rooms. "Don't be silly, Gary. A double room, of course."

It had been Zara's idea but would it not be strange for a man his age even if a father or uncle - grandfather or great uncle even - to be sharing a room with a young girl at the end of her teens - most especially a double bedded room? Yes it would! Of course it would! Even so, he had booked the double not the twin. He would just have to face the surprised looks at reception - he was not going to miss out on sleeping with Zara in the same bed if he could help it!

What had been Gary's idea was to expand the trip and make a weekend of it or rather a couple of days midweek. Two days in the hotel. Zara had gone along with the idea.

It was amusing to pick up Zara from her parents and to be thanked for giving their daughter a lift and hope that she would not be 'too much trouble.' Zara did not mention the hotel to them and Gary most certainly did not. There are things parents do not need to know and certainly that was information firmly in that category! Neither did not say he would pull her panties down and smack her bottom if she was actually any trouble.

Zara looked fantastic in the car beside him. She had on a short, but not too short, tartan skirt, Pinned with a big safety pin, black tights showing her legs to advantage and a cream top. She had undone a button as soon as they were out on the road and it had shown her cleavage. It was nice to take sidelong glances and enjoy having such an attractive young girl beside him. Her legs looked slim and perfect.

A pause at the motorway service station for a 'comfort stop' and tea. Gary did not miss the glances from the men. Probably they did, indeed, think Zara was Gary's granddaughter. How many of the truckers, family men and lonely businessmen wondered what lay beneath her pretty clothes? Well that was for Gary to find out that evening - not that he did not already have a very intimate knowledge!

The manager of the hotel had looked strangely at him as he handed over the key. Standing there with fair young Zara in her short tartan skirt looking simply wonderful, he could not resist saying, "Come on Zara, let's get to our room - it is time for your bath."

"Have you brought the sponge, Uncle?" Zara had just so fallen in with the idea.

Tears were falling down their faces as they came out of the lift recalling the manager's face. His mouth had, cartoon like, simply fallen open.

"Perhaps I should have asked him if he could bathe you whilst I went for a drink."

"He'd have been very tempted!"

"What if the room only has a shower?"

"I'd have to ask him to step in with me and then pretended to have been all puzzled when his cock got hard. 'Daddy's, I mean Uncle's, doesn't do that!' And got my hands all over it and then said what funny wee he had when he came!"

"As he would do."

"Oh yes, I'd make sure of that!"

The room did have a bath and Gary did have a sponge.

"Can I see your funny wee, Gary? Can I see it come out?"

"Well, I suppose..."

"Good - undress me then!"

Such a simple pleasure undressing a girl. Zara just stood for him, a lovely leggy girl in her little tartan skirt. Super to see her full lips smiling under her little pug nose, her blue eyes sparkling and her long fair hair so neatly combed. His hand reached and he touched Zara's blouse through the material before reaching for the button at the divide of her breasts, carefully he undid it revealing a little of a white lacy bra. What a wonderful thing to be able to do: touch a girl and know you were permitted to go the whole way - remove all her clothes and more. One by one he undid the buttons to her cream blouse. He slipped it off.

The nineteen year old was now standing in her bra. The hotel manager would presumably like to have seen that. He would like the more to have seen what was revealed next; perhaps would have been happy to have joined in - each man removing one item of clothing. It is a nice idea of teamwork.

The girl turned from Gary. Zara's naked back, a pretty enough sight when Gary undid the claps of the bra and slipped it over her arms. She turned back to Gary, unconcerned that her breasts were now exposed to him. Gary remembered when he had first seen them, such a young, budding conical shape with sweet pale little, nipples. The nipples were still little, still pale and still very sweet but the breasts were bigger now, fuller and less conical. And it was not just Gary who had sucked on those nipples but also now a succession of boyfriends - currently big Tony. Gary looked at the pretty breasts. Perhaps each of her boyfriends had come over them, spurted his warm creamy fluid onto them. He knew he had! Perhaps Zara had massaged each sticky nipple round and round with their cum. They were not sticky now: Gary bent and kissed first one then the other.

A large safety pin to be undone, a skirt to be unwound and then black tights to be slipped carefully down long legs. Zara just in white panties. Such a pretty sight - again. Gary happy to admire.

"I'll run the bath."

Returning it was difficult not to run his hands over the panty clad bottom before taking hold of either side and pulling them down.

"Right, into the bath with you." A pat on bare buttocks to encourage Zara on.

Gary swirled the water ensuring an even temperature, behind him the sound of Zara's water splashing into the lavatory.

"All done, little niece?"

"No, still weeing, Uncle, nearly finished."

Lovely helping the young girl into the bath and seeing her settle down.

"It would save water if I bathed with you."

"Oh, yes, Uncle, it would!"

Gary undressed and following Zara's lead Gary too began to empty his bladder.

"Oh, Uncle, that is funny, how you do that. And how big your willy is and so hairy. I've only seen little Billy up the road do that and his willy is just small - but he did let me hold it when he did a wee!"

Gary shook and turned towards the bath.

"What are those dangling things, Uncle? Billy did not, I think, have them."

Gary's penis inches from Zara's face. She had sucked him before. He knew what that was like! Her hand reached out and held his balls. Fondling and playing with them.

"Oooh, they are funny, Uncle, I don't have them. Why is your willy moving, why is it getting so thick and big, why is it pointing up in the air?"

Zara was not touching it: just fondling his balls. Gary stepped into the bath, his erection looming - insofar as the rather stumpy little thing could loom - over Zara, his pretend young niece.

Gary settled down into the water, one foot alongside Zara's left thigh, the other up against her furry sex. Her left foot was similarly touching his erection. Her toes wriggled. Gary did not subside.

A pleasure to soap and wash your partner, particularly for Gary when his partner for two days was a nineteen year old teen.

"Oooh, Uncle, that makes me feel funny when you wash me there."

And he had made her get on her knees facing away from him so he could both see and wash her bottom. He even slipped a soapy finger into her little rosebud.


"You need to be nice and clean, little niece."

"Yes, of course, Uncle."

Lovely to see her head turned towards him as she knelt there with his finger inserted in her bottom.

Lovely then to feel Zara's soapy hands all over his body and particularly when she got to his penis. Her fingers so slippery, the tips rubbing the soap particularly around the corona, her other hand on his balls and then a finger between his cheeks soaping his anus just as he had done.

Gary stood. So nice to look down and have a naked girl's face not inches from his erection.

"Uncle, your willy is still very swollen. I bet it hurts. Shall I kiss it better? Would that be nice?"

So exciting to see his putative niece mover her lips forward and plant a kiss right on the end of his cock. She did not stop there but, instead, her lips moved forward over his erection, slipping it steadily into her mouth all the way. Exquisite pleasure visually and sensorialy - wonderful. Zara moved her head back and forth as he stood there dripping. Slow movement up and down his shaft and then some quick bobbing.

"Does that feel better?"

"Yes! Much!"

"Still very swollen."

Lovely to dry the girl in the big fluffy towel. Much more fun drying someone else!

A delight to follow the naked, a little damp still, girl into the bedroom and onto the bed.

"Is it time for my muscle toning exercises, Uncle?"

No doubt it was - not that he was sure what they were. They proved to be the raising and lowering of her body using her thighs as she rode him cowgirl. He did not insert his penis. Zara did that for him.

"So lovely and thick, Gary." she said as she rode him. Lovely to see the young girl play with herself as she rode. He was not touching - she was. One hand stroking one nipple after another, the other hand so very visually playing with her clitoris. Good to lie back and just watch her play as she steadily stroked up and down his penis. Lovely to see her actually come whilst he watched. To see her face go all screwed up in pleasure and her fingers moving so fast.

Gary did not come and was delighted when Zara asked how he wanted to finish.

"Your mouth please."

"Oh goody. An aperitif before we go and have dinner. Yum!"

The girl got off him and moved down his body. Lovely to see her lips lifting and then sucking in his penis, lovely to see it all rubbery looking from its recent exercise before she sucked yet so well coated in Zara's lubrication. There was something special, he thought, about a girl sucking on a penis which has been wetted by her. Of course there is also something extra special about seeing a girl sucking a penis wetted from another girl... but that was another matter!

Zara's aperitif. He had the sudden image of her holding a gin and tonic in one of those wide funnel shaped, long stemmed glasses complete with swizzle stick and her aiming an ejaculating penis into it so the semen pulsed into and swirled in the glass before being stirred by the swizzle stick. Of course, thought Gary, if it was his penis there would be enough for her friend's glass as well!

Zara did not get her semen swirled in a gin and tonic, rather she got it hot and straight from the source. Gary just lay there and let it happen - and happen it did. Zara was good at fellation with plentiful variety in tongue and lip play and she did not let a drop escape. Gary saw not a bit of his semen but certainly felt its passing from him into Zara's mouth. She had practised enough to know how to swallow with Gary. When his now limp dick came from her mouth it looked just as it had fresh from his bath... other than no longer being erect.

Dinner was very pleasant indeed. Nice to both dress smartly for dinner even if many of the diners seemed not to have bothered. Nice to have a drink in the bar afterwards and just chat before walking, hand in hand, back up the corridor to their room. It was like being boy and girlfriend, though Gary was under no illusion about that. He was just a good friend and he and Zara happened to do friendly - very friendly - things together.

Naked under the sheet and in the soixante-neuf position is pretty friendly. Lovely to nuzzle the teen's sex and make her become all wet; lovely to stick his tongue into her body and move it; lovely to tickle and suck her clitoris - lovely to be engaged in sex. Lovely to bury one's face in a young girl's pudenda.

"It's nice when you come inside me but nicer outside where I can see it. I do like to see a cock cumming, Gary. What I'd really like is to be fucked by someone else whilst I play with you or suck you. I wonder if Tony would mind me sucking you as we fucked?"

Gary thought the boyfriend probably would mind. Indeed would mind very much indeed! But he, Gary, would not mind at all - very happy to watch the young people copulating whilst Zara's hand slid up and down his cock or her pretty lips wrapped themselves all around it; very happy to demonstrate that, whilst he might be very middle aged and have a well below average length penis, he could out ejaculate virtually all comers (an apt phrase!). He could imagine Zara saying, with her so attractive giggle, "watch this closely Tony. You are just not going to believe what Mr Roldern does." And then him, literally, spraying the couple as they fucked in front of him - his prodigious semen pouring out guided by Zara's working hand. He could imagine Zara happily moving it around so it spurted all over them; Tony aghast at what she was doing and Zara going into orgasmic spasm. She was a rather naughty girl!

"Tony would mind. He's quite a jealous sort. He would not like me being with you, Gary, let alone doing this."

'This' was sucking on his cock.

"I'm more than a little surprised with a nice young boyfriend you want to sleep with me. Kind of you. I'm not at all complaining. I love being with you and..."


"Fucking... and other things."

"It's different, Gary. That is romance. This is... I feel so comfortable with you, Gary, sort of uncle like."

"Great uncle more like! And not very safe."

"No. Very safe. You're cuddly, warm and just so nice."

"So you see me like an old pair of slippers?"

"Well, if you like: though it's hardly me who slips into you, is it! Go on, slip into me again!"

Gary moved around the girl and slipped.

Doggy style intercourse. Very nice. Very free for Gary.

"I like this Gary, I can see what's happening even if you can't."

She was obviously looking under herself, watching the copulation.

"I can see you moving in me and your balls swinging. I like this. When you come Gary, pull out and let me see it. I want to see you cum. But first I want to come."

Gary did as he was told. He had ejaculated not too many hours before and was less in need of coming, so he could keep up the good work and it did the trick - Zara came, collapsing forward onto her elbows. But she was soon up again on her hands and watching what was happening between her legs.

A hand reached back and Gary felt fingers holding his balls.

"I so like the way they swing. Tony's do that. I like watching you fuck me Gary, perhaps I should photograph us too. Tell Tony you're an old boyfriend. Remember I want to see you come."

"Shouldn't we put a towel down?"

"Should really - I don't want to sleep on a damp patch and it'll be pretty damp I know. I just love the way you cum. I'm tempted just to suck it from you but I'd like to see too."

She did suck. She pulled herself from him and turned, her lips slipping over his wet cock once more. Her lips stretched wide over the thick erection. But then she got a towel.

The doggy style intercourse resumed. In, out, in, out, above the white fluffy towel.

"Remember I want to see!"

Not at all easy. Gary felt himself approach and then go over the point of no return. Not at all the moment to ask a man to leave the delightfully warm, wet, slippery sex of a teen and just let himself come with nothing touching his penis at all. But Gary did not just let himself hang out in the open and come, instead he pulled out and rubbed himself up and down under Zara's wet pudenda. The wet rubbing along the top of his cock as he slid up and down the length of her sex, pleasurable enough but the real joy of the whole experience was in recollection. It became one of his most pleasing memories. He did not see but imagined Zara's pretty face staring back between her legs, a really happy smile on that face, seeing his cock pull from her, the swollen, wet knob suddenly revealed as it began spurting. She seeing the semen projected forward and flying towards her. Indeed, when she turned to him, he did see he had caught her on her face. That seemed to make it something special for him and the lovely, happy look on her face.

A happy memory of Zara really enjoying his ejaculation, clearly revelling in the way he came. It made up a lot for his ever concern over his stumpy cock. Lovely to see her lick her face.

"Mmmm, Gary, I certainly saw it. A little spurt and then it was flying right at me. Blam, blam, blam! Really wow! I just so love seeing you come."

As expected the towel was more than a little needed! He might have caught Zara on the face but mostly he had ejaculated all over the white towel.

Gary turned the lights out and there they were on the bed, close to each other, post orgasm.

"What Tony doesn't know won't hurt him. But he'd be so jealous, he'd probably thump you if he caught us and he's a big boy."

Gary had seen a photograph, photographs even: Tony was certainly big. At least 6' 6" and with a build to match. He played a lot of sport, even did weight training.

"I wouldn't like being thumped." Of course being an ex-policeman Gary was not exactly small himself and had a trick or two about how to defend himself. But of course the 'big boy' expression lead to the obvious supplementary question of, "how big." It was meant in a jokey way but Gary was always self-conscious about his diminutive penis - short in length but not, of course, in girth. It did not exactly project far from his body but at least, when up, it was very firm and thick.

"Gary, really us girls don't get too worried by size. Too long and it's not going to go all in, is it!"

"Is Tony too long?"

"He is quite long Gary! Shall I see if I can get a photograph?"

"You two fucking? Yes, I'd like to see that."

"Really? Would you like to watch us for real?"

"Yes, I would actually."

Zara kissed him. "I'd like to show you. I'd like to be in bed with both of you. It'd be lovely but it's just not going to happen. Tony and I doing all sorts of things whilst you have a nice little wank. Perhaps we fuck too but what I'd really like is to show Tony you coming. It's just lovely."

Gary woke in the middle of the night. Coming back from the bathroom he marvelled at seeing, in the faint light, the young girl sleeping in his bed. Not the imagined pubescent young niece but a very real teen nonetheless, even if almost twenty. It was so nice to have the young girl with him. He stood for a few moments marvelling. He had already fucked her on that bed and very likely would do so again in the morning. Probably if he wished she would let him do that now, in the middle of the night, if he wished. Gary got back into bed and cuddled up to her.

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