The Ghost and Bridget


Derek watcher her lather the evenings sweat from her body. He came in close as she leaned into the spray, taking in the warmth; her eyes closed. The beads of water falling from the shower head and pocking the skin of her breasts, fascinated him. He reached out and, using the force of the water as cover, lightly traced the soft, dark skin around the point of her nipple. From one to the other and back again. He was in no hurry and she seemed to be completely relaxed. He gently traced the sides of her breasts, not really wanting to excite her at this time, but exploring her body. He restrained from going out of the range of the beating shower stream.

Eventually, she opened her eyes and washed her hair. The suds trailed down her back and rolled off her ass. Derek traced its trail, following her curves. When her hair was clean, she removed the shower nozzle and rinsed her body from all angles. When she reached her snatch, she paused to let the water massage her.

Without thought, Derek's hand shot out and, under cover of the deluge, pushed her clit. Her eyes widened at the sensation the shower head had caused, so she held it there. She even moved it closer. Derek gave her button a gentle pull, then moved his finger around it. Bridget gasped and began to rub the shower head over her excited clit. Derek moved his hand away and watched. She held the head tight against herself and breathed heavily. He hadn't intended to excite her like he did. He knew she was exhausted, but he couldn't resist.

When she put a foot onto the side of the shower for better access, he again couldn't pass up the open opportunity. He came close and bent over so he could see better, then put his hand over the shower head. He concentrated and made his finger grow. It grew long and thin, going just past the massaging head and found his goal. He still couldn't feel where he was going but he knew he had entered her since the finger didn't slide out behind her. He kept his finger skinny because he didn't want her to feel an entry. He knew when he touched the good spot when she moaned and the shower head went into a piston like rhythm. With one hand gripping the water massager, her other went to a breast and began pinching and pulling. She began to sink to the bottom of the shower, her eyes glazed over. Her weak hands worked her body, her chest heaved with every breath, but she didn't seem to have the strength to keep up the pace. He retracted his finger and watched her lay on the shower floor. Her one hand eventually released the shower head which bobbed on its hose against the wall. Her other hand worked her nipple until it fell still.

A few minutes went by and she eventually crawled to the wall and turned off the shower spray. She sat on the floor of the tub/shower area for long minutes more, before pulling herself up and over to the bedroom where she fell onto the bed and only barely pulled the covers partly over her.

Derek couldn't take his eyes off her. He felt a little bad for pushing her like he did but once he saw her open, he couldn't help himself. She looked peaceful now, curled up on her side, covers barely covering her bottom. He saddle up behind her and spooned in. He looked over her shoulder and willed his one arm through the bed and her arm and his other arm over the top of hers. In this position, he cupped her breasts from behind and lightly squeezed them, wishing he could feel their weight, but at least he could see his imprints. She didn't stir, so he spent the next long while playing with her, but staying away from her sensitive nubs.


Bridget woke up later than normal but she didn't mind. It was a Saturday and last night had worn her out. She'd never been so horny, or had such hard orgasms. Even after getting the most awesome fuck from Jake, she'd come home and been turned on by a simple shower. She'd massaged her boobs and snatch with the shower head before, but this time it was like her insides were being touched. She hadn't been wanting anything but a shower, but for some reason the pelting of the water triggered her senses more than usual. The spray pushed harder on her clit and something inside her sent her over the edge into oblivion. She had no idea how long she laid on the shower floor. The water was still warm, so it couldn't have been too long.

She rolled onto her back and looked down at her half covered body and shivered in the air. She watched her nips get hard and noticed a red shape on the skin slowly fading on her breast. She thought it looked like a hand print. She put her hand over it to confirm, coming to the conclusion that she must have been laying on her hand. She lay there for a while, basking in the memory of the previous night. It was strange that Jake said he hadn't touched her during the FTF. She rolled her eyes at the "little boy ghost" theory. Still, she looked around the room, wondering if she might see something. When nothing "showed itself" she sat up and shook off the idea. She stretched and went into the bathroom, planning her only day off in over 2 weeks.

Her hair had dried funny, so she put it up in a ponytail. While looking in the mirror, she noticed that her tan lines were fading from the lack of sun, so she made the choice to spend the day by the pool. Pulling on her bikini, she grabbed a towel and walked to the pool in her apartment complex. There were a few people there but not enough to make it crowded. She found a spot and laid her towel on the pool chair. Once she applied her suntan lotion she laid on the towel, closed her eyes and relaxed.

She was just drifting off when she felt something brush her stomach. She opened her eyes and looked around but there were only other residents by the pool and none close enough to touch her. She laid back down, mentally brushing off the touch. Soon, it happened again. She looked, but again there was no one there. It was strange. She got up and moved to another spot, not knowing why that would change the weird touches but just needing to do something. She began to drift off again when someone squeezed her breast.

Her eyes flew open and she sat up causing a person or two to look in her general direction but she still could see no one near her. She shook her head. Jake's talk about ghosts must have hit more of a nerve than she thought. Maybe she just needed to do something besides lay around. She got up and went to the pool. The water was heated but after lying in the sun, it sent a chill up her body. She felt her nipples harden, so she kept going into the water so she wouldn't be so obvious standing there poking out.

Once into the water, she swam a few short laps, feeling better. She was floating on her back, staring up at the clouds when she felt something nudge the side of her breast under her arm. She ignored it, thinking it could have been a wave hitting into her, until it happened again. She popped upright, squatting under the water and looking around. This isn't right.

Under the water she felt pressure pushing her boobs upward. She watched as the orbs broke the surface of the water like someone was squeezing them up. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed but no one had. The flesh bounced and jiggled, then dropped to be tugged under the surface. They were being squeezed under the water and she didn't know what to do. If she stood, people might see. She moved to the deeper, far end of the pool, away from most of the residents with the intent to get out at the ladder there. She floated through the deep water, relieved that the pressure on her boobs had went away, but that only lasted a moment.

The pressure was now between her legs, moving around her clit. What is going on? She continued toward the ladder willing her body to not respond, but the movement only intensified the force, which spread toward her hole. She felt it creep inside her and, as freaked out as she was, she could not stop the stirring that was overcoming her. She looked around again, dismayed that people were now at the ladder she'd been trying to reach, so she paddled to the side of the pool.

Something was turning her on and she knew without a doubt that she was probably going to cum right there in the pool, surrounded by people, so she tried to find a vacant area. Then, whatever it was, writhed inside her and she worked to keep all emotion from her face as she finally made it to the wall opposite the ladder. She considered pushing herself up onto the deck but she didn't think her body had the strength. She turned her back to the wall so she could watch the other occupants and hoped they wouldn't come near her. She gripped the edge of the pool with her hands to keep her face above water and let whatever was happening to her take its course.

The rolling inside her stopped to be replaced with more squeezing of her boobs. She almost sucked in water when the nipples were pulled. That was her weakness. She could be fucked blue, but unless her nipples were worked, she wasn't cumming. Even one pull...oh shit...she wanted to squirm so bad. She looked through the water and could see her breasts being manipulated and was grateful that whatever it was hadn't tried to remove her suit...yet.

Somehow she was now up against the wall and could feel something slide between her nether lips. She kept her legs apart knowing that there was no fighting what was happening. Anyone looking would see her holding the edge and treading water. Something entered her again. It wasn't uncomfortable, just odd. It began almost crawling, like it was exploring her insides. She left herself duck under the water to moan as it touched parts that she didn't know could be touched. It filled her tight and she felt it begin to pulse. OH SHIT, SHIT , SHIT! She wanted to scream and she'd not even reached the big "O" yet.

The thing pushed and twisted and was now working her button as well. This is amazing. It was still playing with her boobs but had not pulled her nips in a while so she was able to control herself. She tried not to breath too fast even though it felt so good. When she felt she needed to make a noise, she would put her head under and moan.

Now something was changing. The part inside her stopped exploring and changed shape. It was now long and thick. If she could see it, she'd swear it was a large penis that was now stretching her hole. She kicked some more with her feet when it began pumping into her. It would raise her up in the water and drop her again. Too much. She just wanted to cum and be done.

As if reading her mind, her nips were grabbed and pulled, then she was completely pushed against the wall and, like the night before, her nipples were pressed into her ribs and held. She dropped under the water and screamed, coming up only for breath. She was vaguely aware of some swimmers looking her way but she really had a hard time caring. What are they going to see anyway? Some crazy lady, screaming into the water?

The fucking went on even after she came down from her orgasm. It wasn't a particularly long one and not the most intense as orgasms go but then she never was much for public displays. She just hoped that whatever was getting off on her would finish soon. Another few minutes and the pumping stopped. Whatever it was, appeared to have finished. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, she exited the pool and grabbing her towel, she left the area. What am I going to do?


Derek couldn't remember being so excited. What he'd just done with Bridget...was amazing. He'd been nervous at first, since it was so public but, like in the shower the night before, he just couldn't help himself. It was like a part of him took over that he just couldn't control. He watched her gather her things from the pool area and hurry toward her apartment and conceded to himself that maybe he really didn't want to control it. When he was doing her, he believed that he could actually feel something. He didn't know how but as the fucking built, he could swear that he could feel his cock inside her, moving, growing. Each time he slid inside her, the feeling grew stronger and more intense, and he liked it.

He smiled with more confidence than he'd ever felt in life and looked around the pool area. There were several hot women swimming and lounging about. He singled out one blond beauty who slept on her stomach, on the pool deck, sunning herself in the far corner, facing away from everyone. With a thought, he was kneeling next to her. With practiced concentration he ran a finger over her bottom and down her leg. Her leg bent as if to swat at a bug landing on her. The leg went back down and she relaxed again.

He came at her from a different angle and stretched out a finger between her lightly parted legs. He pushed past the thin, bikini material and probed, pushing in when he found her hole. He moved inside her and she let out a small moan as she slowly awakened. Her legs came together stiffly and her pussy pushed into the cement as she came up onto her elbows and looked around.

Derek could see she was trying to hide her embarrassment at having a wet dream in public. He saw her bottom relax and she laid there, propped up on her elbow, grateful that no one had noticed. Derek got down in front of her and admired that way her suit cradled her full hanging boobs. He loved boobs. He reached out and pushed them, making them swing.

The blond looked down and Derek saw confusion on her face at the sight. The confusion grew when Derek lifted her boobs squeezed. The impression of his hands evident against flesh. She looked around the pool area, not sure what to do. Derek was fine with that, he didn't care what people saw, he was untouchable. Empowered, he jiggled her boobs, making her take a hard breath. Her look of confusion was now mingled with uncertainty. Still she didn't move, so Derek figured that she must be liking what he was going to her.

He alternated jiggling and squeezing while she watched her boobs do a magic dance. It took a little doing, but with a lift and shove, her left boob popped from her suit and bounced toward the ground, the tip brushing the rough cement. She froze, just watching. Derek traced the hanging orb lightly before pushing it, smiling as the dragging nip brought a sharp intake of breath from his now willing toy.

With another squeeze and shove, the other boob joined the first. He took both of them in his hands and rubbed them together. He lifted them and let them fall heavily, only to lift them high, rub together and drop them again. The blond was breathing fast, watching in fascination. He elongated one of his hands and wrapped it tight around the base of a boob and closed it tight, pinching it off. Slowly the flesh began to turn red, the veins coming toward the surface as it engorged. Derek began circling and pinching the purple nipple, making the blonds back raise and she once again began a slow, hopefully unnoticed grind into the deck. She tried to control her raspy breathing and Derek was impress at her control. He made the fingers around her boob stretched longer, wrapping around and around, then pulsed it so it appeared to her that her boob was being squeezed to the point over and over. Her eyes grew wide and watered in her effort to remain quiet. Her legs came together and locking her ankles, she bent her legs so they swung in what appeared to be a carefree restlessness.

Derek watched her mouth open and close silently. He wanted more, though. He liked this rush that came with such control. Using his thumb to continue the stimulation on her nipple, he snaked his other hand down and between her belly and the cement. He smiled when her mouth formed an "OH PLEASE, NO.".

"Oh yes". He said out loud, since no one could hear him. He kept going south, stretching his arm so he could reach. He soon found his target, pushing her clit as she pushed against the ground. Her moan was almost silent and Derek smiled. "Almost." He wanted her to scream, to cum in front of everyone at the pool. He switched the hand on her breast to her other, wrapping around it, pulse squeezing it and playing with her nip.

"Why?" She moaned quietly, watching her dark boob mold to some unseen force. "I don't know what's going on, but it needs to stop. I can't take it anymore." But she couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from her hanging orbs. One getting it's color back and rubbing roughly against the cement, the other being squeezed by some invisible vise.

Derek responded by digging harder into her clit. Her legs stopped swinging and her crossed ankles folded tight onto her backside. She ground down hard, unable to stop herself any longer.

"Are you okay?" Derek and the blond looked up to find three men walking up to her. Derek didn't miss a beat and kept rubbing her button with his thumb.

"No!" The blond turned over, exposing her ample breasts to the three men. "I don't know what's going on!"

The men were shocked when they saw her exposed boobs, but their mouths dropped when they saw those boobs move on their own. Derek laughed and pulling his hand away from her clit, he used both to hold her large boobs up toward the men. "Wow. How are you doing that?" One of the men marveled as he came closer.

"I...don't...know...what's...going...on." She moaned. Derek took her nipples in his fingers and pulled them tight upward. "OH FUCK!!!" She arched up, her hands going to into her suit bottom. Her fingers frantic in her desperation.

"That is so wild." The man closest, who'd asked the original question reached out, almost touching her, but pulled back when her boobs began to jiggle on their own and what appeared to be human hand prints were indented in them.

"Please." The blond pleaded. Derek laughed harder. This is great. He had so much control. He noticed that the men around his toy were getting hard under their suits, despite the unusual circumstances.

The man closest couldn't take his eyes off her hands. "This is so weird."

The blond grabbed her bikini bottoms and pulled them off. "FUCK ME!"

"What?" The man looked around. "Here?"

"Yes! One of you! All of you! I don't care! Just somebody...FUCK ME!"

Derek was pinching her nips hard, his invisible fingers squishing her straining points. "Come on." He kept saying.

With an uncomfortable look around, the first man pulled his suit down, his physical cock bouncing in front of him. "Are you sure? I mean..."

One of the other men shoved him. "Man, if you don't, I will."

"NOW!" She screamed, opening up to them.

Derek had moved over the blonds face while he worked her boobs. In this position, he willed is cock toward her mouth as the man knelt between her legs. The first man looked around once more, still uncertain before leaning in and pushing into her. He held there, watching the invisible hands move over her boobs. When she opened her mouth to moan, Derek stuffed his own cock in, cutting her off. He watched the reaction of the other men around them. The one who had challenged the first even reached down his suit and stroked himself.

The man in the blond began to move in and out, very self-conscious but not willing to pass up such an opportunity. At first he was gentle and unsure, but he quickly began to pick up his pace. Long, solid strokes that should have had the blond screaming. If only they knew your mouth was otherwise occupied. Derek thought. After a short time, the man pulled out and came on the stomach of the blond. "Next." Derek laughed and continued to use her mouth, as the man got up to make room for the next man.

"What's going on here?" Derek looked over to find one of the other women from the pool. A redhead he observed. "You can't do that here!" Derek pulled out of the blonds mouth and she was finally able to vocalized her needs from the second man. Amid her moans, Derek left her and moved behind the new arrival. He reached around, grabbed her boobs and popped them out of her suit. "What the hell?" Derek quickly began working her breasts. She was a little more feisty than the blond. She turned and twisted, wondering what was going on and tried to cover her breasts. She fell onto one of the pool lounges, her hands out to catch herself and was shocked when the imprint of hands pressed into her breasts.

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