tagNonHumanThe Gates Pt. 03

The Gates Pt. 03


Chapter Four -- Mothleth

Dani, her naked body now cleaned of the vine demon's cum turned around, the words "Not leaving so soon I hope. After all I think you owe me a big thank you, I did save you from plant pregnancy!", still echoing in her ears. It made sense to her, something had compelled her to stop the plant cumming in her but what in hell would want to help her and more importantly, what did it want in return?

Both questions were answered as she saw what stood behind her, it was a demon, clearing a very old and very powerful one but also the most disgusting creature she had yet seen. He stood about ten foot tall, vaguely humanoid but in bizarre proportions, he had two small arms with tiny hands and two short, feeble looking legs that to the logically mind could not support the rest of his body. A body that was huge and totally grotesque. The vast majority of it was his huge flabby, green belly and chest. Rolls of fat lolled over one another with but a tiny little head stuck on top. He had a wicked grinning face and a long slimy tongue flopping out of it. Even worse was the state of his green and yellow flesh, though apparently alive much of it was rotting or diseased or infested, slime dripped out of holes and small insects and creatures crawled all over him. He was truly disgusting and Dani began to feel sick, not least because of the final part of his anatomy, for between his tiny legs was a huge, festering and most definitely erect cock. It was very clear what the demon required as a thank you.

"Let me introduce myself to you human. I am Mothleth, demon prince of the Seventh Circle of Hell. You are now in my domain." The demon bellowed as he stomped his way out of the dying woods that surrounded the swamp till he stood on a patch of dry ground on the edge of the water.

"My name is Dani and it is an honour to meet you." Dani replied hoping that a little civility and lots of grovelling might get her out or here without having to fuck this disgusting creature. Though at the back of her mind Dani knew she was once again going to let herself down, her eyes were already fixating on the demons twenty inch cock despite it's rotting and slime covered state.

"Indeed it is. Though I must say you are more than a little amusing yourself. I have been watching you since you arrived in my domain and I must say I have rarely seen a human enjoy a hell vine so much, you are truly a slut worthy of special praise."

Despite just being called one of the biggest sluts in history Dani couldn't help but feel a certain perverse pride in herself, "Thank you my lord." She graciously answered, bowing a little, her large breasts bouncing as she did so.

"Indeed. But as you no doubt realise I couldn't let such a beautiful creature like yourself become an egg sac for that vile plant so I saved you for your own disgusting desires."

And once again those desires began to take hold of Dani, she knew she should just say the spell and leave but instead she said "And so now you want me to show you how grateful I am."

"Indeed" The demon bellowed.

This was her least chance to stop herself but she couldn't, instead she just sexily walked forward, breasts bobbing up and down and reached out for Mothleth's giant dick. The feeling of the thick demonic meat in her hands totally overpowered the disgust at the demon's vile smell and appearance.

She ran both hands, which could only just about reach around it's girth, down the demon's dick. Slime and pus which dripped from several wounds and boils on it's length covered her hands. Apparently she also disturbed an insect for something started moving inside one large boil, it looked like a leech with a soft body but with eight spider-like legs, it had obviously set up home in the boil and on being disturbed jumped out as and landed on her right breast.

Dani was about to brush it off when Mothleth said "No wait! This is my domain and all that live here share my desires.".

With that Dani was shocked to see the insect crawl down her curvaceous breast and then clasp it's leech like body around her nipple. This caused her to gasp and sent a tingle of pleasure up her spine.

To her surprise several other insects began squelching out of various wounds and sores on the demons body before crawling towards her. Another of the leech spiders quickly jumped onto her other nipple, clasping down hard with a slurp and causing her to squeal in pleasure.

She then looked down and saw three, ten inch long maggots crawling off the demon. Each was cream coloured about two inch across with segmented bodies. Slowly they started to slither up her long legs, she guessed their destination and eagerly parted her legs, opening her pussy to the encroaching maggots. All three were soon sliding into her pussy, their ribbed bodies causing a groan of pleasure from the dark haired woman. Soon all three had vanished inside her and she could just feel them writhing about in her cunt and up into her womb.

Lastly a group of small beetle like insects, each no bigger than a large coin, crawled along Mothleth's dick, along her arms and then down her back before furiously and extremely pleasurably crawling into her arsehole where there began rummaging about in her anus and rectum.

Mothleth laughed at the girl as her body was assaulted by the insects but Dani, her body screaming in pleasure, didn't care and was not finished properly thanking the demon yet. So her other orifices full, she bent down and began to feed the huge demon dick into her mouth. She had to open her mouth painfully wide to allow it entrance but slowly she fed it into her body, down her throat until her lips were pressing against the demons giant, rotting balls and she could feel it's tip deep inside her, half way to her stomach. As she had expected it tasted foul and she could feel pus and mucous dripping out of it's various wounds and sliding into her belly.

After a few seconds she realised she couldn't breath and so quickly pulled her head back until Mothleth's cock plopped out of her mouth, a spray of saliva and slime flying off and coating her face and chest. She then took a deep breath, groaned as one of the maggots in her cunt suddenly thrashed about, and then pushed the dick back down her throat.

Dani felt filthier than ever before, she couldn't believe that her holes were full of insects, things that she normally hated, and that they were actually making her feel amazing -- not to forget that she was feeding a rotting demon dick down her throat. With her pleasure growing in her arse and cunt where the beetles and maggots didn't ever seem to stop moving she hurried on with her oral ministrations.

She would slide the giant penis into her mouth, her tongue sliding around it's girth, licking off it's leaking mucous. She would feed it down into herself until her mouth and nose were buried into the demon's balls and belly. There more disgusting juices would drip onto on face and hair and then she would pull it all the way out, gasp for air and then repeat process. Dani soon had a rhythm going, Mothleth groaning each time he was hilted in the human. Even the insects inside her and sucking on her breasts seemed to thrash about more when he did so.

Twenty, thirty, forty times Dani did this, increasingly ghastly moans coming from the demon, her own ecstasy also growing. Juices would drip out of her pussy each time a maggot head or tail briefly stuck it's way out. It was almost becoming unbearable but even worse was the feeling in her arse. The beetles were just going crazy, crawling about inside her, usually near her hole but sometimes swarming up deep into her body creating a nasty yet delightful feeling. She even stuck her hand down and stuffed three fingers into her anus to see if the insects were real so strange was the feeling but sensing their hard bodies moving between her fingers and soft internal flesh quickly convinced her.

Then almost without warning, with his cock only half buried in Dani's gullet, Mothleth screeched and a hot jet of cum slapped into the back of Dani's throat. Wanting all the cum inside her she quickly hilted him as spurt after spurt flooded down into her belly. Unlike many of the other demons Dani had meet Mothleth's orgasm was short and only about a pint of cum poured into her stomach and so as he pulled himself out of the her, she managed to keep it all inside of her. Though it did feel rather disgusting mixing with mucous and pus that had slid into her during her sucking.

Dani her own orgasm fast growing inside now, abandoned the demon's spent dick and collapsed on the ground, her attention now fully on the insects in and around her body.

Mothleth slowly recovering saw this and bellowed "Yes! You truly are wondrous! You make me cum in a way few have in the last millennia and you still have not reached your own peak! You shall now be greatly rewarded slut!". And with that Dani, writhing about on the ground, saw a whole host of other boils burst over the demon body and out of each one more maggots and beetles poured. There were thousands and all were headed for her, the first few that reached her vanished into her cunt or arse - pushing those already inside deep into her womb and digestive system. But soon her body was stretched beyond anything possible outside of hell, her holes were literally crawling with the things moving around inside her but the insects kept coming filling her pussy and arse beyond anything possible.

After perhaps a minute Dani looked around and was shocked to see none remained, all were inside her, she could feel them moving around, filling every nook and stretching her flesh further and further, the maggots thrashing about, the beetles scurrying and biting. She could actually see the maggots and beetles moving around in her by the way her flesh bulged and twisted. The experience should have been terrifying and horrible painful but it wasn't. Dani guessed, not that she really cared, that Mothleth was using some kind magic making it delightful for her, because it seemed as if every single fibre in her being was being erotically charged. It felt, for a brief moment, as if every part of her were as sensitive as her clit. She clearly couldn't take it for long and within seconds exploded in the most magnificent orgasm.

For minutes it just came in wave after wave of erotic highs, Dani screamed, moaned, groaned, panted and begged, and she just kept cumming. She rolled around on the ground, her belly and arse still bulging with insects, sweat flying off her body, until finally it began to subside and she collapsed on her back.

Small highs would occasionally hit her but slowly she felt her senses return to normal and as they did the insects began to leave her body. A constant stream of the creatures poured out of her holes for some minutes, their passage through her cunt and arse causing new smaller orgasms. In her barely conscious state Dani only just noticed that the ones leaving her cunt were coated in a greenish slime.

The last insects gone from her body Mothleth moved to tower over the prone girl, "I hope you enjoyed your reward! I certainly enjoyed mine." He laughed.

"Yes! Ummmmm....yes....yes...so weird...but...urghhhhh...so good" Dani answered between yet more tiny orgasms

"Few humans have ever experienced the full power of the Insects of Mothleth and even fewer have survived. You are truly honoured Dani."

"Thank you my lord." She replied as she finally managed to sit up.

"But I must tell you the magic used to allow you to experience it have not left you completely unchanged.".

Dani suddenly realised what he meant and slid her hand to her pussy, pushing two fingers in and then pulling them out and as expected they were coated in a thick, light green slime, "You mean this?" she asked.

"Indeed. When you become aroused and particularly when you cum your pussy will now produce that slime. It is a reaction of your body to the intense magic of the seventh circle used on you." The demon explained.

Dani was not sure if she entirely liked this turn of events but curiosity got the better of her and she gently slid the slime coated fingers into her mouth, it didn't taste great but certainly better than rotting dick or demon pus and it felt bizarrely nice sliding down her throat in thick globules. She smiled at the demon and said "I think I can get used to it."

Mothleth laughed a great big laugh and then said "You are fantastically unique Dani and I will welcome you back at time you desire." And with that the demon turned to leave but at the last moment turned and said "But be careful young human. You have had good experiences so far but not all of hell is so welcoming and be sure you do not ignore danger closer to home either!".

And then he was gone a gateway opening if front of him leaving Dani scooping green cum out of her pussy and into her mouth.


Dani finally returned to Earth in the early hours of the morning. After locking the library she checked that Carrie was fast asleep before collapsing exhausted on her own bed, falling into a deep but very satisfied slumber.


Carrie awoke late the next morning and discovered her mother was not in the house. She had left a note explaining her hectic work load had kept her at work late yesterday and had also meant she had to go in early today. This didn't bother Carrie she would now have another day to search around for the hidden gateways.

Yesterday she'd ruled out the large gardens and the basement so that meant they had to be hidden somewhere in the house. Obviously it couldn't be any of the main living areas that she and her mother were using but somewhere else. This meant one place, the southern wing, it was large and full of rooms and it had to be where the mage had hidden his gates.

So after a quick breakfast the teen began to search the southern extension. She took each room in turn checking floors and walls for secret passageways, casting brief spells that would reveal magically hidden doors or break illusions. The more she searched the more she became sure that the gates had to be somewhere in the southern wing, the architecture was bizarre, much of it clearly designed by someone skilled in magic.

Various rooms were shaped for the sole purpose of conducting certain rituals and enhancing their power. Others, once she'd cast her spells, revealed to Carrie a rich magical history, in some rooms the walls practically glowed with magical energies. Carrie even unearth a small secret room but to her dismay it only contained a stash of spellbooks and magical theses and not the gates she was looking for. Though she did find a copy of Volume VIII of 'The Darkness Beneath Us' by Theoanlis Constantine, a tome she hadn't read was desperate to get her hands on. But it was a small consolation for again not finding the gates, D'rak would only get increasingly angry and she was not sure what would happen if she kept failing. Her pussy and anus still ached from the day before. Though she had to admit every time she thought about the way the demon had taken her a dribble of pussy cream would leak onto her panties.

By nearly eight in the evening, with darkness beginning to fall she had searched every room except one, the library. It had seemed such an obvious location to put the gates that she was sure that even an idiot like Aurik would not hide them there but with nowhere else to try she headed towards it.

The ornate wooden doors stood before her and she reached out grabbing the gold door handle and twisted it, expecting the doors to swing open, they did not. She pushed again, harder but still they did not open. A third time she tried before she realised the doors were locked. Her mother had clearly locked them, something that really piqued her curiosity. Her mother had only intended to store some her work junk here, why on earth would she lock the doors? Carrie became desperate to know what dirty little secret her mother was hiding and started to recall the words for a lock breaking spell when she suddenly heard the front door open and someone call her name. It was her mother.

Carrie became angry, she'd been sure she wouldn't be back till late again, plenty of time to find the gates but she was here already. Dark thoughts of summoning D'rak and letting him have her mother now filled her mind but she knew that without finding the gates first that could be a dreadful mistake. So once again burying her nastiness deep inside herself Carrie breezily skipped downstairs and sweetly welcomed her mother home.

Chapter Five -- The Snake Goddess

Dani breathed a sigh of relief as at about midnight Carrie finally kissed her goodnight and went off to bed. For some reason her daughter hadn't seemed to want her to go to bed and she'd began to wonder how late she could stay up without looking suspicious to Carrie. As again all day she had only desired to get back to the house and visit hell. She'd left work early and had hoped Carrie would be out or want an early night. Yet that, much to Dani's disappointment, had not occurred and she had began to feel like she was going to burst with excitement with her all consuming desire to get to hell and to screw some more demons. But finally Carrie had vanished upstairs and Dani was free.

However she made herself wait a few more minutes until she was sure Carrie was in bed and then made her way to the library, unlocked the door and entered the room which as before was bathed in the dark magical light of the open gateways. She didn't even have to think about which gate to use, there was only one she hadn't been in and she was desperate to see where it would take her - despite Mothleth's warning the night before about not all of hell being as safe as her previous destinations. Though she thought with a smile it's not like being fucked by a giant dog, a plant and a ten foot high bag of rotting flab were what most people would consider safe anyway.

She stepped through the gateway with breathless anticipation, the moving, twisting, perverting sensation again briefly hitting her and then Dani stood on the Ninth Circle of Hell, which if the gate was correct in the domain of a demon called Salrissa.

She looked around and for a brief moment thought she had arrived on the seventh circle again, the land all around was thick jungle but then Dani realised that unlike on the seventh circle this forest was verdant and alive, huge green plants grew towards the sky and hordes of birds, insects and other small creatures could be seen flitting about the flora. It was like some jungle paradise on earth though the black sky and crawling heat marked this out as obviously not the case.

Dani then noticed she wasn't entirely in virgin territory as she stood upon a wide stone road that was clearly man made or at least demon made. The large black flagstones that made up the road surface were also obviously well maintained, each being clean and un-chipped so Dani assumed this road must be used often but for the moment she could see no one else on the road or where, in either direction, that it led.

She then examined her clothes which to her absolute lack of surprise had again been changed by her journey. She discovered, her outfit was in parts like that she had worn on the sixth circle; her hair was tied back in a ponytail held by a black metal clasp, a studded leather collar was wrapped tightly around her neck, her lips and nails were again painted black and rising up to her knees were sexy leather boots. However instead of a leather outfit fitting for a whore an immaculate black dress of the smoothest fabric was wrapped around her curves. Dani ran her hands down the rich cloth loving the feeling of it against her flesh and approving of the way it's low cut had her breasts practically falling out of the garment. She also loved the way the long skirt was cut down both sides to her waist so that her long, booted legs were shown off as was the complete lack of underwear underneath the dress.

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