tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Gift Of Digital Sex Ch. 03

The Gift Of Digital Sex Ch. 03


It was the oddest sensation. I was floating in the air with no apparent support. Above me was a virtual artist canvas, filled with colors that seemed to change as soon as I focused on them. My eyes were drawn to these colors and though I tried to look away from them I was unable to.

I was aware of movement around me but I couldn’t see what it was that moved. I could hear sounds of some type but they sounded far-off and muted. The thought that I was suspended in a dream floated into my brain but for some reason my intellect rejected the idea. No, not a dream at all, my mind told me, this is real.

But what is real and what is fantasy? After what I had been through the past few weeks I wasn’t sure I knew the difference any more. A month ago I would have told you that there is a reality that never changes in the sense of its physical characteristics. Certain laws apply and never change. Everyone knew that, right? Well that had been proven to be total bullshit. In fact, everything I had accepted as truth had been turned on its head.

Well, so fucking what? The question before me now was where the hell was I? I tried to look around at my surroundings but my eyes stayed glued to the light show above me. Was I tied up or what? I couldn’t move at all but I felt no physical constraints of any kind. I concentrated with all my might to move my head just a fraction of an inch to the left. No good, I seemed frozen in place. Those damn colors were giving me a headache.

All right then, think, how did you get here? What was the last thing you remember, I asked myself.

An image slowly pushed its way into my mind. I was in a confined area of some kind. Everything was kind of murky and dark. I felt trapped and tried to get out but couldn’t. Something was trying to get in and I knew it would kill me. Where was the key? I had to have that damn key but it wasn’t in my hand. Where the fuck was it??

Fear was real. This was at least an emotion I could get my teeth into. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Oh please, please don’t let it get in. It wants to kill me, don’t let it in!!

My heart was pounding in my chest and I was soaked in perspiration. I was trapped here, unable to move or defend myself. Panic, now there’s another familiar feeling. I’d had a lot of that lately. Oh shit, what was I going to do? Help me, help me!!

Suddenly the colors above me were gone. Sensation flowed back into my limbs and I felt as though invisible chains had been removed. While I still could not move my arms and legs, I was able to turn my neck and look around me. I almost wished I couldn’t.

I seemed to be suspended in a small room or chamber of some kind. Directly in front of me was a glass partition that looked out into a vast chamber of some sort the size of which was almost beyond my comprehension. It seemed miles across to the other side where thousands of lights glowed in thousands of rooms that I guessed were much like the room I found myself in.

Between those rooms and myself, in the middle of the chamber, huge mechanical pumps of some kind worked methodically up and down reaching upwards as far as I could see and downwards who knew how far.

My God, where was I? Certainly this structure or whatever it was had not been built by human hands. It’s scale exceeded anything man could even dream of building. And that was only the part I could see from my prone position. You know that old joke about ‘Well Toto, I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore’? Well you get the picture.

I heard a buzzing sound behind me and what I can only describe as a floating point of yellow light suddenly appeared in front of me. It seemed to hover there for a moment and then it was gone.

After a moment I became aware that my body was turning away from the glass window and into a more natural upright position. This was done automatically as I still had no bodily control except for the ability to turn my neck and look around me.

The room I was in was small and unremarkable. Its walls were bare and no furnishings of any kind were apparent. I couldn’t see any door but a moment later a small section of the wall retracted and a man walked in. It seemed perfectly natural to me that the man in front of me was the same older man that I had first met in the bar that evening when he had given me the ‘gift’ Everything just clicked into place if you know what I mean.

“Well Mr. Hallock, I imagine you’re as surprised to see me as I am to see you again. Frankly, I rarely meet my clients a second time. You’re a most unusual man.”

‘Where am I and how the hell did I get here? Am I dead?”

“ I imagine you have many questions, Mr. Hallock and I will try to answer them as best I can considering your human limitations. No, Mr. Hallock, you are not dead but you are not really alive at the moment either. Not in any sense that you would understand. Let’s say that you are in a place where concepts such as life and death do not really apply. A suspended organic state if you will. Your human conception of life as having a beginning and an end is really very limiting. And, I might add, totally false.

As you may have ascertained I am not one of you, what you call human. My race has no name, the need for one never occurred to us. Our time of being stretches much farther into the past than you could possibly imagine.

We are the fathers of your planet, yours and thousands of others in this universe. In the beginning of your time we seeded and grew life on your world. It is what we do. It is the reason for our existence. Some of us return to our progeny to observe what progress has occurred. Again, it is what we do.

In rarer cases we take, shall we say, a more active role. When a species does not develop in a manner to which it has been programmed, some adjustments are in order. Your species, Mr. Hallock, is in serious need of adjustments.”

I was too dumbfounded at this point to even speak. My mind reeled and attempted to reject what he was telling me. It was too much information to absorb. I wanted to go back to sleep. My head throbbed and a deep fear crept over me. If all of this was real I knew my time was short. And yet… he had said something about me being a most unusual man. That and the fact that he was even bothering with me was the one ray of hope that I could see.

“Is that why we’re here? Did I screw up that gift you gave me? You told me that I could use it any way I wanted.”

A small smile appeared on his face.

“That’s one of the things I like about you Mr. Hallock, you come right to the point. Well, yes, the gift is why you’re here. Actually it may interest you to know that it was never some alien ability that I gave to you. In reality all humans already possess this ability to compress time. However you have not yet developed adequately to recognize and utilize this ability. Recent advances in biochemistry lead us to believe that your species may soon reach this threshold. This has caused us some concern as you might imagine.

Consider, Mr. Hallock, the damage that could occur if this ability were used for purposes other than sexual fulfillment. Think of the possible military applications or political abuses that this ability could promote. Human sexuality is only one of the more benign ways this power can be manifested. The potential for disaster is immense. With a culture as unsophisticated as yours the danger is quite real. Frankly Mr. Hallock, we cannot let that happen.”

“Why did you pick me out to have this gift at all if it is so dangerous?”

“Some thousands of your people were randomly selected to be given this gift. Call it a form of testing if you will. We had many questions as to how your species would handle this ability both psychologically and physiologically.

Most reacted in quite typical ways. Males of your species used and continued to use the ability for instant sexual gratification. The frequency of use declines some over time as the newness of it wears off but use it they still do. The problem we see happening is that a huge majority of these men no longer see the need to maintain so-called normal relations with women. Why bother when they can have sexual relations with whomever they want at any time?

The problem is that this attitude, if it became widespread, would eventually shred the entire fabric of your culture. Family life, fragile as it is, could cease to exist. The social implications are beyond imagining. I don’t believe that I need to lay out the totality of possible grim scenarios do I Mr.Hallock?”

“No, I suppose not. What did you mean when you said that I was a most unusual man? Why exactly am I here?”

“The answer to that lies in your past Mr. Hallock. What do you remember of your past few weeks? Relax, and let the memories come back to you. Once you have reviewed the recent past we will talk again.”

With that he was gone again. My body began to change positions again and soon I was back in the prone position I had been in previously. The colors on the ceiling once again seemed to draw me in but this time it was as if I were watching my own life on television or something. I saw my apartment and myself sleeping in my bed. As I watched I seemed to be drawn closer and closer to the screen.

With a start I realized that I was now back in my bed in my own body. What? Had I been dreaming? Damn, that had seemed real.

As I lie in bed trying to orient myself, pictures of the previous day floated uninvited into my brain. My visit to the doctor’s office had told me nothing about what had happened to my arm. The sex with the two women had been great but that wasn’t why I had gone there.

Well hopefully there wouldn’t be another incident and to reassure myself I checked out both arms as I lie there in bed. They seemed normal as could be.

I swung my legs out of bed and stood up. Immediately my legs collapsed out from under me and I fell to the floor. Luckily I caught myself on the edge of the bed and prevented myself from smashing my head open or something. For a second I thought I had tripped on something but with a feeling of horror I realized what had actually happened

Both of my legs were shrunken to half their normal size. Whatever had happened to my arm previously had now spread to my legs, rendering both of them useless.

“Oh my God, what’s happening to me?” I mumbled. Panic set in and I started to crawl toward the phone to call 911.

About halfway there a searing pain shot through my legs. I screamed out but the pain quickly subsided only to be replaced with a weird vibration that coursed up and down the length of my legs.

The sight of my emaciated legs coupled with that weird vibration was more than I could stand and I admit I broke down emotionally. Tears streamed down my face and fear took control of me. My body began to shake and I curled up into a ball, seemingly incapable of doing anything.

I knew my legs were still feeling the vibration sensation but I was incapable of taking any action whatsoever. I closed my eyes tight and just moaned, “ please, please, please…” over and over again.

My legs felt very hot and I thought that I felt movement under the skin in my thighs. I remembered the sight of my arm as the skin expanded and something inside my body seemed to be moving up and down its length. I had no desire to view anything like that again and so I kept my eyes clenched tightly shut. After I don’t know how long, a feeling of intense heat coursed up and down my legs and two loud popping noises resounded in the room. I screamed out in fear but never opened my eyes.

For probably ten minutes or so I lay there sobbing before I finally found the courage to sneak a peak. My legs seemed to be back to normal again but who knew for sure. Slowly I uncurled from the fetal position I had instinctively fell into and began to inspect my appearance. From what I could tell my legs had returned to their normal size.

Slowly I reached out and ran my fingers up and down the length of my legs. There was no pain, only a curious warmth out of proportion to the room temperature. Nothing seemed broken or injured and after a moment I cautiously stood slowly up.

My legs accepted my body weight uncomplainingly and I staggered over to my bed and sat back down. My heart was racing and nervous perspiration coated my skin. I don’t mind telling you that all sorts of wild ideas shot through my brain most of which dealt with my obvious insanity.

If what had happened to my body was impossible then I must have imagined it. In short I was crazy. Only the mind of a lunatic could produce hallucinations that real. Or if this had really happened, then I was in the process of dying from some weird disease. What if I woke up and my head was affected? Surely my brain would implode. Or was that explode? Who the fuck knew?

On and on my thoughts went like that, making no sense whatsoever. Finally I forced myself to do some deep breathing for several moments. Slowly I regained my composure and reason began to return.

It was that gift that was doing this to me, it had to be. What other logical explanation was there? Somehow my body was reacting negatively to the conditions created when I used the power I had been given.

“Well that’s just fucking great,” I mumbled aloud. The old man hadn’t mentioned anything about side effects. He probably knew that I would never have accepted this gift if I knew it would kill me.

And there it was. I was instantly convinced that what had happened to me was the first signs of my impending death. I knew this to be true although I couldn’t tell you why I was so certain. It seemed as clear and undisputeable as anything I had ever known.

The weight of this knowledge settled upon me and my mind suddenly became perfectly clear. If I was going to die, then I had better make the best of whatever time I had left. And what was that exactly? How could I best use this time? Quite simple really, I would fuck myself to death.

Since this gift and sex were what I knew was killing me, I reasoned, why not go out with a bang? The irony of that thought gave me a laugh. A bang indeed. The big bang!

I see now that at that time I was no longer thinking rationally. Events had overcome my ability to think clearly and subconscious fear had taken control. Yet at the time it all seemed perfectly logical.

Laughing wildly I proceeded to shower and get dressed. A plan had begun to form in my mind but I needed a little time to work it out. In the meantime I needed to get out of my apartment and into the world.

Leaving my car at home I decided to take the bus towards downtown. Why the bus I couldn’t say. It was just a whim. Boarding the bus I noticed two attractive college-age women sitting in the long back seat chatting happily together. Other then them only two or three other people were aboard. Who cared?

The girls looked slightly annoyed when I joined them in the back seat. Who would have blamed them since the rest of the bus was almost empty?

Well, what was I in the mood for to start off my day? Some nice anal sex might be nice and I visualized myself slowly sliding my hard cock in and out of these girls hot, wet asses. The very thought made my cock begin to awake.

“Excuse me, ladies,” I said. “Is this the bagobagoo line?”

“The what?’ They both giggled nervously and looked away. They began whispering to themselves and stealing glances in my direction.

“Hey mister” the one closest to me finally said. “Bet you never saw two girls kiss each other, have you?” They both giggled.

“Can’t say that I have. Why don’t you show me how you do it.”

“Watch this.” With that the girls leaned in toward each other and exchanged a brief kiss on the lips.

“Ohh, nice lipstick Julie” the one closest to me said and leaned back in toward her friend. This time their lips became more insistent and they explored each other’s mouths deeply. I could see their tongues entwine as the kiss became more passionate.

After a moment they pulled apart. Both of their faces looked flush. They looked over at me and giggled again.

“Want a closer look mister?”

“Sure, why not,” I replied. The one named Julie hopped up and sat on my other side. Now, in order to reach each other they had to lean across me.

Their lips met again, this time right in front of my face. Julie stuck her tongue straight out and her friends lips gobbled it up and sucked it into her mouth as they began some serious necking. One of Julies arms snaked around my neck while her other hand caressed her friends face. Her fingers lightly ran through my hair and the feeling was quite sensual.

I had a perfect view of these two girls as they continued their sexy embrace. Julie had short brown hair and blue eyes and was cute as hell. Her friend, whose name I hadn’t caught yet was dark haired and had some Asian blood in her I think. Her green eyes seemed to glow as she tried to suck Julie’s tongue farther into her mouth. What a beautiful picture.

Finally pulling apart they turned in unison to me and laughed.

“Want some mister?”

“Oh yeah!”

Julie’s arm around my neck pushed my head forward towards her friend who greeted me by shoving her tongue quickly into my mouth and pushing her beautiful lips against mine. Our lips ground tightly and I heard her moan.

“Myra’s a great kisser isn’t she mister? Stick your tongue way down her throat, she loves that. Ohh, that’s it. Umm that looks so good.”

Soon her tongue joined ours and the three of us were kissing each other, licking, sucking and eagerly swapping back and forth. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Myra’s hands find the front of Julie’s blouse and begin rubbing her breasts. Julie moaned and dropped one hand unto my knee and began lightly caressing it. My cock sprang to life in my pants.

Myra turned towards me and cooed, “Want to see Julie’s boobies mister?’ Without waiting for an answer from me she quickly undid the buttons of Julie’s blouse and slid it back on her shoulders. Julie wore no bra.

Myra gently began teasing and pulling Julie’s brown nipples. Her breasts were small but firm and her nipples became quite long under Myra’s touch. Julie leaned back and moaned as her excitement grew.

“Aren’t her titties nice? Ohh I love her nipples too. How about you mister? Why don’t you suck on one of them and I’ll suck the other one.”

We switched places so that Julie was now in the middle. Myra cupped Julie’s breast for me so that her nipple stuck straight out as I leaned forward and slurped it into my mouth. It tasted wonderful and I looked over to watch Myra as she sucked on Julie’s other breast.

“Oh fuck that feels good. Don’t stop you two. Keep sucking!”

Her hand crept up the inside of my leg and ever so softly began rubbing my swollen cock through my pants. The feeling was wonderful. She had a soft but knowing touch and her fingers eagerly explored the length of my manhood. Her other hand disappeared into the front of Myra’s shorts and she now had a pussy and a cock to caress as we continued to suck her breasts.

After a few moments of this Julie whispered, “Jeez mister, that’s a big lollypop in your pants there. Isn’t he too tight in there? Maybe you could take it out and show it to us. We’ve never seen a really big one, have we Myra?”

“No we haven’t. We’d love to see a nice hard lollypop mister.” They both giggled.

“Ok girls, but you mustn’t tell any one that I showed you my lollypop. This has to be our little secret.” I was getting into the spirit of this thing now.

“Oh goody. We promise not to tell anyone mister, Scouts honor. Now pull out that lollypop. Pretty please.”

I stood up and turned around to face them. Their faces were flushed with excitement and Julie was slowly licking Myra’s juices off of her fingers as she watched. Myra’s tongue flicked around Julie’s nipple but her eyes were on my crotch now. Slowly, teasingly, I pulled my zipper down. I undid the one clasp at the top and let my pants slowly slide down my legs.

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